Gor Mahia go down to CNaPs 2-1

Gor Mahia surprisngly lost 1-2 to CNaPS in the opening leg of the Champions league preliminary round
Additional reporting from goal.com

Gor Mahia failed to utilize home ground advantage as they succumbed 1-2 to CNaPs of Madagascar in the first leg of Caf Champions League played at Nyayo Stadium on Saturday.

It was K’ogalo, who started on a high note with Collins Agwanda going for goal on the 7th minute but his header from Khalid Aucho’s free-kick went wide.

With skipper Musa Mohammed manning Boniface Oluoch’s post, a defensive lapse is what the visitors needed to go ahead in the 12th minute as Rija Rakotomandimby supplied Rinah Randrianaivo with a clean cross to find the back of the net.

With home advantage, the Kenyan champions failed to make another attempt on goal in the first hour mark with Abouba Sibomana’s cross in the 27th minute finding no strikers in the box to level the scores.

However, Enock Agwanda leveled matters in the 41st from the spot after CNaPs defender Michael Rabeson handled Goddfey Walusimbi’s shot inside the box allowing Tanzanian referee Ali Nassoro to award a penalty.

K’Ogalo emerged from the break a seemingly more determined side in opening minutes of second half with CNaPs goalkeeper Jean Dieu-Donné Randrianasolo making brilliant saves from attempts of new signing Jacob Keli.

The former AFC Leopards and Nkana Red Devils striker curled in a shot off Harun Shakava’s corner in the 48th minute but missed target. In the 55th minute, Dieu-Donné was again at his best saving from Keli’s feet inside the six-yard box as the danger man ran riot at the visitors’ goal.

With Gor Mahia out to look for a winner, CNaPs retreated to defensive tactics with 30 minutes remaining on the clock. Lethal winger Rija Rakotomandimby was at it again in the 82nd minute scoring a dramatic winner past Oluoch.

35 thoughts on “Gor Mahia go down to CNaPs 2-1

  1. Surprised ?blackberry is out of form and when he starts a game it speaks volume about the quality of the team this year.

    let me hear the usual rubbish the team needs time to gel blah …blah…blah. let’s be honest. ..this is not the same team and two loases in a row suggest something is not right. With th unrest at the camp and rrumours of player sabotage I think it’s time for a change.

    1. @jakoyo, the problem in Gor Mahia is the bloated executive committee. Unless a solution is not found, I can see troubles ahead. The chairman should wake up and should stop dividing the team.

  2. EC should squarely be blamed but not the coach. Players were signed and their names were not submitted to CAF headquarter and yet you are blaming the coach. The entire office should just pack and go. What is the ambition of the club? Is it to win all competitions or for only Kenyan league?

    AR has continued to let the club down by busy fighting the coach instead of planning for the club.

    Regarding Sportpesa sponsor, some sources have been quoted that the EC members are coercing the officials of Sportpesa for them to be given the money before the launch of sponsorship can be veiled. This is double standard from AR and his office.

    AR and his EC should pack and go. It is time for the real change in club.

  3. The same Gor Mahia has been qualifying for this continental assignment with perennial lackadaisical achievements. Confidence is building up on our rival local teams who will exploit our confusion and wrangles to humiliate us. I predicted that the furthest gor will go in this continental assignment will be four matches but that is turning out to be gross overrating.

    1. I think it’s just about honouring the next match and we are out. We have the ammunition to fight locally so no need of wasting it on a tourney we cannot win

  4. Very very poor signing. As somebody said, Blackberry is off form and keli is a super sub. Aucho played when not yet fit. In short apart fromAgwanda, Gor has no striking force for now. The office let us down in delaying to submit names of the players for continental games.

  5. Lay the blame to the right place.Nuttal carries the responsibility for results as head of the bench period.he got everything friendlies and logistics.all what he needed to do is give back result.

  6. There rumors that a former Tusker player had punched the coach during the half time break in the dressing room. This is highest level of discipline which is orchestrated by the rage Executive Committee. Such players should just be either suspended indefinitely or be released to go to teams that can tolerate such high level indiscipline.

    I am blaming the EC office which is out to frustrate the coach for the coach to be seen as a failure. Fans we have big problems in the office as the EC are out to ensure that the coach is a failure.

    The sooner fans react viciously on this matter, the team is going to struggle a lot and I can see the coach resigning soon due to EC bad influence in players.

  7. There are rumors that a former Tusker player had punched the coach during the half time break in the dressing room. This is highest level of indiscipline which is orchestrated by the the Executive Committee. Such players should just be either suspended indefinitely or be released to go to teams that can tolerate such high level indiscipline.

    I am blaming the EC office which is out to frustrate the coach for the coach to be seen as a failure. Fans we have big problems in the office as the EC are out to ensure that the coach is a failure.

    The sooner fans react viciously on this matter, the team is going to struggle a lot and I can see the coach resigning soon due to EC bad influence in players.

  8. The entire striking force is down;I wonder when Karim crises who taps in.Gor leadership doesn’t like champions league that’s why they didn’t bother getting ready.

  9. Gor fans ni wajinga kabisa! Rachier has led the club to THREE consecutive league championships, a runners up spot in cecafa, plus he managed to hold Gor together for more than a year without a sponsor; and you disrespect him by cursing him out and attempting to do physical harm to him? Bure kabisa! Which team doesnt loose?? You win some and you loose some!

    1. @ingo, for once I agree I agree with you. The gor fans need to sit back and think. Once you are in a hole you stop digging. Otherwise tutakuwa kama ingwe

      1. Ingo and D.O give us a break, AR and his bloated EC have never accounted for receipted and unreceipted gate collections, donations ,harambees etc. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that people have benefitted emensely from this deliberate chaotic/opaque way of adminstration by EC, Gor Mahia has the potential to bloom into a continental power house but some because at one time played a crucial role in revival want to hang for nkt, HOW WE START BEING ELIMINATED AT THE PRELIMINARIES AGAIN THAT IS NOT PROGRESS, EC MUST DO TO MAKE SURE WE PROGRESS TO THE NEXT STAGE AS WE’VE DONE FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS

          1. Was AR the chair in 1987 when Gor won the Madela Cup or when Gor won CECAFA 3 times. The answer is a resounding NO!
            There will always be greater or lesser Jakoms then AR whom I do thank for his service but if he’s unable to move us to the next level but rather we are retrogressing to mediocracy then its time to go my friend.
            Also i gather from goal.com the the sportpesa deal is worth 70M per AFC’s 45M so what’s this about the coach being paid too much.

      2. Why did rachier not sighn Kagere, they said because of age but now you will miss his service, it was easier to retain him and play than bringing in new faces who don’t!! i heard that some players like Oluoch are being used by the office to fight Nuttal, let oluoch pack and go. There are other options, without DISCIPLINE, forget success.Evil mind will never succeed. Lastly, Wafula should be a striker than Berry.This Sport pesa betting also has some magic in it, we loose for them to make money. Think of it, they cannot be in business of lose.

  10. It’s exciting to read some comments here especially those he’ll bent on criticizing AR and EC.I hav’t forgotten where AR retrieved GM.from relegation candidate to kpl dorminants.I don’t think EC or AR hav anything to do with players fitness levels or fieldings.remember Nuttal is a proffessional coach costing about 1.3m.let him explain fitness levels and fielding already to justify his earnings.AT achievements are clear.
    1)sponsorship (7yrs).
    2)league tittles (3-consecutively)
    I hav alot of Faith and respect to AR.I won’t risk on anyone else.

  11. Didn’t i hear of some Tuyisenge and Kahata joining Kogallo? If they did so, why must they be benched yet this Blackberry-Keli-Agwanda formation proves futile?
    For an office whose nose can’t smell beyond local titles, why win the KPL with the aim of humiliating the club and the country in CAF assignments?
    Boniface Oluoch allowed a cheap goal against Bandari, the same thing he did against Azam by misjudging the destination of the ball. Nkt! Nkt!
    We survived last season with a sharp striking battalion but with a leaking defence. This season, the defence is shambolic and the striking unit lacks ‘Kagereism’.
    Spare me the discipline of the whole Kogallo fraternity because there is every mishap to write home about it.
    Allow Tusker or Ulinzi to win KPL this season because they get serious with continental matches.
    Crucify me upside-down if we differ in opinions.

  12. For once Ingo you have talked sense, a lot of sense. But what’s this disagreement in the dressing room? I am very afraid indeed. However let’s be patient everyone who loves this team.

  13. Thanks Ingo for ur timely advice. For once shemeji, you have stood out tall when we are in shambles. The EC should crack the whip the way Mbori did to dissenting players in the 80s

    1. How when bloated EC is the main perpetrator of the dissension?
      Remember Ngala evil publishing of Nutall’s contract details-something which EC freely negotiated.

      Its not about so and so wants too much money or so and so is now being overpaid. Everyone is contracted so why the issues of disgruntlement now. If there is no salary structure at K’galo then EC is squarely to blame, if there is no financial budget then EC is squarely to blame.

      Its a question of transparency and accountability of all monies generated by GM -i.e both receipted and un-receipted gate collections, harambees and donations from well wishers.
      Cunning EC manipulates these and then claim that they are the ones bailing out GM.
      That’s uttered brain washing that has been going on for too long.
      How can we go back to being eliminated in the preliminaries something that has not happened in the last 2 years.
      GDC has finally woken up and woe be onto AR and his EC should continue with these shenanigans.
      My appeal please AR release GM from your shackles of opaque administration so that our club the realize it full potential financially and as a continental powerhouse.
      K’galo in 2010 used to net gate collections of kshs2.5m during mid-week matches. Not that the club does net such any more but this monies somehow are never accounted for?

      Thank-you for service Jakom but you are not the alpha and omega of K’galo neither is Gor mar min ngato.

  14. @Ingo the money Kagere wanted is nearly the same that bought Jacques;its just that they did not bother with champions league;also failed to sign player like Johanna that Nuttal wanted.

  15. I beg to differ with @ingo…this not afc….look at the matches we’ve lost succesivly….they r very important…..against bandari we lost…a cup now champions league…do you know hw important is championsleague … I knw u dont coz afc effect.

    1. @Sandroman, continue hiding your head in the sand while the house is on fire. Why do we as Gor think we are immune to what was happening at ingwe?

  16. Gor Official admitted to hospital after being molested by suspected Gor goons. That means that as of now we have rogue fans, a divided dressing room, an ineffective EC, unfit and uncoordinated playing unit and TB. Isn’t it time we toned down and examined ourselves instead of going overdrive without knowing where to

    1. @Dan Original, the source of instability in the team has been caused by the EC committee.

      First players were recruited and their names were never submitted to CAF headquarters. We local players like Kahata who is locally based but his name was never submitted by the so called Ngala that promised that before CAF deadline, the additional names were never submitted. What has this ineffective office been doing? This was similar occurrence in 2014. What has the EC been planning?

      Secondly fighting with the coach was really uncalled for at this time when the league was starting and CAF competition was also fast approaching. We have read sources claiming the EC have not been talking to the coach and are determined to incite players against the coach. The coach will go as well as EC will also follow suit.

      Thirdly a senior player punching the coach Nuttal. This player should just be released and join any club where indiscipline is allowed to strive. How do you punch a coach? I will attribute this to incitement by the EC members who are determined to frustrate the coach to the extend of sabotage.

      Finally, who has told bloggers that Gor Mahia will not survive without AR? AR is a poor leader though he has guided the club from a low level to the current high status. I thank him for his generosity to the club but now we need to move to the next level.

  17. unfortunately the fans were led by Jaro Soja as alleged by Kilo. If it’s true then I have lost all respect for him as the lead Gor fan.

  18. Dan Original I agree with you totally, a few sober minds like that is what we need now. Who are these rogue players sabotaging the coach? I thought players role is only in the pitch. If anyone of them gets into the back room politics, kwisha!

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