Gor Mahia in flying start

Harun Shakava silences those who have been clowning him for scoring an own goal against Hull City

Gor Mahia started their 2017 league campaign with a convincing 3-1 win over newly promoted Kariobangi Sharks. The match was played at Thika Municipal stadium. Goals came from Harun Shakava, Kenneth Mugiraneza and Jacque Tuyisenge.

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The hosts Sharks got the game going with Ibrahim Kitawi twice coming close to give his side the lead with just three minutes gone after a good work from Ovella Ochieng on the left flank. Godfrey Walusimbi later shot wide from the left before Timothy Otieno collided with goalkeeper Robert Mboya inside the box with Gor Mahia dominating ball possession. Pascal Ogweno would come to Sharks’ rescue after Kitawi was dispossessed by Kenneth Muguna. With twelve minutes gone, Sharks got its first corner of the game which Osborne Monday took but Gor Mahia defense was on its toes. With the Green Army knocking, the moment came in the 16th minute when Harun Shakava headed a corner ball into an empty net with Robert Mboya out of position. Duke Abuya later saw his long range shot go wide. Gor Mahia got a corner that Kenneth Muguna took picking Karim Nzigiyimana who shot just inches wide and a second goal would come for K’ogalo when new signing Mugiranza easily tapped in the ball after Godfrey Walusimbi’s shot was punched out by Mboya.


The second half started with Sharks making its first change; Sven Yidah in, Michael Omondi out before Gor Mahia got a free kick that Timothy Otieno headed wide. Timothy Otieno also made it 3-0 when he intercepted a pass but he was ruled for handling the ball. The 15-time champions continued to press but Sharks proved a difficult to break as Muluya made another change, Rodgers Omondi out, Sven Yidah in before Ernest Wendo got into the referee’s book after a challenge on Yidah. Sharks escaped Karim’s wrath after Pascal Ogweno saved his hard hit shot off the line with the game becoming hotly contested as both teams displayed frustrations that saw Timothy Otieno be booked for elbowing Yidah and Sharks making last change of the game; Ibrahim Kitawi out, Mathew Odongo in.


With the clock ticking Gor Mahia made the first change; Ernest Wendo out, Francis Kahata in and two minutes later there was another change from the visitors; Timothy Otieno out, Meddie Kagere in. Sharks had a chance to slice the lead but goalkeeper Boniface Oluoch made a two time save to keep his side on the merited position. With two minutes remaining, put the game beyond reach after Walusimbi’s cut back on the right found Tuyisenge who back heeled the ball into the net

Kariobangi Sharks starting Xl: Robert Mboya, Bolton Omwenga, Pascal Ongweno, Wycliffe Otieno, Michael Bodo [Sydney Yidah], Osborne Monday, Patilla Omoto, Ibrahim Kitawi [Mathew Odongo], Ovella Ochieng, Duke Abuya, Rodgers Omondi [Mike Misigo]

Unused subs: Jeff Oyemba, Geoffrey Shiveka, Stephen Odhiambo, Elli Asieche

Gor Mahia starting XI: Boniface Oluoch, Harun Shakava, Musa Mohammed, Wellington Ochieng, Karim Nziyigimana, Godfrey Walusimbi, Ernest Wendo [Francis Kahata], Jean Baptiste Mugiraneza, Kenneth Muguna, Jacques Tuysenge, Timothy Otieno [Meddie Kagere]

Unused subs: Peter Odhiambo, Philemon Otieno, George Odhaimbo, Oliver Maloba Amos Nondi

34 thoughts on “Gor Mahia in flying start

  1. Congratulations to the team, technical bench, EC led by AR and our present fans for the splendid performance. We return glory to God for the sweet victory. We have a strong team and let us all pull together to support this team.

  2. We thank God for the victory over Sharks. The pitch was too bumpy for the all teams and something need to done in these pitches. Let all our fans and bloggers pull together to support the team.

  3. congrats to Kogalo.KPL rarely has teams ready to take on Gor like newbies of K Sharks or Nzoia Leicester. Anyway as a fan since both teams aspire to tikitaka note somewhere for the return leg in Kisumu tiki taka stadium.it will be pure excitement.

  4. It has been a long time since the phrases ‘Gor Mahia’ and ‘a convincing 3-1 victory’ appeared in the same script.
    A good start to Canaan so let us mend the following stitches so as to maintain our lane of victory:
    *Wendo should desist from career-threatening tackles on opponents. He earns unnecessary fouls especially when fatigue sets in on him.
    *The balls should be cleared from the goal area immediately to avoid the Wellington scenario where he was forced to tap the ball away while seated.
    Sweet victory from the boys. However, this victory won’t stop hardline critics like me from rebuking any negativity noticed in Kogallo fraternity. Which team are we slaughtering next?

  5. Wendo is good in covering the back four but should avoid unprofessional tackles. Muguna was overconfident and ought to release the ball quickly. Walusimbi and Bonny were the top performers.We could have soaked in 4 goals but Bonny was superb.Congrats to all players,keep the fire burning, every match should be approached with all the vigour and resilience.

  6. Today I don’t expect more than 30coments because we have won. Had it been the other way round, by now we would be doing like 60-negative comments. This is because the NEGATIVE ENERGY BRANCH is always completely deflated by any Gor victory.They hide safely to digest the humble pie.

  7. Splendid and superb performance by the boys.I liked each and every aspect of the game.Congrats Ze Maria and AR on a perfect start.Special mention goes to Karim Nizigiyimana,Boniface Oluoch and Walusimbi.Not forgetting all the wonderful Green Army faithful who turned up to cheer the mighty Mayienga.Pure bliss

  8. Did any one hear n see what I think I heard and saw. When the shark’s goal scorer was rushing towards our goal to score the goal, a whistle was blown. Our defenders thought the referee had blown an off side whistle and relaxed their chase thus allowing the scorer to score. It turns out that the whistle was blown by fans! May be whistle blowing by fans should be banned. Otherwise a good game. My man of the match was Walusumbi.

    1. @Marto, Walusimbi was just superb. Special mention to Karim, he was brilliant too. Bonny kept us in the game when he saved a point blank attempt. Had we conceded that very early goal maybe the result would not have been this comfortable. Overall today was a good day for everyone including Wendo who was very aggresive and disrupted the Sharks transition. Infact he neutralized Monday complelely winning all one on one contest they had in the engine room.

  9. Congratulations to the team. Ze Maria will deliver trophies this year. Because of commitment I couldn’t watch the match. I dill watch the replay tonight then give my comments. Anyway, I am happy that we won and hope many more wins will be recorded in the league and any other competitions entered into.

  10. These whistle blowing fans messed up the team of a clean sheet as the defenders thought that it was a call from the centre referee. The fans are going to continue messing our results if they are going to continue with blowing whistles as if it was the centre referee’s call. If this was not the case, I do not think Sharks could have scored that consolation call.

    1. Yawa Jamigori, gor players are used to those whistles and all the other forms of noise.And that is the joy of supporting the team. In kujiachilia na kupiga mayowe They should just concentrate and do their part.

  11. Sasa wapi hao,,,,,,,,, mara wuod Maria this, ooh that sijui what,,,,.kutukana coah bila mpango haisaidi chochote. Panganga mingi na matusi kwa Wuod Maria ikome,,, even some of the best coaches in the world do fail some times….

    1. Hehehe when he doesn’t perform, we will say it as it is. On the contrary I tend to think that Ziko has really helped him. What used to be tiki piti whereby back passes to Bony were quite common have stopped. I also saw long balls. Ziko knows when and who to substitute. That is why we don’t concede goals after taking the lead. After all is said and done, kila mtu aweke rules kwake.This is a social forum and nobody is gonna tell us what to write, especially the sofaset guys who cannot even withstand teargass .Those directing our way of blogging should direct their households.

    2. Hehehe when Wuod Maria doesn’t perform, we will say it as it is. On the contrary I tend to think that Ziko has really helped him. What used to be tiki piti whereby back passes to Bony were quite common have stopped. I also saw long balls. Ziko knows when and who to substitute. That is why we don’t concede goals after taking the lead. After all is said and done, kila mtu aweke rules kwake.This is a social forum and nobody is gonna tell us what to write, especially the sofaset guys who cannot even withstand teargass .Those directing our way of blogging should direct their households.

  12. Congratulations to the players, T b and the EC. The fans, thank you so much for standing with the team at all the times.
    To some of us whom support the teem only during victories, I pray that K’ogalo keep wining so that you can come back to the stadium and we support the team.

    God bless K’ogalo

  13. Thanks to the boys for a great start in the League.
    Even in super hot Juba we rejoice and thank God for the victory.

    In victory and glory, in defeat and agony, Kogalo for Ever!

  14. Joods? Yes I cannot believe we are yet to hit 30! If it was any other result we would by now be at 70 something all with negativity. Truly good performance deflates some people, so then that tells you a lot. I congratulate the team in my own big way and will cheer them again optimistically. Forward ever guys…

  15. I must commend whoever must have advised Ambrose Robert to bring Ziko to the TB. He understands Kenyan football. Otherwise Maria Mama and his fellow Brazilians were quite confused! How do you expect Wendo for instance to tiki piti at 1metre. Ziko was a good coach last season, proven, abaluo, alumni…….Lakini if anybody expects me to praise Zemaria for losing to Ap and thika…..

  16. That is one game now four to go. I remember the coach was given 5 matches to prove himself or ship out. Those who called for calm were called sycophants amongst other names. Personally I think basically lots of off-field issues are the ones that affect our team. Once we get players like Gattuso to get themselves free of off-field drama, the EC and TB pulling in the right direction and also sending the correct and coordinated info to the press and fans then we will be home and dry. The thing is that this year things will be tougher in the field than the previous years but that makes it even easier for us to pull off from the rest who will be cannibalizing themselves.

    Kudos to fans like K’osero who believe even when everything is pointing south as well as those like Jasego , Oduor12 and Ja Thur Gi ji who continuously point the ‘holes’ in the team.

    After all our aim is one. For Gor to prosper irrespective of who is in charge of what docket.

  17. From what I saw the team is on fire!! Good play lads we want every match taken seriously so that we can build a big range at the top of the league.
    We should show our quality early.

  18. Congrats to the Boys and also to the glass is half full and not half empty Gor mahia fraternity , like Jood who belongs to the glass is half full fraternity has rightly said , reaching the 30th comment mark is prooving so hard a task , could there be some frequent bloggers missing , maybe but I wonder for what reason and yet it is a day for celebration and accolades.

  19. Hehehe. @ Jakoyo and Jathur gi Ji. I too belong in the school of thought that Ze Maria needs to be given a chance and he will perform. But honestly I don’t think it is any wiser to start chest thumping and displaying some “we said so attitude”. For God’s sake the league has just started and we don’t know how it will end. The fact that our colleagues from the other camp spent a lot of energy criticizing the poor performance doesn’t mean that there is less romance between them and Kogallo. In fact, I do think that those criticisms are healthy as they keep those responsible for club handling on toes and in check much like a strong opposition is needed in a country’s politics.
    I hate to imagine how this blog would be like if we all spoke one thing. It would be boring. What keeps me opening this page all the time is to see what @ Musymo et al have posted so that I challenge it. That is what keeps this site going. We are all for Kogallo, for better and for worse. Actually the harshest critics may be the ones with the strongest love for the club no wonder they are hurt the most when things are going south hence the tantrums. No hard feelings guys.
    There we go. We now have 30 comments.

  20. I think wellingtone should be benched for some time before being reintroduced as his performance was below par.

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