15 thoughts on “Gor Mahia releases new team list

  1. excuse,i’ve managed to access the list at last,but you need to do something on players who earn more but don’t perform like Ngwa.

  2. It so demoralizing that when Gor is struggling financially some of our so called fans decide to misbehave in stadias.can you do something?Why are some players faking their age?blackberry cant be born 1992.why cant they be honest for once.

  3. Are there gor mahia replica shirts on sale and if yes where can we find them?We must compete with other teams lets take the initiative and make the team financially stable sell as many shirts as possible that is what big teams in europe do.

  4. K’Ogalo is lighting stadia again! We the fans wish them well. We (fans) must behave and minimize the penalties our dear club goes through when we misbehave. We wish our sworn rivals, the ‘Spotted Cat’ well too. Without these two community clubs Kenyan football is dead.

  5. Omera Blackberry chande en thuon dichuo ma oti. Owek woundo ji ni nene onyuole 1992.
    How come whenever we play away matches, irodho wa roth mar punda. Adek kuom nono? Anyway, kodh pe bende nyalo ga muomo ngat’o ka dichiel but not every day.Let’s hope for the best but please please asayou, let us not start badly then play catch up on the second leg

  6. you guys you need to update this website as first as possible so that we can know what is going on.imagine i didnt know kogallo were playing posta at city.

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