Gor Mahia hold Rayon Sports

Scorer: Meddie Kagere Image: Rwanda Times

Gor Mahia and Rayon Sports of Rwanda, settled for a 1-1 draw in the opening match of the 2018 CAF Confederations cup group stage. Gor Mahia’s goal was scored by Meddie Kagere.

Additional reporting from the Nation

A wasteful Gor Mahia were held to a 1-1 draw by hosts Rayon Sports in their opening Group D match of the Caf Confederation Cup at a rain-soaked Nyamirambo Stadium in Kigali, Rwanda on Sunday.

Meddie Kagere struck the opener for the Kenyan champions before Eric Rutanga levelled for the hosts with a brilliant free-kick to ensure both teams head for the break tied.

Francis Kahata, Kagere and Jacques Tuyisenge were all guilty of wasting open chances for the Dylan Kerr-led K’Ogalo.

Both teams started with a 4-4-2 formation that had Kagere and Tuyisenge starting upfront for K’Ogalo and Ismail Diarra and Cristina Mbondi starting in attack for the hosts.

Malian striker Diarra had Rayon Sports’ first chance in the eighth minute but his hastily taken shot ended up narrowly missing the target.

Kagere then netted the first goal against the run of play, 10 minutes into the match after beating the offside trap, rounding off goalkeeper Eric Ndashimiye before slotting the ball into an empty net.

The veteran Rwandan striker then released a bicycle kick six minutes later, sending the ball towards Kahata’s way but his header missed the targed.

Rutanga then levelled matters with a well-taken free-kick that left Gor goalkeeper Boniface Oluoch rooted to his spot on 24 minutes.

Rutanga’s expertly taken free-kick soared over the wall, giving Oluoch no chance.

This equaliser changed the dynamics of the game and the hosts appeared to attack with more confidence thereafter.

No further goals were witnessed in the first half as both teams retreated to the dressing rooms to strategise for the second period.

The second half was an end-to-end affair with both K’Ogalo and the hosts creating chances but failing to convert them. The rain however didn’t make it any easier for either side.

Kahata had another miss in the 82nd minute when he was set up by Kagere, only for his resultant shot to go narrowly wide.

Gor will face Algeria’s USM Alger at home in their next match of the Caf Confederation Cup as Rayon travel to Tanzania to tackle Young Africans.


40 thoughts on “Gor Mahia hold Rayon Sports

  1. Grinding out draws at this rate would surely turn this club into draw specialists.

    I still don’t understand why we cannot make good use of set pieces outside the 18 yard box and our strikers ? Not sure whether we should overhaul the forward line entirely and bring new faces from West Africa.

  2. Walusimbi never performed to his best, he crated the fault that resulted into the goal, made so many uncountable blunders and ended up being booked!!! Would that happen to Onguso I guess this platform would be burning now!!

  3. Jamani watu watosheke.The team played VERY well, Thumps up to all the players who played & the bench.I SALUTE ALL.

  4. kocha amesahau something called sub’s.Tuyisenge n berry were tired.Berry mistake led to a counter that forced a walu foul

  5. K’ogalo na deadball ni kama maji na mafuta,we cant defend them and worse will never convert them.Be it corner kicks we get plenty and dangerous free kicks even 12 yards out hakuna kitu tutafanya nazo,ni kupiga over huko zitaenda.Me husema vile iko sijui kuficha feelings since i genuinely love GM.I fought hardest for Waza arudi but akicheza zake nitasema tu kwani nini,na ni beste yangu mbaya.Hata leo nishamwambia ametupeana.Some players though impressed me and my hats off today to philemon mbish,joash onyango,captain shakes,humphrey mieno and Standing Ovation to Meddie Kagere who was my undisputed Man of the Match..

  6. That match Kahata failed miserably to impress me even though he controlled the game well. He should stick to his left foot bcos I believe if he could have used his left foot however tight, he could have scored the winner.

  7. @George ati a grade 1 pupil could have saved that. Do you have a child that age?Why can’t you lobby for him to join Gor?Surely guys can’t we,even once,say something positive about our players.About our team?Most of us seem to leave in utopia..a world where no mistakes happen.Kahata was our hero just the other day.Today he is a villain.Those now castigating Walusimbi for the foul are the very people who were ready to lynch AR if Walu Walu wasn’t reinstated into the team.We don’t want to understand that after 40 days out he must have rushed a little.We always see a cup that is always half empty.Mara the coach is clueless.Mara no substitutions.We shall be playing almost 3 games in a week.DK had to factor that in mind.Understandbly majority of us would make better Coaches at Gor.Why don’t we send our resumes whenever there is a vacancy?This is the best away match Kogalo has played in a long time.They attacked with verve and defended solidly.I the the missed chances but I can’t bring myself demean the efforts of the coach,players EC and we’ll meaning fans.

    1. @Baba Travis, I do agree with you. The same bloggers that were making demand are now the same bloggers castigating Walusimbi. They are now blaming everything for the performance of the team. The team played very well and we were just unlucky not to have scored three or four goals. Some are accusing Bonny and Blackberry. We need to learn in thanksgiving and being gratitude to the almighty God for the team to move from a lower level to higher level.

      Indeed Gor Mahia had dominated the game and with accuracy, we can win many matches.

    2. not even to lobby for his child, ukifanya uchubguzi vizuri , this man can’t miss in Gor mahia hooligan group,
      never get contented. awacho ayueyo

  8. Before the match Kerr had seemingly noticed Rayons weakest area; defense. Either way other coaches have now discovered Gor’s weakest and most vulnerable point; defending free kicks around the box.They will surely capitalize on it and get points.Otherwise congrats for that one point in Kigali.

  9. Goe Mahia Fans Are A Special Breed. A Pack Of Whinners N Fault Finders. They Never Go Out To Watch N Enjoy A Game. To Them Footnall Is A Do Or Die Contest Where Their Team Must Forever Be Invincinle! Their Players Are Supermen Wno Must Never Make Mistakes! These Are Wannabe Knowitalls Who Live In Eutopia. Yet Some Of Them Here Have Even Kicked A Ball In Their Life! Give Us A Break PLEASE.

    1. kwanza ata field enyewe hawaende….mdomo mingi ambazo hazisaidi….kata ngato otimo maber, kata mwenyewe is the reason we are in group stage,

  10. Then Some River Road Journalism Here! Stop Focudding All Your Negative Reporting On Gor. How Come Rayon Sports Was Not ‘wasteful’ Yet Both Teams Missed A Pluthora Of Chances?

  11. This is a match we should have worn were it not for the rains. Anyway I want to congratulate the team for getting a point away. It’s not an easy thing as many may think. Let’s accept that mistakes are part of the game, it can’t just be perfect

  12. Guys, Bonnie let in an easy goal and must take responsibility but everybody makes mistakes. I also admit we are subjective and once somebody does not like a player they will always find faults with them. Like if it was Odhoji, I personally would have been breathing fire…..Again, Bonny is still the best keeper we have at the moment as shown in their statistics in the local league.
    Bonny-Matches played 6 goals conceded 2
    Odhoji- Matches played 4 goals conceded-6
    Peter-Matches played 1-Goals conceded 2
    That said, Bonny needs to avoid being too casual at times in such important matches. Back to the match, this was one of the most exciting matches I have watched Gor Mahia play in a long time. We were more comfortable on the ball than the hosts and bossed the game for its entirety. Contrary to other bloggers, I personally feel Kahata did not disappoint and was one of my best performers of the day. Secondly Mieno seems to be slowly discovering his creative best. A few concerns though, in the last few matches, Wendo and Mieno both seem to lose steam around the 75th minute and our midfield then becomes light and Kerr may need to strategise for that. Then, we seem not to be able to defend set pieces at the edge of our 18 yard box and soon teams will be using it to hit us using that. Either we minimize such clumsy fouls or we train hard on how to defend them. Lastly, Joash has never been my favourite player but yesterday, he was solid and aggressive as some of us like him for and I wish him more days like that in the green and white. Plus that Macron jersey is beeeautiful!!!!

  13. I think the team did well under the circumstances.we were unlucky to draw that game.

    Seems like USM Algiers is the team to beat now.They humbled Yanga 4nil.Lets prepare well for them on 16th May

  14. I here Kagere won’t play against USM Alger because he was booked!! The same I guess will apply to Jaja!! I see a possibility of this wreaking the squad of that day!! Who are the best alternatives considering that USM Alger is the team to beat and funnily enough it will be a home match into which should be a must win for Kogalo?

  15. llow card he got was undeserved. Even his and Kagere’s bookings were far fetched. Gor Mahia was the better team and we would have run away with that one had it not been for the rain.

    Let us not worry about USM. Gor Mahia always saves the best for Arabs. It shall be no different this time round. The work of the Arabs is to be beaten

  16. I think Only Kagere will miss the next match and therein is where Giukan comes in to show us what he can do. On yesterday’s match I thought BB was off at some point and needed to be sub’d. I would have preferred Onyango since the game needed some physicality in it but for some reason the coach thought we didn’t need the sub

  17. Some people who speak loudest here have never stepped in the pitch to play football. It is not easy as they seem to think. That free kick was well taken, it was international, there is no way I can blame Oluoch when his beaten by such a ball. I just want to solute the boys for the good work. It is so many years since Gor played continental football and the team is building on very well. Building a team is long process and let give them time, we were praying for at least a draw, a win would have been a bonus and a draw we got. Let us learn to appreciate.

  18. This why I longed for CAF group stage.It’s time to separate the men from the boys and for the boys to grow up.Everyone’s ability is at stake from Kerr (correcting GM’s inability to defend free kicks and his ability to recruit suitable players come June18 transfer window) to the “passengers”. Bonny’s faults are recurring and incurable, wastefulness of our forward line is something Kerr always laments about after every match so why get hot under the collar when the obvious is stated,call a spade a spade not a big spoon. Kahata (i think Gulkan is the only GM player who can “consistently” score in that position, review our previous matches) and Walu will raise up but what about the ones whose same weaknesses are exposed match after match.Will EC protect them in June ati contracts. Lastly what if that rain poured down at our machakos stadium, it would have been a mud pool, unplayable. Rayon is a lightweight, that’s 2 points lost and we all know that K’Ogalo’s problems are the same,HOME/AWAY, that’s the worry.

    1. Oduor12 we mirror same facts but as always in this site we have two camps i,e Kingdom Guards or Kingsmen who hear no evil,see no evil,blog no evil etc.We have progressives too who tell it as it is,tactically & technically astute to the dynamics of modern football.Same group here always defending whatever performance wanted Ze Maria to stay put being apparently the best Coach we ever had.Now if Waza commited a blunder,kahata missed a seater,wendo fluffed a golden pass from Tuyisenge,bonny let in an easy one without effort,tukisema sasa ati hatupenda K’Ogalo?Nonsense…Waza remains one of our stalwarts regardless,Kagere whom we criticize when he misses chances yesterday showed up & to him i saluted with a MOTM performance,shida iko wapi?Mara we should coach if we know better,mara we never stepped into a football pitch,mara we don’t praise Jehovah with gratitude,Mara i fought for Waza now i don’t want him…Hehe ni ufala imejaa watu kichwa but no worries,me i say facts unpleasant as they might albeit very measurably & without disrespect to any player or TB.Those who must respond to my post by insinuating,well ni haki yenu,am just not you & never shall you direct my thoughts as you might so wish jokababa…

      1. Walu committed a foul outside the box, but remember that football is a contact sport and even good players sometimes fail to click. As for LAST MAN Bonny sadly, history bears us out, from the Azam CECAFA final,Rooney’s goal,Maiti Thicker blunder and many more.With all his experience, he is prone to one costly error especially in high stakes matches apart from conceding goals by being out of position.A sad fact is goalkeeping blunders become significant when you draw / lose but are overlooked when you win.That’s why Kerr must sign a G.K in June. As for our forwards ratio of goals scored to chances created is dismal. Lastly to EC,please sieze this opportunity to improve club management. Why have a meaningless membership drive that confers no benefit to a member? E.g will a member pay the same ticket price as a fan? K’Ogalo needs a membership support base as EC knows how fickle sponsors can be! Let’s enjoy and learn from the CAF ride but everyone is on the spot light, EC, TB, players, fans, even our stadia.

  19. I dont think the issue here is whether somebody has played football before or not but rather an issue of attitude where the advent of social media has made everybody an expert on everything moreso on matters they know little or nothing about , I dont think Jose Mourinho ever played any football anybody can remember about , but when it comes
    to understandingfootball , he is up there with the best , but still that didnt stop his highly rated expensively assembled squad from being knocked
    Out by a lowly rated Sevilla from the champions league , the same goes for Diego Simeone , one of the finest footballers of his time and a two time champions league finalist who had his team relagated to the second tier uefa competition , that my friends , is the real life of football .
    Let as not reason as if the teams Gor Mahia play wamefungiwa mguu and start looking at issues with tantrumic miindsets , this
    Kogalo team is a team whose cup is half full and not half empty and as such a draw away is perfectly in order .
    U can decide to look at football from a technical and contextual perspective or from a layman’s point of view , either way you are entitled to your opinion , simplistic as it may be
    One thing is for certain , there is a huge difference between loving football and knowing football and that includes having an opinion as to whether such a well taken free kick would have beaten even the best goalkeeper in
    The world or not and finally , if you know football , you will cut Walusimbi some Slack , lets minimise these increasing cases of tantrums and emotional violence , hi team iko juu na tuko tu sawa

  20. Eti “ufala imejaa watu kichwa”.That is a statement from a senior blogger.One who understands football better than Sir Alex and Mou combined.Ja asego.If this be true then the slide towards moral decadence(on this site)is worse than imagined.

    1. We congratulate the team for managing a draw away, but we are also saying that they should have done better. They had a chance to win that game. Am not sure if GM will have another opportunity to seal an away victory like they had against Rayon Sports

    2. With all due respect Baba T,kindly avoid literal interpretation and let’s appreciate poetic license and enjoy the colourful use of language. “Grade 1 pupil could have saved that” simply means the blogger thinks team conceded a soft goal while others think that it’s the freekick which was topnotch etc, etc

  21. Congratulations are in order. That away goal might just prove to be the main factor along the line. It is the key as can be attested to during the qualifications. K’Ogalo is sending chills down the spine of very many teams. The Team is actually doing double work. They are raising the Kenyan flag in foreign lands and this is part of the reason why the government must take sports seriously. Gor is an international team. It is Kagere who scored the goal. My thinking is probably many other players who played on the pitch and those who came just to watch, would love to play for Gor. With the June window……I hope not many applications are streaming for the slightest opportunity though not many.

    1. That Was afair result for the boys but i want to lament on one thing here, why fielding aplayer who canot give 100% yet u are leaving someone who has been perfoming very good all the time,,, like walusimbi waz not at his best form actually he has not been training for almost amonth and his fitness was very low and i wonder why the coach left onguso out of the starting line up,, then to oluoch, can we say that u were overconfident or so much composed??,, that faul was very eazy, i think it is high time to start showing your case at this stage otherwise congrat!! to the boyz

  22. Congratulations Are In Order For The Only Team That Managed An Away Goal Last Night Across Africa. Kogalo Are On Their Way To Greatness. N That Is Minus Karim N Wellington. Or You Make Me Happy. Keep The Fire Burning. Next Is Usm Alger. To The Murabu I Say Come Baby Come! Mayienga Will Beat The Goat In The Milley. Swayni!

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