Gor Mahia eliminated from Champions League

Joash Onyango in action against USM Alger

Gor Mahia were bundled out of the 2019-2020 champions league in unceremonious fashion. On Sunday they lost 2-0 to USM Alger in the second leg of the 1st round at Kasarani

Additional reporting from the Nation

Dangerman Ahimen Mahious masterminded K’Ogalo’s exit after grabbing a brace with his opening two chances to kill off the game.

In contrast, the hosts curved out nine chances in the first-half, six of these clear-cut.

But none of these could trouble visiting custodian Smail Mansouri.

Mahious’ first goal came just after four minutes courtesy of an improvised header after a quickly taken throw in.

But how he managed to reach to the ball with his head and direct into the net ahead of Gor goalkeeper Fredrick Odhiambo’s stretched arms, will perhaps be a matter to be discussed in Gor coach Steve Polack’s post mortem.

Eleven minutes later, Mahious was again on target.

This time around, he cheekily evaded an offside trip laid out for him by the hosts’ defence, which was marshalled by Harambee Stars defender Joash Onyango.

Thereafter, he easily controlled a forty yard pass with with the first touch, and then fired a bullet shot that easily beat Odhiambo.

At this point, Gor needed seven goals to progress, but couldn’t find even one.

Instead, Nicholas Kipkurui, their most potent attacker this season, missed a one-on-one chance with Mansouri with the latter coming out on top.

Dickson Ambundo then fired narrowly wide with a half-chance and then captain Kenneth Muguna twice saw his shots saved by a relaxed Mansouri.

Gor continued dominating in the second half with Kipkurui, Onyango and Muguna coming close, before the match was briefly stopped as fans protested the presence of the arriving police officers by throwing missiles on the pitch.

36 thoughts on “Gor Mahia eliminated from Champions League

  1. Sinilisema wengine wenyu wakanitusi…..most Gor supporters are intelligent. if there was a question on the KCPE or KCSE (let’s assume the test was yesterday) that asked this: “Which team between Gor and USM will win the return leg on September 29 in the year of the lord 2019?” I KNOW most of you would pick the CORRECT answer. Sasa matusi ni ya nini shemeji yawa

  2. How did we expect to win in such sorry situation ?

    First, Let those who do not understand the dire situation of this club to start throwing online stones….my continued appeal to ‘fans’ is let us continue giving relentlessly without much expectation from the players , my appeal to EC is let us court a sponsor even if it is ‘pay per play’ sponsorship arrangement, we still need another 15 million for two rounds of CAF not forgetting the ‘huge debt ‘ we have to pay for honouring this match , outstanding salaries, allowances , bonuses, medical bills etc etc

    Finally my appeal to the technical bench who have not been paid for 3 months, don’t throw the towel just yet , Steve ‘Zedekiah’ pollack must instil believe that hard times don’t last forever.

    1. Kindly (Jasego) inform me on what was the 14m windfall from Tuyisenge’s transfer in July was spent. July is barely 2 months ago. Bandari have qualified with a relatively less expensive squad and coach while we spend exorbitantly on a foreign coach and injured Westies to at most win the local league and be thrashed 6-1.
      For winning the shield Bandari rewarded their players with a trip to Zanzibar, GM players raked in kes. 54m from the CAF CCC qualifications in the last 2 years and the player’s were referred back to their contracts when they asked for an incentive.
      Do the players have any motivation for qualify for the 2019 CAF CCC group stage?
      It’s time for GM to decide whether to nature the goose that lays the golden eggs (Philemons and Batambuzes) or massage egos of an inept EC and “owners”.

  3. It’s unfortunate but what do you do. Accept and move on, that’s where we belong. I know it’s human nature to deny, but the truth is that we do not have the finances, team, management and fans worth the champions league. Let’s build on this and move on

  4. As painful as it is.
    Let’s accept that we lost to a better technicaly equipped and focused team.
    Gor Mahia tried had but it was not Gor Mahia’s day.
    I am proud of Gor Mahia’s effort today.
    Let’s support this team. They have gained invaluable experience and live to fight another day

    1. Hmmmmh Gor s problem is the management the team is broke always broke and can’t be creative with revenue sources .My thinking is how can I be in charge for 10 years yet the result and problems remain the same
      Its time for heads to roll

  5. Great fighting spirit..we are proud of you players. Indeed hard times dont last forever. We still beleive in you our coach and players. The champions league wasnt ours.

  6. Whoever was in charge of transfers this season is a witch..from the 17 signings only 2 players are fit for gor ..Tobby and Afriye …this year even confederation cup will be a tall order…we just don’t have a good squad… Kipkirui isn’t good enough to be gor main man..his hold up play and intelligence is wanting ….

    1. The original Gor Mahia was a witch from Homabay…so when you say whoever was responsible for transfers was a witch, you are right because it all runs in the Gor family

  7. We need to understand the situation the club is in but things will be ok are we being relegated to caf confederation or we are now out and wait for next year? The boys tried under the prevailing circumstances any we leave to fight another day. God bless the mighty team.

  8. You can’t make orange juice out of lemons!
    Let’s be practical EC is now even abandoning players injured in the line of duty!
    Do we need the more expensive Pollack and injured on arrival Westiea to be eliminated by 6-1 aggregate?
    Soccer players are not freedom fighters that EC/us would expect them to perform without 2 months salaries, medical care etc.
    Why this senseless confrontation with the police that will result in another hefty fine from CAF and the stadium management?
    E-registration, VOTING and seasonal tickets would weed out these nincompoops. It’s better for GM to have 50 fully paying members attend their matches than these thugs.
    The problem is that ADOR & co would rather win the next elections than win even one regional/CAF title in the next 11 years.
    ADOR/EC are devoid of both ideas and funds despite then false narrative that ADOR etc financally guarantee the club.
    I have conditional sponsorship for GM kes. 3,500 to 5,000 in exchange for e-registration,VOTING, seasonal ticket and publication of audited financial statements for 2018. EC only needs another 5-10k such persons e.g BFB etc.

  9. I want to extend my fullest support to this team because I believe that inspite of all that this team is going through , it shall overcome .
    Teams all over the world go through situations , some structural , some managerial , some due to lack of or inadequate finances .
    The two richest clubs in the world I.e Man U and Real Madrid are going through their worst moments despite their riches , indeed Real Madrid and Juventus with their Ronaldo were knocked out of the champions league by a team , Ajax , that has an operational budget that Is a fraction of Its victims budget and those are the realities of life unless you live in Utopia .
    Manchester Utd , the richest , is sharing a day with Papa Shirandula ( Thursdays) in their Europa league pursuits and sad as it is to its supporters , that is their reality whether they rant or throw tantrums .
    Their are two situations to consider when dealing with real life situationsi I.e the situation as it is and the situation as it should be , and everybody has a role and your role as a supporter is to deal with situations within your control and to do that , in our situation , you have to be a member , choose your desired leadership , attend meetings and suggest those social media suggestions/rantings/tantrums , pay your bills and avoid costing the club money they dont have through forced entry , causing violence in the stadiums and even dissuading fans who would like to come to the stadium with their families and like I see abroad , even their parents and grandparents and finally to stop being negative 24/7 , let your voice also be heard when something positive happens .
    Now those are what we fans should do ,
    We are still at a level like Ajax , our best resource before the sponsorships is the fans because it is these fans who have the POWER to CHOOSE an EC that they will not rant or throw tantrums to and elections are coming soon , have you registered to vote , will you come out to vote or will you keep off then treat us to your perpetual crying on social media .
    My plea is that registered members , like LSK , be enabled to vote online since Gor Mahia is not a Nairobi club , its now a global club .
    All said and done , what the players need now is our encouragement and our support , lets do all we can even as we discuss how it should be , lets deal with how it is first , We dont have the luxury of rantings or throwing tantrums , but maybe you do , but I was brought up to believe that perpetual rantings/throwing tantruma was reserved for a particular gender , maybe that changed .

  10. We congratulate the players for honoring the match.
    We hope SIC et al and “owners” will give way to reason. You are sinking this club.

  11. With a bench f 15 players of which one was a keeper and the other two defenders/midfielders it means we were under resourced and was just trying our luck while punching above our weight. On our recruitment what went wrong with us getting injured players and not ensuring that they are treated in good time to do what they were recruited to do?
    It’s not time to throw tantrums, mara ADOR, mara Aduda, mara EC. We need to strategise and see how we will be ready on October 25th for the playoff. That is basically a month away so i don’t expect us to be told on 23rd October that we don’t have money to honour the fixture. As @teddy sofaset branch entebbe says, let us be positive and we will continue conquering locally as we strategize ourselves to conquer Africa.

    Getting a sponsor even if just one to provide drinking water, another for player insurance, another for training field hire, another for salaries is what we should aim for and not one who does everything for us as this leaves us exposed.
    E-registration, e-membership, e-ticketing etc is the way to go.
    And for those fans who want to force themselves into the stadium and also throw missiles into the field how does that help your team?

  12. This far , our group of “experts” had with misplaced finality concluded that we were conceeding because of our new keeper , Mapigano , and yet yesterday the target was not between the posts and we conceeded , I recently gave an example of Paul Pogba missing a penalty , the fans insulted , ranted and threw tantrums demanding for Marcus Rashford , then he missed , again they insulted , ranted and threw tantrums but after that , they never recommended anybody , similar to how “our experts ” have now gone silent , waiting for a new target to Insult and rant about .
    Never should a coach , any coach factor into his decision making , the naive and incoherent rants from fans because understanding the game of football is different from liking/or pretending to like football , let everybody stick to their lanes and allow the real experts to do their jobs , We have a coach that with everybody’s support ( Ec , Tb/players , fanbase/registered members ) is capable of taking as far .
    Let your jobs be limited to our real expertise which is supporting the team .
    Lets us use similar energies we use for criticising the negatives to also support the positives , for if you deny there are positives , then you are a person with a very sad and sorry life and so should stop dumping your frustrations on our club .
    This club must be shielded from these miscreants , because instead of pursuing the club’s agenda , they seem to be pursuing their feelings .
    These miscreants will go to the stadium , force their entries free of charge , instigate violence , make the team to be find and then storm social media DEMANDING To be told by the EC why the club is broke , has no sponsors lining up and the players have not been paid , then they will give examples of Simba Sports club not appreciating the fact that Simba fans turn up In their tens of thousands , PAY and dont cause violence in the stadium .
    Am tired of this EC this , EC that , its always everybody else’s fault , never ours .

    1. Jakom, you like using the word ‘rant’ to describe other people but if anyone rants for a living on this blog it is you, Sir. You dedicate your time always telling people to do this or not to do that…….what superior mental acuity gives you that mandate? Or is it self appointed? I was one of the ‘experts’ who questioned Mapigano on his two goals conceded against Tusker and two of the four in Algeria. The fact that Peter also conceded two yesterday does not absolve Mapigano. Your superior cognitive abilities should have made that clear to you but I guess even the geniuses sometimes lose logic to the lunacy part of their split personality.

    2. Ja Sofaset wadwa, you could not have put it better than this. Gor Mahia’s namba “moya problema” ni mashabik herein referred to as experts. Wajuaji tu sana.
      Onge gima okethore, an Gor emahero. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  13. Bloggers we will qualify for CCC. CCL osebago Gor since 1968 long before I was born so it is not a new thing. Mandela Cup of 1987 that we won is the current Confederations Cup that we are preparing to Assault mercilessly and make group stages. It is the Tournament that Juogii Gor ohero. Keeper Trainer Must Go. I did your bidding and Peter Odhiambo was in goal but Two Early quick fire goals had us undone. All keepers can’t be bad ni Willis Ochieng shida. I want Jerim Onyango there. Otherwise grant me leave to start looking for 10 Million to honour both legs of CCC playoffs plus attend Wednesdays draw in Alexandria. Long Live Mayienga

    1. @Jasego , how good is Jeremy vis a vis Willis as a goalkeeping coach , I once heard one of our previous coaches complaining about Willis , I have no opinion on Jeremy , but where I agree with you is that there is a tactical problem with our goalkeeping department plus our wingbacks are still not at the level for Africa, maybe they will be with time .

  14. @Musymo , thanks for your quick response , but as you may have seen by now , I neither absolved anybody nor did I reprimand anybody , I mean the keepers , because not being a football tactician , I dont possess the pedigree to do so , but even without that pedigree , I have seen the best goalkeepers , best penalty takers , best strikes , defenders make mistakes and not once , but my take on whatever I see , remains just an opinion because I appreciate my lane .
    An “expert ” on this wall dismissed Tobias Otieno on the very first day , others felt otherwise , meaning that fans or “experts ” can watch the same game and come up with different opinions (incoherence ) .
    Lastly , however one decides to interpret my opinion is not within my conrol afterall , its on this wall that some debated ferociously about who between Boniface and Peter deserved to be between the post , but then the goalpost changed and like a submarine the “experts “moved on , I was one of the “experts ” for Bonny , proof that am just but a fan whose opinion should not be factored in by any coach worth his salt .
    So in our hearts , we are all “experts ” , only that technically and tactically , its the head and not the heart that should reign supreme , the heart should be reserved for feelings , rants and tantrums .

    1. The problem yesterday wasn’t entirely Peter’s ….both our center backs were short probably Momanyis height would have been beneficial….fans have to rant when things don’t go well…you don’t expect man u fans to praise Pogba when he Misses a penalty or rashford..we give credit where it’s due..we are only passionate fans not anyone’s sycophant..

      1. @Johny , I totally agree with your post , re read my post then re read yours and you will see why , an example of where I agree with you is where you say that nobody expects anybody to praise someone who has just missed a penalty , that
        is a fact , but where I believe you will agree with me is that nobody , especially from a team you support deserve the knd of racist insults Pogba and Rushford were subjected to moreso when it is the same fans who were insulting Pogba that demanded that Rushford must from then henceforth be the penalty taker .
        In summary , the fans must have their say , but the way is somebody else’s territory .

  15. @Jasego, we have almost 25 days to the next match and i will be disappointed if we start panicking , threatening, appearing useless on the 23rd October. We all know we have a game (infact unlike Bandari we knew we would still have a CAF game despite yesterday’s results) so we better start planning early and let’s harness the power of the fanbase

  16. Our current wingbacks are a forced scenario since both are reserve players thrown into the deep end of continental football owing to injuries to both Shafik and Philemon…I see far wanted to resign Walusimbi this past transfer and was told ya nini si alienda SA sasa amefukuzwa akae huko…Jodhot in football hakuna feelings ni fair play sasa who misses whose services the most huyo jamaa angesaidia…Ali Abondo i was told the same akaenda Wazito. Let us stop this senseless grudges against those that left for greener pastures

  17. @Dan Original , allow me to ride on your point , @ Jasego , please enlighten me on the role the numerous branches I see displayed on big banners during matchday play in terms of added value to the club , are their roles synced with any structure within the club ? , I ask this vis a vis @Dan Original’s suggestion that we harnes into value the potential fanbase offers , these branches would indeed be a good starting point .
    My point is informed by my failure to understand how we can be boasting of hundreds of branches country wide , yet the registered members globally is less than 500 .
    Are the members of these branches not registered members of the club ? .
    So @ Jasego , even as you embark in the pursuit of 10million , Please have a conversation with the chairman and impress upon him the fact that as bad as things are , they wouldnt be that bad if opportunities staring at us were fully exploited .
    Some years back while still Mombasa based , fans in the coastal city used to organise themselves and take care of all the club’s bills anytime the club came visiting , it wasnt anything structured , but the fans used to walk the talk , the same used to happen with kisumu fans .
    The information age has made such organisations much easier – Just a thought .

    1. And while at it can you shed some light on the relationship between GM Sacco and GM FC.
      Why can’t we approach GM Sacco to advance a loan to the club from which it derives its name and existence.
      I say this because I can quote a practical example of the same.
      The parish at Ongata Rongai was loaned 40m by its sister sacco Waumini to buy land for building another parish. The parishioners (read members) are then encouraged to contribute towards repayment of the loan.
      Can GM Sacco loan the 10m or at least 1m to rehabilitate Philemon and Batambuze.
      Btw you need 12 less 1m given by Keroche. Add 5m for September salaries now due, 5m and 2 for the CCC away and home legs means we need 11m+12m-0.5m (which ADOR says we had raised) means that the amount required is kes.22.5m.
      May I dare to ask are we getting value for money from a payroll of kes.5m per month?

  18. Reliable sources are saying that keroche are coming on board apparently they gave gor mahia one million before the match…the E.C said nothing about it…the biggest problem in gor is accountability…if we had a reliable E.C even fans alone have the capacity to sponsor this club…we have a continental match in a 2 weeks time let’s start preparing early yawa…chako Chon oloyo dhi kajuoga

    1. Johnny kajuoga nyaka dhie kendo pap nyaka meny malongo eka gor bedo mahono…Anyway the 1 Million boost from Keroche was used to offset players allowances to the tune of 600,000 then 400,000 catered for match day expenses including MISC booking fees, stewards, police officers, ambulance and match officials transport and accommodation. Registered members also fundraised 90k as player motivation token that was handed over to the captain a day before the match but matokeo refused…

  19. Teddy branches pay the club affiliation fees of 10k to be recognised but individual members therein remain as branch members not club members. Membership to the club can only be done individually. I proposed collapsing of the entities called branches to form Supporters Trust and allocate 51% shares of the club to be held in trust but things are still nowhere in as far as changing club structure is concerned. Finally as SIC whom many chide not knowing my sphere of influence I am from seeing Nairobi Police County Commissioner on why our fans should be brutalised by police in horrific manner for trying to access the stadium while having tickets. The GSU commandant in charge of security at Kasarani yesterday was summoned and he said fans pelted police with stones and tried to gain access without the QR code for online ticketing hence the retaliation. In the melee that ensued Kitengela Branch Chairman was injured and is admitted at Shalom Hospital where I have toured to ensure he gets the best treatment. An goremahero atiyo ne ka punda …We await Kasarani fines for uprooting chairs and Caf for pelting projectiles into the pitch…Otek ka mwanda e gorka

  20. Jasego your statement is vague.
    1.Did the police confront fans whose tickets had been verified and cleared to enter and watch the game?
    2.How are you so sure that the fans had tickets? I thought each and every ticket is independently verified at the entry point before an individual is allowed entry to watch the match?
    Why would the police stop such a fan?
    3. It seems the so called Kisumu cartels are also in Nairobi (Kasarani) with protection from the big shots.

  21. @Alberto sofaset , all I was saying was that one cannot afford to be one dimensional when making definitive conclusions on a goalkeeper because their are other dynamics involved prior to a goal being scored e.g in the Tusker game , no defender , none at all , closed down Muchiri , no pressure at all on him , he had all the time to execute his shot and this happened on both occasions , that was in no way an attempt to absolve the keeper , if anything , its the goalkeepers job to absolve himself in future matches by proving his critics wrong , not mine .
    @Alberto , thats all I intended , only to receive colourful descriptions visited upon my person , but which I decided to ignore because the author , in my opinion is one person whose majority of opinions I respect and hence getting personal in my response was never going to be an option .
    Otherwise , this team has a very bright future if everybody plays their rightful part and stick to their lanes .

  22. Questions before we close this chapter, Momanyi’s height was being underrated when people called for Joash old comrade at Aroma. 1st goal was all to do with height of Keeper F Odhiambo too.I hope next time we go back to Joash, Momanyi pairing and Mapigano on goal who made one mistake in Algiers

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