Gor Mahia eliminated by RS Berkane

Gor Mahia’s disastrous CAF cup campaign has come to an end. They were beaten 5-1 by RS Berkane. The Moroccans applied a pressing game knowing that the fatigued Kogalo players were not capable of responding.

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The host took control of the first half that saw Gor captain Harun Shakava become a casualty at the defence leading to the Moroccans goals that were netted by Kodjo Fo-Dohlaba, skipper Mohammed Aziz and Bakre El Helali.

Lawrence Juma hit the target for Gor to see the opening half end 3-1 and 5-1 on aggregate.

There were fears that K’Ogalo could result to fielding only eight players after the second batch of players that consisted of most starting X1 led by attacking midfielder Francis Kahata, delayed on the day of the game after a six hour drive from the Moroccan capital to the venue, but they managed to arrive less that an hour to kick-off.

Playing at home and knowing their opponents Gor had no time to shake off jet lag, Berkane surged forward from the whistle with winger HamdiLaachir and Samir Ouidare posing danger and giving the Gor back-line of Geoffrey Ochieng, Shakava, Joah Onyango and Philemon Otieno a hard time.

Berkane could have gone ahead 10 minutes after kick-off if Ouidare’s bicycle-kick had found the target. Gor reached the opponent’s territory for the first time in the 18th minute when Kahata’s pin-point free kick was headed away by Berkane defender Issoufou Dayo for a fruitless corner

In the 21st minute, Gor felt the heat to concede the opener after Shakava poorly cleared a cross that was swung from the right to land on Fo-Dohlaba who easily beat Gor custodian Fredrick Odhiambo.

Berkane could have made it two, after three minutes if Laachir had found the target with his header from a Fo-Dohlaba cross.

On the other end, Gor pulled one back from Lawrence Juma who utilized Philemon Otieno’s cross from the right flank to beat the sloppy Berkane defence and bring K’Ogalo back in the game as the score read 3-1 on aggregate.

Gor survived in the 27th minute when Joash Onyango feebly cleared the danger that fall on Laachir who saw his shot deflected for a fruitless corner by Shakava.

Berkane could have been four goals up if they had not fluffed their glorious chances, this time seeing Fo-Dohlaba miss a clear sitter from close range after Laachir had brought in the cross.

However, they made the amends at the half hour mark when Aziz rose high to powerfully connect a free header from a corner that was conceded by Shakava and restore Berkane’s three goals aggregate lead.

Seven minutes later, Gor found themselves on the receiving end again this time seeing Bakre El Helali strike easily by showing composure to pick the spot after Shakava failed to stop him as other defenders gave him space to shoot at the far right side.

Gor head coach Hassan Oktay pulled out Shakava for Boniface Omondi.

On return for the last half, Gor could not get any better as Berkane added the fourth goal through defender Issoufou Dayo who scored from a free header after Laachir swung in a corner conceded by Boniface Omondi.

K’Ogalo’s poor defence on set-pieces was evident after substitute Youssef Essaiyoy headed the ball home from a corner in the dying minutes as the Gor defence watched the ball roll in the net.

Gor will now turn their attention on defending the Kenyan Premier League title where the sit pretty at the top on 44 points with four games in hand.

41 thoughts on “Gor Mahia eliminated by RS Berkane

  1. Disastrous is an understatement…..Gor and Simba are the first teams in modern CAF competition to have soaked more than 15 goals in one season. Records are made to be broken.

    Tafakari hayo……

    1. Greetings from Morocco, this result was a payback to management for how they have been handling us players and the disrespect they showed Zico by hiring a Mzungu……na bado!

      1. You think we care, ours is to cheer, yours is to play, lose all games if you like, we’ll still come to the stadium #Longlivekogalo

      2. Do you even know where Morocco is? Perhaps it is your Stendi Khisa that is Morocco to you. By the way, the current Got Mahia coach is not a Mzungu.

        1. @Barefoot, do not respond to Jakoyo and Ingo in other new names called Gor Player. These are useless fellows with their sinking Ingwe with nothing to show since the team was formed. They are more concern about ugali and kuku with nothing in their brains about football matters.

  2. Lets talk Kogallo nation alias green army. And we need sober minds on this. May I ask Jakanyada and Teddy to tell me whobxixsd the match.
    Is it FKF/KPL who sent us down to Mombasa to play Bandari knowing very well w w due to catch a flight to N Africa ??. Kpl/ FKF know very well how difficult it is to navigate flights in Afrca.
    Or do we blame the players strikes or officials take the blame
    We gotta think fast and have this some

  3. Just watched the match and what I saw is a determined GM playing unit inspite of what they went through, you live to fight another day but most certainly under new management. Come home and win the league so that you go continental again, no giving up. Simba lost, Al Ahly lost, Nkana lost, with all their super organizations… there is nothing to be ashamed of.

  4. We are proud of you boys continue fighting. All energy now on winning SPL title. Good luck! I can’t share the same state of mind with idiots like gor player and jakoyo. Kogallo fan forever come what may.

  5. This person purporting to be Gor player claiming that Zico was looked down upon and a mzungu coach hired the statement is a good eye opener and now we know Zico is part of the problem.

  6. We are tired of wrangles concerning non paid allowances, salaries and players strike. The entire Gor Mahia executive office and players should go, so that we have new officials and players to save us from politics, wrangles and threats of strike.

  7. Jagem Oremo, why players? Are you fighting for someone or group. Players are just there to be managed and do work for fair pay, managing is someone else’s job. You don’t tie the two.

  8. @Jakoyo, with all due respect, I beg to differ with you and admin on the use of the words “disastrous CAF campaing”. I think this year’s campaign has been the best so far. Reaching the last 16 with the meagre resources we have was not a mean feat. Many didn’t expect Kogallo to even reach the group stages!

    Congrats boys. We aim for the semis next season. Each year has been an improvement. Lets just sort out the off field issues.

  9. Gor EC should get rid these Okia Omtatas and get proffessional players .These activits have to the level of cutting the hand that feeds them.This is unprecedented. The of the EC have been there for over 10yrs.Gor players have endure worst condtions.These are joy riders.I remember Fred Mwango using his hat to collect contribution for players lunch at Afraha stadium.Gor mahia is among the best youth employer in the region.I doubt whether there are more 10 teams in Africa paying better than gor mahia.These so called players are a bunch of jokers.Oktay should have now ample time to recruit his prefered players.

    1. @ Joods. This culture of EC getting their pay on time and non payment of players salaries must stop. Would anyone of you blaming the players work without pay just thinking out loud.

  10. Gor EC should get rid of these Okia Omtatas and get proffessional players .These activits have gone to the level of cutting the hand that feeds them.This is unprecedented. The core of the EC have been there for over 10yrs.Gor players have endure worst condtions.These are joy riders.I remember Fred Mwango using his hat to collect contribution for players lunch at Afraha stadium.Gor mahia is among the best youth employer in the region.I doubt whether there are more than 10 teams in Africa paying better than gor mahia.These so called players are a bunch of jokers.Oktay should have now ample time to recruit his prefered players.

  11. Kudos team for getting us this far. We now need to clean our house and this might mean some players get off-loaded either for being surplus to requirements or being the bad ‘apples’ in the basket and also the team of EC to be reduced to 2 or 3. while it’s true some players are activists their ‘union’ leaders are in the EC. Thorough clean-p needed. As for us fans we need to be careful what we wish for. Replacing AR and his team without having a new law in place is a task in futility. With such a move you then end up getting he who shouts loudest when criticizing the current office but with nothing to offer. We have gone through that before. Remember that even now we elected an SG who is never heard or felt by the fans.
    Our trip to Morocco was poorly handled because of so many reasons largely falling squarely on the EC mandate, except the KQ-plane mechanical failure but sleeping at the airport should never be an issue that a frequent traveler/flyer should ever complain about. That is a normal occurrence which even the travel agent/airline cannot assist with.
    We should now come and concentrate on the KPL where we don’t have to run to Sonko every now and then to assist. By the way why don’t the big names from Nyanza assist Gor when in distress but are always there to bask in the glory/

      1. You know them and when Gor is performing well they will quote it in their rallies and other meetings. For now thanks to CS Amina and Governor Sonko as well as others who might have assisted but are not mentioned anywhere

  12. I challenge the Parties to the contract – players and Gor mahia officials to review the contracts following the dismal performance. if they compromise to continue then both of them will be complacent.

    Gor has put all of us, the positives and the negatives where we belong. Wachni “n’gwe” and all of us said it and they executed their threat

  13. Congratulations ec for guiding this team to go this far.I hope you have learned your lesson on how to manage players. You have learned that in professional football, player motivation is very important and if the players are not happy, they can’t achieve anything. I would also wish to tell naive bloggers who wants the team disbanded that Gor mahia of today is different from Gor mahia of 90s who were playing for pride only. The players of today have running contracts and disbanding the team is like terminating their contracts which can be very costly. The problem is not on players but the EC which according to me are not reading from the same script. Some ate saboteurs and would want the team to go down so that they discredit Ambrose Rachier.otherwise Gor mahia pod pek.

  14. I am very much proud of our players they did us proud in kenya and I am very much with them despite of arriving in the playing venue they managed to play like that with that all fatigue please congratulate our boys and I know by the power of God this team will one day do wonders if the management changed their wrong management trend. Kudos boys come home well and may God continue to bless you do shock the world again and again I am Proud of you, you make us proud as a country despite of loosing by that margin it was not your fault but the fault of the management thank you and live to fight again next season come home well to continue with the fight for the title as human beings what you endured was horribly thank once more and may God bless you to overturn this poor management for you to thrive far.

  15. Disbanding the team is definitely out of the question.this team has done well under difficult circumstances and should not be blamed wholly for the current situation.the EC should move fast and put it’s house in order before an already bad situation becomes worse!!

  16. Congratulations to the team. They fought like men in spite of the travel hitches. It is also lovely to see the real supporters coming out in support of the Mighty K’ Ogalo.
    1. Acknowledging that the team has done well by coming this far.
    2. Even under the worst situation in Morocco they still fought like men.
    3. They have not fallen into the temptation of pointing fingures and making comparisons.
    One partinent question I am asking, for the team to travel by road for those many hours before the match, is it that there was no connectivity by air from Casablanca?
    to me, Berkane should not boast of any pride that they bit K’Ogalo in both legs thought it does not matter now. No man ever prides in beating a man when they are at their lowest ebb. (in sickness, hunger or drunk).
    One thing for sure for the future, Gor will be back on the continental arena, we shall continue knocking until we crack it through. Welcome home our beloved team. We appreciate you for all the efforts you have put in.

  17. RS Berkane’s Togolese striker, jersey no. 9 played last night and scored the first goal.He was carded in Nairobi and that was supposed to be his second consecutive yellow card. According to Supersport on 7.4.19, this player was supposed to miss yesterday’s match. Perhaps someone can watch the recording of the Nairobi match which shows him booked, his name appears along the caption: misses the next match. Did he play yesterday because this is CAF and RS Is timu ya mkubwa? J’Asego take the necessary action.

    1. Can EC pursue this angle. This means Berkane fielded an ineligible player and should forfeit the match according to FIFA rules

  18. Congrats to the boys and EC. Despite the off pitch issues, we have performed beyond expectation this CAF season. For us fans, we should sometimes see the glass half full instead of seeing it half empty. Let’s note that off late we have been consistent in CAF appearance and we seem to be moving a step further at every try. Of course, it is not possible for Kogallo to just burst into the African scene guns blazing and mowing down everyone given that in the last few decades we went down down down, while the other teams were rising up up up. Kogallo put up a good fight in the face of challengers who are obviously above us in all matters football. For this reason I don’t feel ashamed by the 7-1 aggregate loss to the Morrocans. Shit happens in football. We leave to fight another day. Hongera.

  19. What an end to a promising journey. Now is the time to take stock of our performance in this seasons championship. We are a baby in CAF Championships and we must allow some time to learn the tricks.

    This is one season when we learnt how to beat Mwarabu at home and that is a positive. We also learnt how to qualify from the group phase and that’s another positive. We should have also learnt how not to sleep on airport floors.

    We had problems like depending on government for air tickets and i believe the office must find a way out even if it means spending and getting a refund from government in good time. The club by now should be having an overdraft facility that can come in handy in such situations. The club must also create an office to specifically handle logistics because there is travel almost on a weekly basis, either locally or even to foreign countries.

    Finally, i believe we need a new captain and team manager. We must realise that we are dealing with young boys whom as we see in the media can even burn down schools if not allowed to cheat. They can even buy an axe to deal with someone who doesn’t pick calls.

    We need new ways of doing things. We must act like people who have learnt something.

    1. @The Villager, thank you for a very objective approach to the whole matter. In fact it has just reminded me that this was a learning curve. Every one must have learnt something through the whole journey in African Football. I just want to add that the people who must have learnt so many lessons are the players. Some of those Yellow and Red cards should not have occurred. At this stage, you can play with determination but as a player do not commit yourself carelessly into some of the tackles. You easily get penalized and eventually become very costly to the Team. As a player, play with yours wide open for the next game. You do not play as if it is the game. As much as a team is consisted of many players, they can not all jelly and play in the same way. That is why there is always a team within a team. So other things aside, it is my hope that our players learnt this.

  20. @Jathurgiji, I don’t understand what you mean by I am fighting for someone or group? I have no personal relation with any Gor Mahia official or group. Playing football is not my source of income but I am just a football fan, however it is a source of income for these players. My point is that these players caused fans unnecessary pain when they deliberately threw away the first leg to RS Berkane. It seems they think they are indispensable, which is not true and they have to be told that. We don’t need to baby sit them when they know very well there are clear grievance redress mechanisms.

  21. @Villager , your thoughts are very much spot on and appreciated and I wish to escallate it further by saying that any basis for a contextual audit should be on the basis that this club is made up of three components I.e The EC , TB/Playing unit and Fanbase Re/unregistered .
    Each of these three components have contributed to all our successes and failures this season and hence it would be hypocritical to blame the players solely for our failures , when it is the same players who have made us this far , the same goes for the EC and also the fanbase .
    Since enough has been exhaustively said about the players , Now is the time to shine the spotlight on the EC , one of the highest heights of ineptness and incompetencies is when there can be a running and sustained brand damaging (deliberately) narratives in the media , filled with mallice , innuendoes and falsehoods and not any one member of a bloated EC deems it fit to rebut and put the correct record into perspective , NONE , leaving a vacuum that is filled by haters and opportunists , that eventually ropes in our well meaning but gullible true Gor fans to join the bandwagon of people whose agenda/s are totally at tangent with the good of the club .
    Ambrose Rachier is definitely not an incompetent manager , a fact attested to the fact that he runs one of the most professionally driven law firm in the East Africa region , meaning that he has trash working for and on his behalf in the club , MAJORITY of which were chosen by WE , the Loud but empty fanbase I.e the few who bothered to show up to elect and this now brings me to the third and most useless of the components , THE FANBASE , a base that is so ignorant that when they are screaming must go , dont appreciate that they are 100% responsible for the consequences of their choices that is the present EC , are so ignorant while shouting must go but with no clue of who can perform better and so ignorant that even as they shout must go and elections were called tomorrow , they would not turn up , so ignorant not to realise that when they dont register to vote , voting would still take place but by hired goons and then again we would have a similar EC or even worse , then a fresh wailing , gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair would start a new cycle .
    Now there excuse is that the EC is not sensitising people on the need to register , EXCUSES , always Excuses and more excuses , sadly they are so good at convincing themselves with artificial excuses then blaming somebody else for their own mediocrity , mara we have not been sensitised , mara kasarani is far , mara gate fee of 200bob is too much , I even normally wonder who sensitised people to drink massive litres of Simba Waragi considering the fact that it is illegal and has never been advertised .
    So as we scream at the players , eloquently and coherently pointing out their mistakes , as we do the same with the EC , remember that we must be participants in the change we crave .
    That is my Audit .

  22. @Jakoyo , while you were trying to manufacture an embarrasment as to how Gor and Simba shamelessly shipped in the most goals in a single season , did it occur to you that teams like kariobangi sharks for example conceeded fewer goal because they didnt go beyond the first round , would you care to realise that Croatia that was the runners up in the world cup conceeded more goals than teams that got knocked out in the first for reasons that dont requiring much thought .
    My conclusion is that either you are intelligent , are opportunistically pursuing an agenda and you believe people on this blog have average or below average grasp of issues OR you are a single phase one dimensional thinker incapable of deciphering into coherence , issues requiring multiplicity of thought , am beginning to tend towards the latter .
    Did you see the kind of goals e.g Hitherto champions of Africa , El Ahli conceeded against Mamelodi sundowns .

    1. @Teddy Sofaset Branch Entebbe, do not mind these Ingwe supporters both Jakoyo and so called fake Gor Mahia Player. The duo are busy poking their dirty stinking mouths in this site while their own Ingwe team has nothing to show continentally since its formation.

      We are Gor Mahia and we support Gor Mahia.

      1. Very true @Jamigori , I may I hasten to add their Afc Leopards conceded the least , ZERO goals courtesy of the fact that they didnt qualify for anything , but on second thoughts , why are we even mentioning Afc here , a team that should be discussed by their peers like Mt Kenya or Shabana

  23. Am happy that most of us are objective and focused on issues, appreciating the positives and pointing out areas of weaknesses that needs improvement.
    Fact is that as a team we are slowly but surely scaling the heights, the results of this year is an improvement of last year’s results. All we need to do is keeping eye on the ball and building on our achievement. SWOT analysis would be an important tool in this regard.
    It’s not by chance that we are on top of the league despite having to participate in several tournaments. Again, it’s not by chance that we went all the way to the groups stage of confederation cup. It is also not by chance that some things didn’t just work for us and keep pulling us down.
    With an aim of improving, let us sober up and do an analysis of our strengths and weaknesses, try to identify opportunities available to us and in the measure identify and manage threats that would be an obstacle in our growth

  24. Was thinking if i was Gor coach. I tell the boys no crosses from opponent allowed and if one goes through CB don’t miss.Berkane used same manual from Nairobi and alas it worked twice. Anyway in the crazy conditions defeat can be explained in a thousand ways.

  25. One major problem with our team is that slow pace at the middle.I want to ask @Jasego and any other comrade here with info;do you see Sempala bringing stability and speed or is he a Mieno, Ondiek, Wendo etc.

  26. Something for history books.Apart from L Juma (who is coming up well) goal when was the last time we scored in North Africa

  27. I thank the team for really trying in this years continental fixtures and I am really happy with them. But I kindly request them never to boycott training again when we have a big match like they did when they were to play with berkane in Nairobi.
    They made a big blunder that led them being bundled out of the tournament which I believe they would have gone further than that. They let the fans and the country down, we were not happy with that. Players pull up your socks because when you are doing good remember you are doing it to yourself. According the trend that you have set at home of not being bitten we knew very well that you were going to make it in the Lords name as you have been doing. Remember it is better to have something than nothing after all what you wanted was something that was there it was just a matter of time to be given to you. I once again advise these players for sure if the want to prosper please humble yourselves and fear God, fear your work to be blessed more. Take this advise for sure you will see how you will grow thank you.

  28. players and their coach should be doing alot research when they want to know much about their opponents especially in continental so that they much those west, north teams etc.
    Players should put the country and fans first and should stop boycotting games be it be in the country or outside the country on this game they are the ones who contributed to the loose 80% and the office 20% by lack of proper preparation no way you can go into a fight if you are not well prepared and expect to win
    Players should do their work diligently before complaining and loosing matches then you expect fans to sympathize with you No never especially the match of berkane in Nairobi. You owe fans and the entire country an apology and promising not to do that again. I was so much bitter with you when I saw news on ntv television that the players are on strike and the crucial match was on sunday evening that they have refused to go to camp what type of players are and you are ones selling yourselves to get greener pasture with that kind of habit No never should it happen again I would like to tell the office that here at the grass root we have young talented players in our secondary schools please come when there are games and select them for our team to do better
    and you the management if you can not manage the team quit and we also want a stadium for gormahia team this will also give you some income and have place to play not to be embarrased like that day match of berkane in nairobi these are some of the bad luck that follows the team can you please find a land and built gormarhia stadium are tired of begging you

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