Gor Mahia focused on TPL

Last year Kogalo went on an amazing run that took them from fighting relegation to taking the league lead with a match left to go. When they lost the league on the final day, many of the players and the fans were inconsolable. The draw on the final day left coach Logarusic so furious that he threw away his writing board at the end of the game. It was the second time in three years that Kogalo were in contention to win the league on the last day.

Gor Mahia are determined to make amends this season and will use the events of last year as motivation. “Last year, we did not achieve what we wanted. We only won two trophies out of a possible three. We have to look at what went wrong and improve on it. As coach, I always seek to improve. I do not dwell on my success but my failures,”, coach Logarusic told the Daily Nation.

This year, Logarusic is focused primarily on the league. ““Last year we won two trophies but there was no excitement among the fans. It is a long time since Gor won the league title and winning it this year will make all the difference for the club,” he said. ‘’ Logarusic told the Standard. Logarusic added that they would give their best in other competitions.

Logarusic has indicated that the players are yet to attain full fitness.  but pointed out he is working hard to ensure they are ready for the Saturday fixture. “We have just started running with the ball to lighten up our players. It was obvious before that most of them were heavy after a long lay off,” said the coach to the Standard.

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  1. This is an indication that gor now beleive that they will loose to Reunion……..and any way, how does gor expect to win the TPL with a Big G budget

  2. Wacha wewe shemeji every morning you just check on Gor stories, tell us about Ingwe, what do they intend to win this year? Nothing!!! Let coach do what he is employed to do including these very well placed comments. Its the lead soldier who always knows where the troops are heading, the target, but if along the way you pick an antelope, the better.That Anse team will be beaten, you wait and see.

  3. Just to digress.
    On the camping issue i tend to agree with Logarusic’s style.
    Does it mean that players will learn more if they move into camp for 2 weeks,then they would by training daily. I doubt it coz the training methods and coaches are the same.
    The only adjustment is maybe just 2 days residential training b4 a big game.
    Anyway this camping issue is a cash loophole which Logarusic has sealed. This coach is definitely good administratively, and has a winners mentality.
    In the end Gor’s problem will be narrowed down to 2 issues (assuming executive community non-interference) either
    1. The technical bench’s tactical ability(they may just be a bit too predictable) or
    2. The technical ability of our players or both

  4. Kwani, how long do your players take to attain fitness as compared to other teams LIKE TUSKER, INGWE & SOFAPAKA? You are in the training for 6 weeks and still waiting to attain fitness-NYINYI NI NDOVU?

  5. No.1 and 4….Afc losers!!!the reason you are on this site is because your useless team has nothing to offer except a big mouth with no end results.Good example…last season…Afc began with a bang,and what happened? trophy-less!!!ha ha!!meanwhile Gor scooped FKF and TOP 8,stuff you 2 can only dream of.If you cant beat them,join them….thats why they are on this site.Sadly for them there is nothing in AFC to write home about.I pity you woiye!!!

  6. I Agree totaly with @#5.These Efusi fans have nothing to discuss about there failed team and they are trying to bring there frustration in Gor mahia.I wish they could find a way of not loosing to chemelil because the best they can do is a draw. we as K’ogalo we r going to make a statement on saturday when we shall play tpl champs who knows exactly what awaits them. Since Efusi lost to KRA in pre-season match, they decided not to play another match bcos they feared to be beaten again bcos they r downest.

  7. As a shemeji I still welcome @Disi and @Ingo. After all you cannot control how your shemejis will behave, We just have to put up with the two and hope that our ways of operation/communication will rub on them. I know their reason is way out of this site but let’s use the chance to ‘educate’ the two. I know of many Ingwe fans who are very well-behaved and that’s why I don’t take these two seriously since I suspect that they were ‘chased’ away from the other side


    Having said that i mean we as faceless creatures who are regular bloggers on this site can not fail to communicate amongst ourselves irrespective of intruders from any quarters, whose sole aim is try and invoke some negative energy at all cost.

    They are justified as the run away “Village Night Runners” who missed their target and as such the only place they can settle score is to intrude in the neighbor-hood and see if someone can catch a glimpse of their “retarded mindset”.

    If you argue with a fool then you know the expectations are very clear. The fool will run away victorious because you happen to pay notice to his foolish arguments.


  9. On sunday the 24th, after your loss to TUSKER, come to Kasarani and see how TOM OLABA,one of our own from Western County has organised the team. We do not rely on cheap imports of re-conditioned Coaches “without spare parts” from Cheap developing countries like Croitia to coach our INGWE! (Be aware cheap is expensive-how much did he blackmail you into paying him on monthly basis?) I know most of you do not know.Secondly, in harambee stars, who scores goals for the national team? It is WERE “the dancer” and Mike “Barry” Baraza the “leftie trademark”-do they play for GOR GOONS FC?


    Ignore the above quacks comment and just concentrate with only matters pertaining to our beloved one “Mighty K’Ogalo”.

    Let this fools blog amongst themselves since its only here that they will find a forum worth vomiting their trash.

    Please my fellow BLOGGERS its of no interest to us and we shall gain nothing poking our nose and discussing issue that are not relevant to our mission and vision.

    That is just one amongst the other few “busy bodies” who i have described above and they have nothing in between their two wide ears to put on the table for our beloved club.

    Those are the retarded mindset with negative energy that you sum up as “OLD SCHOOL VILLAGE-MENTALITY SYNDROME”.

  11. Hi my fellow kogallo fans, can you now see we have contributed nothing important concerning our issues,plz dnt ans. these efusi neither shuld u ague with them, let them talk and get no reply concerning their bosh coments. now please lets talk on our issues.

  12. This is gor mahia record
    Gor has gone unbeaten for more than 30 times including beating Efusi two times.
    The last time K’ogalo lost was when they played ulinzi in Nakuru. since then K’ogalo beat ulinzi 3 times . Tusker fc only beat gor last when the league started and Gor has since beaten them thrice including 3-0 drubbing at city stadium. Now this Irichietha who thinks that Gor is like Efusi should read this record. we have only lost on penalties to sofapaka to decide the charity cup champions.

  13. I have tried to restrain myself in vain, as we discuss serious adult issues affecting grown men with their wives and children (including the “dancer” Were known to to “overindulge” in adult activities) someone naively bring up issues of boarding and day schools i.e matters involving junior citizens.

    No wonder they will find it hard to taste the extreme pleasures and joy of miracle team/season 1987.

  14. Ignore the Efusi ditractors …. let’s carry on with our positive vibes from last season.
    ONE GAME AT A TIME …. ONE GAME AT A TIME ….; In the end they will be silenced !!

    Go Gor !
    Go Gor !!
    Go Gor !!!

  15. Gor has never beaten INGWE by a 2 clear MARGIN! INGWE BLANKED GOR GOONS FC 3-0 in 2012 and we are waiting for your team to return that THOROUGH BEATING! For those with short memories……you should recall Okwemba 1st goal, then Mike Baraza’s (classic left hit which Jerry did not know how it got into the net) connectetion from Kisuya’s beatiful cross and to crown it all, Laurent Tumba hit in the 3rd from Mang’oli’s wonderful back pass! I am therefore willing to listen to any of your empty promises on when your team that takes ages to attain fitness will return that THOROUGH BEATING to INGWE especially now that LUOSICKLY is being paid ksh1m per month salary!

  16. This season I believe we will win the league.

    On the other hand I really wonder how in some postings (previous but not on this subject) some people feel Gor Mahia are not prepared and keep on quoting Tusker, AFC, etc. When we talk of ‘unbeaten record’ what does it mean? It usually means you are not losing whether a draw or a win, though everyone is always praying for a win. We’ve only played 2 competitive matches and in your sincere opinion are we losers or have we shown signs of a weaker side? The answer is a clear NO. If we are not coceeding then I’m happy because it shows we have a good defense and strikers will soon start clicking.

    As for who is better than who, in Kenya Premier League is normally determined by second leg though this season we will start early by winning many matches in first leg and drawing in others and that is a good trend.

    As for camping, I agree with @3 Oduor that there is no need.

    @ 9 Dan @ 10 – Ogango Trailer – i agree with you we ignore these efusi fans. If their hearts are already in AFC Leopards, why should they be so much concerned on GM issues? what they are doing is like one who has run away from his house, goes to his neighbour and feels he can manage the the neighbour’s house and children! So no need arguing as their sole role is to annoy the bloggers.

    @14 – michael – it is true we went for several matches unbeaten except the final match we lost to Thika united.

  17. @18-alando, to set record straight, we did not loose to thika united but we drew 1-1 and we were to win to be crowned champs and there4 we r still unbearen.
    @17-DISI I’ve understood that u r realy hoping that one day you will beat Gor bcos that three nil u r talking about was in 2011 in a league match . In 2012 Efusi did not beat Gor in any competion. Efusi could not even beat Gor when Gor was being beaten by evry team. In 2012 in top 8 they even decided not to play bcos they feared K’ogalo.

  18. why can’t this efnonsense keep to their team, or is Gor so important that they can’t avoid it? i think they are jealous of our achievements, they always wish their efuseless can reach where Sirkal has reached. The only kenyan to have liftedb a continental cup is Austin Oduor courtesy of Gor Mahia, ooh it is so painful kwa vile sio timu yao, ooh papa. Sirkal Mayienga, yiengo Africa. Back to football, i think Luogarisic should bench Rama for a month. His game is down. We miss an all round player mwenye ana weza tawala uwanja yote kama Abbas Khamis Magongo.

  19. Let those efsi guys be informed that Gor has the monopoly of keeping unbreakable recoerds in Kenyas football history.
    1. Record of beating Efsi twice outside Kenya at the finals of CECAFA both in Malawi and Sudan.
    2. Record of the first East and Central African club to reach the finals of the African club champions.
    3 . Record As African champions in the 1987 CAF CUP.
    4. Record of winning and keeping for good Moi golden cup just to mention a few.
    Can they say any worthy records kept by fsi.

  20. waaaaaa,you are so spot on Mboya @21.its no wonder people are so envious of Gor…the only team in the country that other kenya premier league players come to watch!!makes me sooo proud!!!

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