Gor Mahia prepare for season sans Masika

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Gor Mahia coach Anaba Awono says he has given up holding onto restless defender Eric Masika.

Masika has demanded a release to move to Kenyan Premier League (KPL) rivals AFC Leopards, but Gor officials are still holding on for more money than their opponents are willing to pay.

Awono said on Tuesday it would be futile to hold onto a player whose heart is elsewhere and admitted he is already preparing for a future without the Harambee Stars defender.

“It is a well known fact that Masika does not want to be with us next season and we must accept it and move on.

“Personally as a coach I have already accepted it and are preparing for a future without him,” he said.

The Cameroonian who was recently confirmed as head coach admitted that it would be a major blow to the Gor defence without the dependable defender.

“He has been a great asset in our defence and considering that we have some big and difficult matches in future his departure will be a big setback but we are hoping to cover for his absence well,” he added.

Leopards have offered their rivals Sh300,000 for the highly rated defender though Gor are demanding twice the amount.

Masika has less than six months remaining on his contract and Leopards have threatened to invoke a Fifa rule allowing a player to enter into talks with another club if he has six months remaining on his contract.

Awono said the club is hopeful to do well in the Confederations Cup where they meet APR of Rwanda in the first round next month.

“We are confident that we will have recruited well by the time the competition begins. It will be a tough match for us, but one we are ready to get positive results from,” he added.

The club will also be hoping to improve on their fourth place finish last season in the Kenyan premier League.

21 thoughts on “Gor Mahia prepare for season sans Masika

  1. Forget him and lets move on; Kogalo made him and he has turned his back so let him go, he will not be the first to do so.Do not even demand more money. We loved him so much but if he falls for the allure of money let him go.Young men will continue to be discovered and made by Kogalo and now my challenge to Ingwe, show me which talent you have ever picked from the blues and natured in to a star? You always wait and just pounce once players are discovered and developed by others? Certainly that is not how to develop the game.

  2. Are we still talking about Masika.Lets get serious and start talking about the future of Gor Mahia with our new and old dedicated troop members.

  3. I thought we already closed that issue of Masika. Let’s get whatever we can and move on. Man City is winning without Tevez, ManU without Cristiano and Beckam so let’s move on with what we have and we will be surprised to be doing even better without him. Otherwise I believe the void will not be felt as we are made to believe and at Ingwe he will have to fight for his position unlike at GM where he was assured of a place. If we scout properly we can still get an equally good defender from the grassroots. Has Wahome joined us? Ochomo is also romoured to be released this week to Ulinzi. What of Bob Mugalia? Is Lavatsa in or out? Can we get more on the transfer romours regarding GM. We don’t want nasty surprises at the close of the transfer period.

  4. According to michezoafrika.com the issue of Masika is now over after all parties agreed to a 450K sum. Now we can look forward to our friendlies in Dar, Kagere’s transfer, DStvsuper cup and the big one in CAF. For players like Odera who we don’t use regularly let’s loan them for a year and see how they develop. That’s better than selling them and then struggling to buy them. The other alternative is to give them playing time else we will blame them when they don’t perform due to rustiness.

  5. let the club sec tell us true or not true about masika and if they force the way they want we can bench the guy coz sisi ndio walezi wake mpaka huu wakati.let them know wr agoodteam which bring young talents and hao? even awono amechoka na yeye.


    Mchezaji wa kiungo cha nyuma, Masika amegonga kichwa cha habari tangu alipoonyesha tamaa ya kuihama kilabu hii. Badala ya kumwaga yeye kwa heshima Na taadima kuu kwa kazi nzuri aliyiofanyia Kogalo, ni Kama sasa huduma zake hazitakikani.

    Wafuasi wengine wameanza kumkejeli mchezaji huyu ambaye aliletea klabu hii sifa kedekede. Kila mtu mchango wake katika kila mechi aliyocheza.

    Ni wakati mwafaka sasa ya kumwachilia aende kwa amani. Letu ni kusonga mbele.

  7. PAREyio ur right sana the lad should hv followed the proper way this is agood club plus anew mangement which just came in the other day .he should have solved it by mangement where on earth do players jump on facebook and say goodbye .we like him to go and leav club bila stress now look what has happend kila saa masika upto .tumetosheka na yeye LET AFC PAY AND TAKE HIM HAKUNA FREE THINGS EVEN US IF WE WANT TO BUY KUNA SHERIA LAZIMA WEV TO FOLLOW .AGAIN WEV TO RESPECT THE OTHER CLUB TEAMS AND CONDTION . SIMPLE WALIPE PESA .NOW what he did fr the club hes spoiling pekee yake.YES OR NO

  8. Let Masika go with a hero’s send off. Let us show him appreciation for what he did for us. Remember it is football that puts food on his table.

    One day the deal may be better at GM and he will want to be back home.

    In the meantime let us rejoice and thank God for miraculously bringing back our Ibrahim Kitawi. Masika may be back the same way.

  9. I beg to differ on Kitawi’s return. I dont think GM need that kind of player. Time will tell. I rest my case. For God and my club Kogallo

  10. I too agree with the suggestion of giving Masika a warm send-off. After all he is a Gor product and he played his heart out for us …..now that he has decided to move on – let him goes where his heart is at …., and who knows, he may end up back at Gor again in the future … the world goes round and round !

  11. Gor should not accept a future Masika return.He declared his depature on fb after secretly talking to AFC and receiving 300k.is that not betrayal?True he served us well but he killed all the trust we bestowed on a ‘diligent’ servant in one act.He din’t have to go behind our backs.He should have acted openly and above board and many of us would have seen the sence in his departure.Gor will win BIG without him.AFC just like Gor is still beatable with Masika in defence.

  12. Despite the acrimony let’s wish a brother all the best. Most of us do even worse things when we change jobs unlike Masika. What goes round comes round so one day when the Ingwe den will be burning he might just ask to be taken back. Remember they are yet to go to elections and that’s when the best/worst of them comes out. Those for their tribesman to be the chairman, the politicians, the clans, the sub-tribes etc. Real drama it is always. What I wonder is if we are not bringing back tribalism into football. What is it with shemejis looking for their kinsmen in all the clubs and luring them into the den. I hope Lavatsa will not be lured into the same. On Ochomo, though we couldn’t exploit his full potential at his age the sky should be the limit. Best wishes to him and PPO.

  13. the new sighning david owino from karuturi is far much better than masika my fellow kogaloeans just wait and see him in action.

  14. ”my challenge to Ingwe, show me which talent you have ever picked from the blues and natured in to a star? You always wait and just pounce once players are discovered and developed by others? Certainly that is not how to develop the game”….@ ja thur gi ji, wataka kujua talents wenye Tsingweee ime mould? Imbalabala, kenya 1 Matasi, Mangoli, Wafula Barasa etc. tukutane 18th march nyayo mupewe zenu tatu..nkt

  15. Let us all wish Masika luck in his professional career. AFC shoulde however strive to deal with other clubs’ contracted players more professionally. The only thing that I find disturbing is the fact that AFC have insisted the club needs Masika because he is their “son”. I find this rather distasteful. The club ought to realize that Masika’s professional life is not because he is a Luhya. Besides, the myth that one played for either Gor Mahia or AFC because they were Luos and Luhyas is one that has been debunked. Players must play at whichever club they so intend to play at notwithstanding their ethnic extractions.

  16. Guyz lets give masika a hero send off! He was our hero when he was playing for us for christsake! I will club for him even on shemejis jersey we will always love him! Pareyio, dan, kamau, jackowili and erico thats the spirit guys kip it up! Kogalo damu!

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