21 Sep 15

Collins Okoth Gattuso in action against Uhuru

After having dispatched lower tier side Langata Gremio in the opening round and KPL side Ushuru in the 2nd round, Gor Mahia will once again face minnows from a lower league in Palos FC of Kisumu.  However Gor Mahia will have to be wary of Palos. It was in Kisumu last season that Gor Mahia met their waterloo in the GoTV shield, surprisingly losing to GFC 105 on spot kicks.

Palos made it to the next round after having beatenPalos edged out Talanta 4-2 on post-match penalties.

They are a 3rd tier team eager to make the great leap to the big league in a few years. Essentially they are what Muhoroni Youth was 5 years ago. And they are probably the next incarnation of great community teams that have emerged from the City of Kisumu, following in the path of legendary teams like Kisumu Hotstars, Kisumu All Stars, Kisumu Posta and Kisumu Blackstars, all of which were feeder clubs for Gor Mahia. Many Gor Mahia legends of the past came from these teams. Players like Allan Thigo, Bobby Ogolla, Charles Otieno, John Okello Zangi, Anthony Ndolo, Tom Odhiambo, John Chore and many others.

With that in mind, Kisumu Palos players will be keen to impress. They will play the game of their lives.
“For most of our players, this is the biggest game of their career. The fact that Gor Mahia are enjoying top form makes it even more difficult. But it is a huge motivation to us and we want to prove a point,” said their coach Paul Ogai to the Standard.
Ogai insisted that anything can happen in the match. “We have watched Gor Mahia’s matches and realised that the attack is their biggest strength. At the same time, however, they tend to leave their back exposed. If we get organised, then we can do it.”  he continued.

More About Palos FC

The club’s website states that Palos FC is a is a product of Makini Sports Academy started in 2012 dedicated to the development of football skills, encouraging good sportsmanship, physical fitness, positive team play, and the enjoyment of the game according to FKF and FIFA rules

Palos FC Club plays a lead role in encouraging and nurturing its next generation of football players in Kisumu County  Miwani sub location  Nyangeta zone by providing opportunities for talented senior and junior players to compete at the highest level, including in district, provincial and national  youth tournaments.


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  • dinga says:

    Ken Kenyatta is at it again. He lost to Gor coz of the ‘referee’s bad decision’. His argument is that should his Hatchet man Shikokoti being on the field Ushuru could not have conceeded the third goal. It proves what I have suspected all along. Kenyatta et Matano rely on disruption(thru’ rough) tackling to stop attacks. They basically do not have any tried or tested defensive tactical plans to take the ball from opponents.
    Kenyatta thru’ his selective memory does not mention the goal Kagere scored before this red card, secondly he does not mention in which pitch Skikokoti was playing when the other two goals were scored.
    But my main reason of bringing out such rough house football methods is for the sake of upcoming players. One example I would give is M.Olunga. We all know that this boy is trying to market himself to play abroad. With coaches like Kenyatta et Matano then I fear for his future. These tackles look so innocent but over time they can put paid any players future.
    As for Kisumu Palos, welcome to the arena, give Gor a run they will not forget… if you can, that is.

    NB: I have tried contributing to Gor Jnrs thru’ the Official Gor site but did not get any acknowledgment neither did they reply to my mail if they got my cash. Anyone in the know how these ppl operate?

  • jathur gi ji says:

    Dinga, you are right. The kind of tackles I saw in both Ulinzi and Ushuru are a form of warfare aimed at harming opponents specifically Olunga. If you check this has affected his scoring because nowadays he is forced to release the ball very fast. Shame on you Matano and Kenyatta, and for Mr Kenyatta what were you asking the SS analysts ” kujijazia” ? Are you again saying that Gor was favoured? what rubbish!!!
    As for Palos, my brothers you have done your bit but sorry, the end of the road has come. All the same come on and market your players.

  • jatingare says:

    There are too many coaches and too many other people who are having difficulty accepting the success of Gor Mahia, a team with no sponsor that is overcoming the odds and winning. Be it Kimanzi, Matano, Kenyatta, Baraza, Muruli na wengineo

  • My fellow Bloggers leave both Matano and Kanyatta alone, with their tacticts let us forcussed on Mohuroni Youths FC and Palos FC, those two Matches both Olunga Mike or Goal maker Meddie must come out with three goals in one Match, though the Referee denied Meddie Hat-trick on our Match with Ushuru.But this time there must be Hat-trict. God wiling. ELLIOTTE IS MY BREAD AND YOU ?? Good day Jok’ogalo!.

  • Because here we are disscussing things mattered Football at large, I would like both FKF and KPL, use a competetive method to PROMMOTE, lower Leaque to Upper League. Like number 1 and 2, to be promotted direct but No:3&4, MUST play Mini, League with the one’s which are being relegated on KPL League. The Mini-League to be played home and away basis then the third Match on the neutrol ground.Why am I saying this, because we may Prommote weaker Team than the one’s which are being relegated. For example the Match between NAKUMATT FC and CITY STARS FC, 90 minutes they were draw 1-1, so what can you learn here as Football Lover in Kenyan?, probably they did beat CITY STARS, on Post Penalty because of the expereince of Goal-keeper like Kasaya. That’s my opinion what of your’s the Blogger??