Gor Mahia parts ways with Nizigiyimana

Karim Nizigiyimana is the latest player to leave Gor Mahia. The Burundian right back had expressed an interest in leaving after he found the club’s latest contract offer unacceptable and was certain that he could find a better deal elsewhere.

“It was not our problem but the players’. We wanted to keep him at Gor Mahia but he says the deal is not good enough. We have agreed as both parties to part ways and now that the contract is ending in January, we have allowed him to get another team.” said Omondi Aduda the club CEO.

The 29 year old whose full name is Abdul Karim Nizigiyimana Makenzi, joined Kogalo in 2015 and immediately impressed with his tireless runs down the right flank which resulted in numerous goals. He played so well that he was voted KPL defender of the year in 2015 and finished second in player of the year voting behind Michael Olunga.

The club stood by him even after he picked up an injury that sidelined him for most of 2018, right. Karim thanked the club and its fans for standing by him.
“This is a club that has put me where l am today, the much l have achieved will no doubt light up moments of my life forever – winning three titles in four years is a big achievement in football career – THANK YOU GOR MAHIA… l wish the club all the best. I can’t go without saying special thanks to Chairman Ambrose Rachier… he embraced me, he was a father to me, he treated me like his own son and stood by me when l was injured and out of active football for many months. I have a house he bought for me (through the club) in Burundi and every time l will be seeing that house, l will be seeing Chairman Rachier. The respect and good relationship that existed between us will last forever – THANK YOU Chairman,” he said according to Citizen sports.

He says the 4 years he spent at Kogalo were the best of his career.

“It’s been great playing Gor Mahia for the last four years… I truly and fully understand the situation the club is in on matters foreign players. We had a fruitful meeting with the chairman and had a lengthy discussion… I will forever appreciate and remember every moment l had in this great club. My sincere word of THANK YOU to the club’s management for giving me the chance to offer my services in those years. The club showed me love and l loved every moment.” he said according to Citizen sports.

Prior to playing for Kogalo, he had played for Rayon Sports in Rwanda, Vita club in Congo, APR, Kiyovu (Rwanda) and Vital O of Burundi. He was also a mainstay for the Burundi national team.

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  1. The 5 foreign player quota partly contributed to this. Thank you Karim Nizigiyimana for your tireless contribution to Gor Mahia for the 4 years. We will miss you. Thank you and may almighty God bless you.

  2. Looks like it was easier to release Karim due to rhe contractual obligations with the other players. Now they have to prove themselves. Currently only Tuyisenge and Batambuze have done so. How i wish he was retained but rules are rules and i wish he gets an even better team, preferably in Tz, Zambia or SA

  3. Sad to see him go, i believe he still had a lot to contribute to the team but now the pressure is on Guikan to prove himself because if it wasn’t for him returning when he had already left Karim would still be with us. The Karim orphans will not forget this fact and every scoring chance he fluffs we will be here to remind him evry damn chance we get

  4. How do you release Nzigiyimana and retain a useless player like Mustapha? There are two baseless arguments peddled here over this matter that I want to dispel:
    1. That Mustspha is on a long contract and will be difficult to release. We relaesed Ade and Onguso and they both had long contracts. That being a foreigner makes it difficult. We released Nwosu some years back. AFC just released Chimanya without even a single game. Both are foreigners so that argument does not hold.
    2. That Philemon , Wellington and Wafula can all play that position . Yes but are they as solid both defensively and offensively as Karim. Look at what happens on our left side with Shafik. Is Philemon doing the same. Philemon is a fantastic player and am a big fan of his as those who have been here know. But he does not bring what Karim brings even after his injury. Wellington has been playing shit since he came back from his injury. The closest to Nizigiyimana is Wafula but for some reason he is Kogallo’s black sheep and has never enjoyed the confidence of successive Gor coaches and that may not change.
    Why have a foreigner who is going to forever warm the bench?

    1. Osiepa Musymo…I agree with you above owadwa.. Otek small…Wafula should then just be the preferred fullback if we are to overlap and use the right flank in attack…I’ll start the scouting for a young foreign right fullback for future purposes so that by mid season transfer i bring him for trials

      1. Mustapha and Guikan are surpluses to Gor requirements, its not too late to sell them off. Still not convinced about Erisa

  5. The transfer window is still open up to January. We need a foreign striker to replace Francis Mustapha. If Efusi can attract a prolific striker from Zimbabwe, we too can attract an even better one from Togo or Malawi. Someone should act fast and send Francis Mustapha on loan to SoNy or KK Homeboys to create room for a credible striker. We should not fill the foreign quota just for the sake of filling.

  6. Karim you were a gem…a pearl..a black diamond in the sea…I loved you and forever will my friend. Your departure signals the end of our golden foreign generation comprising yourself…Abouba Sibomana..Meddie Kagere…Jaja Walusimbi and Aucho. Transitions do happen in the world of football but your gap will be felt. Onto the striking issue…i fought tooth and nail saying mustapha cannot be a replacement for kagere but went unheard…not even Ssekisambu can be..Guikan will come good no doubt this is his season to shine but on the wisdom of mustapha being sent on loan well Togolese Folly Klan Christophe is still around you can Youtube him and see his exploits but in Jan he will head out to Algeria or Egypt. The only positive i see in mustapha is that he is young and can learn and become better but the kind of impact he can offer at his best is subject to debate i guess

  7. This Togolese, Folly Klan, according to those who have watched him in training is quite good. Why should we let him slip through our grip? Ja’Asego please arm-twist the EC to accept him. Fans can comfortably raise his sign-on fee. Meanwhile Francis Mustapha negotiations with SoNy should begin.

  8. This is dangerous having a foreign player on bench ,considering what they get as salary .Chairman please understand our plea and act window still open loan such players to give room

  9. Thx & all the best Karim. Good for Karim to be bought a house but is this scheme extended to all players local/foreign e.g to win CAF CL/CC. It is a sign that the club has surplus funds so why is paying salaries,bonuses, training ground fees etc an issue?

  10. @ oduor 12, this is a gor mahia SACCO initiative and every player or even member can apply. If any of you is interested I would love to get them in touch with monsieur Victor kidiwa.

    1. Are saying Karim bought the house through a GM Sacco loan? Well that’s a bright chap apart from being a good player. Jakoyo and fellow bloggers ever thought of a GM Investment Company to invest in players like Walu whose value soared in the 4 years at GM.

  11. Mustapha’s stay at Gor Mahia should be relooked at. A foreign player should have some exceptional qualities we cannot get within the country.

  12. Gor Mahia midfielder among four confirmed at Wazito

    By Terry Ouko | Sat 01 Dec, 2018 08:36

    National Super League (NSL) big spenders, Wazito FC have acquired the services of four new players ahead of the new season that kicks off on Saturday 1 December.

    The four are Gor Mahia midfielder Teddy Osok who was on loan at Sofapaka in 2018, Bidco United duo of David Orem and Hassan Mwinyi and veteran Ghanaian forward Stephen Owusu who joins from Nairobi Stima.

    Owusu was the top scorer in the NSL in 2018 after netting 22 times.

    “We are happy to announce that Stephen Owusu will be securing goals for us while Hassan Mwinyi will be guarding the goal post from the left flank. They join us from Nairobi Stima and Bidco respectively,” Wazito revealed in a statement.

    End of transfers

    Wazito chairman Solomon Alubala also revealed that his side is done with transfers and that they are now fully focused on starting the season strongly.

    “I think we are now done with transfers. Teddy, Kasim, Orem and Owusu are all good players, they are quality additions to the team,” he said.

    Wazito begins its 2018/19 campaign with a match against Nairobi City Stars on Sunday 2 December at Hope Center, Kawangware.

    1. So we have clandestinely sold Teddy Osok to Wazito FC while when i tried geting him back i was told he still has a one year loan spell at Sofapaka that cannot be terminated?Awuoro…I wanted him back to give wendo a challenge in that role but it seems Cersidy Okeyo “Carrick” will have to do for now as cover…

  13. Karim my boy…..I don’t know what to say; .we will miss you in training and at games. .A Great teammate who was always cool calm and collected. I really hope our paths cross again

  14. Fresh off the press: AFC Leopards leading the race to sign Karim Nizigiyimana. One of the worst news I have received in recent times!!!

  15. Karim would be ill advised to join efusi who will soon be looking for a new coach as early as next week.

    Am willing to offer my services as an agent for free….Tusker , rayon sport, singinda, yanga and bandari are already salivating !!!

    1. Make it happen, Karim should under no circumstance go to AFC. Any chance you could get Mustapha and Guikan a deal at Singida or Yanga as well

  16. Haha am laughing ati ingwe leading the race to sign Nizigiyimana with tusker and sofapaka also interested. Listen well my fellow people…No team in Kenya can sign Karim Nizigiyimana. GM was paying Karim 180,000 which was raised to 200,000 flat to match Walusimbi. He also wanted 2 Million to renew his contract for a further 2 years which GM EC believed was too much with his input over the last year which was minimal and we still paid him his salary and footed his medical bill. If despite all that Karim refused 1 Million for two years contract,Where will Afc Leopards that offers foreigners highest paid 300,000 signing fees and 85,000 salary get money to pay him. Where will Tusker FC with a corporate structured wage bill of 80,000 flat rate and signing fees not exceeding 300,000 sign Karim. Where will bandari and sofapaka whose highest paid foreign players Rwandan Justin Mico and Felly Mulumba earn 70,000 and were given 250,000 signing fees get money for Karim?Well those are my thoughts i might be wrong but the same script played out with Kagere whom ingwe and Tusker courted over and over with the same figures above which he rejected until he re-joined mighty mayienga. I know George Bwana is trying to get Karim to Zesco or Nkana which can afford him then Yanga has wanted him for a while and can pay him with Singida also paying decently so i wish him the best.

    N-B Efusi two week old Coach Nikola Kovazovic has already disagreed with their EC over financial obligations and he has left for Serbia leaving Tom Juma in charge. He is non-commital on whether he will even be back. Is that the team that wants to sign Karim?

    1. Pwahahaaa…Ukiona vyalea ujue vimeundwa…with these kind of salary grades no wonder these teams are playing escort to Kogalo

  17. REVEALED: Dylan Kerr recommended for the release of Karim Nizigiyimana
    Seth Willis

    The release of defender Karim Nizigiyimana by Gor Mahia came as a shocker to many, considering the quality he had.

    Goal spoke to the team’s Deputy Secretary General Ronald Ngala on the same, and the official has come clear on the reason why his side let the Burundian leave, “we had many reasons that led to that.

    “Former coach Dylan Kerr left us a report and among the recommendations was to let Karim leave because his quality had gone down. He had been exceptional before then but since making a return, his contribution to the team has been minimal.

    “Extending his contract would have been expensive for us and that is why we opted to release him. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

    AFC Leopards and Tusker have reportedly shown interest in the player.

    1. We’re steadily but surely moving towards the pre-Loga days when player signings were all about “ubeste”. Get us another Loga who will demand for players who can run&think at the same time. We are being choked with too many passengers GKs, defenders etc

  18. This Efusi’s Serbian coach seems so obsessed with Gor Mahia….but why? He appears to be so bitter about our dominance of local football and is now even alluding to Gor Mahia being behind rumours of his having fallen out with Efusi’s management.

  19. Football is business. Gor Mahia has parted ways with Karim Nizigiyimana in good faith. Let him join a team his heart desires.


    Coming from a meeting where foreign coach shortlist narrowed down to just 5 who are scheduled for interviews on Sunday (the whole day ) …..His majesty, right reverend chairman to make press annoucement on Monday afternoon to announce the new foreign coach !
    1 Patrick Osen
    2. Kevin Michael Reeves
    3.Samson Unuanel
    4.Paul Ashworth
    5. Hassan Oktay

    more to follow……

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