Gor Mahia election aspirants to pay Ksh 150,000

The Gor Mahia executive committee has upped the ante again. In an unprecented move, the club has announced that aspirants for the Chairmanship position will have to pay a fee of Ksh 150,000. This according to Citizen Sports.

According to a press release signed by the board chairman, Retired Justice Nicholas Ombija on Tuesday, candidates for plum positions of the senior vice-chairman, first vice-chairman, second vice-chairman and Secretary General will fork Ksh75,000 each.

Organising Secretary and Treasurer aspirants will pay Ksh50,000 with the charges for deputy SG, assistant SG, assistant Organising Secretary and assistant treasurer attracting a fee of Ksh25,000 apiece.

The steep fees are sure to raise hackles among aspirants many of whom are already crying foul over what they perceive as the current office holders attempts to hold onto their positions.

The press release goes further ti state that members of the club interested in vying for positions should collect forms at the club secretariat in Nairobi between Wednesday and Saturday at 12:00pm local time (+3GMT) and will be required to posses Kenya Revenue Authority Compliance Certificate and Certificate of Good Conduct from police.

“All candidates desirous of offering themselves for election are requirements of Leaders and Integrity of the Constitution of Kenya,” the statement read.

The Nomination Papers should be returned by November 30 and the Board will publish the verified Voter’s Register will be published on December 1.

“The Board wishes to reiterate its commitment to delivering free, fair and transparent election and calls for co-operation for club members,” the communication stressed.

The notice to convoke the election was published on Sunday with the recruitment of members and collection of fees elapsing a day later.

27 thoughts on “Gor Mahia election aspirants to pay Ksh 150,000

  1. If 150K is too much for someone who wants to be the Chairman of Gor then that person is vying for the wrong post. In Barca and Real unless you are financially stable you stand no chance of geeting the top post.
    I think most aspirants are spending more time lamenting instead of campaigning. Why can’t tey borrow a leaf from Trump who triumphed despite all the hurdles that they had to overcome

  2. Some of the aspirants have talked of introducing a tiered membership structure in their manifestos with Gold going for as high as 200,000. Therefore paying 150,000 should not be a problem. It is called walking the talk. But as expected, they will hold a press conference to whine about this as another ploy to rig them out!!!! And why do we have these many positions. Rachier claims in the previous posting that his attempts to downsize has been resisted and on this one I think he is being dishonest. As Chair if he has the resolve he can do it. Soon even those who still sympathize with him will lose patience.

    1. @musymo, I also have a problem with the many offices. How I wish we could vote for a Chair/President and his/her running mate. I can guess we are in this situation because we are still on the old/current constitution.
      That thing needs to be changed.

      Once we have the Chair and co-chair they can appoint the CEO who can double as the club secretary, Marketing, Treasurer and an operations managers.

  3. Guys, stop whining about the bloated EC and the ineptitude of the chairperson. Do you know how difficult it is to change established systems in this country leave alone for gor mahia ?

    It took us 50 years to change Kenyan constitution and how about police reforms ? It has been fought by the office holders for decades…….this country is corrupt and valueless to the core, so spare us the many manifestos and empty rhetorics and vote for AR.

    As fans let’s just worry about trophies and player welfare , politics we keep off.

  4. @jakoyo is it your considered opinion that if something is difficult then nothing should be done , I think going to the moon was Very Very difficult but people who think unlike you worked .
    In my humble opinion changing the status quo is difficult but its difficult solely by people who reason
    like you…may I dare to call it Homegaurd thinking or like Malcom X would say it , the House Negro

  5. @teddy, you missing the point, the message is focus on what you can change i.e trophies and player welfare should be priority for any candidate. Why talk about matters that will take 100 years to resolve…

    Anybody promising more than the above in the name of manifestos, blueprint and strategies is living in another world. Haven’t we tried all this in the past ?

  6. @jakoyo , I believe that am not missing the point , my e.g of the homeguard vis a vis kenya’s independence and the view of the house negro in connection to slavery or even your new constitution e.g all these things came to pass because the people who believed took the long view.
    Secondly it took Gor Mahia close to 18years to win the league again , should we have after say the 5yr concluded that its difficult so we should just accept no. 6 or 7 , Leicester won the EPL ahead of teams that the short view would have suggested were impossible to beat , in a nutshell please try to get over the defeatist attitude and fight for change.

  7. I agree kes.150k for a position in the GMFC’s EC is not too much, it is fair.

    Infact, and Ja’Asego can confirm this, all members of the EC have one vote that counts in decision making so why should some pay kshs.25k and another 150k. All should pay kshs.150k.

    However, my view is that in the future GM should be run by a board of 5 members,with a chairman, who resign/ or are up for re-election by rotation like with the companies. This means that maybe every AGM 2/3 positions are up for elections. This reduces the tension of elections and there is continuity.

    The very same AR is the one who expanded the EC from about 6 members to the bloated 11 members.

    Let’s critique AR’s pledges, wish Admin, didn’t post this article so fast.
    Jakom is still talking about building a stadium, starting a sacco (what is the purpose the other GM Sacco do), player insurance and paying accumulated debts of previous years, OK, but for how many years is GMFC to pay these debts and what/who are they.

    But I agree with 110% on hooliganism. That is beyond the club but so how do what stop IDCC from
    unfairly docking us points.

    Humbly reproduced below AR’s vision. Fans, members, rivals (ingo etc) comments please since we don’t and can’t know who has registered or not, that is for the elections and not a criteria for gormahia.net
    Question/Q is queries by Daily Nation. A of course is for Ambrose
    Question: Some club stakeholders are of the view that you have had your turn and you should not run. What are you planning to do differently this time round?

    Answer: I intend to embark on the last of my agenda which stakeholders will recall were; winning the league, returning fans to the stadia, acquiring a club bus, establishing a Sacco for players and members, establishing a functional secretariat, procuring sponsorship, building a stadium and a club house.

    Q. What would you consider your greatest achievements?

    A: Winning the Kenyan league title three consecutive times and the procurement of a five year SportPesa sponsorship.

    Q:. What are some of your unmet goals?

    A:Putting up of a stadium and club house and establishing a health insurance scheme.

    Q: With the sponsorships we have, why are there still claims of financial problems?

    A: Because of the huge accumulated debt over the years.

    Q: Calls for structured membership seem to be largely ignored. What are your plans?

    A: Structured membership efforts have been stultified first by lack of understanding of this concept. Secondly, a culture of unwillingness to pay for membership. Certain members campaigned against the payment of Sh500. Very few fans were willing to pay their suggested Sh100.

    Q: Most established clubs are going the seasonal ticket way. Are we headed there?

    A: Yes we are. We will educate our members on the merits.

    Q: The never ending debate about sale of club merchandise…

    A: It has been bedevilled by the lack of enforcement of the Kenyan Intellectual Property law that of patents and trademarks. Piracy kills profits.

    Q: How will you address hooliganism?

    A: Fighting the vice is the responsibility of the State. Hooligans should be arrested and prosecuted, clubs lack the capacity.

    Q: What about health insurance for players?

    A: We are committed to providing a scheme for the players.

    Q: It’s my opinion that the club is top-heavy, any plans of cutting down on redundant posts ?

    A: I can’t agree more with you, but our efforts have been vehemently resisted.

    Q: Where do you see Gor Mahia in the next 10 years?

    A: Like Barcelona. I returned recently from Spain to learn how Real Madrid and Barcelona operate in the La Liga.

  8. The more I listen to AR talk on why he would wish to be re elected as our club boss the more snd more I get disappointed and my humble conclusion is matters Gor Mahia AR has reached the end of his intelligence and has no nothing new to offer .
    The hallmark of any progressive leader or visionary is one who takes advantage of all the opportunities and goodwill that come along.
    That opportunity came the first time we won the league and from theiron we should never have been still dependent on AR’s wallet unless he wanted it to remain so, a club of Gor’s magnitude on its own even without any sponsorship is
    Very capable of generating much more money than what AR can give and this helps get rid of cultish leadership where some are made to believe that the club can’t survive without them.
    In the modern world Gor Mahia should and must be more than just a football club but should be a club whose core business is football but with other business activities running along.
    With the benefit of hindsight I have come to understand and appreciate why Chris had to resign , Chris was naive to assume that other members of the EC shared his vision for the club only to realise that this setup was one huge gravy train to drain Gor Mahia while giving the fans the bare minimum to mollify them e.g winning the league and while we celebrated, behind closed doors they shared amongst themselves the spoils so greedily that even at most times the players were forgotten.
    After Chris went , in came Ngala to whom AR ootsourced the running of Gor Mahia while AR concentrated on his legal work , the rest of the EC played along for obvious reasons and tthat’s y the Gor EC differ from Afc Ec , Afc Ec eat too loudly unlike Gor Ec who eat so quietly you will never even know they are in the room….THIS MUST BE STOPPED

  9. My head is spinning when i read AR’s answers,which in fact boil down to his manifesto, ati after 8 years he seeks re-election to “establish a functional secretariat”,to establish a health insurance scheme for players,c’mon we have NHIF which can be augumented by the likes of Jubilee Covers ama it has to be GM INSURANCE,players sacco eeh now GM PLAYERS SACCO,debts from previous years hallo were they reflected in last years accounts approved at the AGM na bado mambo jambo ya stadium na club house. To cut a long story short 8 years and absolutely zero structures. Chris Omondi’s vision/manifesto/answers are not only practical and achievable but a zillion times better than AR’s. SP sponsorship was a no-brainer they just wanted the most supported clubs, league titles we must thank the toughness of Loga and FN. I don’t who will win but even winning the league will be a tall order if AR is re-elected especially with Ze Maria.As for CAF and that stadium yes, they will happen IN OUR DREAMS.

    1. @ODUOR12, I think you need to come out and say you are campaigning for Chris. There is no harm in that since we are in the campaign period. While some of us will take any officials the voters give us even Chris himself abandoned the bus when it needed him more and some of his opponents can use that. If, while in the sitting room you fear the smoke then what happens if you get into the kitchen?
      Personally, I would have adviced Chris and the other contestant to get into the EC then work their way up by showing us their leadership skills

      1. @Dan O let’s not reduce it to personalities but rather issues.

        I will tell which ISSUES have drawn me towards Chris:
        1. Chris so far, in my opinion, has the most practical and achievable answers (the word manifesto has been “blacklisted”) to take GMFC forward. E.g

        a) Adoption of merit based recruitment policies on players, technical bench members and other football team employees. Should address wastage incurred by the Waiganjo,Thiago and Odula sagas.

        b)Clauses that protect the club’s business interests will be introduced to ensure the envisaged model that includes sale of players as a stream of revenue is jealously protected. Brewkenge did it with Mieno. You do this ab initio, when the player needs the Club, not when you made him a star-Marcelo, Aucho, even Olunga who wanted to join GM straight from school.

        c)To enable the players and the technical bench concentrate on their business of winning and playing attractive soccer,we shall seek to provide incentives in the form of proper medical covers for themselves and their determined family members…We have NHIF that can be augmented by cover like Jubilee etc. WE NEED GM INSURANCE. NSSF again buttressed by solid private covers.

        d) Membership but here I sightly differ with Chris. I think the best GMFC can do is a flat membership (max 1000 minimum 500). Even in matches income from terraces is almost 5 times that of VIP. So recognize and appreciate GMFC’s support base. Let’s me stop there.

        Compare that with your choice, however much you try to diplomatically guise/hide it , the experienced (+8 years) but incorrigible AR. You have his answers to guide you. While at it address these:
        a) This accumulated debt for previous years now eating into the SP sponsorship, could the KRA 118M fine be part of it. What is the total (list) and how much was it last year. Can we have a year by year analysis. Had Chris stayed put wouldn’t he have been corrupted as well.
        b) AR’s answers after 8 years are talking still talking about basic structures starting with a functional secretariat, reducing the EC size that he himself bloated.

        You regularly quote the e.g of Trump, Did he “work his way up to the Presidency”. However am open give me 5 good practices that Chris/Dan could have picked serving under AR’s mentorship.

        As a self confessed registered voter, I think you will vote for your choice and accept the results. That is given by everyone who accepts to take part in the process as it is no need to state the obvious.

        In my view Chris should commit his issues down to a performance contract, and so should Dan with his Barcelona model, and AR with his practically seen Barcelona model and stadium building complete with a recall clause. Now you would label me a dreamer but am I the only one.

        P.S @D.O, dear registered member, I await your issues with an open mind and who is best suited to champion them, remember the constitution will not change itself.
        Until I so far rate Chris no.1, Dan No.2 and AR no.3 but confirm that I will accept the voters verdict after all what can I do.

        Finally, election issues aside, GMT Ottieno has just cuckolded GMFC fans, members and officials in 2017.

        “Even the points their club has amassed from other teams can go, then they will learn to restrain and behave themselves and leave the office to take up any complaints through the laid down judicial procedure if aggrieved with the outcome of the match,” he said.

        When has the outcome of a match ever changed, apart from proven match fixing, after the referee blows the final whistle.


  10. Where are Legends, in Most countries former players make good administrators since they appreciate where the club is coming from. Lulu,makamu etc

  11. @Dan Original , I humbly and diplomatically wish to disagree with you on the issue of Chris Omondi’s resignation as SG , in modern and progressive societies , individuals who disagree with the modus operandi of an organisation resign as a principle and that is what should be embraced and not condemned .
    Secondly as to your opinion that Chris should work his way up the ladder I beg to disagree not because I support him but for reasons that Chris so far has been the only candidate so far in my opinion who has with clarity expoused the most progressive and tangible issues on how to move the club to the next level , my only worry for Chris Iis that if at all he wins he might find himself in the same office with the Ngalas, Kilos , Anima ( surely who elected this guys).
    Its just that this argument that AR is good but the other guys are bad is a very tired argument to say the lease coz the buck should and must stop at the top.
    In eight years and with the goodwill AR enjoyed he would have have structured Gor into fully fledged semi professiinal unit but either he was not interested or he allowed to be as it is by design

  12. On the other crucial position on the ballot I.e the SG position , uptil this moment the two candidates vying for it are the current SG Mr Ronald Ngala and Joseph Ogidi aka Giddy Giddy , on this I declare openly and without any fear or favour and absolutely that my candidate is Giddy Giddy , for me doesn’t cut it for me as one who has any idea or vision , modern or otherwise to push this club forward .
    As much as I have noted AR claiming that he brought guys back to the Stadium , most of as can still remember vividly the epic and concerted media campaign by the likes of Giddy , Radul , Jalas and others whose effort
    of challenging guys to give local football a chance resulted in a significant change in peoples attitude on local football .
    I challenge Giddy and Ngala to state to the Gor fraternity
    What and why they want to take or retain this poaition.

  13. Meanwhile as we lament on who and who should not be elected as an official check that your name is on the members list as per the Gor official website. Let the best person win or whoever gets the most votes.

    1. @Dan Original , on this issue of confirming our registration and eventually voting for or against whoever , I whole heartedly agree with you , the change I , you and we seek can be effected starting with voting so that we take full responsibilty for the consequences of their actions or inactions

  14. Going through most of the posts based on this article and othes related to it from before I have noted that most of the people who support AR in the coming elections do that on the basis that he has deep pockets and that without that depth in the pockets you should not be or should not aspire to the leadership of Gor Mahia and that we are beholden to
    to him based on that and that mentality is what creates the dependency syndrome and clouds our judgement into the kind of potential this club holds moreso if the full potential of Gor mahia is harnessed to the fullest.
    This dependency syndrome and the failure to go beyond it is what almost sunk a club like Sofapaka which hitherto this season was a household name in local football circles.
    A club of Gor Mahia’s pedigree with hundreds of thousands of supporters has the capacity to make many more millions than any individual would put unless you are some Sheikh Mansour or Roman Abramovich with oil wells.
    All we need from AR is what is good for the club and if has better immplementable ideas than the rest of his competitors then so be it , I wil unequivocally support him but to come to the media and start telling as that his efforts to trim the EC was resisted or having excuses as to y so far the club has not abided by CAF requierements , basically straight forward issues and promising as Stadiums will just not wash unless some people believe that he can build a stadium with his deep pockets.
    Lets not try to solve complicated issues with simplistic rhetoric and lets move beyond AR’s deep pockets and onto the issues

    1. You bore me with these stories, i have heard them for a long time since the era of Omino, Okudo, Mbori, blabla bla….they have sang the same song….

      1. Gor Mahia is meant to be an apolitical entity but all of you will agree that it is run politically by politicians. Therefore this election will not be won by who has the best manifesto or ideas but by who is the most shrewd political operator. Trying to believe otherwise is DENIAL

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