Gor Mahia gaining momentum at the right time

After what looked like a dismal pre-season, Gor Mahia appear to have hit their stride. And just in time for the 2017 KPL season which starts next weekend. The last two matches have involved impressive wins over Muhoroni Youth and a Tusker team that had been in continental competition.

Last season Gor Mahia lost in the DSTV Super Cup to Bandari and it was a harbinger of bad things to come as the club started the season poorly. This time it appears coach Ze Maria has found the winning formula.

Skipper Musa Mohamed hailed the win over Tusker

“It’s a really good motivation for the coming league season. It will give us more time to prepare. For now I don’t think we lack anything because everyone is ready to play. What we need more is team work and determination,” Mohammed told Citizen Sport.

Gor Mahia were the better side on Sunday and the Tusker coach George Nsimbe admitted as much in a post match interview as did his veteran defender James Situma.

“Generally the match was good and you know when two teams play, one must win, Gor displayed a great game but we shall focus on the upcoming season now” said Situma to Citizen Sports.

Gor  Mahia tactician Ze Maria for his part says the win provided motivation and the team is now ready to challenge for the title.

“It was not an easy game, we were playing the champions but at the end of the day we managed to lift the trophy. It is a motivation to us, with the season almost starting. Teams are well prepared to challenge for the league title but I feel we will also have a say. It will not be easy at all,” he said to goal.com

38 thoughts on “Gor Mahia gaining momentum at the right time

  1. Although it is too early to tell, the team looked ready for battle on Saturday. If only Ze could find a way of accommodating Gatusso or Philemon ahead of Wendo, bring back Kahata and Kagere even if on the bench then we are ready for business. But team selection remains his prerogative and I will be happy to win with whichever team he plays!!!!

    1. I agree with your sentiments. Gatusso is becoming a pain in the ass. If need be the club could as well release the player so that there are distractions for the TB. As for fielding, it is the prerogative of the coach and I believe he is going to field his players depending on which team he is facing. If you have ever noticed, Wendo is good at hustling hence he will always slow down any speedy player, I believe you saw how they contained Tuskers midfielders until they resorted to long balls. Wendo’s biggest weakness is that he gets himslef in trouble after losing balls by playing rough, that earned him some bookings last season. In view the coach would prefer him for a high profile match where you have to play cautiously. I am just imagining a midfield of Mugirgenza, Kahata and Muguna would play…..teriffic speed and footwork, that can be very effective except against Tusker, AFC, and Ulinzi for obvious reasons. Looking foward to great footballing season 2017!

  2. The prophet of doom are now applauding the much marlined coach for the win fortnight ago. Guns for hire have gone silent, unbelievable………Wuod Maria bashers have not woken from their slumber that it is not a walk in the park in modeling a winning team. Personally I have never doubted his ability one bit, and this is the reason why we need to be PATIENT and give him an equivocal support.

  3. Never watched the game against Tusker but all media report of a better performance by Gor Mahia than Breweries. Congrats Ze Maria on winning your first trophy.

    There is a post on FB by one Nyangi that says Gatusso has absconded training. I’m just wondering for how long this will be left to continue. I think it’s time to let the man go. He is old and experienced enough to know what’s best for him and the team. These sideshows will end up destabilizing the team.

    1. You will soon hear the usual culprits blaming the coach for Gatuso’s indiscipline. No one is indispensable. Gor is bigger than Gatuso. The earlier he is let go the better for the team. Football is about team work and modern football calls for absolute discipline.

      Siasa nimewachia NASA na Jupilee, hapa ni kushabikia Kogallo tu. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  4. Mmmmmh play so and so, bring so and so on the bench, so and so is not doing well et al. Why? Who told you that when a player misses from a match day roll then that is sidelining or dropping or signs of long time on the bench? Some people really look bad on this site.

    Someone earlier mentioned here, “why dance your self lame before the real show begins” I cannot agree more; the real dance is just about to about to begin, lets see who will dance best.

    1. @JTGJ, the only person who looks bad on this site is you and your parochial mindset. I said I prefer Gatusso or Philemon to Wendo. What in your book is wrong with that? I guess you also prefer say freedom and common sense over dictatorship and myopia. What is so wrong if you say that? This site is a free blog where we express opinion. If you prefer Wendo even to be Gor Mahia’s coach, say it and we will respect your opinion. Just dont be a prefect telling people what to say and what not to say. That you can do in your household. …………And you conveniently forgot to read the last part where i said, I will respect the coach’s decision on matchday squads if it is for the interest of Gor Mahia.

      1. Thank you Musymo for going all the way to Nakuru to cheer the team.Sisi hapa we write about issues as they unfold. Beating Brewkenge does not errase the disma performance against AP and Thika. Afadhali undupaka. Just one win and bloggers are all over the place

      2. The usual suspect is today congratulating Kogalo for wining the match. I promise however to continue criticizing what in my opinion is not right. Otherwise I will soon change my name to ” The Usual Suspect” or better still “The goon” And this site is not only for mugabe sycophants.

  5. This is good and the sentiments expressed by Musa points to a good season. This takes hard work, time, patience and determination. And if anything is to go by then the Team is moving into the right direction. My appeal therefore that as fans/supporters, and bloggers,let us be part of this. The truth of the matter is every team will be out to win, loose or draw.

  6. Guys everyone here loves Gor Mahia…the only reason I even believe this site exists,None wants to see Mayienga fall…that is a preserve of Efusi.Different opinions based on either player preferences or personal loyalty to EC leadership and criticisms thereof must not be construed to mean some love GM while others don’t.Team started very well and coach deserves all praise together with the players.We only pray this goes on to a fairy tale run and perfect treble season.#Wangoremawahero….

    1. Jo kogallo…always be positive like you are today…emit positive vibes to the team ..coach n each other..this will make us unstoppable. Let’s also pray to God for the team n Gatusso..ama?

  7. I am reading in Goal com that Gattuso has absconded training again. If this is confirmed, then the club needs to cut him loose once and for all. As my people say…..”***** Gattuso ok e dis ma watoke”

  8. I agree with absolutely with you Kosero and just to add that had Gor not won that cup , anybody who would have held an opinion asking for some technical understanding of the coach and the team would have been met by an avalanche of vitroil from the newly emerging lynch mob , u would be a sychophant notwithstanding your sober point of view , if they say the coach should field Gatusso then you had to agree notwithstanding the self inflicted reasons for his absence , if they said re sign kagere you would have to agree notwithstanding the tactical and technical changes the team had undergone e.g the absence of Olunga , some are vitriolic for non football reasons but for personal private frustrations from the elections and beyond.
    Its a fact that changing the tactical formation of a team is difficult even for somebody with the pedigree of Pep Gaurdial but no sooner does Ze tries his formation that the vitroil , screaming , wailing and gnashing of teeth begin , this is very normal for people who have no institutional memory of Gor mahia or football at large but only e.g joined kogalo bcoz it was fashionable and they had to go with the flow

    1. @teddy sofaset branch entebbe

      It would have been disastrous should they have lost to the brewers. On Gattusso I think the disciplinary issues are finally adding up. A person can not be having issues with every leader that is in place to lead them. One should really be honest enough and take stalk of themselves. This may just be the turning point for that individual to be the best they have always imagined. It does not hurt to follow rules. Borrowing from Teddy, “changing the tactical formation of a team is difficult” but it is inevitable. Not every player fits to the different tactics that are launched. If it is that Gattusso wills to fit in all and the system applied does not favor him, then he should not feel offended. Every player in the team is a candidate for fielding. Whatever the cause of indiscipline my appeal to him is there must be something that is not correct and it is him as a player that can correct it. Do not allow yourself to be driven or surrounded by people who can not tell you when you are wrong. Gattusso we appreciate you and your ability on the field, but remember when you are not on the field playing most of the times when we have games, soon people will start the walking of not missing you on the field.

  9. Gattuso cannot work with ZICO, thats why he left Gor the other time. when i knew ZICO was redeployed , i definitely knew he was taking a walk.

      1. When maturity and professionalism fails, the best is to separate them, either we fire ZICO or mutually send off Gattuso. They candidly failed to work together prevuisly leading to Gattuso walking out at the his best form ever. AR knows this, when he was hiring ZICO , it was obvious Gattuso was leaving. Lets not take disciplinary action against him, he has served Kogallo diligently , he has been a good player, tumtakie kila na heri. Adios Gattuso, ne itiyo maber.

  10. Well said @Teddy sofaset
    Everytime Gor looses we get about 50-65 anti ze maria comments.when we win we hardly go past 20 comments. This is something that should be happening in AFC site. Slowly by slowly ze maria keeps frustrating them and very soon they will disappear to their official site. Our team will continue to build and gel until we reach what we call in football AUTOMATION level.the level we were towards the end of last season.

  11. Gatusso must be related to one of these corrupt ec officials. Why does he feel special ? He is too old to behave the way he does. Let him be shown the door. Otherwise the usual sycophants can defend him.

  12. Other updates are that EC issued a cheque to Camp Toyoyo management and GM allowed to resume training as from today afternoon.Hope the cheque clears and is not stale and hope the same is done for our physical office space at Nyayo Stadium so that we have a functional secretariat and start the season on Sunday without any off field issues.#Wangoremawahero

  13. How comes I did not mention any names and some came at me full throttle? I will repeat, who are you to rate players in the manner that I see here? And describe their input the way you do? These players have a life outside this football. Who are you in the team? what’s the role of the TB? Some were apparently waiting for the team to lose so they continue their tirade. I am with the team , win or lose, ALWAYS.

  14. So you mean to tell me that two grown men: Gattuso and Zico are incapable of burying the hatchet? And the other adults in the room like Rachier and coach Maria cannot bring about peace between them?
    Sometimes I am shocked at some of the things that happen at this club. Too much lack of professionalism.

    1. @Joe Riaga
      As you exhibit, it is Avery frustrating thing that the two can not work together.My take is that it is not even Ambrose and Zemaria or their professionalism. In this situation if it is a grudge then they both must cede ground. If it is a matter of indiscipline then Gattusson to take the first step and begin to attend training

  15. Why are we fighting over who loves Gor Mahia more than the other.

    Some fans (me included) questioned Ze Maria’s ability in beating local opponents with regards to Tiki Taka vs Nera Nena. My main concern was the number of goals we were conceding but that seems to have been addressed by ‘Jadala’ as Jakoyo puts it.

    Others questioned lack of goals by our strikers and they are right. We have an expensively assembled squad that in the latest match scored via a penalty and we must allow the same questions to resurface. I believe Ze Maria knows what to do but just like i reminded him earlier, i want to remind him again that Kogalo is the local leader and he must find the best formula for scoring goals and beating teams hands down.

    Other fans were not pleased when we lost several games in a row and especially against minnows.

    Finally, those castigating some bloggers must understand that everyone here is entitled to their opinion and maybe the criticism / encouragement has improved the performance.

    Personally i must admit that i enjoy seeing the divides of goons, sycophants, coaches, fans, auditors, EC members, diaspora and all anonymous members of the blog exchange ideas and agree to disagree. That is what Kogalo is.

  16. When we say Gattuso cannot work with Zico are we just imagining things or we are sure of that? Do you leave the company because at some point you disagreed with one of the leaders? No, unless yourself you have a problem

    1. do you read newspapers? It was there in all sports news when he left Gor mahia some time back. their misunderstanding/clash with Zico. Yes it was there in the papers, that was a while ago. Just flip the papers to those days and you might come across it. It is nobody’s creation.

    2. You have forgotten that we are dealing with an irrational player who has run afoul of every coach he has ever played for and at every club.

  17. Hehehehe! This young man called Gatusso will soon run out of sympathizers if he continues to pull these tantrums on every coach hired by Gor Mahia. I have been one of the most strongest supporter of him. However, at this rate, I will soon call a stop on my allegiance and I don’t think he will have many standing by him. He played in the high profile friendlies against Ondiparanka and Al Hilal. It is sad that I am reading these comments and hoping that they are not true. Pele once said ” I would take a modest, disciplined and hardworking footballer over a supremely talented but ill disciplined one” Gatusso must sprouse up his discipline if he still wants more sympathy from us.

  18. Lets assume the lame fact that Gattusso is out of the squad bcoz of Zico , how about his expulsion from the squads of Tusker and all those other teams he has had to unceremoniously quit , was Zico in those other teams too , In the professional world such a player is never praised as having served the team well but is only remembered for how his Juvenile tantrums disrupt the team , didn’t he have problems with Ze Maria before Zico came back to the team , I think the club should unapologetically get rid of this disruptive element once and for all.

  19. Gattuso usually has a problem of “juogi” that occasionally requires jolemo of the legio Maria faith.But me I can’t say much in this case for i like his football too much to say he should be discarded,I think of him more like the black sheep child that every family has one and suffers to accommodate since en nyathini.But I will support the coach and EC’S decision on whichever remedial action they deem fit on his indiscipline.

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