Gor Mahia go down to Zamalek 4-0

Gor Mahia went down to Zamalek 4-0 in what is the heaviest defeat the club has suffered since 2014 in Tunis. The loss complicates all hopes of making it to the next stage of the CAF Confederations cup.

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Gor Mahia lost 4-0 away to Zamalek in a Caf Confederation Cup Group D match in Alexandria, Egypt, Sunday evening.

Goals by Mahmoud Alaa, Youssef Obama, Ferjani Sassi and Omar El Said did the trick for the effiecient hosts at the El Borg Stadium.

This result leaves the Kenyan champions bottom of the four-team group, but still with a chance of progressing to the quarter-finals of the tournament.

Zamalek are top of the pile with eight points, followed by Angolan club Petro Atletico in second place. Algerian side NA Hussein Day lie third.

Gor need a win against Petro in the final group game set for Kasarani to qualify to the last eight and coach Hassan Oktay will be hoping for a far better performance in that contest.

Just like against Dey in Algiers last week, Abdalla put Zamalek ahead in the tenth minute by heading into an empty net from a free kick after Samuel Onyango had fouled his man at the edge of the area.

Up until that moment, poor Gor should have been two goals down but were bailed out by an impressive Fredrick Onyango who was manning the goal.

Onyango saved a one on one chance with Ibrahim Obama after Ernest Wendo had carelessly lost possession in midfield.

There was no denying Obama 12 minutes later though. The midfielder pounced on a loose ball and rifled home a shot from close range to make it 2-0.

Zamalek would add the two other goals in the final ten minutes of the game, and within a span of two minutes to seal the deal.


39 thoughts on “Gor Mahia go down to Zamalek 4-0

  1. Kichapo’ served on a plate…..Oktay yawa, thooo..what was the point of Fielding unfit oliech.? We could have resorted to 4-5-1 packing the midfield and cutting off the slick Egyptians, moving kahata to Central attacking midfield to create chances for the ineffective jausenge and deploying shakava into a holding defence position or last man defender to cut out the tall Egyptians.

    When goalkeeper is man of the match in all our away matches, it makes you wonder whether it is fair for us to proceed to quarter finals. Maybe we are just not ready yet ….

    1. Blames galore. We lost fair and square. No fielding or formation would have saved us. The loss today requires us to go to Mamelodi,Raja Casablanca
      etc and learn structures of running a football club;strong youth teams where we teach basics mapema

  2. Useless coach this man is not a coach can’t read the opponent poor formation poor fielding poor substitution poor poor,ondiek to bench miguna ,management get us a coach plz

  3. Oktay is talking too much, promising alot and offering nothing. Nothing wrong with losing but not offering any resistance to the opponents is just too much. The team has no character away, no leadershup in the field as the Captain himself is underperforming. Too bad. They say that a team.plays according to the character of the coach. Let’s hope and see if we qualify but we still need to revisit the issue of coaching.As it is we are above the local league and Oktay will win that but how about outside Kenya. Even CECAFA can be a tall order for him

  4. Hashim Sempala’s cont4act with Tusker is ending this month. Why not go for him as Wendo seems to be slowing down already?

    1. Jasego, you always say that you advise on the line up and formation of the match day squad. Did you advise on the fielding of wendo and leaving Lawrence out. Am not happy at all with the outcome. If we could have lost by a solitary goal, it could have been better than 4goals.

  5. This has to go down as the worst performance by Gor in any match in recent times. And as always been our problem and i don’t why we have to concede early. Apart from the game against Kasarani, we have conceded in the first ten mins, why? We are having a problem with the defensive midfield, Wendo was nowhere, i only saw him when he picked a yellow card.
    A defensive midfielder is to screen and protect the defence. He breaks attacks and cover for defender when drawn out of position like what was happening to Philemon today, there was no one to cover him. Zamalek targeted Geoff in the first half and succeeded…. Shakava is always slow on recovery, it’s Joash who always bail him. Muguna had a bad game, the midfield completely overrun….

    Only three players stood out for me to keep the score down, the goalkeeper , Philemon with two goal line clearances and may be Momanyi who made so many clearances from the box….the rest weren’t there…

    The only consolation is that we are not out, we just need to beat Petrol at home and that will be it…

  6. Camping in Egypt for a week and still socking in four goals! Anyway it was payback time and we have ours on 17th against Petro. Still hopeful.

  7. I think we should think of who our opponents were, Gor playing Zamalek is not just another game in Egypt. lets forget about that game and prepare for Atletico, blaming the coach is not a solution, Atletico is beatable

  8. I’m dissapointed by this coach. N.Africa style of play was quite readable yet Oktay fails miserably. The way Gor defends corners and free-kicks have always been a weaklink. Zamalek coach did his home-work well. Gor made the mistake of causing fouls in danger areas and needless to say they allowed the early goal.
    But the worst from Oktay is that from the Hussein dey debacle, he learnt nothing.

    1. On this @Dinga i totally agree with you. Something is wrong with this Coach the play unit was disjointed, poor passes and above all lack of game formation. I agree am not well versed with foot ball matters, can somebody tell me which formation did GM apply? poor defense, poor midfield, poor attack poor everything except goal keeper who made several saves. In fact GM could have been soaked 8-0 were it not for the goal keeper.

  9. Camping in Alexandria worked against us. It looks like over feeding was the order of the day. Was there no gym and swimming pool? The level of fitness was really wanting. Anyway, come back home and prepare well for the final on 17th.

  10. Poor performance in Egypt.However,all is not lost…we have a chance to redeem ourselves next Sunday.

    Here are my suggestions going forward;-

    *TB-it’s a do or die week.Prepare the team thoroughly for a win that will guarantee qualification to the knock out phase.

    *EC-market,advertise and promote the game like its a world cup final.Give the fans an incentive to turn up and “jaza stadii”!

    *Fans-to avoid match fixing both games will kick off at the same time(7pm) if am not wrong.Let’s endeavour to make it to kasarani in huge numbers and play our role as the 12th man.

    *God-let’s pray to the almighty to remove all obstacles in our way to overcome Petro and advance.

    If all the above goes our way,then we will be in the draw for the next round.

    All the best to the team!

  11. Absence of leadership on the touchline , Absence of leadership on the pitch , Zero evidence of Game management , Zero evidence of tactical discipline , Zero evidence of mental strength , Zero evidence of ambition beyond contentment of being in Gor Mahia .
    At a club , the level of Gor Mahia , it is annoying that we have a calibre of players who dont appreciate the privilage of being in Gor Mahia and the opportunities it affords them and to the coach , vis a vis yesterdays game , am still struggling to understand what formation the players were given when they had the ball and more importantly and more so since they were carelessly and recklessly giving away possesion , what defensive shape right from the midfield they were supposed to take , and if any at all , if it was the blundering Shakava who was supposed to be your leader in the field .
    I dont want to lay into the offensive players because offense relies on reliable and continous supply for which there was absolutely non or even any hint that one was forthcoming , but that notwithstanding , this guy Samuel Onyango has seemingly reached the end of his intelligence , he is not alone in this though
    Finally , I appreciate the maturity of bloggers for acknowledging the heriocs of our let down Goalkeeper , but more importantly for appreciating the fact that for a goalkeeper to concede , it must start from somewhere and in this case we all saw where it normally starts from , but as that may be the ,its important to remember that our game against Athletico is 6days away and how we recover from this , and how soon we do will be a major determint on how well we perform and since my only constant in matters Gor Mahia is Gor itself , I wish the players the best going forward .

    1. sad but let’s beleive in what we have…the team…for Sundays sake. in Gor never say die…we will rise again. let’s keep it positive to beat Petro….the team needs it…we thank God we have a chance to redeem ourselves on Sunday.

  12. Was another bad day in office. We seemed to play better against Petro away, worst when we played Hussein and worse when we played Zamalek. Where was the fighting spirit? Where were the runs? Kahata was down, Wendo was nowhere while Shakava was (unfortunately) the burden in the defence and maybe that’s what Migne has seen in him.
    I liked the composure of rookie Gedfrey Ochieng and that’s the reason we never missed Batambuze in this game. Kudos young man.
    Now we need to ask FKF to reschedule our weekday game again so that we focus on the Sunday game. I know it is possible as it is happening to the other teams participating in the CAF competitions.
    Now what we need is divine intervention as well as humility from our fans. The issue of ‘we are through’ before even playing and winning the game came back to haunt us during the Rayon as well as Lobi stars game.
    The preps for the Zamalek game were very good (top notch) but the delivery the poorest. As fans we need to have the faith and avoid putting excessive pressure on the team else they might buckle and we lose everything.

  13. any two teams that win in the last round Go through. Hussein Host Zamalek. Zamalek has 8 points and Husein 7. A draw will help Zamalek. Gor must win. No option. Then they qualify as number 2 in the group if there is a win for either Zamalek or Hussein.

    The most important thing to note is that this group has ended up with something synonymous with knock out. Everyone is under pressure.

    Unless Petro come to force a draw and spoil for us once they know they cannot qualify, they also have a chance

  14. We lost, fine and as I said earlier no brickbats, let’s keep cool in the week leading up to the Petro game, the most important game to us. We win we are through, just simple win, win or win, it will not matter what happens in the other match. We must beat this Petro.

  15. A bad outing, to say the least!

    Crying over the Zamalek game does not change the results in anyway! It’s a sign that we need to tweak a few preparations related issues!

    CAF CCC, inspite of being a second tier CAF competition, is no walk in the park at all. It actually seems to be a much more difficult competition than the actual champions League, right from the qualifications satages!

    Let’s just prepare adequately by doing everything we can to beat the ‘beatable’ Angolans!

    We can do this in kasarani!

  16. Otek e Gor wa ni yawa……..!!!!!!Rachier

    Hotel bill ~Ksh 900k
    Officials quoted ~Ksh 1.8m

    EACC should visit Gor Mahia offices

  17. i watched the game and this is my input. Shakava, Oliech and Ernest Wendo are too slow for the fast paced caf and ccc matches. if we are to reach finals we need fast players

    1. Congrats kogalo.we are playing in a different level.pole pole.we have to start from somewhere at this level.am glad.i restrain my expectations.congrats coach for what you have done in the short span.lets try hard on our last match.win and automatically 35m in the bank.

  18. and also this weakness of conceding early. in all the group caf matches gor mahia has been conceding in the first 20 minutes, which is a very bad trend

  19. @oswozo moziek..just to add on to what you have said,we need to rally fans in numbers to play the role of 12th man.Nothing is more intimidating to a visiting team than a large vociferous crowd.Over to you EC,stop at nothing to make sure the team is fully equipped to carry the day this Sunday.it’s our only chance to create history so let’s go for it!!

  20. Any suspensions, injuries? If we don’t get any injuries against Homeboyz on Thursday then we shall have a full house come Sunday. Oktay must therefore do proper fielding during this ‘World cup’ final and win the match come what may.On this one there will only be one outcome win win win.

  21. Can’t we get the game against HBoyz to be postponed or alternatively let the team play KenPoly for GoTV instead? We need 110% fresh legs

  22. I thanks bloggers, if what we posting the management don’t effect then the office should resign, soon for is going AFC way ,we don’t have a coach ,if I were the coach Ochieng was to start but maintain the winning team Odhiambo, Otieno momanyi ,joash injured Ochieng ,shakava but should not be at gor Juma, miguna kahata s Onyango , kip, tusenge, bring oliech at 70min,Erasa,at 80min. We don’t have a coach

  23. 1st 10 min Gor showed character.To those who know football well what role does Muguna play. I find him very weak and always bumping into fellow players

    1. @Fred Odhiambo Yes if you have time check the repeat. Repeats really give you a clear picture away from match day pressure.@Teddy Sofaset very informative post my only hope is a strong youth system as envisaged by Ze Maria and chief scout Rachier signing quality.

  24. You are all useless fans and bloggers that have nothing to show in football. Blaming coach, players, management etc. I react again that you are all useless.

  25. @Blogger , on the slowness of the players , I only agree with you on Wendo but not necessarily on his phisical speed but rather on his mental speed , on Oliech , it is my opinion that he is not yet at the phisical fitness required for any game , not just at the level of the champions league , he may get there , but not yet , as for Shakava , he just doesnt have it in him to be what we are demanding of him and it has nothing to do with speed , a proper central defender , if I have to give previous local examples e.g Jared Ingutia , Josphat Murila , Austin Oduor , Josiah Ougo and to a lesser extent Eric Masika ( before some people misled him that he was a celeb) are people who must possess the capacity to read the game , moreso from their deep positions and more importantly to read the game when the team are out of possesion , the ability to command his territory and to be the conductor of the Ochestra playing alongside him in the defence and if it is a team that plays from the back , to be the one that calmly starts the moves and with a defined purpose and not just to hit the ball upfront to whoever it may concern , on this last example , somebody of the calibre of Wendo , who should be part of the forward transition is not helpful and combine this with Shakava’s lack of what is required and what you remain with is a disaster in waiting .
    Further examples of what Shakava should be similar to are Sergio Ramos , Van Dijk and Rio Ferdinand , Central defenders who lead by example and that’s why at that level , they make the best captains .

  26. Wow , wow @Jamigori ,, is that you or is some targetted I.e.d (improvised explosive device) disguised as you , because I promise you , as I pen this post , am doing it from a very safe distance , for I want to witness but be safe at the same time .


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