Gor Mahia pip Karturi Sports

Kogalo ended their losing streak by beating Karturi sports club 1-0. It was quite an achievement considering that the Naivasha based side have been playing well of late and are placed in 4th position oin the KPL standings.
Gor Mahia once again dominated the proceedings but could not find the back of the net. That was until the 62nd minute. Second half sub, Baldwin Ngwa was felled on the edge of the penalty box. Taking the resulting freekick, captain Julius Owino passed to new signing Kevin Omondi who beat Noah Ayuko in the Karturi goal with a curling drive.

Coach Zico is all smiles after the goal

The goal was the first ever in an official game for Kevin Omondi who was signed after his stellar performance for Langata High school in last years national school games.

16 thoughts on “Gor Mahia pip Karturi Sports

  1. Keep it up. Let the second leg start without any problems between the technical bench and players vis-a-vis official and technical bench. The players just require motivation and support from all the stakeholders in the team that include the officials, technical bench and fans. Kogalo has assembled the best team in the league but continued quarreling, bickering, wrangling and infighting between the stakeholders are taking us back from the gains the club has made in the recent past. I hope we are going to enjoy support and winning momentum from all the stakeholders in the second leg.

  2. I think this is good for fans and players, the team can do better only by concentrating and focusing on a game at a time!!

  3. Am very sad SSport duped us by not showing this game live, even after promising and labelling a repeated “Rangers vs Berets’ match as a ‘Gor Mahia vs Karuturi” live game, lo! But from the pitch we got news despite the win there were still a series of missed chances. CONGRATS To the players, the bench and the fans. Great job well done, keep up! But still our strikers need not go on break. May these boys go for the break with the balls, or whatever else necessary. Zico, please drill the boys on hitting the back of the net. GOR BIRO!

  4. Them boys are gud they should just be trainned much on scoring part…maze k’ogallo your game always gives me a 90 mins orgasmic moment!..keep up nyikwar ramogi

  5. I am on record on this forum pleading for patience and support towards both the technical bench and the playing unit. And slowly by slowly, we will start realising positive results. Kogallo is currently one of the most technical and the most disciplined team in the KPL. We may lose matches but lets focus on the bigger picture. This team in not for this season, but next. Personally I will be very contented with any position between 2 and 5 come end of season.
    If the current playing unit is maintained and strengthened, then next season will the the year of Kogallo. No doubt about that. Mos Mos Kogallo Biro!!

  6. Hey boys congrats you got game keep up the spirit it will pay off in due time. Hey when will you play in Kisumu yawa!

  7. Yes yes yes!! this is the best organized assembled team in KPL so far. Our main undoing in the point-man, we tend to hit blanks more. Our technical bench is doing good. The team needs a Goalkeeper, defender and a striker whose work is to hit in goals no madoido. LONG LIVE GOR MAHIA.

  8. Dear Chairman, Secretary & Organising Secretary,
    Please we need some updates on this site particularly on the following areas:-
    1. Upcoming events
    2. Membership recruitments
    3. Sales of club merchandise
    4. New signings, release and sales olf players
    5. Youth developments and academies of Gor Mahia
    6. Setting up of branches
    7. Birthdays of players
    8. Marriages and Weddings of players
    9. New births
    10.Members days
    11. Workshop of fans
    12. Fund raising events

  9. First i will give almighty thanks 4 punishing the mwalimu for his bad intentions on kogalo we still expect some more lessons for people like Omollo Tumbo,Jaduong Joniko and Ouma Rayier finally Ngala Pa.I congrat our players for seriousness shown sky is the limit.The sangunyas keep off from the team, you are confusing in the team.Chairman take charge.

  10. Paul, I absolutely agree with you. This website is too flat. Web master spice it up a bit. Paul’s ideas would not be too bad to borrow from.

  11. Paul, you are right. I also suggest that the club post what activities they intend to be doing during this break. Please keep us posted.

  12. Gor Biro, yawne yooo. We will always wait for the biggest breakthrough when you will the league again…even in 2 seasons time!

  13. Who are the new signings to beef up the striking force, midfield and defense? Please inform. Have a good training stint in Loitokitok and we meet at Afraha on 3rd July 2010 for FKL Cup against Red Berets. Cheaze Kogalo.

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