Gor Mahia players to take a break

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Gor Mahia players have been given five days off to recharge their batteries after a marathon run of games.

K’Ogalo have had a busy two months winning the top eight as well as forcing their way into contention for the Tusker Premier League crown by climbing to second on the log with 43 points.

Coach Zdravko Logarusic who is vying for a treble said the break will not affect the players as they will have to return for physical conditioning ahead of the crunch derby against archrivals AFC Leopards.

Logarusic will also depart the country on Monday evening to his native country Croatia where he will be on holiday for a week.

Rama Salim, Ivan Anguyo, Teddy Akumu and Joseph Njuguguna have however been given an extra two days in addition to the five to recover from knocks as Logarusic explained the quartet had played more minutes.

“I have given my players a five day break to recover from fatigue and I believe that is the best antidote to get an effective team. The rest will ensure the players are ready for the remaining encounters and give us a good edge over other teams.”

“The players will go through thorough physical conditioning when they come back .Personally I am also taking a break to be able to solve some personal matters “Logarusic told supersport.com.

Gor beat Sony Sugar 1-0 over the weekend with Anguyo scoring the winner eight minutes from time.

19 thoughts on “Gor Mahia players to take a break

  1. That is it guys. Let us relax and take a break after the very difficult and busy schedule. We know who is under pressure at the moment, so guys let us just relax and await the good result that will be posted from Kakamega, Bhukungu stadium over the weekend courtesy of remote control by JO -NDHIWA. EFUSI should blame @Benson Disi for their misfortunes.

  2. its was a good move let the boys relax and come back for a bung.for A,F,C ARE Actually waiting for as it will be a big game for us.

  3. Bravo boys and the entire team. You need a rest especially Rama has been showing signs of fatigue lately… I am confident we will beat ‘Ingwe’ 1 nil and also Tusker in the return…

  4. the night of long knives; three matches will confirm gor mahia as champions. tomorrow sofapaka will beat breweries(episode 2b). i expect a 1 nil score but 2 nil is most likely. afc will loose at chez western stima(episode 2c) then it will be all over at kasarani. don’t miss the last and final part kasarani(3)…thus concluding the three part series. GOR IS TAKING THE LEAGUE.

  5. I like the slogan ONE GAME AT A TIME. The goodness with this slogan is that it helps us to manage our expectations. The truth is that the Ingwe of now is limping and not the one that started this season. That means that they might not win the TPL trophy but let’s not brush aside the other four teams. Sofapaka and Tusker are basically ahead of us (assuming they will win their next matches though they are playing each other) but they also have tough opponents. So as the coach says let’s concentrate on winning our next match since us of now we have the harder task of winning all our matches in order to ‘effectively’ challenge the top. Personally I will be happy as the coach says when we will be leading the table and with all contending teams having played a similar number of games. This is what is giving Ingwe the confidence. I hope in our next match Pablo will be 150% healed as that experience of his is what we need against Ingwe. Otherwise let’s enjoy the moment and you only find such in GM games. Heard that we collected 1.6m despite a good chunk of fans gatecrashing due to Ticket Master’s inefficiency

  6. The boys deserve the break. They have made us proud. The next 4 matches will be decesive. If we win all of them, then we will be crown the winners.

  7. One thing that Kogalo EC must do: retain Logarusic for the long term. This guy alone can change soccer standards in this country. Look at the squad that wins matches for Gor, it’s 90% the same as Zico’s, just Serrunkuma and Pablo are new. But the tact and discipline Loga has introduced is amazing. Kogalo is the most dangerous team while attacking….intelligent interplay and well placed efforts at goal. That’s why we always score, even with 10 men behind the ball (read SoNy).
    In the upcoming match against Efusi, the most dangerous team remains Kogalo. Efusi will play hard, but they dont know how to convert or even create chances. They rely on goal mouth melees for tap-ins or corners.
    Looking at where we’ve come from (i think 14 games ago we may have been 14th on the log), Logarusic has converted us to winners and it can’t be for nothing. I have a strong feeling we are winning three trophies this season.
    My only hope is that during this 5-day break, our players will remember to eat healthy diets and avoid social places. Pros don’t drink and play (ok they can drink water or fresh juice).
    And to the fans, those of us who can afford, please attend either of the two dinners as planned.
    Lets continue to support our boys, they’ve had so much transformation, it’s unbelievable what they’ve achieved in such a short time.
    For Loga, enjoy the holiday and bring your family along, you have sacrificed so much and many may not think of what you do after the games. It can be a tough life away from home (i know what it is when was out there).

  8. We are getting there coz in the last 2 games;
    1.One of our midfielders scored
    2.We scored an amazing header from a corner by a defender. Thanks Anguyo for repaying back Zico who used to bench you.
    3.Our new home kit is the correct shade of green.

    To the EC please work on a membership system or what i call Gor Mahia Fans++
    Asante sana players and bench and for now fans. As someone said Kevo and others just work on your finishing.You normally do the hard work of beating the defense only to shoot wide.


    They say nothing is as good as a rest. Our boys need some time to unwind after very hectic and dramatic mid season fixtures. The five days comes at a time when
    Gor Mahia is lying second on the KPL even for a few more days .

    I cannot pretend to know what the coach shall plan when the boys regroup again for another gruelling end of 2012 season. As things stand now, K’Ogalo is a serious contender for the 2012 TPL honors. And no one is going to wave a magic wand ( not even Jo- ndiwa).
    The title will be won fair and square by the mighty K’Ogalo.

    By the way, I wish to thank our officials and shirt sponsor for reverting to our traditional jungle green colour for our home matches. I believe it has added a new spring on our gait.
    A new meaning to the words of our national anthem- timbe duto tusk ni. A new sense of purpose. For quite sometime now, there is no addidas and Legea guys. This is what has brought all of us together.

  10. Yes players we wish you a good rest. Take note of Pod Antie’s comments and eat healthy and live healthy. You have done us proud we wish you fun as you unwind.

    As you recoup your energy please take a critical look at the table below which shows energy expenditure during different types of activity for a normal 70 kg man.


    Sleeping 65
    Awake but lying still 77
    Sitting at rest 100
    Standing relaxed 105
    Dressing and undressing 118
    Tailoring 135
    Light exercise 170
    Carpentry, metal work (jua kali artisan)240
    Sex (‘severe’ exercise) 450
    Sawing wood (Lumberjack) 480
    Swimming 500
    Running (10 kph) 570
    ‘Very severe’ exercise 600
    Walking very fast (10 kph) 650
    Walking up-stairs 1100

    Courtesy of a text book of Medical Physiology. Note that 1kcal = 4.186kJ

    You are professionals and we believe you are capable of self-regulation and know clearly where the pitfalls lie. All the best boys.

  11. Tiz fine with u boys, relax and make a comeback assuring yourselves on winning.i solute all K’Ogalo soldiers and them to just continue firing coz they’re almost conquering kismayu,fear no one but only God, give ingwe on 2 doses,Nyc break to srikal

  12. guys relax n enjoy each moment,we need u fresh n with gd sound mind when we face ingwe on 23rd,this is a must win game 4 us,we r proud of u boys bravo.

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