Gor Mahia looking to overcome turmoil as they take on Vihiga

Gor Mahia will make a return to their spiritual homeground of Kisumu this weekend. It has been a long hiatus as they have played most of their matches this season in the unfriendly confines of Machakos.

This Saturday they take on newly promoted Vihiga United. The kickoff is scheduled fo 3pm on Saturday according to the KPL website.

Coach Kerr will be leading his charges as he looks to put aside the shenanigans within the club where an official is said to have threatened him with the sack. Apparently Kerr was given an ultimatum by a club official which involved sacking.

However secretary general Ronald Ngala who seems to be one of the few level headed officials, moved to assuage such concerns.

“An ultimatum is a big thing that can come from either the club chairman or Secretary General. What you are seeing is just noise by an individual; if we had a problem with him (Kerr), you will definitely know. he told goal.com

NgalA did say that every official has a right to speak out.

“Everyone has a right to say what he/she feels, but that does not necessarily reflect the club’s stand. Right now we are preparing for our continental assignment and that is all we want to focus on.” he said.

But this dysfunctional behavior where officials speak their mind and attack other officials in public cannot be good for the club. Unfortunately the club still has an archaic constitution where it is run by volunteer individuals who don’t necessarily have the skills to run a club succesff

Matchwise, Kogalo cannot afford to slip up. Any negative result could hand the league lead to their arch rivals. As for Vihiga, they will be all guns blazing since they have yet to win a match and are second from bottom. Gor Mahia need a morale boosting win as they prepare to take on Supersport United of South Africa in the CAF  Confederations cup.

12 thoughts on “Gor Mahia looking to overcome turmoil as they take on Vihiga

  1. So far Dylann Kerr has performed well. This lady called Nyangi should be warned in the strongest terms possible not to dare threaten the coach again

    1. Last year She also threatened players telling them eti I will do to you what I did to Enock Agwanda. Remember how she chased Agwanda away from the club

  2. Is this motor mouth Nyangi somebody’s attack dog , if so then the owner of this dog should control its rabid tendencies , I know she is intellectually deficient but that is no excuse but again , she is the consequence of our choices

  3. It’s one thing to crticize, constructive criticism is quite another thing; the former is very easy and common but the latter is rare but I would vouch for it any day. We as supporters often get into areas and/or issues we are not supposed to and by that we pull everything and everyone down. So bad, look some one here referred to another as “idiot”, too bad. Mine is just to wish team success in the upcoming matches

  4. Nyangi can only justify such an ultimatum if all players & TB emoluments are up to date. We are all attaching great importance to winning the Supersport games. As for Ngala being “level headed” the least said the better. This long serving but junior most EC secretary/official is a celebrated sycohant of the see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil philosophy even when things are obviously wrong. In this post he asserts that only the Chair or S.G can communicate weighty matters e.g ultimatums to the head coach yet in one very recent past post he rubbishes the same S.G’s statement about non-payment of players salaries as “baseless”. Our bloated EC is a tower of Babel. Only solution is, as wisely suggested but surprisingly castigated, for the players & TB to come out and confirm the payment or non payment of all their emoluments. BE FORTHRIGHT AS WALUSIMBI WE DON’T WANT “NON FOOTBALLING” EXCUSES FOR ANY NON PERFORMANCE LATER. Best of luck against V.United.

  5. I think it’s time the beloved fans of Kogalo take over control of the club. Where is gomalotto, Gor cover of which I’m a member and many other. Wawache mchezo na washugulikie wachezaji na coaches. In fact those are the stakeholders who make Gor to be Mighty Kogalo.

  6. The Lady should join her fellow officials in working as a team. We Kogalo fans are working day and night in order to support the club by ensuring that gate collections are up to date by attending most of the matches. Please madam , you are trying to rattle the fans who may not be easy to cool down. I wish you all the best in your office but please, may you stop threatening our Coach , the King, `Kerr`.

  7. Even university lecturers, doctors, teachers and nurses make it public whenever their welfare is compromised by their emoluments being delayed or interfered with. It is irrational to expect players and TB to produce optimal results when they have not been paid for 2 months, which will add upto 3 by end of March2018. Therefore unless the players and TB, as the directly affected parties, come clean on issue of payment/non payment of their emoluments we as fans will assume that all is ok and expect nothing less than victory over Supersport since EC has provided them with a conducive atmosphere to perform. SPEAK UP OR PLAY & PERFORM.

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