Gor Mahia go down to Tusker 1-0

Gor Mahia went down 1-0 to Tusker at Thika stadium on Sunday.  As a result, Gor Mahia have ended their 2018 Kenya Premier League campaign with 75 points, well ahead of second placed Bandari.

Rwandese striker Jacque Tuyisenge ended as the second highest scorer with 15 goals, only one behind Eric Kapaito of Kariobangi Sharks.

Additional reporting from futaa.com

The Brewers got their goal in the 10th minute, John Kamau beating Fredrick Odhiambo with a wonderful freekick.

Tusker received a scare in the 28th minute after a nasty tackle by Benerd Ondiek. George Blackberry Odhiambo almost equalised in the 39th minute but his shot was well handled by Tusker custodian Patrick Matasi.

Gor made changes just before the breather, taking out Bernard Ondiek for Ernest Wendo while Tusker introduced Brian Osumba for Jackson Macharia and Timothy Otieno for Achema few minutes after the breather.

Gor wasted another glorious chance to level matters in the 81st minute as Kevin Ade Omondi blasted wide after he was set up by Wellington Ochieng. Osumba cpuld have doubled matters in stoppage time but Fredrick Odhiambo did well to parry away his hard shot as the referee blew the final whistle.

31 thoughts on “Gor Mahia go down to Tusker 1-0

  1. The boys played very well including the ever criticised k14, but that pitch is horrible and I hope no team will again want to use it now that thika FC is out.

  2. The greatest loser is Tuysienge who has surrendered the golden boot to kapaito of sharks. He should now learn that when he misfires intentionally to show dissatisfaction due to unpaid dues then he is planning his own failure.He wasted many open chances which I’m sure are now haunting him. Anyway there is always next time.Congrats to Erick Kapaito.

  3. But why was that sharks game played 20 minutes late? I smell a rat, something was being timed and fixed, what do you think?

  4. Of course the players go slow in previous matches affected Tuyisenge’s goals tally. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. While going on strike was their constitutional right, it also affected the team as well as individual players negatively.

    1. I would not be too sure about Serunkuma who is having a rich vein of form at vipers and Aucho, who has a new contract with his new Indian club! But if as you say, we should watch the space, then I guess, sometimes lightning strikes twice in Gor Mahia!

      Let’s wait and watch the space!

      Maybe, kizito!

  5. Just breaking…kogallo make yuñus sentamu , Ugandan who plays as a striker for fc Tirana their top transfer target in December.

    Yuñus sentamu is believed to be the 20+ goals per season striker who can transform the 2019 CAF fortunes for the club.more to follow…..

      1. Jakoyo what happened to Ethiopian Getaneh Kabedeh whom you had
        in this site promised with your usual “breaking headlines”was a top priority target signing for Kogalo in mid season transfer?

  6. Jasego give us confidential and reliable transfer news.we are waiting eagerly. Mara batambuze Mara muguna and then Ker denies. Some bloggers also with fake news. Leta habari moto moto from the camp.

  7. Werii gi weche jakoyo mag breaking this breaking that mara hivi na hivi mara hapa na kule…Jakoyo no sooner has releasing boniface and pursuing mike madoya you claimed settled then now Yunus Ssentanu mara pep guardiola soon even mesut ozil will be breaking into kogalo…We have agreed jn principle to sign two so far Kenneth Muguna and Shaffiq Batambuze and are exploring other potential signings esp a lethal foreign striker. We are signing jokma pek Kerr has no choice but to incorporate them in the squad next season for we already know their quality…Hizo zingine ni baadaye kiasi tukishaanza unbeaten run ingine next season…

    1. But Wuod Asego if you read yesterday’s Goal.com you would have seen our coach Dylan Kerr himself deny that Muguna and Batambuze have been signed. He said that he is not aware nor recommend their signing. So why are we signing players without asking the coach’s opinion or even having the courtesy to inform him after they have been signed?

      1. Musymo Osiepa i saw and read the article. Problem with Kerr is he talks too much and overly engages the media which sometimes can be detrimental. Mid-Season i was poised to bring in very good re-inforcements to GM having seen and identified problem areas that i very well knew would cost us in the second leg. Kerr when asked whom he had in mind simply said he is satisfied with the current squad he has and will work with it. Come second leg the team suffered burn-out crushing out of all cup competitions both Caf and FkF Shield in quick succession then went on a very long losing spree that culminated with Tusker beating us yesterday. Upto today Kerr has not even hinted at knowing a player worth joining Gor and Francis Mustafa’s signing was a last minute rush decision after Kagere bolted while we had brought him Erissa Ssekisambu and Milton Karisa to chose from earlier to which he wasn’t keen so they left for elsewhere. Musa Mohammed also was to resign then Kerr talked some things in the media that made them lifelong enemies. He is also resisting Muguna while there exists No local talent that can match that boy currently. End product is We Love and Respect Kerr but in mutual concern for our beloved Mayienga will sign what the club needs and lacks in its current set-up

  8. Its a dangerous trend for scouts and brokers to impose players on the coach however good the scouts / brokers sees them fit

    1. Levelmind the question should be the quality of the players being bought and whether a Coach’s personal bias or otherwise should stop the club from acquiring the very best talent for weak areas that are already costing the team…

  9. GetEthiopian giants St.George have done a major coup in their lastest signing bringing in well established and lethal striker Getaneh Kebede from Debebit handing him a two year deal at Sanjaw.

    In the 2017 season’s Ethiopian Premier League (EPL) Getaneh Kebede of Dedebit set a new record with 25 goals.

  10. Getaneh kabede has since been snatched up by st George ! He is one striker every broker was keen to get to kogallo in August but EC developed cold feet , talks stalled and he moved on……

    I hope it will not be the same with yuñus sentamu in December.watch this space

  11. Bloggers sometimes a club has to sign players in the spirit of “Continuity of Government Philosophy” whereby successive regimes Must inherit all good and bad debts of the previous regimes and not say we didn’t enter those agreements/contracts and so we can’t pay. Suppose we let Kerr resist Kenneth Muguna and other good signings since he is the Coach and God forbid he leaves in Feb for some reason then what? We all Love and Respect him and Appreciate his good work and support him now and always as long as he is with us but where we see a conflict of GM not getting the best due to bias we cannot sit and believe we are in England where the Head Coach is also The Manager and single-handedly decides which players to sign and formations to use even while the team is losing…

  12. @Jasego, true , Coaches are also human and have to be managed at times. I remember when due to soccer politics Ronaldo and Beckam had to join Real and the coach had to work with them. So was Figo from Real to Barca. So as much as we love Kerr we also love Gor and would wish for continuity even past the Kerr-era, when it comes.
    So let’s get the best as per our financial capability and obligations can afford. In case the coach disagrees with the club and leaves we will still have quality for the next coach to work with

    1. @Dan…Yes that is all am saying here that GM has had its backbone of success firmly grounded since 2013 era of Logarusic in continuity of players and that is why we have been dominant locally. Had we let for example Ze Maria overhaul a majority of the playing unit like he proposed then trust me Sir Kerr would not be revelling in back to back league wins now. That is why when a coach proposes release and signings of players, me and few others weigh them against the overall interests of the club in a post that coach scenario so that we remain intact and have consistency that allows any other coach coming in to quickly learn our technical formation and build on it for instant success. Those opposing might wish to ask ingwe what allowing coaches to overhaul the entire playing unit time and again has done to their resurgence ambitions…

      1. this site is so dizzying today…its good not to get excited and report only confirmed signings…we are praying for kogallo.

  13. So what happens if the coach decides to perennially bench the players imposed on him by Jasego et al. Will they also force the coach to play them?

    1. How can a coach bench stalwarts who by and large surpass all expectations in training and deliver splendidly on match days? They will force their way to the starting 11 on merit…

  14. Now that Gor is not on acrion due to the league end can we get speculations on who is joinong and who might leave/be dropped. At the top there are all news about Haxard leaving for Real or remaiming. This will keep the members ‘active’ here. And who do we wish to join either locally or from outside? Apart from Shafique amd Miguna no other names have been floated

    1. @Janam, you are very stupid with lots of mucus in your brain. If a grown up man can make such silly posting, you just belong to Kamiti Maximum Security prison where you can mingle with people of your equal mind.

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