Gor Mahia fail to travel, Rangers awarded walkover (Updated)

Update: Aduda disputes reports of absconding

Gor Mahia CEO Omondi Aduda has disputed reports that Gor Mahia absconded the FKF cup match because the players had downed their tools

Gor Mahia have now stated they did not fear to play against the Mailmen but were following the directive from the government as a law-abiding club.

“It was all over in the media that the government had stopped all sports activities for a period of time and it is the reason we did not travel to Nakuru for our match against Rangers,” Gor Mahia CEO Omondi Aduda told goal.com on Sunday.

“Gor Mahia are a law-abiding club and immediately the government issued the orders, we disbanded camp and allowed the players to go home, so there was no way we could raise a team again to travel to Nakuru for the fixture.

“We don’t have any issues with playing again when normalcy returns and that is what we told FKF in our letter to them. We are ready to play against Rangers as soon the government says all is well, but we cannot risk the lives of our players and officials.

“Football is a group meeting which involves players coming to contact and it is very easy to get the [Covid-19 virus].”

Gor Mahia did not travel to Nakuru for their cup match against Posta Rangers citing the Coronavirus

Sammy Omollo: Gor Mahia absconded

Earlier on, Posta Rangers coach Sammy Omollo says that Gor Mahia did not travel because they could not raise a team due to the player go-slow

“Gor Mahia were not prepared to play owing to the go-slows by their players, whatever they said in their statement was just an excuse,” Omollo told Goal on Sunday.

“It is a shame when a big club like Gor Mahia fails to turn up for a game when everything else has been put in place to ensure it is successful.

“The sponsor was there, match officials were there and Posta Rangers were there too. I am p****d off; they could have found a way of honouring the game.”

The former defender believes K’Ogalo should not be given another chance by the federation since they skipped the game intentionally.

“If it was a league game, I am sure [Gor Mahia] could not have missed. Being a knockout game, if the FKF will schedule for another date, it will put the integrity of the game into jeopardy,” Omollo added.

“The federation should just focus on the remaining matches of the competition.” concluded Omollo

Posta Rangers who made the trip, were awarded a walkover by the match officials

According to the Nation, KCB, who were to face Wazito in another round of 16 match in Nakuru on Saturday, also travelled back to Nairobi on Friday following the government’s directive and will not honour the game.

The matches were supposed to be played behind closed doors to curb against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

FKF acting Secretary-General has said they will advise on the fate of the two round of 16 matches in due course.

“The leagues and competitions committee will look into the matter on a case by case basis,” he told Nation Sport.




16 thoughts on “Gor Mahia fail to travel, Rangers awarded walkover (Updated)

  1. This man Barry Otieno and Nick Mwendwa are going to hit their heads against a very big and hard rock one of these days!!!! The lives of the players and the technical bench and match officials is more important than anything else. If the Government, WHO, CAF and FIFA are advising against gatherings of more than 7 people, then who is this FKF!!!
    You must reschedule these matches or face us head on.

  2. Ingwe wamecheza na ushuru (na wakashinda). Kwani nyinyi ni nani? There was no communication from the match organizers saying that the matches were canceled/postponed; if any team (including Gor) did not want to play out of precaution, then fine….but they cannot now come back and ask for a replay…..Haki nyinyi wajaluo mnapenda siasa sana. Postal Rangers should not accept kabisa.

    1. Ingo stop being a stupid stereotype!! Nyinyi wajaluo ni kusema nini? You are such a backward tribalist… These kind of sentiments are outdated and have no place in modern day society.

      Is every player in Gor a Luo!?? Is every player in Afc a luhya? Shut your big stinking mouth and get out of this site.

      As for the fake Gor player, make you way back to afc where you belong. We all know that you are not a player… Never have been never will be! Just an idle looking for attention!!

      1. Oswozo, look at you trying to preach!…kwani is every player or person who posts something negative about Gor (but probably true in the case of “Gor Player”) an AFC fan or former AFC player like you put it? Unataka arudi AFC???? What are you talking about man? Why not Tusker or Homboyz? Mkabila ni wewe!!

  3. The truth of the matter is that we Gor players are on strike. It has nothing to do with Coronavirus; Rachier is just trying to use the pandemic to save face

      1. For the records, the FKF Betway Cup matches that were not played will be rescheduled once normalcy returns in Kenya. So any Club hoping to win this cup still has KCB, Bandari and Gor Mahia to contend with. Pileni Sana Efusi, Posts Rangers and Sofapaka. Corona will disappear by 27th March and our lives will resume. Good luck Gor Mahia.

  4. So Ingo and so called “Gor Player” what about Bandari and KCB? How did they skip the fixtures? Take your nonsense off this site

    1. If the organizers did not postpone or cancel the game, ANY team that did show up should be dismissed from the tournament including Gor, KCB and Bandari……its that simple

  5. Ingo did you hear me mention any tribe when talking about the fake Gor player?
    You seem to be a very idle and illiterate person with zero reasoning capacity.

    All this hate is because of the success that Gor is enjoying? Ever since we won the past league title afc fans have been bitter and envious, especially after the 4-1 thrashing and the 1 Nil ya uchungu last weekend.

    Poleni sana, I now understand your frustrations ,but unfortunately we have no apologies to make to your type. Continue supporting your mediocre useless and barren team (barren since 1998)and leave us in peace!!!

    1. Oswozo, and where did I disclose which team I support? Or are you just assuming I’m an Ingwe fan based on the handle”ingo” that I use? Mkabila ni wewe kabisa!

  6. Isn’t it obvious?? No wonder I said your reasoning is zero.Tou can’t even think beyond your noise and decipher what I have said!! So pitiful!!!

  7. @oswozo moziek. I agree with you 100%.people who have nothing to cheer about are miserable and frustrated. Since 1998 they have been on a barren run and have won nothing of note so please understand their hunger, frustrations and disappointments. Don’t argue too much with such, they are really suffering and hence need our love and compassion!!


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