Gor Mahia held scoreless again

Gor Mahia were once again held to a scoreless draw this time by Bandari. Teams have adopted the park the bus mentality against Gor Mahia and it is proving effective.
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K’Ogalo came into the match knowing anything less than a win will once again open the gap between them and leaders Tusker, who had won 2-0 against Mathare United on Saturday.

The Dockers came into the match aiming for maximum points considering the fact that they had lost 2-0 when the two teams met during the first leg. Meddie Kagere was benched with Jacques Tuyisenge being preferred by coach Ze Maria, as Wilson Obungu was recalled to start for the visitors after missing the match against Sofapaka following his dismissal against Muhoroni Youth.

K’Ogalo’s intetions were made clear as early as the second minute as they started the match pushing for an early opener, but the opponents’ defense led by Felly Mulumba stayed calm and cleared the ball.

It was the home side that enjoyed possession in the early stages, making dangerous moves which caused a scare to a few travelling fans. In the 10th minute, Goddfrey Walusimbi made a good run on the left wing, trying to cut the ball in, but his effort missed the target, Tuyisenge, by inches.

Two minutes later, it could have been 1-0 up in favour of the hosts as Francis Kahata found space in the danger zone, but his effort went wide with Obungu well beaten. The first half was characterised by distance shots from the likes of Walusimbi, Kahata and Erick Ouma, with Bandari struggling to get past the sirkal’s defense.

In the 60th minute, the hosts could have gone ahead as Mohammed Shariff almost put the ball into his own net, as he tried to play it to goalkeeper Obungu, but the latter saved the situation. Not even the introduction of Baron Oketch and Meddie Kagere could save the situation for the champions, who have struggled to score since the departure of Michael Olunga.

The draw means Tusker are enjoying a four point gap against the champions, with Bandari continuing with a good run after a relatively inconsistent start.

48 thoughts on “Gor Mahia held scoreless again

  1. Goals have really dried out in the last 5 games….Am okay with a draw though not sure what the coach expects when he starts BB with nondi and odula on the bench. Something is seriously amiss this time round.

    Second place finish will be a good reality check.

    1. Omondi, are you agitated by the adverb of frequency “again”? Prepare for headlines like this in the anti-Kogallo papers:
      “Gor Mahia draws as usual, this time round against minnows Sofapaka”

  2. I agree Jakoyo, from the way we are playing we might not be able to be Champions again this time, second finish is realistic, the only way to continenal is through gortv, Jausenge was a bit selfish today

  3. A good play by most of the players. Congratulations for the clean sheet, however, work more on direct attacks rather than from the flanks.
    If a player appears to be not doing much, please coach early sub would be better.
    Again Okoth wasn’t anywhere, what happened?
    My opinion coach, maintain that team for most of our matches, or maybe with most of our 1st 11 around, now we can try Kagere /Tuyisenge partnership especially in 2nd half.
    More Spirit Guys.

  4. Gentlemen,Be as it is currently, i cannot continue keeping mum without also airing my express human right under my Psuedo Name Ja’Sego. I have been dying of serious Ulcers caused by the second leg performance of our beloved mayienga chuor mon. I have followed all your opinions in previous blogs and want to tell you what some have pointed out before quite amicably. Gor is simply suffering from the absence of Khalid Aucho (Ngolo Kante) or a creative Box to Box midfielder with our game plan being predictable wing play that once opposing teams shut down we are done by and remain scoreless. The absence of that midfield cog/dynamo role on which kogalo’s resurgence since 2012 has been moulded around is what has denied the team central attacking options. Today we played tiki taka,did everything to coach’s instructions but still could not master a definite combination play resulting in a defense splitting pass to put the main striker through on goal for a one vi one situation though tuyisenge created one of his own which is not the point here.Bottom line remains we all have different gifts and mine has been bringing express kogalo impact players of the calibre required,i fought tooth & nail against all odds to get Pierot Kwizera to replace Aucho but failed. I had also fought yet again tooth & nail to let a foreigner whom you all know leave in a negotiated settlement & bring in Laudit Mavugo but was yet again overruled.Now it is but clear that i had foresight & still know exactly what k’ogalo requires in terms of player qualities/role play and personality.I still remain hopeful and pray while helping Ze maria thru wise counsel come up with new formations/combinations that might recapture our form and lead us to a straight fourth title.It Is Not Over Until It’s Done.Surge on Mighty Mayienga,the struggle continues…I take leave as b4 to avoid direct exchanges with bloggers always harsh to my presence but send my greetings to Musymo,A person,Oduor12,Tosh,Jambita Tiny,Dan Original,My Favorite blogger Okewkanango who i know is hurting like i am,BB,Ogango Trailer OoHH Lalaaaa,Joods et al….Stay strong in this trying times

    1. It is a bit disheartening. Dont you think a pairing of Wendo and Gatusso with Kahata playing behind the lone striker could work@Jasego?

    2. Ei ei yawa coch Jasego mimi nafurahi kwa kufikri ngato nono tena. Mungu taongesea we nguvu kwa yote. Mimi roho nauma lakini tena roho yangu sijui kwa nini nahurumie wuod Maria sana. Mi naona ye ni pole tu si mtu mzuri kusumbuawa na watu. Sasa sijui mawachezaji mawasuri ndo hakuna yawa. Mungu tasaidia. Saidia yeye nyinyi na paro.

  5. I saw good football.very technical football.accurate passes.patiently building attacks.just sharpen the front and cecafa is ours to loose.we have played forward football for long.let’s stick to the philosophy.I enjoyed my self today.only goals lucking.good value for money.our style of play is unmatched in kpl.Thanks ze for that.just look for goals and we are home and dry.Our players and TB don’t need any unnecessary pressure.I like the way they played.

    1. The way you play or statistics dont count in football. 3 points do. Screw tiki taka and play yuora nena and win!!!!

    1. After winning two games @ingo is back. welcome back Omwami. How is wish you were there irrespective of the performance of ingwe

    2. Hahaha Omwami Ingo I am glad to know that you are in circulation. I had feared that you were nabbed and locked away for hate speech.

      I can’t complain about your comment because the truth is we have lost the deadly form that made you go underground.

      However, you need to remember that Efusi struggled against Posta and even Ushuru so the tide can still change.. Omwami nature can still conspire against you guys.

  6. The coach knows what he is doing, at least we did not lose, Mathare also lost, Even Barcelona draws, dont be know it alls you are not coaches. Your job is to support the club and let the coach do his job. Its called the Kingdom of Bullshit!!! Second match with no shots on target…..that is how prepared we are to win the league!!

  7. Good game. The players showed great commitment, but scoring remains elusive. Wafula and Nondi were the missing link. The inclusion of Nondi actually strengthened Bandari.

    Congratulstions coach for the attractive football. For Ze Maria to succeed with Gor Mahia he must learn to be tough. The African child operates best with some strokes of the cane.

    Thank you Ja-Asego for your post.

  8. My honest opinion ze Maria is clueless the team is gutless ! We waste about 25 minutes playing at the Back
    Very poor substitutions , i dont see us finishing in top 3

    1. And these short corners, they have never resulted in a goal. The long ones I can count at least three goals. Kahata against W.Stima, Agwanda against Tusker, Shakava against C. Stars. I know I am not a coach but why stick to a method that is not working?

      1. I raised the same issue about short corners in our game against C. Stars. Remember the day we had 20 corners and just messed with them. A good team should be ruthless with all set piece situations, corners included.

        1. I hear you BB. When a game is tight its the set pieces that bail you out. A hard and well swung corner is hard to defend even for the best of defenders!!!

  9. Fair game but I know we will be crying that what counts is goals and a win. When they have tried then they deserve to be praised, but again some will say trying is not what they are meant to do, score and win. Score and win, this is Kogalo. Musa put it well, live to fight another day.

  10. It took a tooth and nail battle for Gatusso to slot in the winner against City Stars. Today, Sofapaka had a holiday chipping in 5 goals past them. And where is Sofapaka on the log?
    Ushuru almost walked home with 3 points from Gor Mahia, had it not been for Oluoch’s alertness between the sticks. This Ushuru squad was nailed 4-0 by Stima on Wednesday then hammered 3-2 by Kepher Aswani yesterday.
    Now guys, Oluoch played more football than Wendo today because the philosophy of backpasses has become a darling of our defenders. This went on to the extent that Tuyisenge had to fetch balls from our defenders and even tried swapping flanks in despair.
    The only way we can win a match is to utilize the scarce chances we have in front of goal.
    Ze Maria, our last goal in KPL was scored by Gatusso, a boy you have kept under lock and key and instead opted for Wafula who has failed to pass balls on time or to give accurate passes. Coach, am worried that you avoided the press after our stalemate, let reality sink into you.

  11. I agree I have the invicibles hangover like all of you. Lakini Gor is blunt. Very blunt. Kwani yawa I begin to doubt this ze maria. I also watched the match am not convinced.

  12. Thank you J’Asego for your visit to this site today. I am always blessed by your posts . I watched this game and to be fair to Ze Maria, I think they tried. There is something that is seriously missing in this team though. It looks like the coach has to contend with the players that he has. May be we are complaining about the likes of Nondi and yet they are the ones ze has for now. Kahata also played well today. I think it was a good game. But what is important is the 3 points so let the coach work on that. we had better do something before Tusker and Ingwe score so many goals against kogallo.

  13. What do we blame now;anyway Hapa kwa signings;Gor signings should be impact players.Wapi wale mafans was Baron;awache Ku loose mpira kwa edge

    1. Serious problem in Midfield, plz convert Shakava into No 6 then Keli to be awinger ,kahata in No 8 , Jausenge in 9 and then Black Berry in 10.goals will come

  14. It’s true the coach knows what he’s doing but why should a player who can’t run to get a ball and another one who wants to hold the ball and dribble past six opponents then ball is taken away from him be allowed to be in the field for 80 minutes while players who can force goal in the last 20 minutes when things are tough remain in the bench for 90 minutes? Can somebody in the technical bench be out on standby to remaind the coach to do substitutions since it seems sometimes he forget and only remembers when the 90 minutes are over and the match is in added time I love the team so much but every time they loose a point I develop stomach ache did to ulcers please TH help. All the best in the remaining matches. Anyway the kind of game Mathare played yesterday left a lot to be desired and question marks.

  15. The team played well. The Chairman Ambrose Rachier needs to convene branch meeting with all the chairmen and secretary of branches to agree on the way forward. There is a big problem in the team that needs to be sorted out before the next match against Posta Rangers. If this emergency meeting is no held, expect more draws and eventually loose the title to Tusker.

    I had pointed out earlier that Ogweno and Jolawi are fully responsible to the poor performance due to supremacy wars between themselves. In this regard, the two technical bench members should step aside and let a neutral technical bench members be appointed. We need to bring back Tobias Ocholla as TM and any of the former players as Assistant Coach. The club need to have selfless technical team members that have Gor Mahia DNA to be in charge and help the coach.

    Both Ogweno and Jolawi are the major problem at Gor Mahia. The sooner they are replaced, the better for the team to move forward. Supremacy wars at this time of the league are not going to help the team.

    Gor Mahia has continued to win matches when unity prevails at the technical bench, EC, and fans as represented by branches work together with one purpose. The individual competing selfish interest is not going to help the team.

    We should expect more draws if there will be no harmony in the team and the ball is in Chairman Ambrose Rachier court to sort this out earliest before Wednesday match against Posta Rangers.

    If I were both Ogweno and Jolawi, I would just step down for the interest of the team to win matches. Why do we these ego-centric self interests which are not helping the team? Well let us watch and continue crying that we played well but missed chances. We will continue missing these open chances as long as there in no common purpose and harmony at the technical bench. When the technical bench was being cleaned at the begging of the season, the two members of technical bench were supposed not to have been spared either.

    As long as we do not have common team interest, the league is gone but there is still a room and hope to redeem ourselves and win the league with nine games remaining. We can beat all these teams without dropping any point if we are speaking the same language.

    1. Hey Jasego, I acknowledge your greetings but all is not well. Jamigori would you cut off your right leg, left leg, right hand, left hand and gorge out your eyes and tongue. Taking note of that surely Jakom will not easily get rid of Ogweno(remember Loga tried and even Jasego thought he was out), Jolawi, Jerry Jagoal,Kilo & Ngala. These are the people who implement the dirty tricks the dirtiest being “furusha Nutall” at all costs. Only fans and branches can stop the slide but then again who calls for a meeting NGALA. With Jakom TUMESTAGNATE na hii league mpaka local compe have caught up with us when we should be in the group stages of CAF. You are its a divided TB or why would Musa speak for the coaches when we have an asst. coach & TM. Jakom has taken us out of Eygpt but he’ll keep wandering in the wilderness without getting to Canaan!

  16. Gor Mahia won the league three times in a row due to inclusivity of all stakeholders that wotnessed great involvement of branches together with fans, technical bench and EC. This chemistry is no longer there as selfish competing supremacy wars have taken centre stage in the technical bench.

    We need a unity of purpose and harmonious coexistence between all stakeholders to win all the remaining matches. It is upon the chairman Ambrose Rachier to convene an impromptu meeting with reprentatatives of the branches to bring back the unity. We can still win all the remaining matches with common unity of purpose in the team.

    I appeal to Ambrose Rachier to redeem the team from further draws. Gor Mahia has a great team but disunity is killing the winning mentality.

    We had many chances against Bandari, but we blew them and we will continue to blew the chances in next matches should common ground not to be found.

    1. Today honestly we tried but bao ndio ilikata though l must mention that l was impressed by the teams general performance. Coach needs to explore new tactics and avoid playing through wings coz most teams have learnt that hence closing both wings making it difficult for our strikers to get the ball. I think he should field Kahata as no 8 and give Waluwalu free role to assist in creating space in our opponents third and also deploy Marcelo as a winger of course l haven’t been convinced with our new acquisition from Western Stima coz he’s wasteful on his passes.

  17. Kogalo played very well in Kisumu but goals refused to come. KPL teams have realised that when they park the bus Kogalo finds it difficult to score. At this critical time of the league the coach needs to field ruthless players like Agwanda, Gatuzo, Benard Odhiambo etc.even if it means changing position of some players. Players like Nondi are too inexperienced to tackle the defensive and destructive tactics employed by most kpl clubs. With the type of soccer currently played by Kogalo it is just a matter of time before we start scoring. Again our players just need to be ruthless with opposing defenders. Such times during the late Len Julians times, a central defender could be fielded as an out and out striker to thwart negative tactics employed by opposing defenders and it worked.

    1. @Nyagudi, I like your optmisim. We need to believe that every thing has an end. We will soon start scoring and I still believe we will win the league. This season one win takes you above three teams. The fact that we are lucky not to concede is also something to applaud the team for. What I know is that we are all eager to win, including the coach and players and EC too

  18. The game is excellent, statistics very encouraging. Team work laudable. Just few areas especially midfield and striking to be fine tuned. Soon goals are coming if we improve on what we saw against Bandari. Strikers need to be accurate and ruthless

    1. My brother Olu David, my worry is that “that soon” may come after the end of this season. The league is coming to an end in a matter of weeks.

  19. I said before that our current brand of soccer will take us places. The teams playing negative soccer do not go beyond Kenya. For these teams forcing Kogalo to a draw is like a win to them. After playing Gor they don’t play well. Remember Ushuru, City Stars just wait for Bandari play Chemelil on Wednesday. AFC Leopards has been beaten 4-0 by Simba of Tz because they play Kenyan brand of soccer which they play to beat Kogalo. Our soccer will take us places let us wait for CECAFA to confirm. For now our players have to work very hard to score goals for us to be in the Champions league in 2017. Ze Maria should consider fielding experienced players rather than novices like Nondi. This is not the time to experiment.

    1. Nyagudi, the big question is how do e reach that level outside there if we cannot win the KPL? We must beat these teams for us to to play the big teams. By drawing and loosing to them is retarding the dream.

      1. But we won the league we the Kenyan brand of football and where did it take us in Africa? What the coach is saying is long ball is a 50/50 ball and if we would have embark on this philosophy long ago during James Sianga’s time (2010) we would getting to the group stage in Africa

        1. Wise analysis here n v.interesting to read. True, alls not lost. At the bginning we never dreamt we could be where we r now. Lets giv thanks to god thru whom we have come this far. We overtook more than 10 teams. Overtaking one team is not too hard for our god. Lets keep the faith n be positive. Kogallo tb, ec, fans, coach n all want to win n we will win. Do not give up. Continue wit constructive criticism. Long live kogallo. God bless you.

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