Gor Mahia go down on spot kicks

Tusker won on penalties with a score of 4-1 after the match had ended 1-1 in regulation. Gor Mahia were missing key players Moses Otieno who had personal commitments, Dan Makori and Edwin Lavatsa (injuries).

Victor Ali Abondo had given Gor Mahia the lead with a well taken free kick in the 11th minute. Tusker came back into the game and snatched an equalizer via Brian Mandela in the 27th minute.

During the penalty shootout, Moses Odhiambo and Donald Mosoti saw their penaties blocked. Only Rama Salim scored from the spot.

All in all it was a balanced match. Teams struggled to complete passes and Gor Mahia’s defence did not look solid.

Gor Mahia Starting XI: Ivo Mapunda, Musa Mohammed,Yusuf Juma, Donald Mosoti , David Owino ,Collins Okoth,Obondo Ali,Rama Salim, Baldin Ngwa,George Midenyo, Moses Odhiambo(Captain)

Subs: Wycliff Kasaya,Kevin ochieng,Anthony Akumu,Selenge Mangili,Peter Juma,Kevin Omondi

Tusker FC Starting XI: Samuel Odhiambo (Cpt),Jockins Atudo,Isaac Otieno, Brian Mandela,Humphrey Okoti,Fredrick Onyango, Joseph Mbugi, Peter Opiyo,Fredrick Ojwang,Patrick Kagogo,Paul Were

50 thoughts on “Gor Mahia go down on spot kicks

  1. I saw nothing wrong with officiating.we lost the ball in the midfield.our ball control wasn’t that good.i think we need to use our wings effectively.i didn’t see any serious cross from our wingers.can yusuf juma and musa play like the former brazilian fullbacks,cafu and roberto carlos?they don’t overlap giving opposing defenders easy time since they only have to deal with wingers who are not that effective.
    We hope for better play when season begins.

  2. wawawawawa that was damn sloppy. i pray to God i dont see that kind of game in Thika on sunday.we played a better game against the Sudanese. why is it such a problem for our players to learn to keep possesion? we defended poorly and lost balls easily. our wing backs were dead not untill kevin and Daddy came in did we see some sense of play. the players we have are good what we need as the coach said is self belief from them as was evident when they came in after second half they lacked inspiration and their body language showed it. I pray to God we play a better game on sunday.

  3. Missing key players is not convincing statement having in mind that we have someny good players whom we sign recently,another thing am realy board with these blue jersey it has bad lack i hate it.

  4. This team luck confidence, they were shy with the ball infront of goal.all fans stop the mdomo this was just there first game against strong team.Gor will be fine next weekend.

  5. Our tactics were totally wrong and misplaced. I hope the technical bench learnt something from the game. Naturally when you have new players, you do not field more than 50% of the new players. We could started the match with 60% of the old players and eventually introduce some of the new signings as the game progresses.

    My take is that we could have started with mapunda, nasio, yusuf, musa, owino, gatusso, akumu, kevin omondi, ngwa, ali and kiplagat.
    The sub should have been rama, midenyo, moses, kasaya, juma, owiti, kevin ochieng

    This is true a wake up call for the technical bench.

  6. I unreservedly agree with Motema Pembe that the team is lacking in confidence. How else would you expain the fact that the team always goes down when it comes to penalty shoot-outs. Is it that the technical bench never anticipates that there may be the eventuality of spotkicks? The midfield has still failed to click yet we have some of the best midfielders in the country. However, the good news is that the team seems to be gelling and one can see a semblance of teamwork. We can only hope things get better with time. I was however very disappointed with the technical bench’s decision to play Ngwa in the second half for close to 20 minutes when the player was visibly injured with a bandaged knee and obviously in a lot of pain. That was not good for the team and the player’s own health. For that entire duration, it is like GM played with ten men because Ngwa literally became a lameduck. It did not require any rocket science for anyone, more so in the technical bench to discern that the action was both stupid and a terrible risk to the player’s health. One other issue that is lijely to dog us one more time is the perennial level of low standards of officiating. Trust me, those clowns who officiated that high octane match are only fit to be in a village football match. The FKF needs to find a longterm solution to this important area of football. Our footballing standards will continue being in the doldrums with our ever wanting standards of refereeing.

  7. Thanks boys you tried your best, in fact that Tusker goal as it is the only one they got, to me does not translate into dominance. It was only a defensive error but allow an error here and there in a 90 minute soccer match.However the penalties were total disaster and there is need to do something about it. Going by history you do not select star players to take penalty kicks, they always lose it because of pressure and never one sided players.

    Something for the coach, with due respect was that the first eleven or you were still trying out? If you were keen you saw that that team played for only 20 minutes and they were out; if it wasnt for the stamina of the defence(Mapunda,Owino Mosoti and Yusuf- cogratulations guys)things would have been very different. Why are you creating a problem at right back when Nasio is still around? Must Musa play even out of position, I think he should be retained at cetral defence and let Nasio hold at right back.And Gatusso should also start some matches on the bench so that he rediscovers his game. Any way I leave it to your wisdom.

    To my brother supportes, not yet time to criticise too much. The match was itself a fifty fifty affair.

  8. No individual brilliance was visible. Gattuso should truely start from bench. set pieces and penetrative midfield not visible. Rama should play mattas/iniesta/giggs/kakas etc role while the other two midfielders do a tight holding.
    Ball possesion must be our priority.
    Full attack system i.e 443.
    last man, midfield cordinator and lead striker for every game must be a priority.
    we will not tolerate a game that can only be compared to pupils playing adola. We pay this people to entertain us. In Gk there is no room for camplacency and silly mistakes.

  9. guys it was atough game but midf.. should know very well uv to push or pass the ball at the right time .u cant expeact strickers to cam back and go mbele .mapunda u played poa .tech bench ples use 60 percent then 40 percent new players tosha we know kuna new players.highballs wnt work fr us never strickers are very short also tech bench note that guys.hope sunday iwnt cam back shingo upande na superhighway.fro m thika

  10. Thank you boys.I know it wasnt’ the kind of game most of us had hoped to see but bearing in mind that we started the match with 8,new players,we cant criticise much.I made afew observations
    -I think we need to sustain pressure on the opposition for longer periods,say 8-12mins,sustained pressure will surely force the opponents to mek errors aod they willl surely collapse.Right now we only attack intensely for about 3-6mins then fizzle out
    -We need to keep possesion and string passes especially in midfield.Right now we cant keep possesion in for more than 1min.
    -Our ‘home ground advantage’ is slowly turning out to be our ‘home ground disadvantage.What with fans exerting undue pressure by openly and loudly disapproving players eg yesterday victor ali,neva mind that he scored.Look at how tusker were composed and settled,while the opposite was true for our players.Fans can mek mek a team win while they can also mek their team loose.We need to know that not all passes should be made upfront.Lets’ be patient with our team and give it positive support.What message are you sending to players when you start walking out of the stadium when penalties are being taken simply because your team has lost the first two penalties?

  11. Let us first accept that Tusker were the better team.

    Secondly, we signed Hugo, Midenyo, Ngwa, Balotelli, Ali and Rama. We already had Moses Odhiambo, Kevin Ochieng, Kevin Omondi, Lavatsa, Kiplagat, Makori, Selenga, Macheda and some more i may not remember. The question is, who will deliver the balls from midfield? Does Kitawi have an injury?

    The past two seasons Kogalo has suffered the most in midfield. Tusker were stronger yesterday in the mid as will AFC, Ulinzi and Sofapaka. The absence of Moses Otieno really exposed Gatusso. Everyone could see him suffer. Ali was meant to partner him but he has a strikers positioning. I don’t agree that Gatusso should be benched. Moses Odhiambo now looks like a one half player.

    The coaches must work on stamina for the players and find a working formula in midfield.

    Otherwise i felt some Rama magic and believe we are yet to see the real Kogalo of 2012.

  12. Mr. arumtidi ball possesion results from organised and highly skilled team. surely you do not expect a player in Gk to just kick balls. For example left back yusuf is fast but his passes….A good left back has three options of play: 1. with goalkeeper(backpass),2.centre six 3.line.
    At no time in football history will the three positions be fully marked. I want Gk players to use their …..

  13. Rama will truely be magical. I want akumu, moses otieno, rama salim to form the triangular midfield, then ali to fall behind lavatsa and mario the battalion. we wiill soak peoples nets with goals.

  14. The team hasn’t gelled yet but with time i believe we can produce an all conquering side. Again i ask Awono to use the wings more. Wing play stretches defences and creates gaps at the centre. We only showed this when Kevin Ochieng came in. I insist we need to play Kiplagat/Makori in one wing and Ochieng on the other. Also, Kevin Ochieng is a much better rightback at the moment. I kept mentioning that we have solved our pblms in left back but we haven’t done so in rightback. Musa Juma can’t hack it in that position. I also think we have’nt found the right mix for Central Midfield. To be honest i haven’t seen much of Rama yet. The coach needs to make up his mind on what exact role he wants Rama to play. At the moment he looks lost if you ask me.

  15. Coaches, the season is starting and we need to find Akumu a position in the centre. The guy is a strong, composed and positive player and i remember him shredding Rangers at the end of last season. I personally feel he is the solution to our problems. After he came in yesterday, the mid started working.

    @Pod Antie, Rama is lost at times because he plays just like Dube and Ali and the coaches need to find what works for the trio. Are they strikers or are they midfielders? When they all play, it means we cannot expect wing play. They all are No. 10s who prefer to be behind the main strikers.

  16. Hey, all of you have been talking about this and that, problems and solutions mentioning this and that but one thing i havent noticed is”nobody have had a say about the penalty RAMA took” GUY it was the BOMB. messi style “kudos rama”


    First, my belated congratulations to the Brewers for the win yesterday.

    It is sad we lost the match on spotkicks. our game was fairly good according to those who watched it both at home and on the stadium. The many comments you have posted above seem fair to both the coach and players. As usual, our boys gave a good account of themselves and deserve my highest commendation.

    Let’s face it. Football is real. It is not a feeling. Last season, we strongly differed on the fielding and formation. The immediate kogalo tactician was heavily criticises for all manner of decisions he undertook both on and off the pitch. Yesterdays loss to Tusker confirm that there is no super coach.

    That said, let us now turn our focus on our first league game with Thika United. We need to excorcise the ghosts of last season when we lost our first game of the season. Once more, I pledge my full support to the club I so much cherish. To Fred Odera fr the secretatarial whom I met at city stadium Gor’s field day, thanks big for making me feel at home. To comrade Mwakio, Kosero, Arrumtidi, creative village, joe Riaga and all the rest, Happy new year and welcome aboard.

    Oh, comrade Mama Maggie, I can’t wait to hear you. Where are all the Divas? We also need to hear your contribution on this bolg.

  18. one more thing,i think we shud get rama to play as an attackin midfielder,there he can manipulate an do his messi style attackin the way he wants as he has that capability to create chances and fouls ina our favour of which we can utilise and capitalize on them,cz that the way he was used while at congo cz he is very troublesome to the opponents

  19. Coabh Awono has slow that he has the ability to take Gor to agreate lights by his new sighning.So i think the last hudle he has is how to bland them together. However given time good will he will overcome and do wonders this sicion. I congrattulate all boys for their paformans expecially to Rama Salim becoz u have made ower own ‘Mughalia’. From him i atch coach Awono and his tech.bench to use the entire vidio clipes for both El-Merek and tusker matches to form a strong anformadable first eleven team.God bless kogalo family.

  20. The coach need to work on formation and look at transitions from midfielders to strikers. The formation was lacking yesterday with loose balls and poor passes. We did not attack from any of the wings. It is always difficult to attack from the centre.

    I wish this wont be repeated on Sato against Thika United. Yes, we have good players that can play well under pressure or without pressure.

  21. I agree with Calvince and Creative.
    can we know when Nzau and Ballotelli will be seen? yesterdays game did not deserve Midenyo.
    generally,the game was fifty/fifty.
    Coach, kindly develop a working formular.i dont understand why the midfield would get lost whilst its the best so far.
    to me, rama should be pivotal in distribution, while gattusso, Akumu and Moses Otieno should be depossessers.
    kiplagat,makori and Kevin omondi should work on the flanks. Try,NGWA, hugo nzau and or lavatsa with ballotieno or Ali.
    i forgot,YUSUF. This team can go very far.
    anyway, see you on sunday. hope kitavi will be up this time.
    I still have a feeling that Kevin Ochieng will shock you in striking. he has the speed and stamina for a striker.
    defence, Anguyo, Moseti,solo,Owino and wekesa.

  22. Having watched both the El Merreikh and Tursker matches i have a few comments.

    1. I fear for GM if the approach and the same squad used in these matches are the squad for the season but i will not suggest any squad for them ,its not my Job.

    2. Playing Musa as a right back may not work at all its different in terms of each player’s ability and others factors that how i see it..must the new players be in the pitch all at once.

    3. I wondered what the sub was for when Kevin Ochieng was brought in and a limping Ngwa left on the pitch and Midenyo substituted.

    4. By my standards i saw Tursker completely outplayed us and we had very little on offer in yesterday’s match.
    5.Our GK Mr. Mapunda may need to to a lot on going for corners and crosses he’s already very good on shots and others but corners NO!If anything the throw in wouldn’t have scored had he went for it and many others(corners).
    6. I think one of our midfielders is too much overrated and he’s already creating problems and will cost us a great deal, i am not surprised several colleagues have seen this and effectively suggested he be rested, in fact you will see him asking for the ball in the box when i believe he should be opening space upfront..he eventually loses the ball and follows up with dangerous tackles.It is these indiscipline that makes our play rely on forward high speed runs as we do not have right thinking midfielders.

    7.Godfrey i also am too bored with this Blue thing, but lets wait and see..you know our set up is such that they’re used to emergency management.

    8.Lastly i think we had three midfielders playing one position all at the same time. The tech bench must learn that there are very few matches to lose like that, they must help us moderate.

    I f the same approach and or squad used on the Merreikh and Turker matches is the same for the season then i fear for GM.

  23. Tusker looked composed in the first half with good ball possession.Musa is natural stopper but not centre back player becos he doesnt have speed and always marked his opponent from inside.Kevin should not be deployed to no 2 position it looks as if we have shortage of half backs,he has pace but cannot mark his opponent,just bring back nasio,he has speed and good cover up,he can also last for 90 minutes in the game.Lets get quickly good no 6 before it is late,Gatusso has strength any coach might look at but he is not good ball dribbler and always moves towards his own goal area,move to no 8 and sacrifice akumu to no 6 ,he is skillful and u can notice the way he changed tusker game.Lets have kevo mostly when coach plays 4-4-2 he knows how to drilble within the box

  24. players like moses odhiambo should wake up. why does he play for the crowd. does he see how pros in europe play… its like their lives hang on it and it’s exactly that. he should realise that ‘bado yuko kenya’ and should slow down the ‘kuringa gear’. the guy is a good player but with that kind of mentally, i’m pretty sure he is not going past the kenya premier league.when he went for the penalty he was really pathetic and was no supprise he failed.they should watch the contrast of equatorial guinea and senegal. senegal went into the tourney with the celebrity mentality and the tourney ‘PAID THEM BACK IN FULL’.ppl like moses and ilk should be aware of the ‘ARENA’ where they play. i have nothing personal against such players but probably pitty.

  25. The truth of the matter is that the couch wasnt wise enough to field so many new players in such a hard game(with tusker. of all the new plkayers it is only Yusuf and Mosoti that can play in a new team without much plroblem. We all so how the right wing was very effective upon intoduction of Kevin Ochoeng and Odhiambo. The new players could have started on the bench. Anyway to all the Kogalo fans dont be worioed for anything hot must turn cold one day. remember the cauch was only being careful coz the ligue begins not long from now and also thr Caf games. With Nasio, Wekesa ans many on the bench we will not be bwogod by anyone.

  26. i echo the fact that the team has not gelled yet and need some self belief in the coming matches but the intention is quite good bwana coach,, we have a strong team

    the kogallo diehard

  27. Its sad that even thousands of the Green Army supporters no longer spur the team to the next level of play.Tusker with zero support can even outplay us.Team with their irritating blue colors 4got to acknowledge fans b4 start of the game.Rasta/Makori when fielded on the wing spend their tym man marking opponents,expensive Hugo,Balotieno n Kip not fielded forcing Rasta to play striker,we even have a dud m/field. WAKE UP team n bench GM is not a small club if u dont believe check the stands.

  28. I do not want to blame the so called “new players”, new in which way? These are players who were picked from premier league clubs and wherever they were they were playing and have played against the likes of Tusker.If it was a bad day it was just that. Look at the way Rama played all ninety minutes, Mapunda outstanding through out. Let us not try to lay blame on any player as this demoralizes them.Though coach needs to find good use for Midenyo who appears lost or unmesmerized at the centre of attack.The player to try more is Hugo and in a game like that he would have been most useful.

  29. The league is about to begin and i hope the past two matches has shown the coach whats need to be worked on…since ngwa lavsta are injured the coach should give ballotieno a chance this lad seems determined and hungry for some action…GOR BIRO.

  30. Gentlemen, let us give the team the support it deserves, reading through the comments herein, i have a feeling we hold divergent views and as is well said “everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion” let the technical bench review the match and make the necessary changes to get a wining combination.
    Let us meet at Thika.

  31. @arrumtiddi, I am very much around. Just observing the happening in Kogallo from a distance. Will bounce back once Thika United has hammered us on Sunday. For God and my club Kogallo

  32. To all bloggers: Please carefully read this analysis and kindly rate yourself based on the facts stated here below. Please stop the baseless and needless analysis that boarders on lack of knowledge. Please Stop the unnecessary bashing of our players. For example, without naming names, one blogger says that Musa is a natural stopper but not a central defender (can you imagine that!!!) . Another one writes: we should have a defence line of Mosoti, Owino, Nasio, Wekesa and Anguyo. For beginners, Anguyo is a CDM who is in the process of being converted to Centre-Back and he is slower than the other natural Centre-Backs in the team. Where is Musa in the proposed set-up, as he is a talented CB and very versatile too? We signed Yusuf Juma to be the first choice left-back because both Wekesa and Collins Omondi are too slow. The weekend performance was disappointing as winning that Cup would have given the players a huge lift in their confidence. The Tactical and Technical ability of AA and KO as coaches must also be questioned, as they are responsible for 1. Preparation 2.Fielding and 3.Substitution. They got all these wrong as I will shortly explain: 1.Preparation includes practicing for penalties when its a cup final. They did not practice at all as the result confirmed. Abondo, Gattuso, Owino, Rama, Kevin Ochieng and Yusuf Juma should have taken the penalties in that order. This is the distinction between good coaches and great coaches. A great coach knows his 1st six best penalty takers.Please remember the season 2010, second leg match against AFC Leopards when Gattuso scored that penalty in the dying minutes of the match? That was a high pressure/octane game than the Tusker match. Gattuso still delivered. 2. Fielding must be done to contain, thwart, curtail, derail and to overcome your opponent’s strength and to exploit their weaknesses. Fielding on Sunday left the team unbalanced as Moses Odhiambo, Abondo and Rama are all natural no. 10 players. They offer less protection to the defence when fielded in the same game at the same-time.They tend to track back less hence Akumu should have been played alongside Gattuso from the beginning. He can anticipate passes and intercept them before an opponent can advance.He is also a channel to begin play from the back instead of booting the ball forward to no-one in particular. The Back-Five, except for Musa were all new players (playing a competitive match for GM for the 1st time) that are yet to be in-sync. If we had Musa and Masika playing as Centre-Backs we would not have conceded that cheap goal. Not that they were better tha Owino and Mosoti. Its because they had such a telepathic understanding of how each played. That throw-inn ball would have been headed away by either of the two even before it hit the ground.Yusuf Juma as per the rule should have marked the near post when a corner is being taken or a throw in nxt the goal-line. He did not do this, but don’t be discouraged people as Owino, Mosoti and Yusuf Juma are three massive signings at the back not to mention the two goal-keepers. Both Owino and Mosoti are materials for the National Team and I will not be surprised if they along with Kasaya are picked for National Duty sooner. 3. A great coach must get his substitution spot on. This is the window you have to re-address and adjust your play after assessing the needs of the game. AA and Co. got this upside down. Midenyo and Ngwa can each lead the line on their own but not as twin strikers. Both are CF( no.9) and so each need a decoy in the form of a Selenga, a Nzoka or a Moses Odhiambo. This particular match needed players who could run the channels like Kip, Makori, Daddy or Kevin Ochieng, to stretch the wing-backs of Tusker. Ngwa, who was visibly struggling with an injury should have been pulled out at the beginning of 2nd half. A re-organized attack should have had Midenyo leading the line and Moses Odhiambo cutting inside from left wing. Rama should have been deployed as the deep lying 2nd striker behind Midenyo. As you may have noticed, Yusuf Juma rarely over-lapped as there was no cover infront of him. Abondo, Rama and Moses played narrowly through the middle hence exposing Juma and Musa to the attacks by Tusker wing-backs and wingers. This must be corrected before the next match, please. Good Luck to the TEAM GOR MAHIA. If the coaches could listen to the voice of this analyst/critic, Gor Mahia would go places. Thank you bloggers.

  33. I think yusuf juma did not overlap because of no cover. rememeber when he overlapped there was always a mis pass.
    what to do about the many miss passes in that game.

    Mosoti good game. Rama, Abondo and Moses Odhis should not play alla at the same time.

    Rama and Odhis one of the should be a super sub. we will need the in tight games.

  34. Spot on! Le Pastre. I am also beginning to question competence of the bench. What lack of confidence are people talking about here if not players lacking confidence in tactics being deployed by the bosses.

  35. Le Pstre,43 you seem to be a coach yourself and you understand the art of football. Lets hope the bench is listening. Could you guide on right full back why do they insist on Musa at that position? After Thika Sunday, we will start to know which way its going to go. Whichever way please lets be patient with the technical bench and the players. Criticize and we need more critics, but constructively like Le Pastre above, thank you bro.

  36. Thank you brothers for your dedication into building a formidable team through your monetary contributions, informed analysis of events and even positive criticism. GM should be a team capable of rolling over every opponent and winning trophies playing free flowing and entertaining beautiful football.The magical group of 1987 won the treble playing the FC Barcelona type of football. This was achieved because everybody, from the players, the Technical Bench, ably led by the Danish,the late Jack Johnson,the EC and lastly the twelveth man, the FANS were committed to the course. This group can emulate them if they adhere to the tenets of success:-DISCIPLINE. This is how they can catapult themselves to greatness and write their names into the annals of history; 1.The coaches must sit this group down and let them know that the TEAM is bigger than any individual accolades that they may be tempted to amass for themselves i.e Top scorer, best Defender Midfielder, best Goalkeeper etc. DISCIPLINE is prerequisite for success in any field. Attend trainings regularly, pay heed to all the coaches’instructions on and off the pitch. Those that fail the discipline test never achieve their full potential. Fortunately for Gor Mahia, the rota of former players who never achieved their full potential in the late 80s up to-2006 because of indiscipline is a short one. Strikers Felix Otieno, Mike Otieno, Jared Achieng Achieng, Midfielders Tom Mabele Okaya, John Okello Zangi wuod Omena, goalkeepers Victor Onyango, Tairus Omondi, Charles Korea Omondi and Mathew Ottamaxx,Defenders Josiah Ougo,George Fundi Onyango, and sadly, my best friend Steve ‘Brigadier’ Odiaga are some of the names that easily springs to mind. Most of these players were also quite unlucky in the fact that their talents blossomed at a time when our football was on its death bed. The National Federation was bankrupt of ideas on how to consolidate the gains achieved.The clubs were scraping the bottom of the bowls to make ends meet as there was scarcely any sponsorship worth mentioning. The players quickly filled in the voids they felt outside football by indulging in uncontrolled/unchecked intake of alcohol. Chewing of miraa and intimate relationships with women became a past- time activity. My dear coaches, please highlight and stress to the players the importance of DISCIPLINE both on and off the pitch. They need to understand that chewing of miraa and consumption of alcohol is detrimental to their health and it hinders the performance of any athlete. We must guide these young men though the carrier path they have taken. Any sportsman or woman requires absolute obedience to DISCIPLINE. I hope the sad, painful, and tragic demise of the reigning Olympic champion, the late Samuel Wanjiru will inspire them to behave responsibly. We must not shy away from informing our young sportsmen that a particular business sector(salon)has contributed immensely in destroying carriers of some of our young and brilliant sportsmen, especially in Nairobi. Coach AA and Co, please its your noble duty to guide these young men as they learn the ropes of being professional footballers in Kenya. Leave your doors open at all times for continuous consultations. Let us support our team with our HEADS and HEARTS. No stone throwing, no uprooting of plants/trees and no abusive language before the match, during the match, and after the match. Conduct yourselves with civility and decorum at all times. DO NOT FORGET TO SAY A PRAYER FOR YOUR BELOVED TEAM. God bless you all and good luck Team GOR MAHIA. Thank you all.

  37. It just a matter of gelling up, and this takes time. At least we can say we have good players and the type of competition expected for a starting place is healthy and will act to the benefit of the team.
    Fans should just relax and wait! On Sunday I expect a very improved and composed Gor!
    Prediction Thika – 1 Gor – 3.

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