17 Aug 12

Courtesy of michezoafrika.com

Gor Mahia FC officials have raised concern over the match officials appointed to take charge of their weekend KPL Top 8 finals against Ulinzi Stars. In particular, the officials raise issue with center referee Sylvester Kirwa who is linked with the military side Ulinzi.

“We have not questioned his credibility at all, the referee is one of the best in this region and competent enough, actually he is one o the few who are always at their best. However, the referee has direct links with the military in the nature of his job and we have just raised concerns to the appointing authorities to note and see if they can make any adjustments to avoid controversy just in case of anything.” George Bwana told michezoafrika.com.

“It can be remembered that our last year’s TOP 8 match against the same Ulinzi ended in trouble because of a referee’s judgment. We respect the officials appointed but world over even FIFA and CAF cannot appoint a referee from East Africa to officiate a match between Kenya and a west African country.” He added.

In response to the same, FKF’s chairman of the technical committee Elly Mukolwe said they have received the official concern from Gor Mahia and have advised the appointing authorities to make the necessary changes though a replacement has not yet been appointed.

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  • This is a genuine issue of concern. Thanks Bwana! But someone in the referees appointing committee should have seen this.

    We are going for a win on Sunday, then we focus on other silverware. All the best boys.

  • Omusala says:

    Haiya. No commend

  • Okew Okuyu Jakamollo says:

    Spot on bwana Bwana,the guy is one of the best but remember tulichuja Kiplagat from the team and again siasalically,he could just mess things up for us…..ama niaje mafans wa Kogallo?

  • ojera says:

    this was done intensionally…..hope they change it to avoid problems


    Unveil the new uniform with a win. Next make it affordable to ma-fans alafu please try and avoid the blue colour that suits the CATS FAMILY of kina Omusala.

  • Pod Antie says:

    The game is improving but the referees are not. This is a big area of concern and am glad it was raised before the match. But if we continue to play the kind o soccer we are seeing from Kogalo then even referees will be hard pressed to improve on the pitch and avoid ludicrous calls. It’s hard to deny the flowing moves Gor is making at the moment. We are going for the cup on Sunday.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    GAB this one I give it to you. Good call however I do hope that at the end of the day your positives outdo your negatives/blunders.I put it all down to inexperience.

  • Walter Alando Bwoga says:

    I don’t think there is any need to panic. Last year, due to referee’s blunder, the super 8 match against our GM was awarded to Ulinzi and therefore I believe this time round the referees, whoever it is cannot favour them…otherwise history will judge them harshly. Sunday let us fill the stadium to brim. Then there is a serious issue of Stadium management of closing gates at the time of getting out of stadiums and making people struggle out of small gates. Who is this responsible for such kind of poor management and do you want to cause a stampede?

  • Omusala says:

    Ha.OGANGO TRAILER. I thought that blue makes your jazi more…… . Any on Futaa.com the chairman of Ulinzi Mr. Mwinyikai who his word wont go in vain has given very serious views ragarding the top 8 game.Are Gor being favoured by the kpl management? If so,its bad,and as the solders are taking things,if you are not careful,they might beat u.

  • dinga says:

    toa hiyo ref. my advise to gor will always be the same as far as refs are concerned, always play against the 12 players. point: score enough goals that even if the ref is ‘theirs’…he will not be able to disallow all the goals. do away with 1 nil wins and consider them a bad day in the office. Kesho tuko kasarani. this is the start of the journey to kismayu… by sunday 6 o’clock gor MARINES would have landed in kismayu.i do not hate the army, but as far as kismayu was concerned…PLEEEEASE.

  • jb says:

    this is good the referee has been removed lets get somone to call the game in the middle

  • Ochigah says:

    All the best as we attend church service tommorow lets remember K’ogalo in prayer. To the players lets have a double for Rama otherwise Idd Mubarak

  • PERSONNEL says:

    If you do not have confidence in yourself, you’ll look for it elsewhere in vain; so the saying goes….. We are behind our mighty GR for a massive win on sunday.

  • PAREYIO says:


    With only an hour to the final of the now prestigious top 8 tourney between K’ogalo and Ulinzi, I wish send my best wishes to the entire K’Ogalo family as we try to lift the ultimate prize on offer at this tourney.

    As always i do not want water down what the SG is trying to raise with KPL. I do hope the red flag was raised in good faith and therefore there should be no cause for alarm. Those who will find time to be at the stadium, enjoy the game and keep the peace. Comrades have already said that it is not a matter of life and death. Whatever the outcome, let us take it in our stride.

    I also know today’s game belongs to our maverick coach, Zdravko Logarusic. I suggest the first goal to be scored by K’ogalo be dedicated to him. Best of luck boys!

  • mwakio says:

    May the Almighty God give us victory in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Let all bloggers say Amen.

  • Kalixtos says:

    I wish you well as you display your skills today, Make us proud boys!!!! Go for it Boys!!!

  • Kamau wa Njoroge says:

    Extra Time: Thus far, Gor 1 Ulinzi O ….

  • Kamau wa Njoroge says:

    Now it is 2:0
    Go Gor !
    Go Gor !!
    Go Gor !!!

  • Kalixtos says:

    Thank God!!! Congratulations, Kogallo Forever!!! You did it again,Boys lets Celebrate now!!!! Congrats, you have made my day!!!

  • Pod Antie says:

    I said the cup is ours this Sunday. Bravo Kogalo !!!! U make me proud. FKL Cup next and our best shot at the league. Anything is possible. Love the club for life!

  • mwakio says:

    bloggers, let us all give all glory and honour to the Almighty God for having given us victory in the name of Jesus Christ. With God everything is possible.

  • Dan says:

    It’s unfortunate that our players were tense throughout this match and even Pablo was not himself. Let’s hope that we get rid of the stage fright and continue with our passing game. Very little of it was present this time. Congrats to the boys all the same. And to Jerry this time you walked the talk. Keep it up. Now we need to fight for the other two cups and like Mwakio says the Almighty will do the rest for us