Gor Mahia held by Bandari

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Coastal side Bandari FC  lived up to their current billing by holding hosts Gor Mahia to a barren draw in an entertaining match played at City Stadium on Sunday30th June.

Striker Dan Sserunkuma announced Gor Mahia’s intent with a first minute shot that missed target by inches. Four minutes later, Rama Salim failed in bid to head in Mungai Kiongera’s cross.

Bandari responded not by defending but by launching attacks. In the 17th minute they won a corner  that was headed out by Okello.Then, good interchanges between Odulla,Bhai and Kenga tore apart the  K’Ogalo defense but luckily Edwin Lavatsa saves the day

In the 23rd minute, Kiongera did great to bring a cross that an unselfish Sserunkuma passed to Lavatsa but the latter lost his footing and the final shot did not trouble the Oburu much.

The last quarter of the first period belonged to Gor. A low free kick shot by Kiongera  was met by Rama Salim and Sserunkuma who tried to break the duck  with two successive attempts but the busy Oburu blocked their efforts.

Chris Wekesa  then had a well-placed rasping shot saved by Oburu while  Kiongera’s cracker in the 39th minute  went off target.Dan  Sserunkuma  closed the first half attempts with a shot that ended on the side net attempt courtesy of Shaban Kenga’s misplaced  block.

Bandari’s Ali Bhai well placed shot provided a great opening to the second half.

In the 58th minute, Coach Bobby Ogolla brought in Kevin Omondi for  Eric Ochieng while  his opposite Twahir Muhiddin responded fast with  Eric Okoth coming on  Ali Bhai.

Twenty minutes to the end, Rama Sserunkuma was denied by Oburu  after a neat pass by Rama Salim. The diminutive Ugandan then paved way for new boy Paul Odhiambo.Bobby Ogolla then threw his last dice by throwing in Moses Odhiambo in place of Edwin Lavatsa.

Keeper Oburu almost soiled his good day when he lost the ball in the last minute to Mungai Kiongera but luckily the effort never bore fruit.Oburu was named man-of-the-match after the clash.

An extra time infringement on Mungai Kiongera earned defender Humprey Okoti a red card. A free kick awarded to Gor just outside the box  was executed by Kevin Omondi and went off target.

The result leaves Gor Mahia at third spot with 23 points, one less than Bandari FC who have 24 points.Thika United  leads the standings with 26 points.

34 thoughts on “Gor Mahia held by Bandari

  1. When was the last time gor mahia scored more than three goals !!!once again, Useless formation with Lavatsa in midfield. Substituting dani was not very wise ….Still not very effective going forward and it shows…..3 games ,2 goals only and you say we are title contenders. Lets give JAN KOOPS a chance. JAN KOOPS FOR HEAD COACH

  2. our striking force leaves a lot to desired.one may think they dont normally train together.poor passes,visible weakness in aerial balls,no sense of urgency evn when infront of goal,an inefficient midfield and a panicky bench unable to quickly read the game and act intelligently is what characterised todays match.please EC undertake a serious and comprehensive post match analysis be4 nxt game.otherwise someone might blive bobby is not equal to the task.fans r not happy.we hope he was not taking cover under the previous coach!tutamulika mwizi!

  3. I watched a good match and do not regret anything, i think those who are still mourning loga are bent on creating an unworkable impression that we could have won the league today by beating bandari forgeting that under the same coach GM was bundled out of top 8 and confederations cup, we also lost matches fair and square this season before he flew to demand for more cash. Let all of us accept that we will draw,lose or win matches regardless of who is coach but we can make a difference by supporting the incubent. We all know koops record at ingwe and i wonder what he won that will make him win the league in three matches in case that’s the yardstick. Actually if trophies are to determine who becomes coach then GM should buy out Matano. Personally i believe Jbo is up to the task, maybe he should bleach his skin white to win over those us who believe a good coach must be a white man.

  4. @5 & @7 contact the team through the official website gormahia.co.ke but i wonder who will listen to you the ec nevet listen to any positive idea

  5. “Fans are not happy” Which fans? I am a K’Ogalo fan and I am quite happy with today’s line up, game plan and performance. Those making noise about poor performance are entitled to their views, however I think they must have watched a different match. Gor Mahia’s game is on the rise and today’s display even by the midfield was match better. Anyone asking for the team’s contact should only remind the EC to support Sir Bobby even more. Today Gor Mahia had more shots on target than in any other match that K’Ogalo played this season. The draw meant so much for Bandari and they owe it to Oburu. People should have seen the celebration at Mbaraki sports club at the end of the game.

  6. I know that we need to win to get points.I also know that JBO is not the player who is supposed to score goals. the fact that we r not conceeding against good teams means that our defenders r doing their work.Strikers must know that they r paid to perform.that is they must score goals.They must not think that Sir Bob will get into the field to score for them.The work of scoring is the responsibility of strikers .So the blame should go to strikers & not JBO. They r just shooting blanks .

  7. I gave you 5 matches: I was at the “Filthy stadium” this afternoon and signs are all over the place: This is the 3rd match and all indications are that after the 5th game stones will start being thrown at SIR BOBBY OGOLA!!! Watch this space.

  8. @10, calling bloggers idiots is a preserve of the likes of our resident lunatic Benson Disi. You may not be the only one frustrated by the draws. I thank God they are only draws. Allow me to ask: when we lost 2-0 to Ulinzi, who was in charge? How about the 2-1 loss to Stima? Was it not that same Logarusic? You are right that he couldn’t make two consecutive draws: he made worse- a draw followed by a loss. It happens that the blogger you are advising not to be an idiot is a seasoned, respectful and very sober contributor in this blogpost. Let me echo his advice to bloggers at one time: “why don’t you ask the ball why it refuses to shake the net?” This is just a game and we need not lose our heads and become so uncivil to each other.

  9. Was a good outing but in footy things don’t always go ur way. One thing we must realise that Bandari of now is not the ‘weak’ coastal outfit anymore. As much as we tried and should have won the match the ‘chemistry’ is still lacking within the forwards and midfield. We have good players but the cordination is lacking. Can we make Rama our matchmaker since we don’t seem to have one. THe two new players Paul and Eric are good but we need to be more aggressive going forward. The confidence of players like Lavatsa is down and looks like he ‘fears’ to take on defenders on one to one situations

  10. @ 10 Eric, it is wrong to call a comrade an idiot. We are all beloved fans of Kogalo. We might have different stands but each person’s opinions should be respected. Turning to the field, let us all be patient and support Boby, something good does not come within a day. If you demand instant results then you are not realistic. Those who are now questioning Boby are the same people who said ‘Boby without Loga tosha’ after we won against Karuturi. Why change your mind now? Where is your stand? We must be patient to get good results.

  11. That was a fair display, I can give the team 60%.However I wonder if our mid term recruits will help us;
    Eric Ochieng though industrious,isn’t better than Moses Otieno who is performing for Tusker;
    Paul appears to be aggressive and may be tried more in attack,
    Where is Wanyonyi?
    And the last big signing that TB talked about, where is he?
    Lavatsa must just rest, I think he is suffering some fatigue;
    Dan must be suffering some anxiety coz as top rated striker he has not been scoring goals but he is still reliable;
    Rama? I dont know where he is, a really pale shadow of what he is supposed to be.
    Wekesa? overweight and we were lucky that he played full game.So where is a natural left back to support him? We just released Yusuf, didn’t we? See leopards have sorted out that position very well, they knew what they wanted.
    Mosoti? powerman and the big boots will cost us a penelty one of these days but very stable
    Kiongera? sterling performance, considering that he has just come out of injury, can score for us but it appears he has to look for the balls himself!!!!
    Njuguna? fair
    Kevo? fair, in fact good and almost gave us a goal
    Moses? fair in the 10 minutes that he played and when things are tough always remember to use that guy, forget about the pessimists about him.
    TECHNICAL BENCH: anxious and appeared not to be having the confidence required for a team like this Kogalo, needs a strong stabilizing character. I do not know where that will come from.

    Otherwilse a game at a time, Thika and Bandari, a point from each is not too bad. Lets see Bandari on 13th at their backyard.Cant wait, its becoming hot.

  12. @jathur gi ji, the match against bandari has been posponed because of cosafa games. Good game yesterday, good powerful shots on target. Can some one advise Rama, Kiongera and Sserunkuma to keep their boots on the pitch instead of falling down whenever they get the ball? It is irritating to see them down even when no faul has been played against them.
    We have a two week break,lets see if it could help the team

  13. A SHOCKER, THE NEW RECRUITS ….Former Congo United defender Ronald Okoth has joined Gor Mahia on a two-year contract, Gor has also signed Ali Abdalla from Coast United and Angelo Okumu from lower-tier side Tena United ??????????

  14. BREAKING NEWS, SHOCKING RECRUITMENT !!!!!!!! Former Congo United defender Ronald Okoth has joined Gor Mahia on a two-year contract. Gor has also signed Ali Abdalla from Coast United and Angelo Okumu from lower-tier side Tena United.

  15. I now understand y loga had 2 go.take a look at our new signings!can some1 go to #futaa.com and explain 2 me wots happening!i mean who scouted them,r they beta than the players we released

  16. @@jathur gi ji, your analysis is spot on. The strikers really tried their best despite not being fed as they should. One thing I would like is some selfishness from them. There are cases I thought Danny should have gone for goal instead of providing the assists. Why are our strikers finding it hard to remain on their feet? Do we need a giant striker who can take the ‘knocks’ and then Dannys and Ramas take the pickingd from those encounters?
    The two week break should give us some time to sort ourselves out. please let’s use Wiper since of our wingers he is the most adventerous.
    @Ben Disi respecting and being courteous will not cost you a single cent. While we wish Ingwe-Thika to tie it’s all in good faith without hurling abuses at them. I know Ingwe held peacefull elections noting that only 700 people are registered as club members and I can bet you are not one of them. We hope this brings stability to the team and issues of Maragoli, Bukusu, Samia, Isukha and other sub tribes etc etc will not surface to haunt the team as usual

  17. I think Gor played well but i the idea of starting 4 forwards Is’nt good, in my opinion Lavasta should av started on the bench and a midfield to take his position, on the issue of the coach just give Bobby a chance it is unfortunate that many Kenyans don’t trust their own despite that no foreign coach that has won the KPL (hoping Emayeli will be the 1st) n lastly looking at the table only 4 points separate top 7 teams that is a clear indication that it is open to all, this afternoon we look forward to stop Thika to make it more tighter!

  18. barefoot,sorry but you must have watched a different game yesterday.most fans left the pitch dissapointed with the draw.if you dint,no problem,3 outings,two draws and five points from a possible nine in a competitive league like this must worry a committed and loyal fan.

    please let us embrace constructive criticisms when things dont go right.every sensible fan yesterday could tell our strikers were wastefull in front of goal.in fact our defenders the evershining goalkeeper performed excellently to keep marauding strikers like Ali Bhai,Shaban Kenga,Alloyce Mangi from tormenting us.

  19. #19 Stevo, my advise to you is that we must agree that not only the people we know are good. I believe Bobby wants to identify new young talents and develop and that is why Harambee Stars struggles. Any team that want to grow should promote talent growth and very soon we shall have the best team of young competent players. Bobby I believe will take us places as I watched the kind of morale in his squad. Good luck Kogalo

  20. @Dan 20,be informed that Benson Disi is registered at the Blue Den,he voted. Now coming to Gor, i must say that Boby needs a good assistant if not him to be assistant,moreover,the pressure at Gor and INGWE requires White coach,even Matano cannot,you remember he was once at the Den and did nothing.

  21. I think what we need to do is to throw in our un-conditional suport to the players and the technical bench, they need this suport very much at this particular time. we are no 3 in the standings, its not only us who are strugling, all the teams are. We stand a better chance of jumping to the top, however patience is needed for the Coach and the boys to perform, the players look good, let us give them time to gel, at the same time they need to adopt to the new coach’s tactics. Kudos to all K’Ogalo family

  22. It was business as usual for me…solid in defense,poor in midfield and wasteful upfront.We have big names in Kenya football attack-wise.Why aren’t we converting our many chances?our “goals for” stats does not look good.We must improve on that as a matter of priority or we will get caught up!!

    As for the technical bence,JBO and co. is what we have now so we must accept and support them to try and move the team ahead!!

  23. Gor, yesterday played a more improved game than the one against Karaturi. I don’t understand what the whining is all about. We were just unlucky not to have converted the numerous chances into goals. Let us give credit where it is due, Bandari also played a very good game. Wilson Obungu was voted the man of the match because our striking force tested him enough times. I think all is well. Let us not see problems where there are none. On the recruitment, I think the players Gor have settled for are better than established names. Let us just give them time. Who knew Gaucho Antony the first time his name was mentioned. Let us not be pessimists. Give the boys a chance.

    For God and my beloved club Kogallo

  24. Odinga @22 u av said it all,i thing the aproach that JBO is giving is positive remember we have recruted young and very talented players if given a proper training,this is what i said when we were kicking Sianga out of GOR,look at Sianga boys who knew Blackberry,Owiti Macheda,Kitawi hakina K14 name them before Sianga brought them to the limelight? my good friends if we want the future of this club we must go for this young player lets not behave like chelsea coach who goes for the established player,we will not develop,its better not to take the cup this time round but prepare for future cups,who can remember when GOR used to take players from high school direct to 1st eleven lineup? think of players like Felix Otieno who was a student at Homabay High and every friday he used to board the bus to nairobi to play for GOR n go back to school after game,without training with the team with all the fatigue from travelling all the way from H/B could still play and score goals for the club,my request is lets go the JBO way and we will see the results,i rest my case

  25. I Was at stadium and watched the whole encounter and what i can say,there is problem in fielding.Every coach must have winning team,even loga had that in mind.I Thought club had recruited good midfielders but none rise to occasion yesterday.upfront and defence is ok in club.Its only we don’t have midfielder who can deliver quick passes to our pacey strikers.pablo seems to be struggling with knee injury so it was wrong to play him for entire 90 minute.why can coach bring back any of our centtal defenders like,owino,anguyo,musa or akumu to man no 6 position in the club.

  26. am allowed to build castles in the air……i wish we had 10 other Kiongeras,that boy is effective and reliable!!!
    i wish Ssrenkuma and Rama would stop falling everytime they are touched.We would score goals and score them in abundance.i wish we dont drop any more points,we want to win the league.i wish the team the best of luck!!
    Those are my sincere wishes for Gor!!!!!

  27. Oooh Laaa laa aa a…!!! NEXT OPINION OR GRAPE-VINE!!!

    You can not have your cake while you are eating and holding on it at the same time. The team that drops less point will win the league. My predictions are that it can only be amongst the big seven.

    Drawing against THIKA & BANDARI is a wasted opportunity that will come to haunt GOR MAHIA at the eleventh hour. JBO make sure you collect maximum points from Mbaraki grounds and THIKA municipal stadium respectively and you will climb and consolidate the top of TPL 2013 early enough and put it under lock. PERIOD…!!

  28. The best thing is this for kogallo.The club should camp all the players,we should have all training facilities,the players should be trained on what to feed on,now look at Danny,Lavatsa. are bringing turmies coz they eat what they want.this is why they are getting tired faster.look at Ulinzi’s players can play 120 minutes without getting tired as such. Foremost We want very turf coach who is very desciplin.

  29. The thing is that Thika and Bandari are also capable of winning the this year so drawing with them is just like ManU drawing with Chelsea. Even Ingwe after beating Sosapaka 3-0 the other weekend could only draw 1-1 with Thika at their Nyayo homeground. Let us ask ourselves how comes a team like City stars without resources is performing above average yet us with all our resources we are basically scrapping through. Does it mean that talent-wise now all the teams are equal? This could be the case because right now all the teams have players who have appeared for the top teams. Just look at City stars, Sony, Chemelil, Bandari etc and tell me who their players are. Macheda in Karaturi, Bageye in City stars, Odera in Thika, Wendo in Mathare and the list continues. This makes the quality of players equal and hence the team that will provide something EXTRA is the one that will win. That something extra will not be money but harmony, peace and superior techniques. A foreign coach could provide this but it is not obvious that a foreigner will deliver. After all Nyangweso, Pamzo, Matano are all locals but have won the league

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