Gor Mahia go down an Afraha

Hopes of a revival were dealt a severe blow when Kogalo lost 0-1 to Ulinzi at Afraha stadium. Nakuru has not been a happy hunting ground for Gor Mahia lately so this loss was not out of the ordinary.

The goal came 2 minutes before half time via a Stephen Waruru freekick which beat Jerry Onyango all the way. In the second half, Gor Mahia pushed for an equalizer which was not to come. Once again, Gor Mahia’s inability to score in open play was exposed. In the first half, Ulinzi were clearly the better side. Coach Logarusic even admitted that his side did not deserve to win. Also difficult to understand was the fielding which saw David Owino who is a defensive stopper, fielded as a winger.

In an unfortunate incident after the match , some Kogalo fans accosted the players who had boarded the minibus demanding answers.

LINE UP: Jerim Onyango, Musa Mohammed, Yusuf Juma, David Owino, Donald Mosoti, Ivan Anguyo, Anthony Akumu, Kevin Ochieng, Rama Salim, George Midenyo, Kevin Omondi.

Subs: Wycliffe Kasaya, Solomon Nasio, Moses Otieno, Baldin Ngwa, Edwin Lavatsa, Dan makori and Duncan Owiti.

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  1. OUR MAIN UNDOING IN KENYA IS IMPATIENCE,GREED AND MYOPISM.Thats what has been dragging us down from independence.soccer involves building a team from the basics of ball control,vision,insight ,technique and speed.This is different from athletics where we excel as only speed and endurance is needed in athletics.As a nation we have failed to even get it right in the basics of soccer.

    NOTE:Kenya has never qualified for any continental youth soccer tournament since 1963 and this speaks volumes about the calibre of players that we have nurtured.

    what our coach told us ABOUT OUR PLAYERS is what David oti told us in the 90s and Bernard Lama repeated the same line in his short stint as the national team coach.
    TRUTH-we dont have technically gifted soccer players in kenya but hardworking youth who through their own means have made it to the higher echelons of soccer-oliech and co.

    I had warned here that AFC were fooling themselves that they have now moved to the next level but the loss to tusker takes them back to the drawing board.

    Im afraid to say that the office we elected is as myopic as a sizeable number of fans who want instant results from zero investment.
    Continental giants like zamalek,Asec,Al ahly,TP mazembe have youth teams going down to even U-12 BUT WHAT WE HAVE HERE IS THE FIRST TEAM WITH NOTHING TO PROP IT TO THE FUTURE.


  2. Nothing new.we live to fight another day.
    Kenyan teams are just average.i watch afc tusker match and saw nothing new.

  3. Jakoyo has truly been vindicated, you cant rely on penalties only for goals/to win a match.You must be able to convert chances from open play.Finally lazima tu vuke border to get the players with the skills WP @ 1is talking about so we have to be patient until september to properly guage this tech bench

    The recruitment process of a youth academy like Ajax Amsterdam leaves no stone unturned. BBC Sport reported that Ajax begin looking for potential youth soccer players at the age of dutch flagsix. Scouts are employed all over Holland as well as in South America and Africa to keep an eye on the best players. The club holds a three day ‘talent week’ event each week to spot any potential players. The talent week allows 1,400 young soccer players the chance to showcase their abilities in a series of tests and drills.

    The goal of Dutch youth soccer coaching is to develop players who are versatile and capable of playing a number of positions. Michael Sokolove of the New York Times wrote an excellent feature on Dutch youth coaching for the New York Times. It was described that well developed elite Dutch players had “a wizard like ability to control the ball with either foot, any part of the foot, and work it toward the goal through cramped spaces and barely perceptible lanes.”

    Players like Arjen Robben, Robin Van Persie and Dirk Kuyt are excellent examples of what Dutch youth coaching can develop, and should be the lasting legacy of Dutch coaching. These players combine sublime technique with the ability to cause the opposition huge problems in attacking play.

  5. You lose some, you win some. I hope the joy we had last weekend will not now be translated to condemnations, name calling and frastrutaions.
    The good thing is that FKF have upheld our appeal and we can watch our matches till the appeal is decided on.

    But the condition is that we behave during these matches

  6. Thanks Dan for the observation about the appeal. I beg to differ with bro Oduori 12 on the vuka border phylosophy, the absurd model deployed by the national team is the same adopted by the Gm Mgt, let us not expect much, i know all kpl teams do the same but remember what siang’a did trying with fresh blood. Talent is here, guys even the matches we win we don’t play that well. Its why i totally agree with wuon pap. Lets start afresh, get mgt structures at Gm, redefine our financial base and go youth programs, then enjoy football. Actually the current system is based on trial and error, hooliganism right from elections to the pitch without any structures and dark spiritual approach..you know what am talking about, coupled with some unconstructive luoism.. Truly I have nothing to complain about. But lets not dispair on supporting our team.

  7. Thank you @Dan for that update.

    @Wuonpap I hope you are aware of the Provisional list for the under 20 squad that was released by FKF and is due to report to camp on Sunday 23rd April 2012.

    The 50 player squad was selected during the two-day trials held at the Langata High School.

    This selection confirms what you have been saying before and the following is its breakdown:

    Thika United 6.
    Muhoroni Youth 5.
    Sony Sugar 2.
    Mathare united 2.
    City Stars 2.
    Sofapaka 1.
    Ulinzi 1.
    Chemelil Sugar 1.
    Rangers 1.
    This makes the list of players selected from the KPL.

    Malindi United 1.
    Qatar’s Aspire Academy 4 Kenyans.

    Coast U20 team 5.
    Western U20 team 3.
    Nyanza U20 team 2.
    Rift Valley U20 team 3.
    Eastern Province U20 3.
    Central Province U20 team 2.
    North Eastern Province U20 1.

    A final squad of 20 players will be picked from the squad to represent Kenya in an eight-nation invitational youth tournament scheduled for South Afica next month.

    My concern is that no player from Gor Mahia has made the cut in this squad and that tells volumes about our priorities as a club. The picture does not even augur well for the future of K’Ogalo. My worst fear is that without investing in youth squads then we shall repeat mistakes whose results we are now seeing.

    Perhaps this may be of interest to bloggers: just before our match against Sofapaka at City Stadium I came across a handful of K’Ogalo fans seriously imploring GB to sign Crispin Olando during the coming transfer window. Of course I reminded them that that folly is what has landed us where we are and to GB my parting shot was that they as EC should let tech bench handle recruitment of players.

  8. OK Wuonpap,Agwa,Mwakio and all my fellow bloggers y don’t we form GOR MAHIA INVESTMENT CO. LTD 2 implement all these ideas including the youth development since i don’t c the EC ever doing it.The co. cn easily fulfill the GM branch requirement by remitting the kshs.100 annual registration fee for its shareholders.The rest of the monthly contributions can go towards the company’s activities.We cn draw from examples like MHASIBU INVESTMENT CO.LTD which developed from Mhasibu Sacco.


    I think the sacco idea wont work since maybe most r already members of other saccos. Note that KEY 2 this idea is that
    1.it must provide a reasonable return 2 shareholders in addition 2 supporting GM thru conditional financing.
    2.Recruitment of shareholders in sizeable numbers due 2 the affordable nature of its shares.
    Finally am confident gud pple like okil Omondiomollo,Ocampo,Arrumtiddi,Jabilo,Jsawagongo etc r willing 2 help if we r only serious

  10. Fans are frustrated but holding players under siege like that is counter productive. Please fans calm yourselves. And EC do something. The club is falling apart right before our eyes.

  11. I totaly agree with all the comments so far. In anutshell, we at GM including EC are not building a future team . first things first. Fire the entire EC and have people with the future in mind.

  12. I agree with each n every comment but de question is r we making any step having dat all dat these guys need have been provided. The fact is some of de players r nt playing out willingly and as de coach said he has to take measures. Its so sad as a whole community of fan we go out to give them support but in return we have nothing i think we shud focus on aggressive players all in all i still wsh dem all de best

  13. surely jared ur correct kabisa .do this players know how pain and stress we go thro us fans ?like one guy travel from mombasa to naks just to travel back ashemed !it was coach now they have ,money they have wht else do they want this players instead to chase the title wr chasing relagation ?poo gor players mumetutosha sana sijui mumefika ama wht ?we all cme na buses small cars roads were wet tukivumila ati tutaenjoy woi hellbroke lose .imagine we gave it all wapi us fans .jerry goali stop giving us empty promises kila saa ?postion yako ni mbaya kwa goal train well ask fr help i dnt trust you am sorry to say .am ready to be correct if am rong . jerry city to nakuru same postion .u nearly gave it away twice game ya sofapaka u dnt change ur the captain .

  14. As we support the team let’s remember that without patience we will not go anywhere. What we are doing is supporting the players and the same time threatening/blackmailing them. That won’t work. Some of us crticising the EC are the same people doing things we agreed not to do. Examples are:- trying to set the lineup, choosing the players to be recruited, trying to fire the EC (why don’t we also fire those who give us a bad name), etc etc. As fans let’s remove the log in our eyes before we do that for others. This should not take away the fact that the dedicated fans give the team all the moral/financial support it needs but in the end we get disappointed.
    Why not take the loses the same way we take the wins. I repeat that we will continue losing some games until we get our facts right. What we cannot do is to force results. Things have changed and we will really have to work harder and smarter to get the right results

  15. the moment you will stop dawning the blue uniform, thats the time our true winning identity will return.
    We have lost it all as GM. we wear anything. Image is everything!!!!
    for players…….. I Cant bet!!!!!

  16. Patience fans , patience , for players recriutment , i suggest Gor take a look at young players in the super league especially the top scorers

  17. Patience pays but right now i believe overpatience creates a lack of maximum effort on the part of the paymaster.why must Jerry continue being our goal keeper when everyone knows he’s played a big role in taking us where we currently are.the pressure that comes with playing for Gor is enormous therefore we must engage those who can perform under intense voltage.Most of you might think this is a joke but we might just get patient enough until we find ourselves relegated.Gor must start winning consistently now.We either rise to the occassion as Gor family or we perish in football terms.If the fans are the culprits then lets all skip a few games and see how it turns out in an empty fan free environment.TUMECHOKA NA LOSSES.

  18. PapaMiky I agree; Gor has the ugliest, laziest most boring uniform in the entire E,C Africa. Am sure that clad has an impact on the attitude and psychology of players. What happenned to the original green/white attire? I remember how soccerish the team used to clad during Leslie Okudo time (the last time Gor won a tittle). Personally I will never buy a mechandise untill these boring sets of uniforms are changed. The green outfits are no better….shame all over!

  19. patience, endurance is necesary for us to grow. indeed the players, the technical bench need space. our emotional outburst is just but a recipe for further failure. RESPECT

  20. It is extrmely difficult for Gor to catch up with the pace of other teams in the league.The new Coach has always excuse when team losses and seemingly some players have learnt his reactions before and after match

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