Gor Mahia bow out of Champions League

Gor Mahia went down 2-0 to Lobi Stars in Enugu on Saturday. Two goals in the last 20 minutes did the damage. As such Gor Mahia have bowed out on away goals rule.

Additional reporting from the Nation

Kenyan giants Gor Mahia on Saturday crashed out Caf Champions League after going down 2-0 against Nigeria’s Lobi Stars in Enugu, Nigeria.

Gor Mahia won the first leg of this first round tie 3-1 in Nairobi a week ago but could not defend their two-goal margin, eventually crashing out on away goals rule after the teams tied 3-3 on aggregate. Nigerians benefitted from the valuable goal they scored at Kasarani Stadium, as they locked out Gor Mahia from getting on the scoreboard.

The Nigerians will now progress to the lucrative group stage of the competition courtesy of the away goals rules. This feat is accompanied by a Sh56 million prize money from the tournament organiser.

It is not all lost for the Kenyan team as far as their continental participation is concerned this season however, as coach Hassan Oktay’s charges have now been relegated to the second tier Caf Confederation Cup play-offs ahead of the December 28th draw by Caf.

Striker Sikuru Alimi was Gor’s tormentor in chief on Saturday at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium in Enugu State. He scored twice in the 72nd and 78th minutes, to condemn the visitors to a lonely 12-hour journey back home which begins Sunday morning.

“It turned out to be a very tough game for us. We almost made it happen (win the match) but then had to suffer through some decision making. We could have scored atleast one goal but it wasn’t to be,” said midfielder Humphrey Mieno.

Oktay started the match with dependable forwards Jacques Tuyisenge, Francis Mustafa and Samuel Onyango – scorer of two goals in the reverse fixture – but the trio were subdued by a mean looking Lobi Stars defence, registering one shot on target throughout the opening half.

52 thoughts on “Gor Mahia bow out of Champions League

  1. Still to be convinced by this coach.

    Some will say Oktay = Okonyal………..But one thing for sure, champions league is where African coaches with African experiences come in hand.

    Come to think , wasn’t that Lobi stars coach a local Nigerian ? Shouldn’t we have trusted our prooven 1-0 specialist Zico to take charge of this crucial away match ? Nevertheless, lets see what happens at the confederation cup stage………..

  2. Still to be convinced by this coach.

    Some will say Oktay , Okonyal………..But one thing for sure, champions league is where African coaches with African experiences come in hand.

    Come to think , wasn’t that Lobi stars coach a local Nigerian ? Shouldn’t we have trusted our prooven 1-0 specialist Zico to take charge of this crucial away match ? Nevertheless, lets see what happens at the confederation cup stage………..

  3. We have much to address.. Giving an away of 3-1 advantage to team that was given the championship ticket in the middle of their league ..is not worthy commendation at all.

  4. Okta oknyal….champions league requires African coaches with prooven African pedigree. Isn’t that lobi coach a Nigerian ?

    I will challenge the powers that be….3-1 and you need to defend ? why did we not have in charge our tried and tested 1-0 specialist Zico for the return leg ?

  5. Okta oknyal….champions league requires African coaches with prooven African pedigree. Isn’t that lobi coach a Nigerian

    I will challenge the powers that be….3-1 and you need to defend, why did we not have in charge our tried and tested 1-0 specialist Zico for the return leg

  6. The Lobi coach was right. He saw what some have been seeing all along. There is nothing special about this team apart from bravado and pausing. Half of Gor consist of joyrider players who are a burden to this team. Add to a corrupt EC which is only out to line it’s pockets.
    So now let us convince ourselves with even more illusions on the CAF-CC.

    1. hehehe, ati joyriders…and that is why I keep saying, as long we have this EC in charge Gor is going nowhere continentally. Rachier knows atht as long as Gor beats AFC and wins a local cup, the current “funs” are happy. It does not take much to make them happy – they will sing his praises.
      Hiyo 54m wangelalia..

  7. My question lobi needed two goal and exactly what they got plz let us think beyond ,there people who did not know that gor was playing they don’t have stress unlike me having bad night,

  8. We must make some tough decision and remove all joyriders in the team.. We survived by lack from the Nyasa bullets of Malawi.. The team is not balanced. Serious decision have to be made including dropping.. Through loaning or release.. From goalkeeping depart.. Defence, and striking

  9. And off course, our coach was detained at Nigeria airport as Nigerian authorities did not understand why he was travelling on a tourist visa ….awuoro

  10. Spot on…strictly African coaches for African champions leagues. wasn’t that nigerian coach, local..why did we not trust our prooven 1-0 specialist Zico to take charge and kill off the game in Nigeria ….awuoro

  11. Very sad of us. A qualification we had already had. Does ot mean that we had no strategy. Being scored in the 88th minute os vey painful. I hope we will pick ourselves up and reach the group stage for CAFCC. It’s good that we know what went wrong. I know we already have our usual finger-pointing but the truth shall come out. Getting another chance like this is very rare. Ask KCCA or Zesco

  12. Greetings from Nigeria, When I said we were going to give away games when a less qualified mzungu was given the head coaching position over the more experienced Zico, you all thought I was joking.well matokeyo ndiyo hayo. By the way, the Nigerians are coached by a Nigerian. This is just the beginning of things to come.

  13. A good fight lost in the battle field, forget about Jakoyo and bloody Gor player, let’s move on to fight for it again next year. Let’s pick up the pieces and move on.

  14. How stupid do you think we are?if you are a Gor player then my mum is the queen of England.

    No Gor player would make such stupid comments and none has that kind of low life mentality like you do!!

  15. Hard luck Gor Mahia!

    In football, there are winners and losers in knock out competitions. We should not be hard on the team. It is what it is!

    Atleast there’s chance to redeem ourselves in the CAF CCC cup. Whatever mistakes were committed, can be rectified in the next bout of continental football!

  16. Could 1-0 defence specialist Zico have handled the game better and differently and hopefully took us to the group stages….time will tell

  17. Every time Boniface is in goal, I always know that we must lose. And the best thing to do is to relegate him. Even good goalkeepers do lose their form and Boni is not the goalkeeper we used to know.

    1. It’s a sad n painful day to all of us. May God comfort us all and give us peace. We remained focused n encourage the team n tb for better days ahead. Lets rise up and be strong n dust ourselves and keep going. WE HAVE WHAT IT TAKES..

  18. @michael ogolo please don’t expose your stupidity kwa mtandao, “ati every time boni is in goal you always know we will loose” Pambana na your hatred and jealous to boni in private.Take that perfect keeper in your dream to Aduda/AR for signing.We lost coz we were not good enough especially in terms of organization.In fact I think its better in Confederation s , Champions teams are well organised & and have a visionary leadership that seeks to grow the team ,hapa GM I can bet the leadership was just salivating for the money.As a club can we say the 27m did such & such in structural development of the club?, Hamna!!!.CONGRATS TO THE TEAM.

  19. In glory and in pain, we are Gor Mahia. Congratulations for going this far. Having been out of continental competitions for 3 decades, you can’t come back as a star instantly. What is important at this time is lessons learned and the gradient of the learning curve. Is there any notable learning that as players, TB, EC, members and fans can take home for future undertakings? My last posting before the match was a reality check for our boys not to be over confident. Enyimba went down 3:0 to a team from Brazzaville, they recovered and played to knockout stage. Al Ahly of Egypt went for second leg with 3:1 advantage like GM and they lost the lead to Esperance. Raja Casablanca carried a 3: 0 lead to Kinshasa and almost lost the lead had they not scored.The few teams mentioned above are among the top teams in Africa. PLEASE TEAM KUBWA, TAKE TIME TO LEARN THE SECRETES. I want to reveal the first open secret. TEAMS THAT DO WELL AT THIS LEVEL DO WELL IN AWAY MATCHES (they win draw. Or carry away goal advantage) and DO BETTER in their home matches(always win). Insults, complaints and noise as good as they are will not change anything. Learn and learn quickly so that we secure the only remaining chance to play in the continental scene this year.

    1. Form of Boni in resent times, against Fredrick odhiambo.
      Conceded 2goals against everton. Fredrick did not concede.
      Fredrick against Nyasa big bullets clean sheet, Boni against Nyasa big bullets conceded one goal. Boni against kariobangi sharks conceded one goal and cost us the supercup. In the league opening match 2goals,against Bandari. Against zoo who occupy the bottom spot on the league clean sheet. Against lobi stars in nrb conceded the cheapest goal that have denied Gor mahia fc a place in the group stage. In enugu conceded 2goals and eventually, we’re out. Now some body wants us to encourage the team with a goalkeeper with a poor form. Even arsenal had to change their goalkeeper

  20. You’ll all agree with me that the exist of Kerr at this moment is the greatest disaster to have hit Gor!! Believe you me, with the new philosophy of Oktay even qualifying to the group stage of Confederation Cup is going to be a hill hard to climb!! With improper motivation to the players, some are just playing just for formality!!! I’m not a trained coach but just from the release of the lineup, I sensed danger more so given that we were playing in a foreign land!! The game would have been more defensive than offensive!! Time to bring back the experienced Nzigiyimana and let go Mustapha or Guikan!!

  21. Errors tupu…. Gormahia a times huwa na ujinga sana… Dat is how they even lost to Rayon sport just a step to a lucrative stage that is when they fail…. Le then be serious or else will stop supporting gormahia… Ojoga adier…

    1. Cool down @midigocollins. We are all hurting but remember what Thika did to us in 2012. Now Thika is playing in the lower tier while we have won the league 5 times since then. One was unbeaten and the other a 3peat. So we will build from there starting with getting our leadership structures orderly and in shape. Even Nkana and Zeso lost qhen it was expected of them to win

      1. @ dan original oktal oknyal just like @jasego is trying to put it… These boyz ar ruing our club’s repution thinking lobi is just a work in the park… It is for there own good they should rem. That we are just supporters with our own way ov living not neccesarily specializing football but to players its there job to prove them self in the pitch… @dan original gino litna notama kata ndindo gi dhako chieng’no, okwot koda nyaka sani coz sikumpa hali yake…alafu gor inapigwa

  22. @dan original oktal oknyal exactly the way jasego happen to put it…. Itx high time we off load bench wormers coz they are the once derailing our club’s reputation continentaly…players should have in mind that we are just supporters and we use money to watch tbere so cauld game and if they doo wanna wish to impress watakua wanacheza ivo bila fans support… Bure kabisa,,,, lakini gino litna bro dan original

  23. GOR Mahia has hit a glass ceiling, and that glass ceiling is Ambrose Rachier and this corrupt Electoral commission which is using old 1980 ways to run this club in 2019. IT SIMPLY CANNOT WORK. Look at Simba sc in Tanzania. They have gone corporate and have also changed the way they handle their affairs. Now they even dwarf the `MIGHTY` Gor Mahia. It is time for Rachier and EC to go. As long as this club continues to be run like somebody`s personal kiosk then there is nowhere Gor is heading. You cannot lose your best players and expect to excel with less than average replacements. The future is bleak. See you all in 2019

  24. These matches should be aired so we scored a goal which was disallowed ,I support my team those other bloggers with negative post should go on loan to abandu

    1. Please twende mbele. Lets not unearth what has been discussed in this forum a million and one times. We spoke of mistreatment in w.Africa. that is what we hear, the team was warned of this much earlier and it was bound to happen

  25. Woth the rumours that Tuyisenge wants to go to AS Vita of DRC, Mieno to St.George of Ethiopia and Kahata to Costantaine of Algeria it seemslike it is time to rebuild the team

    1. I think we’ve some players who are not committed to the team and they should be allowed to leave. We’ve some players who have not been given the required playtime and if given the time they want, they can be the best because I believe they were signed because they were good. In fact even Shakava should want out so that we use other central defenders that are there but can’t find play time just bcoz Shakava is captain. We had that problem when Jeri was captain. If the players who want out can be allowed to leave, then we should also think about winning the domestic cup and we should not put unnecessary pressure on the team to win the league. The last time we had ogweno in defense, we kept a clean sheet. Tafakari hayo

  26. For how long will jasego lick his wounds after the painful loss despite the much hyped preparation in Accra.Come out and update us on other developments or setbacks.

    1. @Mwanaharakati, give us peace of mind and stop talking ill of Jasego. Do not be stupid and I do not understand where you are coming from you maggot.

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