Gor Mahia kicked out of camp Toyoyo

After having been locked out of their offices at Nyayo stadium, Gor Mahia have also been locked out of their training ground at Camp Toyoyo in Jericho estate. They will now use Parklands Sports club as their training ground.

One players told the Standard that they arrived at Camp Toyoyo only to be told that they would not be allowed to use the facility.

“We arrived at the training ground only for the management to ask us to leave because the office has not paid up. On Tuesday, we trained at Kasarani and today we have been asked to report for training at Parklands Sports Club,” said the player. said the player.

And official also confirmed the situation.

“It is true that we have been denied access to Camp Toyoyo because of unpaid arrears. The amount we are talking about here is standing at millions but I hope the situation will be solved. It is unfortunate that this has happened and we have now booked Parklands Sports Club as a temporary training ground as we solve the matter.” said an official to goal.com
Chairman Ambrose Rachier confirmed that after being removed from Nyayo stadium, the club will be looking for a smaller space to rent.

I am sure you also owe someone money,” said Rachier, adding “We have debts and are trying to clear them. Our offices have been shut down and we are talking to the people concerned while trying to reach a settlement, which may involve leasing a smaller affordable space.” he said to the Nation.

And with Gor Mahia chairman being at loggerheads with FKF, the club could be found in default of the new licensing rules which requires every premier league club to have a secretariat and lease agreement for a training ground and stadium for the whole season.

28 thoughts on “Gor Mahia kicked out of camp Toyoyo

  1. Now even that kiherehere called Nyangi cannot give us updates on these things. They were so quick to write on simple Ottomax issues!Useless officials. They have been dwelling on non issues. Some kingdom guard who really hates Luos has gone mute. If you carry a skunk home, you must be ready to bear with its rather disturbing fragrance. Those who voted Mugabe have brought a Skank at kogalo. I am sure that more surprises are Loading……….

    1. Actually a person who was that always shunning kogalo diehards as “Abaluos” in a rather derogatory manner?Sanii wakechoo marach we dont take prisoners

    1. Gate collection will still be poor this season. The European leagues are hitting peak and we are still wrangling.

      I have always suspected that we deliberately manage by crisis and that’s why there’s no real growth for a club almost 50 years old. Like Oduor says, last season’s failure must have been planned. I wonder how we would have honored the CAF matches.

      What we are witnessing is meant to push away some unwanted officials who were elected. There was a time one SG resigned over such matters and left the club in the hands of ‘you know who’.

  2. This bogus Wakili is just an overrated piece of something I won’t write here for decorum purposes.Ati rich and educated?Can’t he now pay those bills using his personal accounts then repay himself lumpsome with sponsorship money again this season like he did last year. I once said here I know everything that happens in GM but decided to keep quiet due to kingdom guards always saying substantiate your allegations but fact is SportPesa money was shared amongst individuals starting with a cheque of 4 million kickback written to a broker who initiated the whole deal and is a former KQ pilot now working with a foreign airline (Name Withheld) then esteemed chairman and his cronies repaying themselves for years of suffering.Thats why the clause that bars the actual amount from being disclosed was included in the contract.Senior players are also currently being paid nusu salaries as we await a new circle of looting in 2017..Total Nonsense

  3. What is 85k monthly for a club of GM stature that we should look for a smaller space to rent in River road?Just pay rent on time instead of neglecting responsibility and accumulating unnecessary debts.Likewise with camp toyoyo stop stealing na njaa as if you have never seen money,pay club dues and pocket the rest as you must since club ni yako apparently.Stop embarrassing us like this wewe bwana…Believe it or not I was bantering with Nick Mwendwa who asked me now if he had ill intentions against GM wouldn’t he have bounced immediately to relegate us to the 2nd tier by revoking our provisional license?Chairman wa mdomo fighting useless personal wars against all and sundry while running over the most brazen and incompetent overated useless EC in the whole premier league second only to Sofapaka and Muhoroni….Deuces AR you have been called out,wewe ni hewa tupu no substance whatsoever

  4. @ jasego and others matusi ni ya nini? Be patient. Why are we behaving like we are seeing this for the first time? Don’t we all have everyday personal struggles in this world …why should kogallo be immuned ?

    Kogallo has been through this challenges before and survived … 2 years without a sponsor, players go without salaries , kicked out of both machakos and city stadium, banned from nyayo and kasarani, played in empty stadium, defaulted on the bus loan, defaulted on KRA etc etc etc etc etc.

    So give AR time to fix this small time matters , the office bearers are only 2 months old and besides have a much big fish to fry….tiki taka obsessed coach.

    1. @Jakoyo, honestly you need anesthetist to induce you to start labout because you are laboring in support of mediocrity from EC. Because GM encountered some problems in the past does it means these is the yardstick to measure progress of failure.@Oduor12 saw these things long long time ago but some wannabe came in support of the office in full vengeance and ready to any one…. Sasa wacha tujikaenge na mafuta yetu wenyewe !!!!!!!!! But am ready to carry my ‘Otugo Diep’ should my services be needed to rescue the club from sinking deeper

      1. Omera,its so sad,as @BB opined,deep down i had always/somehow wished that the dark omens some of us were seeing were mere figments of our fertile imaginations and the “optimists” were right.That was not to be. You can be excused for not paying rent for 3months but not 4.5 years! Was it a must that we accumulate such debts? Were there no cheaper offices or grounds. I can bet that the incompetent Ze Maria & Co. are being retained coz they are not demanding their salary arrears.If you can’t pay for a training ground/85k how can you pay +540k? This is deliberate,gross,unacceptable incompetence and AR is a conman who wants to steal from K’galo upto 2020.Did he really pay $4M for Jausenge? Has he/his cronies declared the money they “lent” GMFC to KRA as income on their part(s) and paid taxes. We need a list and a forensic audit. We need a special SGM and impeachment of AR. Btw GM constitution was not amended so EC’s term is 2years not 4years as per Sport’s Act. Did EC give fake accounts for CAF licence?

    2. #$#@ of the highest quality. How did those who voted AR reconcile 1. I stand for transparency and accountability 2. Signed a deal with sportpesa with a close of not disclosing the actual amount? Two things I know 1. Going to court to block sponsorship for they promote corruption, calling all Gor fraternity to keep off from sportpesa activities and putting on sport wears bearing sportpesa 2. Appealing to all the Fans to boycott all the matches until the actual amount is revealed. Sometimes human beings are saved by death in the hands of corrupts and dictators. Even court cannot help.

  5. I was once told that bad leaders are elected by good citizens who don’t go to vote. We have the chance to kick out he so-called Mugabe but we decided to do it from this site while the so-called ‘goons’ went to physically vote. Typical of the Kenyan middle-class. The other problem with us is that e are swayed by the wind,. In case Ze Maria wins the next ten matches we will be all over praising him to be a genius. Didn’t we praise and later on turn against coaches Giddy, Pamzo, Awono, Zico etc. All the same I think what we need in Gor is a new constitution detailing what each and every official should be doing. Information from the club is coming from Ngala, the secretary, the PR chief, from the CEO and at times they contradict each other e.g on the issue of stewards, Walu going AWOL etc

  6. @Odour12, you have been raising pertinent questions to EC and the entire GM fraternity that no one is able to answer. It all boils down to transparency that we have been agitating for all this long, unfortunately it has been falling on deaf ears little did we know that ‘tulichagua waalaji nyama’,,,,,,,,,,,They are chocking from their greed and are now vomiting on our shoes. The heart-wrenching thing is that it is for a cool two years, TUTAFANYA???? Am disgusted to the bone.

  7. lack of transparency and accountability has born out all this ‘waalaji nyama’ are chocking from their greed and now are vomiting on our shoes

  8. The question that begs, Could it be that someone has been carrying the burden of financial responsibility upon themselves and they are now tired shouldering it? Or it is a question of no money or not remitting anything. Why are they coming at the same time? Dear bloggers as bad as it is I still think that sobriety would bring a quicker solution. May be this is the time to ask what is the problem and what can I do to ease the situation?

    1. I hear you Jaupanda,it starts with AR tabling true not “doctored/fake” financial statements so that members can know who is owed what and how much. The list (and accounts) need to be independently verified.Paying your debts and tabling accounts are routine responsibilities for any office,so the question is why is AR ever so secretive,esp the income part e.g gate collections,sponsorship,projects,donations,on this matter that is clearly spelt out in the GM constitution. All he does is orchestrate elections.Why did the judge resign? Who really threatened him? Why were 1500 voters delisted? After every elections AR avoids holding the mandatory yearly AGMs but starts shenanigans, manipulations and constant stirring up of disorder an art he has perfected.However EC may have to “catwalk” and talk “kizungu mingi” again to FIFA once again coz am damn sure EC presented fake accounts to get the CAF licence. The integrity of the whole FKF licensing system is called into question and so is that of GM’s auditor.

  9. This time around let nobody irritatecus with 350100 paybill no. We need an explanation as to how Sportpesa and gate money is used. I now believe that Mugabe manipulated the last elections to favour him. I never thought an advocate can be this thick.

  10. Stupidity of the highest quality. How did those who voted AR reconcile 1. I stand for transparency and accountability 2. Signed a deal with sportpesa with a close of not disclosing the actual amount? Two things I know 1. Going to court to block sponsorship for they promote corruption, calling all Gor fraternity to keep off from sportpesa activities and putting on sport wears bearing sportpesa 2. Appealing to all the Fans to boycott all the matches until the actual amount is revealed. Sometimes human beings are saved by death in the hands of corrupts and dictators. Even court cannot help.

  11. The league has not started yet. It has been delayed by Tom & Jerry characters who have failed to agree upon the number of teams to register their usual draws against Kogallo.
    Meanwhile, the sun rarely sets without Kogallo being stained by a fresh scandal or barrier.
    Kogallo owes KRA millions in taxes.
    Kogallo beaten by Nyakach Girls’ in a friendly.
    Kogallo denied access to Nyayo offices.
    Ottamax suspended, reinstated then sacked!
    Kogallo barred from training at Camp Toyoyo.

    While our shemejis are busy cleaning their yard, we are busy dyeing our image in scandals. Can’t this black mamba monarch in the name of Rachier resign to regain his respect?
    Can’t we pay these arrears to register once again in other’s good books?
    So disheartening to hear a club like Kogallo planning to rent Parklands sports club for its matches, a place where estate children play with old tyres and mud is the surface material.
    Is this team really prepared to play top flight soccer in Kenya this season?

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