Gor Mahia Floor Tusker 2-0

Gor Mahia registered a comprehensive 2-0 win over Tusker in the opening leg of the 2016 KPL top 8 semi-finals. The goals came from Jacque Tuyisenge and Enock Agwanda.
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K’Ogalo overcame Tusker FC in the tournament’s first leg semi-final contest played at the Nyayo Stadium on Sunday

Kenyan Premier League Top 8 champions Gor Mahia overcame Tusker by a 2-0 margin in the tournament’s semi-final match played at Nyayo stadium on Sunday.

The ball remained in the brewers’ half for the first ten minutes of the game with runs from which Collins Shivachi was forced to concede a corner-kick to show K’Ogalo’s intention of winning the game.

Just after youngster Eric Ouma ‘Marcelo’ had outclassed Shafiq Batambuze, Enock Agwanda picked out Rwandese Jacques Tuyisenge who, in style, went past Eugine Asike to unleash a thunderbolt for Gor Mahia’s opener on the 13th minute.

Tusker tried to push thereafter featuring Humphrey Mieno, Mike Khamati and Osborne Monday with attempts which could have leveled matters thanks to Jerim Onyango heroics. On the 33rd minute, midfielder Francis Kahata took a corner-kick from which striker Enock Agwanda’s header doubled the lead.

Jacques Tuyisenge was almost completing a brace six minutes later before Innocent Wafula squandered another clear chance with a shot outside the target. For sure, K’Ogalo could have gone to the changing room with more than two goals if they could have utilized well all their chances.

Second half started on a higher note for Gor Mahia with several runs towards Tusker’s danger-zone and the tempo increased when new signing Baron Oketch replaced goal scorer Enock Agwanda in the 70th minute.

At one point, the former Western Stima winger rounded all Tusker defenders only failing to execute a shot past Martin Musalia. The brewers also had there second half share but never utilized the chances for goals.

Michael Khamati almost pulled back one on the 60th minute but defender Haroun Shakava cleared the danger eight minutes before Batambuze collided with Jerim Onyango inside the box in search of a goal.

As was the wish of Gor Mahia’s assistant Secretary General Ronald Ngala prior to this match, K’Ogalo are now adavantaged having won with a notable number of goals away from home.

56 thoughts on “Gor Mahia Floor Tusker 2-0

  1. And it was a sweet one , very sweet actually could have been 5 nil.This Maria will take kogalo far from the game I saw today. But what stupid refereing was that I witnessed? But kabisa.

  2. that game was supa.eric,nondi gave a good game,wafula low today,and now am at ease becos zemarias phylosophy seams to be pushing out all the buses parked at the goal.brewkenges coach even boasted before the start of the game that he has parked his bus in the goal. and he knew no ball wud pass it.second season kuna kichapo kwa timu ambazo will hav mentality ya kupark basi.

  3. Great game Kogalo, if it wasn’t for the wastefulnes, ingekuwa imeisha but let’s wait for the second leg to seal it. The young boys were great and they should keep it up.

  4. gor finally proved jokong’o wrong. we were denied by poor officiation in league match. and the their assistant coach said yesterday that they were to prove their prowess but it was the opposite.Kogalo my team to mitna.

  5. Comrades this is one of the best matches I have watched Kogalo play in recent times.The boys played with with verve gusto and purpose the entire match.It is easy to call the EC names but they are doing a good job anyhow.From signings to management things have improved for the better.Whoever scouted the coach and Jausenge did a great job.With these sponsorships Kogalo will continue to attract good players and hence healthy competition in all departments.I didn’t realize Aucho was absent because Kahata slotted into his shoes so seamlessly you would imagine he had been playing there all season.As fans I would urge all of us to play our to play our part as the 12 th man responsibly.I have read posts here whose purpose it is to vilify some players.Keli’s form may have dipped but we aren’t helping buy the raspberries we throw into his eyes at every opportune moment.One of has has even doubted Saleh’s commitment and even dragged Mashemeji’s name into this.At the risk of being a bully I request that we uplift the spirits of our players when they need ua most.With this am sure Keli will be superb again.Thank you Kogalo.

    1. @Baba Travis, you are spot on on your posting. It appears we have a new set of bloggers who have got nothing to post in this site. We all need to support and encourage the players than calling them names.

      Calling players names does not help but demotivate players. We need to stop this nonsense of calling player names.

  6. Good game. Kahata and Wendo marshalled the midfield well. Wendo taking charge of the dirty work with Kahata at his creative best. They completely neutralized a 3 man Tusker midfield of Monday, Mieno and Ndolo. Nondi also impressed me with his confidence at such a young age. Mitna nyaka e yuotha.

    1. Musyimo, now you can swallow your word when you contradicted that the coach does not believe in rotational of players. My brother think before you make any posting.

      1. @Jamigori I get your point. But this was a cup game and as is history Gor always uses fringe players even before Ze Maria was here. Jakom, I am happy when we win with whichever players the coach fields.

        1. @Musymo, I think the coach should continue to introduce our youths to the main team for exposure and this will go along way in giving them confidence and experience.

          1. That is especially good so that when others like Gatusso Jerry, Musa et al finally retire we will have ready battle hardened soldiers to take over without spending too much.

  7. Congratulations team. Had it not been for the wastefulness, Brewkenge would have gone down 5 – 0. That was a big statement.

    1. @ Comrade Barefoot Bandit a.k.a “BB” .. Ja-Dunga unuse ….. “Adhula en pien dhia’ng” …. Two was enough.
      And minus the unsettled Aucho and Walusimbi, the On/Off Berry, troublesome Gattusso, unknown “Thigo” and the preferred Bonny then competition for starting eleven will be a notch higher. “NO SACRED COWS”

  8. I watched the Ulinzi-Muhoroni match prior to this then realized that Kogallo will win KPL trophy with several matches yet to be played. The only legitimate challenger to the KPL trophy will be a team whose coach values goal scoring instead of packing their buses.
    Jerry helped us keep a clean sheet in this game with his well-timed saves. Wafula should practice more on ball control and finishing because most of his passes and shots were off-target even with only the goalkeeper to beat.
    Finishing in the second half was poor even with the ball itself begging Agwanda to slot it into the net.
    All in all, I like the speed and commitment of Eric Ouma. Our defence kept Tusker FC at bay while our strikers tormented their defence.
    Am optimistic that a brighter second half of this season will belong to Kogallo who will teach Nkata and Matano how to play soccer.

  9. The coach said that he Believes in rotation and youths and I believe you have witnessed this. Natull was excellent but could not help the youth develop their talents.

  10. May someone bring me upto speed on this one:I have checked the KPL table standings and noticed we are top.Did they restore our stolen votes?That aside,I took keen interest on Mieno..Deciphered his coded body language and my conclusion is that his heart is elsewhere..but Do We Say?

    1. @ Baba Travis there were even rumours he had handed in a transfer request but as you rightly noted he was playing for his salary rather than passion. He spent most of his game in Tusker’s half, playing most of his passes sideways and even if that was the coach’s instruction,it is very uncharacteristic of the Mieno we know and Tusker would be foolish to hold on to him against his will. They will be having a disgruntled player and Gor will still buy an equal or even better alternative and still beat them anyway.


    I do not object to constructive criticism but we should just be patient and wait for the outcome of theTB and EC decisions. @ musymo with all due respect I do like your opinions and do not refrain from questioning mediocrity whenever you are not satisfied. Guys we argue, disagree and agree but it is TB that will take responsibility.

    1. @Trailer, I hear your objectivity clearly. My criticism does not mean I am against an issue. I am just raising a concern which I think may matter now that Ja Asego is here. And I had raised issues with our new Brazilian, Bloggers told me to let the coach run the show, and although I still have my reservations, I respected that and said we put our eyes and see if he will deliver. Ze Maria is a good coach as seen in the football we play. I am one of the people who believe our EC is one of the best locally(if you ignore the bloatedness of course). It is just important that we allow people with opinions we dont necessarily agree with to air their voice yawa.

  12. I have to admit and confess at the same time to have had reservations against ZE MARIAS appointment, I thought this was trial and error, I eat rumple pie. May the GORZILIANS SAMBA continue.

  13. For once selebwa stated if Gor land Mieno and they combine well with Tuyisenge , once they top the league then all teams to forget 2016 KPL

    1. Forget Selebwa. Even without Mieno we showed we are in a class of our own. First the humbling of Mathare then yesterday. Even the pessimistic will agree that short of docking all our points, we will win the league with games to spare.

  14. @Ja Asego…any info on whether CECAFA will be played or not? Got rumours that Kenya (FKF) was requested to host it after Tz pulled out. I think we are ripe to face the other big boys of the CECAFA region. Locally hakuna compe.

    1. Jokakorwa…Amos Nondi stepping up,how sweet it is that Tusker capitulated,well just to clarify something on a lighter note,who says Thiago Da Silva is the only brazilian we have IN Gor?There is Enock Agwandinho and Amos Nondinho not forgetting Eric Marcelo to mention but a few…To more serious matters,@ Marto,well Cecafa Secretariat has formally requested Kenya (FkF) to have hosting rights but the president (Mwendwa) requested for some commitments as regards financial backing from some quarters which has not been forthcoming hence the delay in program schedule with 17th fast approaching,let’s just say this years edition might be shelved if no breakthrough is found soon…On Mieno’s signing,Tusker are playing hardball but the player is very keen to join,we shall see where we stand with his signing by 2nd July since negotiations with tusker are ongoing though with obstacles,good thing is he is ready to join so there is little hope we might breakthrough God willing…Ja Thur Gi Ji,over now to Okewkanango

      1. Coch Jasego. Ail kendo an mamor . BUL ber gi goal jadhaa. Ne wadaot wuod maria lakini sani to Kuome. Of cos nyaka wapenji ngato manyien. Sani AKIA pinge. Watoto opuonjo ma OK DE HEDRUOK LOL ASIKE GINI. JODONGO MAHIA WAHIA OMAKO E PAP. TIBIM WUOD MARIA TEMO THOO.

  15. Hey…. fellow bloggers I don’t think displaying ua contract opinion when things are nt well is out of order…… stop curbing our positive thoughts….. we all hold GOR at heart… mind you.

  16. Congratulations to the is in order. I am even more amazed at the number of bloggers who have expressed their views on the Sunday game. Looking at how positive they are, it is showing obviously that something good is happening. The energy that is being released in the team will take it far. It is my opinion that we should take this moment and deliberately recruit more funs into the Stadium. This we can do by talking good of K’Ogalo, giving assurances about the false images they may have, inviting and willing to pay for some of the matches. There could be other smart ideas that can enhance this. One of the false images some people have is that the team belongs to the lake. We can tackle this head on by actually talking to the none lakers and inviting them to the stadium. We could even tell them about the obvious that the team’s composition is international.I hope my fellow bloggers can pick this and brainstorm on it.

    1. @Jaupanda, i agree. WE could easily pick on a public figure(may an athlete) who appeals to a cross section of kenyan society and appoint him/her as our brand ambassador. the person then will stategically sale the GOR MAHIA brand here and even globally.

    2. Just nail it on the head @ folse profet:
      Kahata is also a “KENYAN” international just like the trouble-making AUCHO is a “UGANDAN” international and as a matter of fact KAHATA is regain his match fitness that makes him even much more creative. K’Ogalo should sell AUCHO even if if it is through “OLX” to willing buyer and bring MIENO on board.

      NONDI will soon replace the now unsettled WALUSIMBI as WENDO sends GATUSSO to the bench. This players do not understand Ze-Maria is former international who has played his football both in Italy and Brazil and he has a doze for the so called first eleven. They better style-up ? Huyu si NUTTAL whom they used to arm twist.

      Whoever is testing Ze-Maria should ask Abouba sibomana why he is reporting back to Camp immediately after iternational duties. Even Jerry is working hard to regain his spot. Even CALABAR Jnr/SALEH/ LUKE can send Musa/ Shakava to the bench. And wellington Ochieng is closely watching NZIGIMANA as Baron Jobita is able and ready to replace “THIGO” and “Ja-Usenge”. KUDOS Coach Ze maria. Wan’gni GOR okbisecho and it is better for players to understand this guy. K’Ogalo can make or destroy your career guys.

  17. At this rate we shall need a translator for non Luo fans like me and several others.Football should serve to unite us.It is a universal language.As a fan I would love to hear the opinion of every comrade about the team.When we blog in tounges we are doing a great disservice to a section of fans not familiar with a particular language.From the feeds by Luo speakers,it appears okew kanago is a deep thinker whose thoughts can be beneficial not just to Gor supporters but also to the club.With all due respect to the Luo bloggersI request that the posts be translated.

    1. @Baba Travis, I had requested for posting and blogging to be made either by Kiswahili or English but none of the bloggers listened. Gor bloggers take note that we other fans from different communities frequenting this site. Admin can you do something about it b either restricting vernacular posting or translating the posting?

    2. Kwa kifupi kwa sababu we naomba tu mimi mtu mdogo naweza eleza kidogo. Tusker boys have wide chest. Kogalo boys small chest. Now kogalo make the wide chests to fall down. Kina Asike Sivvacchi fall down for nondi, ouma…..

  18. Juapanda – I think that your suggestion of appointing an ambassador with a national/international appeal is right-on. It will further enhance the reality of the playing unit ( with members from Luo, Luhyia, Kikuyu, Kamba, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Brazil, etc., etc.), that the modern Gor Mahia has appeal for not just people from the Lake, but internationally.

    Baba Travis – thanks for suggesting for possible translation for non-Luo speakers

      1. Kamau ongea ball. Luga tu ndiyo haja yako? Kisungu inaandijwa na wote ecept mtu mdogo hapa. Ukiona Jina yangu hapa, RUKA kabisa. JIFINJARI HAPA KIVYAKO WACHA KUFUATANA MUTU WA NGOMA TU. Okewkanango okwongoni. Usinitafute tena. Akiai wuora.

  19. Tusker have appealed the result on the basis of that we brought in Baron Oketch whose transfer is not complete. Technical bench: What is your say?

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