Gor Mahia players back in training

Reports suggest that Gor Mahia players and technical staff who had boycotted training for a week, are back in training. The boycott started with coach Ze Maria not showing up for training last Tuesday, while citing non-conducive environment. Luckily for fans, the action tool place on a week where there were no KPL matches.

Additional reporting from futaa.com

Gor Mahia players are back in training after staging a go slow that lasted almost one and a half weeks owing to unpaid allowances by the club management.

K’ogalo was forced to scrap off a friendly match against Liberty Professionals during the international break that was set to be played on Saturday 25 March 2017 at Camp Toyoyo.

However, things look to have gone back to normal after the players turned out training sessions on Monday 27 March and also turned out for the training sessions on Tuesday. It is believed that the players have come to an agreement and their arrears will be paid by the end of the week.

The former and 15-time Kenyan Premier League champions who have already won the first two league matches will visit Western Stima in their next League clash


12 thoughts on “Gor Mahia players back in training

  1. Tena by the end of the week! Ni allowances calculations ndio ngumu for Sally and asst. treasurer or the money was eaten at source. I see worrying signs that Mugabe (aka Hayatou’s elder brother) led bloated EC is not interested in CAF 2018 tournaments. +8 years as chairman and no systems,regulations or timelines for paying allowances, rent etc etc.

  2. Now this is News, at least the site is talking real issues but please let gormahia.net be the first to post matters concerning GMFC ANYWAY Saturday jioni kuelekea dala supporting MAYIENGA to the fullest, GOD BLESS

  3. so sad the game will not be live on supersport.Omino is making a mistake again, you don’t brag before facing kogalo otherwise you are beaten and silenced. We shall show him who we are, atajua watu.

  4. Ambrose Robert is dealing with the stems and the leaves of the problems. The roots of the problems are still here and they will soon catch up with him.

  5. Admin, you are posting this information in such a manner as to extricate yourself from any responsibility of its effect. Again, your phrases indicate that you are not sure of what you have posted here.
    *Reports suggest…* Please use phrases that don’t leave fans debating the authenticity of your posts.
    As for Omino and his self-inflicted aftershocks, Kogallo is used to his pre-match verbal chest-thumping. After 90min, we will safely tuck his tail under his legs.
    So how can Garissa branch watch the match if it won’t be live?

  6. @Jambita tiny, watu wasafiri tuu, hakuna njia ingine let’s support mpaka mwisho kama 2015/2016 season, one game at a time lakini siasa kali kwa EC izidi mpaka transparency ionekane, this time we don’t want cooked gate collections

  7. AR must style up bwana how can majority players still get paid in cash either at the office or training ground as regards salaries and allowances in 2017?Can’t clear structures like opening an account for all Contracted GM players be put in place?@ Jakoyo what are you thanking AR for while players allowances have not been settled rather they have opted to return to training based on a promise that all outstanding debts will be paid in full soon?Let’s praise worthy things not Mediocrity

  8. So in this case what are we thanking AR for , how do u thank somebody for confirming his incompetence by not paying his players of a 50Year old late that they have to go on a go slow to force u to do what any average administrator would do well within acceptable timeframes , are these the kind of standards we are praising.
    Once again we are
    Treating the symptons of a ravaging disease whose root cause is a structureless and rudderless institution aided and abetted in part by a vicious cycle
    Of sycophancy and lootocracy by kleptomaniacs disguised as EC ,
    Lets not hit these Lows where people embezzle millions then sooth as with pocket change for is it not just incredible that some people can kill to get into Gor Management and then disappear after that , and to the rest of the EC who think they are safe bcoz its just Rachier on the line of fire , be gauranteed that when our patience runs out each of u scavengers will each answer as individuals.
    Nb: I have tried the best I can to be civil in my language but these are the most civil words I could come up with.


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