Gor Mahia floor Muhoroni 2-0

Gor Mahia continued to keep the heat on Tusker when they beat Muhoroni Youth 2-0 at Moi stadium Kisumu on Saturday. The goals were scored by the Rwandese duo of Meddie Kagere and Jacques Tuyisenge..

Gor Mahia came into the match looking determined and dominating proceedings from the beginning. The first goal came in the 9th minute: Francis Kahata sent a cross. Meddie Kagere met it with a header right to Jacque Tuyisenge who scored.

Muhoroni now coached by former Gor Mahia ace Tom Juma, now started to get into the game. Benjamin Mosha was presented with a glorious opportunity when a cross found him unmarked in the six yard box. But he fluffed the chance.

Kagere would then double the lead in the 30th minute after picking a pass from Jacque Tuyisenge.

The second half was no different. Gor Mahia dictated the terms and showed by attacking intent. Francis Kahata, Tuyisenge and Kagere left the Muhoroni defence working overtime. In the 80th minute, Kagere played a neat one two with Kahata before sending a pass to Tuyisenge who was only a second late thus allowing Muhoroni to clear their lines.

With Gor Mahia now one point behind Tusker, they will be hoping that Tusker drop a point against AFC tomorrow. If they do then the last match of the season against Tusker will decide who wins the league.


Gor Mahia:
Bonface Oluoch, Karim Nizigiyamana, Musa Mohammed, Harun Shakava, Eric Ouma, Collins Okoth, Francis Kahata(Amos Nondi), George Odhiambo(Jacob Keli), Godfrey Walusimbi, Meddie Kagere, Jacques Tuyisenge

Unused Subs: Jerrim Onyango, Luke Ochieng, Abouba Sibomana, Anthony Mbugua, Enock Agwanda

Muhoroni :
Faruk Shikhalo, Yusuf Mohammed, Mike Simiyu, Paul Muchika, Kelvin Omondi, Paul Mboya, Benjamin Mosha(Victor Omune), James Ogada, Lwamba Bebeto, Francis Ochola(Calvin Omanga), Samuel Ndungu

Unused Subs: : Timothy Igweta, Wycliffe Nyangechi, Daniel Otieno, Kennedy Rono, Abdalla Hamisi

40 thoughts on “Gor Mahia floor Muhoroni 2-0

    1. @ jakoyo just keep on with that spirit of HOPE & BELIEVE IN “JO-NDHIWA” …… MAHIA MA HONO. …….. THAT IS WHY YOU CAN BANK ON BILO MAKO OGALO.

  1. That was a great display….. It gives you the reason to continue hoping. Let’s wait as we pray for AFC to do us favour. Anything is possible in the game of soccer…

  2. – May God bless whoever intervened in order to enable Gatusso come back to the first 11
    – My simple psychology also tells me that there seems to be a cordial relationship between Maria mama and Tom Ogweno. In the past matches, the tension between them was palpable.
    – Thank Jasego because he has been advocating for peace to prevail in GM Tb

    When Maria mama wins matches, we spare him the slogan of #bringbackFN. Lakini akishindwa na sijui Nzoia, mara draw na small teams………

  3. AFC are the king makers this time around “whom will they decide 2016 kings are”

    to AFC – we have a long history together sharing the championship. we have always fought on the same side. Please allow us a chance to grab the title from tuskers “glass”. It will not be that you made us outright champions but given us a chance to defend the cup next weekend

    Shemeji yawa. Hata kama mahari tutaongeza

  4. If Tusker beats AFC tomorrow they will be KPL champions but not a worthy champion judging from the way they have been buying their matches of late (Bandari and Sony ). I pray that AFC plays well tomorrow for Kogalo to have a final decider match with tusker. If Kogalo vs Tusker match becomes the decider for kpl championship then we shall respect whoever becomes the champion. But I suspect tomorrow ‘s match will be fixed in favour of Tusker.

  5. Is it possible to appeal at the Fifa / sports arbitration court about the double jeopardy when Gor were docked 6points against Tusker in first leg of kpl league ? Any comments ?

    1. The executive is busy campaigning for another term, they have no time to launch the appeal. Their stomachs come first..just like we used to sing when we were kids, ” tumbo mbele matako nyuma , piga sarut’.

  6. @ A Person, Big Up….K’ogalo Fraternity let’s believe in the 14th title until we can’t believe No More which is 2moro at 4pm if it should end but should it not we are keeping it wea it has been for the past 3 Peat Years.I wouldn’t have imagined Gor’s fate in ingwe’s hands but football is not logic.In God’s Mighty Hands We Rest Our Case,Amen

    1. Osiepa Wuod Asego Kanyada Already FKF have declared Breweries Champs already and we await even being kicked out of the KPL next season…read the letter to the sleeping executive in goal.com.. So todays results are inconsequential…..very unfortunate

  7. We have done what needed to be done, but I still believe someone needs to be investigated. Those draws were not normal and the fact that our top marksmen were not scoring at all is not something to take for granted. We could have been champions with many matches to spare. Any way turning Ingwe shemeji jowaaaaaa do your thing today, YOU were wrongly accused of taking too much tusker, prove to everyone that you are not so much in love with that stuff after all, it’s your day yawaaaa, you will never have another like this, BOTTLE up somebody.

    1. Ingo peleka hiyo Efusi bure mbali,hamuwezi jisaidia mumalize hata number 12 bwana ni kupeana trophy kama vilema?Comment Ogwang Wall huko number 13 na wenzenu akina Ushuru na Sofapaka

  8. If Tusker were to beat Ingwe(Thu Satan!!!) then we beat then and they win it by 3 points or less( God forbid) then we will have two champions: The bonafide and the wannabe….And Oguda and co. the trophy presentation may turn veeeeery ugly. They need to think it through!!!!

    1. Exactly,I also don’t see the trophy being presented in that/current scenario.Its not about hooliganism here,its about being consistent with decisions- 1+1=2 for GM and the whole world but FKF want us to accept that for AFC- 1+1=3,HOW?HOW?HOW?AFC’s fracas was worse in that twas proved that AFC fans injured Matasi and AFC were fined, then wasn’t the stoppage during the recent derby exactly the same as what happened in the Tusker game, a small fracas caused a stoppage but things calmed down and the game was concluded.NO POINTS DEDUCTION, WHY?Admin Tom Juma a former Gor Mahia ace? A couple of years down the line passenger no. 27 will be touted as a GM legend!

    2. @Musymo, that would really paint us in bad light. Our fans should know that we already caused the team three points because of chaos

  9. I will be a happy man either way. This is why;

    Even if Tusker beats ingwe on Sunday and they are declared champions, I know we will beat them in the final game. Then mathematically we shall be the team that collected the most points if we factor in the 3 we lost. So we still shall be the silent champions.

    Two, in the unfortunate event Tusker lifts it, we shall finish second with a very narrow margin between. Now that’s a respectable position for a defending champion.

    Three, The pieces of the puzzle are finally beginning to fall in. We are now not only winning but also playing better football. When Z’maria came, he made a brave move to change the playing philosophy at Kogalo. Many people don’t like change or fear it for fear of the unknown. That’s why there is always resistance to change. But if you fear trying, you will never discover what else you can achieve. Tiki Taka is very technical and we admit that it is a tall order for our players. But given time they with eventually grasp it fully. Did you notice how in the dying minutes of the game our boys resorted to killing the time away, not by falling down unnecessarily but by passing the ball around? That was beautiful. Call it total domination of the opponent. It made the fans in the stadium go wild!

    So whether we lift the title or not, we are still champions.

    And by the way, someone tell Jakoyo not to give up. A drowning person would try to cling on to a piece of grass. That’s called hope.

    By the way, Tusker vs Ingwe’s game will be a reminder to us football fans that we need each other hence there is no need of throwing stones at each other. Kogalo fans are all going on loan to Ingwe on Sunday!

  10. @Marto Original, Spoken like a true believer! a true supporter with true understanding of the game! I said here that the chasing on the cup is not the priority, that the boys need to go out and6 enjoy themselves, that, they are doing and the fruits are too conspicuous! Whatever happens with ingwe and Tusker, Kogallo WE ARE CHAMPIONS.. Champions with a character! LONG LIVE KOGALLO!

  11. First and foremost I am privileged and honored to have the company of Okoth Jabilo. Welcome back great warrior.

    I want Ogwang’ to know that it is a very good team that we sincerely respect. I believe that even Ogwang’ would rather have K’Ogalo as Champs than give it to Brewkenge.May God use Ogwang’ to save us from the humiliation of having to mount a guard of honour for Brewkenge in our last match.

    1. Already FKF have declared Breweries Champs already and we await even being kicked out of the KPL next season…read the letter to the sleeping executive in goal.com.. So todays results are inconsequential

      1. @Jamriambo, that article is not targeting Gor but all the 14 teams yet to comply. Whipping emotions will not help us at this point

  12. Though painful now that Tusker are champions I think this is a good time for us to put our house in order. We have the matter of elections and CAF licensing to sort out.
    Let Tusker enjoy the glory but we all know why we aren’t champs this year.

  13. This matter is going to court FIFA/NO FIFA, even H.Stars was not deducted points when fans rioted against G.Bissau. Rachier went to court over the league expansion didn’t he? This one’s more important. A team cannot be deducted points because of a mere stoppage during a match especially when the match resumed to the end.

  14. @oduor 12, lets congratulate tusker and plan for 2017. The best team won the league without playing any tiki taka and truth be told,our too many draws costed us the title.

    1. How do you congratulate someone who benefits from goods stolen from you? Hooliganism is bad, i agree there were too many draws, planning or lack of planning for 2017 and putting house in order etc etc will all come to pass but if AR & EC don’t take this matter to court then it will confirm that all along they were avoiding CAF conditions namely tabling financials & competent secretariat. What with halfhearted last minute licensing attempts and allowing ridiculous levels of indiscipline and shenanigans from the begining of the season. Let the courts declare brewkenge champions. I’ve enumerated the 3 games that had stoppages but no points were deducted but am open for anyone to convince me that though the colour of milk is white when it comes to GMFC it is “green” because our team colour is green. Ridiculous isn’t it BUT allow it and it may happen again in 2017 na mta do. Tusker’s “victory” for now is CORRUPTION pure and simple unless a competent court says declares otherwise.

  15. Iko aja ya kuenda iyo ball ya mwisho kweli. Ati si naenda ona tasker. Watu nashachukua okombe na watu nafany gor nanya ganywe poins. Sasa itakuwa na pole kweli. Ama asira tapamda sisi uko. Malit osiko.

    1. Okew Kanango osiepa ilal…To podi nyaka wapang nyala Guard of Honour kawamoso jogo chieng’no omera…kaw kwee wuod ma,oselal lakini lit

      1. Coch Jasego wuod ma. Litna ma kata fulu ma oketna e mesa gi dum mana kulundeng. Lakini we atem kawo kwe kaka iwachono bro. Bunda mar sab wofa to pok aparo ka adhi tingo e ball mogik no. Thank you for raeding ngato nono.

  16. Why the Hell were Efusi fans dancing rhythmically with Tusker FC Fans at Afraha celebrating the Title like it is a Co-Shared Victory?I pray No Team ever loses Glamour to a point of happily celebrating losing a match just to play spoiler for a mightier team from winning forgetting that you are languishing in the 13th position and can’t finish any higher even after the last game of the season since number 12 is 4 points ahead….That is the height of football Mediocrity and lack of Ambition that any team can portray in modern times…

  17. Since 2011 we have never finished below top 2 and that tells us the strength and resilience of our team. To me this is a time to sweep ut house clean and refurbish it again. The players we have, the TB has proven that it can deliver but we need to do something about the EC. A lean EC with a competent secretariat will made us champs for the next 10 years. The reason I say this is even at our weakest we are still the strongest challengers for the title.
    For those saying we go to court should note that we need to beat Tusker comprehensively on the 19th and that’s when the three points will matter. Having a guard of honor for them during that game should not be a big issue. At times you humble yourself to reap big.

    To me I think we should give the Continental matches next year a wide berth, organize ourselves and then approach 2017 an organized house.

    I know it’s bitter to lose the title after we had made it ours for that long but that how things go. In 2012 we thought God was against us but looks like He was preparing us for some BIG harvest. I believe from 2017 we will have the BIG harvest again. So guys let’s believe and moreso protect the Gor brand, even during the last match

    1. Well spoken@Dan. We should make sure we beat Tusker for two reasons. 1. With only a 3 point gap or less the psychological satisfaction that should Mwendwa not taken our 3 points away then we would be champions and 2. A loss to Tusker MAY see fans not allowing the trophy to be presented. Any other team would have been painful but okay but remembering it was the same Tusker that made us lose points the scenario may just be too chaotic. This may happen even if we win. Mwendwa would love such a scenario so that he can penalize Gor again. Like Deduct more points, fine or even make us start next season on a negative if that is legal, he would do it. DISCLAIMER: I am not saying this because i support hooliganism but because it is a reality most likely to happen than not and no amount of education or anything is likely to stop it from happening. We all know tHat segment of our fan base who will always look for an excuse to vent their life’s frustrations in the name of Gor Mahia. Expect them in all glory in Kisumu

  18. We went down fighting. That’s the spirit of a champion. To me, the final match with Tusker, though a mere formality, still matters because it will be a battle for pride. If we beat them, we will show the world that had it not been for the little slip ups here and there, we would have been the champions. Otherwise this is football and other teams are also trying to win it. So let’s accept and move on. I have a feeling that 2017 will be another big year for us.

  19. Admin we have been blogging on this thread too long and now discussing matters pertaining to yesterday’s happening,pliz update it with yesterday’s title decider so we can blog.Give people a of ray hope no matter how painful losing the title is…We Must Soldier On Towards the 19th Regardless…Pliz Fans just Keep away from that match so trophy presentation can be done in peace,for this once stay home and watch Supersport 9 East,you have supported enough and are most valued,infact there is no K’ogalo with you her majestic fans but being as it is,a flare up wud mean more trouble for Marked Gor with FkF..At times avoidance is the best solution…Even a mocking celebration of a tusker goal that day can ignite bitter feelings and fracas

  20. I am reading somewhere that Gor are headed to the High Court tomorrow, Tuesday according to Kilo. Uncharted territory but brave. Let’s hope and pray!!

  21. If we’re going to court,A MUST IF EC WERE GENUINE about competing in the 2016 SPL,WE MUST GO NOW,so that the league is put on hold until the case is decided,coz 1)now is when we are aggrieved,it’s at this point that we should seek an injunction & preempt any actions that may cause us further injury 2)if we play brewkenge & draw/lose then the deducted 3 points cease to have any bearing on the championship.Odieros refer to it as “an act in futility”,”it has been overtaken by events” or”closing the gate when the horse has already bolted”.I know there is this school of thought against GMFC winning the 2016 league coz of the CAF factor(some people must have a final year of dipping their fingers in GM’s cookie jar)but look at the bigger issue here,in premier leagues,CAF & FIFA NO TEAM IS DOCKED POINTS DUE A MERE STOPPAGE/DISRUPTION WHEN THE GAME RESUMES & IS CONCLUDED.IT’S AS SIMPLE AS ABC/123, LEAGUES ARE DECIDED ON THE FIELD.LET FKF GET AWAY WITH SUCH IMPUNITY/CORRUPTION & THEY REPEAT IT IN 2017 MTA DO?

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