Gor Mahia optimistic of making next round

Gor Mahia coach Dylan Kerr thinks his side played well on Saturday against Leones Vegeterianos but regretted that they could not put away the chances they created.

“I think we really played and pressed well right from the start. We created many chances and it is only a pity that we could not score past two. Overall, we performed really well but the tie is not over. We need to focus on a better second leg,” Kerr said to the Star.

Skipper Harun Shakava thinks the side learned a lot about the Equatoguinean side which they can use in the return leg.

“We didn’t know much about this team but now we have a few ideas on how to tackle them. Winning the first leg with a clean sheet is a huge thing for us. Hopefully we finish the job away and qualify,” said shakava

On another positive note, Kevin Omondi appears to have put aside the personal issues that affected his play at Sofapaka. He now looks focused and sharp as evidenced by his technically brilliant finish off an equally brilliant assist from Francis Kahata.

New signing Ephrem Guikan also had a dream debut. The Ivorian attacker silenced his doubters with a well taken finish in which he picked up the ball and with what was practically first touch, he deftly lost his marker then found the net with a well taken rising shot.

Match Highlights

Kenya Premier League

Gor Mahia will resume their 2018 Kenya Premier League campaign against Zoo Kericho this Thursday at Kericho Green Stadium.


24 thoughts on “Gor Mahia optimistic of making next round

  1. Good Sir Kerr,i want us to win as much as you do but if you think we played really well,technically and tactically with those long balls that were wasted and lack of composure,no build up play from defense and endless transitioning them am worried.It seems we might just have to get used to it as your preferred style of play.I advocate better display but as long as the results are forthcoming i cant say much only Goodluck in the second leg

  2. I just wonder how the reaction would be , if we play beautiful game but fail to score goals. To me, goals first no matter how we get them. Do we earn points from beautiful football?
    Let’s always be grateful and encourage the team.

    1. Sam Muga thura,youra nena otada football can only win the Kpl and go past preliminary round of Caf.When we meet technically superior teams,we will be outplayed in every department with long balls and endless running.Even CNaPS of Madagadcar easily contained us and threw us out with their coach citing an easy time countering our style of play.We can emulate Zesco who play complete attractive football and still score plus have made inroads in Caf owing to a stable system.Hii ya kifua haiwezi,labda zamani but now haitafika mbali bro

  3. “….but the tie is not over. We need to focus on a better second leg,” Kerr said to the Star. This is the far I can agree with Ker. However, to call that shambolic display “playing very well” leaves me very worried. It is possible to play beautiful and win. Very possible and teams the world over, big and small have achieved it and are still achieving it.

    Gor Mahia’s history is replete with clean and attractive football. Locally and regionally, there are teams known to play “for the attention of sister-in-law”. However, Gor Mahia has rarely been associated with that. Why? Because neat, beautiful football is a tradition in Gor Mahia. It is a culture. One does not abandon his or her culture.

    Football is played for pride and self-esteem among other reasons and that pride and esteem emanates from the beautiful game played and the number of opponents vanquished. Hence beauty and goals go hand in hand. Anyone who takes up coaching football as a career should have an eye for beautiful football and the capacity to deliver beauty and goals. Ker has proved the ability to deliver goals. What we are asking of him is to work on the aesthetics and K’Ogalo will be indomitable.

  4. I watched a clip of them training and the drills game play is all long balls long drives with the ball far distance shooting… this is total African style of play buh playing with big boys ie sundown, esperance , al ahly we will be humbled even Azam humbled us with nutal at the helm playing similar style… as a fan i go to cheer when my team plays beautiful football and jeer the opponent when they play same i would wish for both good soccer and goals…i would wish for players to move with the ball more for there gain thats my wish

  5. Honestly speaking that kind of display cannot match Esperance. Players looked complacent and unfit enough to raid the opponent’s side. Sorry to say but we miss Nuttal era when Gor was hungry to score goals.

  6. Wishful thinking!!! ..
    .let’s see how the harambee aka fundraising goes this weekend before talking about 2nd leg and group stages

    Let’s turn up in large numbers, players and bench have not been paid since December.

    1. Jakoyo we seem to be crying uncharacteristically with begging bowls asunder which is a behaviour best portrayed by efusi not Mighty Mayienga.Gov’t of jubilee promised 10M each for both teams in Caf,did they release the money or not.Sportpesa personally assured me they are coming back pending a board agreement in early march and will start by clearing all outstanding dues plus offer an enhanced package.Kara what is going on in my absence?I need to return Asap kapok weche okethoree

  7. Why Are We Always Complaining! What The Hell Do We Really Want? It Is Just The Second Competitive Match For A Team That Has Acquired 12 New Olayers, A Team That Has Won And All We Do Is Complain, Mara Beauty, Mara Eastheticcs, Mara Culture My Foot! Many Of Us Want Goals N Wins N Trophies. Nobody Forces Anyone To Go Watch Gor Mahia Games. Kuna Arsenal With Beautiful Football. Go Watch!

  8. I dont want vis a vis Gor Mahia to choose btwn Goals and style of play ( beautiful football) bcoz traditionally we were brought up watching Kogala possessing both , the Punglu Pangla kinda football was reserved for our noisy neighbours aka Shemejis .
    I have watched in frustration as 70-80% of our long balls end up with opponents meaning we are not even good at it and I think it needs emphasising that real time situations in a match sometimes dictate that u resort to long balls but it is normally more of tactical realities than a mindset of play .
    We have the calibre of players to play ground football and having watched locally based players in Chan , Morroca and the level and pace of ball movement and transition , we are in for a massacre if what we witnessed in machakos is what we have to offer . . . .SAD BUT TRUE

    1. Correct. Wait gory reply to the do called ( beautiful gooyball) coaches. Still blaming the coach???!?! How is Jose Mourinho doing over at Man Utd????? Good to complain when you have won nothing, as for now let’s support the club and hope for the best!!! I almost forgot, I believe only in Pep Guadiola to play beautiful football and win trophies, at a very costly amounts. The defense alone has gobbled close to -{£400m) . If in doubt then just ask Arsene’ Wenger!!!

  9. Typically Kogalo fans satisfied with anything, Zemaria tried tiki taka, you didn’t want. The team has won and there we go bad game, poor tactics… bla bla. Can’t we give the team and TB some space while do our part support and cheer.

  10. Weche Gor tek yawa. I have enjoyed reading all your post and comments above. But since I have not watched Gor MAHIA playing this season I will leave it at that. NO COMMENT……. But let the debate continue…..Yuora nena, otada, punglu pangla with goals or tiki Taka without goals. ….

  11. How many major trophies have the mighty Arsenal won in the last 10 years under Arsene’ Wenger!! Don’t they play the very brand of football our esteemed ‘coaches’ are advocating for here!!!! How many major trophies have Jose Mourinho won in the same period of time playing (safety first football) or if you like you can call it (park the bus- Mbukinya, Kawere, Mawingo, Matunda, Transline) Thoooo please stick to your day job and stop coveting the job of a night runner!!!!!!!! Over and out!!!!!?? Thank you .

  12. Interesting. However, even night running is a talent. That’s why only very few people do it. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, there is an Association of Night Runners of Kenya with very exclusive membership. This means the members know one another.

    When respectable and otherwise very objective bloggers retreat and resort to character assassination, while some throw tantrums and hurl insults during a debate, then there is a big problem. I choose to remain very objective in this site.

  13. As we exchange words about the type of game Gor should be playing the attendance at Ingwe game after a long time was better than Gor. even gate collection Ingwe beat Gor almost 3 times. We need to think about how we can motivate our team in numbers as well as financially

    1. @ Dan Original just to respond to your concern about poor attendance then the answer is all in black & white on this current debate as regards what can attract fans back to the stadium.

      The current composition and demographic of Gor Mahia fan base is beyond blind brand loyalty. They will state it as it is….. SIMPLE & SQUARE…”VALUE FOR MONEY or CUSTOMER PROPOSITION”.

      The long period of political nostalgia ended with “SWEARING IN & OATH TAKING” on the 30th of Jan and the reason why fans are not thronging back to stadium can only be attributed to the current debate.

      It is up to KERR to decide what he wants but i would prefer he chooses a concoction of both “Punglu pangla &Tiki taka that guarantee goals and win both side of the divide.

      @ “BB” siepa .. kaw kwe jaduong.”Adhula pien dhia’ng”..!! AM a typical “JODALA” .. SO AM NOT TAKING SIDES over to you @Dan Original.

    2. How do expect fans to travel all the way from Ringiti island to Machakos as if we don’t have stadium in kisumu? Ingwe knew where their strength is….Apa kwa Gor we know all.
      Kisumu and Nairobi can give good revenue but not machakos…..
      Awacho ayueyo…..

      1. Ooh Laa la….!!!!! …” MTA MVUNA KILE MUME PANDA “….!!!!!!!!

        @Wuod Suba i pity you guys my kins men. The truth of the matter is that DEVOLUTION “IME LALA” NYANZA. THAT IS THE TRUTH. We can only yell and cry but please tell Gov Anyang Nyongo to wake up and smell the coffee. Gov Mutua saw the opportunity and occupied that space; PERIOD!!!! and so was Gov Oparanya who is reaping for the face lift and re-innovation of Bukhungu stadium. Credit to Meru ex Gov Munya on the same note.

        But just relax and re-look at MOI Stadium in Kisumu and understand why it is not recommended for CAF matches despite having an artificial turf pitch done through FIFA goal project.

        1. POLLUTION: The famous “KATAKA” garbage dumping site at the very entrance of the stadium is yet to be re-located because of local “SIASA” famously known as “KKK”…Kisumu,Kano,Kajulu interests.
        2. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY: Poor sanitation within the stadium, insecure perimeter fence, lack of changing room, the list is endless…..

        Where as AFC had their match expenses catered for by all the four “Mulembe” county government with their leadership who were in attendance, Our own K’Ogalo was being skinned to the maximum by Masaku county. WACHA TUKULE KWA MACHO..

  14. Don’t complain about gate collection kaa uweyo Jo Kenya women laro Pes gor …ni Moro claim Kaka okelo jii e pap …am shocked the way things are runned in our team….administrative things koro ikelo e mbuii


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