Gor Mahia held by Western Stima 0-0

Tuyisenge in action against Stima

For the second consecutive match, Gor Mahia were held to a draw. This time it was Western Stima who held Kogalo 0-0 at Kisumu on Sunday.

Additional reporting from goal.com

The draw pushed Hassan Oktay’s men to 60 points, five adrift of Sofapaka in second, but with a game in hand.

Speaking after the match, Oktay blamed his strikers and said they are going to work on their finishing.

“We played well but wasted a lot of clear goal-scoring opportunities. This means we have to work on our finishing before the next match,” he said.

The champions, however, will have to do without former Harambee Stars Dennis Oliech who was withdrawn and rushed to the hospital at the hour mark after he got injured.

Oliech was immediately replaced by Nicholas Kipkirui in a match that saw the two sides waste opportunities to score.

ennedy Otieno was first to miss a clear chance of putting the power men ahead but failed to connect with Hubert Kopany’s cross before Francis Kahata did the same in the 24 minute, failing to beat Samwel Odhiambo from a Philemon Otieno delivery.

Despite K’Ogalo dominating the match in the first half, the scores remained unchanged into the second half with Oliech and his substitute Kipkirui missing clear scoring chances.


16 thoughts on “Gor Mahia held by Western Stima 0-0

  1. Sofapaka-2 Tusker -0

    70th minutes.

    If it ends in Sofapaks’s favour, they will have cut Gor Mahia’s lead to 5 points. Gor Mahia, take care Sofapaka can be a real threat.

  2. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.Sofa threat is real.Don’t forget we still have a match against them and Afc who want to avenge previous defeats.Anything is possible in football so let’s be humble and tread cautiously for now until we are 100% certain.

  3. Isorait but the sweetest news is that Sofa allowed Tusker to come from behind two times in the last 10 minutes to draw. So good, one game at a time.

  4. This Adm is joking with us.the content of the report doesn’t reflect the match day report. The match ended on a barren draw, how comes they report that wendo scored and stima replied. That’s why we should not rely on this site on matters Gor mahia. What they are reporting is the first leg which ended in a one all draw. Recently, The chairman of Gor mahia fc Ambrose Otieno Rachier was on radio ramogi,highlighting on the current status of the club and the Adm of this site never bothered to write about that discussion. This site is not reliable

  5. I am in possession of a 90minutes clip interview that Ambrose Rachier granted Radio Ramogi in their weekly kogalo time show and whatever was said in the interview covered all angles of issues that should concern us and not the daily retail issues like what Oktay said about Odhonji , why we need an explanation on how KCB led as 3-0 or how to react to @Jakoyo’s attention seeking theatrics etc.
    Rachier’s interview covered a comprehensive review of the state of the “nation ” of the club and specifically the indiscipline in the EC , indiscipline in the playing unit , indiscipline in the fanbase , our annual revenue vis a vis our annual expenditure , the present club constitution and its debilitating limitations , the state of the clubs 12acre piece of land in Kasarani , the resistances to any progressive ideas the club attempts , the supremacy of rumours , innuendo and villageosity over facts and progress in Gor affairs , the fact that in some games such as against KCB in Machakos our net revenue after all the expenditures was ksh 10000 but the rumour mills is always awash with innuendos at how Rachier is massively raping Gor Mahia’s “massive “finances , that Rachier is not going to seek re election (cc: Team must Go ) , The coming on board as a second shirt sponsor of Brookside dairies , the debilitating consequences of sponsored hooliganism in Gor matches , the infiltration of the EC in cahoots with sections of the media and some players to , from time to time manufacture , in critical times a crisis in Gor Mahia , create a narrative , paint the club in bad light and use the situation to solicit for money from politicians and then amounts donated to “avert a near death situation “is broadcasted for all the world to see , the tendency of ones of our own cluelessly jumping into the bandwagon , not out of fact but moreso due to lack of interpratative depth (shallowness ) , malice and blatant foolishness .
    Rachier interview also clarified that the registered members as of that Saturday was less than 200 , but the scariest thing and which should concern us is that e.g in the last elections , some of the candidates ferried a group of men and women from Kiambu to come and vote in those elections , they voted and some of the people in this office are products of the same people who voted in Waititu as Governor (consequences can be seen in both club and county ) , and while these Kiambu men and women were doing this , our very loud and at times violent fanbase were absent , relaxed in their comfort zones waiting for the media to tell them how it went .
    The interview also revealed that six players are going to be recruited in the transfer window and that their are players whose contracts will not be renewed for disciplinary reasons .
    Having said that , I felt very sad when I saw photos of Mt Kenya fc players when they boycotted the Gor game for 5-7months unpaid salaries , bonuses and allowances , My pain was not coz I care about Mt Kenya fc , I dont , but rather because in one of the photos was of a once very promising Gor mahia talent called Timona Wanyonyi , who at the height of his prominence was convinced by the Afc Wing of the cheering squad that he was better off at the club of his tribesmen , months later reality hit him and the cheering squad of Afc like the ones of Gor Mahia abandonded him , he moved from Afc to where he is now and he is living the consequences in plain sight , his football career destroyed as the lives of the ochestra goes on uninterrupted .
    So in a nutshell , the Rachier interview tackled the three critical components that make Gor Mahia I.e the EC , Playing unit and the Fanbase and I want to say this , if Rachier doesnt seek re election , then we are going to be faced with a situation that is either going to lift Gor Mahia to the next desirable level OR we are going to wipe out even the little that we can count of from Rachier and this will happen because the ones who can void this or propel as will be absent as usual , they as usual will have passed over their responsibilities and obligations to mercenaries who will have been hired for specifically that purpose .
    Lets thank God that in our absence In the last elections , he saved the club from landing into the hands of snakeoil salesmen and “De La Rue ” .
    A plea to the MUST GO crowd , I think its time you unveiled to us that man or woman you have been rooting for , the earlier this is done , the better otherwise its just as well to remind all and sundry that Gor Mahia is not a labaratory for experiments .
    Lastly , we need to build a critical mass of well meaning registered Gor fanbase to ensure that our desires for the future of the club is captured in the club’s new constitution .
    And to the villagers in the city who have nothing tangible to do apart from embarrasing us in the city and places like Tom Mboya statue while wearing cheap counterfeit Gor Mahia regalia , please go back to the village , if you dont have fare , time those funeral buses , I ask this with absolute humility .

  6. Do we have online registration of members? These days things are done online including renewing driving license (eciticen.go.ke). If we don’t have online registration, then it is a better option for the club.

  7. @teddy – any comment on Transparency – finances, transfer of players; any comment on the CAF tournament and the airport debacle, any comment on why he cannot act on officials who are brokers, power brokers, and trade unionists; any comment on why they were covering Sport Pesa logo during the Q4 matches;

    I acknowledge he has walked Kogalo over valleys and mountains. It will be a shame if we can get someone within his current team confident enough to live his legacy if he leaves

  8. @OjOmondi , the interview covered all those concerns you have raised I.e Annual Revenue , Annual Expenditure , Players transfer revenue and transparency .
    About why EC brokers , trade unionists etc have not been disciplined , well the constitution we have doesnt give the chairman any power to do that because the other officials also have a mandate from the ones who bothered to turn out to vote e.g Waititu is of Jubilee but Uhuru cannot sack him because each enjoys voter mandate .
    About the airport “debacle ” , well , enough information is out there but just to use it to expound on the infiltration of the EC saga , well , this was a premeditated act planned so many days in advance and the conspirators were the renegade EC members , sections of the brown envelope media and stupid players who assumed we fans were going to be stupid enough to swallow their stupid bait as to how they were suffering on freezing airport floors while watching the Simba Players being escorted to warm beds in hotels outside the airport and thats why Rachier indicated that some players will be shown the door , while others will not have their contracts renewed no matter how good one believes he is , the chickens are soon coming home to roost .
    There is a phenomenom that is prevalent in less developed countries and which explains why we are backward and that is how much emphasis we put on negativity when the positive narrative far outweighs the negative , I can be good 80% but the emphasis will be on the 20% notwithstanding the fact that no human is perfect .
    Right now if you get a Gor “fan” complaining that we have won the local league too much , you may think he is joking while the nigger is deadly serious , the issue of compliments of having reached the quarters will rarely be talked about , rather the issue will be why we didnt reach the Semis .
    Lastly but not related to the Rachier interview , I want to draw a parallel between Ajax Amsterdam Fc and Gor Mahia fc , because Ajax’s position in Europe is similar to Gor’s in Africa I.e from their modest budgets to the fact that they can never hold on to their best players because of the dynamics that abound in modern football .
    What Ajax have done is what Gor should and can do I.e to accept their situation but make the best out of it I.e having club patriots like Mac Overmars as Technical Director and Van der Sar as Marketing director , have a board consisting of people who sees the commercial potential of brand Gor Mahia , are conscious and sensitive about their image and reputation and have their millions .
    But there is no good thing that happens on its own , things are made to happen and it is not made to happens by goats or cows , things are made to happen by Peoples Consciousness and this starts by registering as a member so that you can be a part of the solution BUT you are of no value if your interaction with Gor starts and ends on Social media where you can spend your 5bob , 7mb bundles I.e as far as Gor matters are concerned , there is no difference between you and an Afc fan or between you and “Gor Player ” , in a nutshell “YOU ARE RELEVANTLY USELESS .
    Its been over 5weeks since I challenged the Must Go crowd to tell us the Must Come , but all these weeks later nobody has given even a hint and that again is the folly of this jumping onto the bandwagon crowd , shouting brainlessly bila plan , be wary of “DeLa rue ” (Wash Wash )opportunists who by now have taken note of your emptyness .
    Please to ya all , please help this club grow , who will if you dont ? .

  9. @Teddy, analysis. Keep it up brother.

    The office need to work out on modalities of reaching out to many members as possible through social media, live matches and FM stations.

    The members recruitment needs to be accelerated and we can even outsource some companies to drive this process. If we had a working Excom, then this tasks would be very easy as it would have been part of Excom mandate.


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