Gor Mahia said to be after Rayon duo

A report in the Daily Nation suggests that Gor Mahia are to pursue Eric Rutanga and Michael Sarpong who currently play for Rayon Sports.

Additional reporting from the Nation

Gor Mahia are keen on luring Rayon Sport duo Eric Rutanga and Sarpong Micheal in March.

But the Kenyan champions must be prepared to spend big as these two players will not come cheaply, reports Rwanda Foot.

Kā€™Ogalo have recently seen their resources stretched because of a combination of departures and a busy schedule, which has left the first team having to compete in either a local or continental assignment at least twice every week.

Worse, the Kenyan side recently released two dependable players in the frame of Karim Niziyigimana and Ephrem Guikhan and it makes sense that these two players would come in as replacements.

Rutanga is a quality left-back who was instrumental when the Rwandan club defeated Gor Mahia 2-1 in a Caf Confederation Cup match in Nairobi in 2018.

Should he come in, he will either compete with Shafique Batambuze for the left back position or moved ahead to play in left midfield.

Sarpong is, meanwhile, expected to reinforce coach Hassan Oktay midfield having displayed a rich vein of form in the Rwandan league.

These two players are expected to cost Sh5.5 million, according to well-placed sources.


12 thoughts on “Gor Mahia said to be after Rayon duo

  1. i question the rationale of having foreign defenders in kogallo yet kenya is blessed and awash with such quality defenders…….If we must shop outside Kenya, the weakest link is strikers and offensive midfielders. Names such as Taddeo Lwanga, Caleb bonfils Bimenyimana, Michel Sarpong , Djuma Nizeyimana , Jules Ulimwengu, Zanzibar midfielder Abdul Aziz Makame, Yassar mugerwa and Yunus ssentamu should all be considered !

  2. Why sign players who could not make rayon compete back to back in caf competitions. I don’t support the signing because we’ve our local players who are equally good and bringing the mustafas and sekisambus of this region won’t help. Take for example the two matches we played against waarabu, we had only two foreign players and we still performed. We should give a chance to our local players and not sign just because we have a foreign slot to fill. @jasego, I know that you have the club interest at heart but you should not be too obsessed with bringing foreign players at the expense of our local brothers. The only position which I believe require a player is in full back two which is lacking cover if Philemon otieno is injured or suspended but still we can get a quality player locally. Or it’s about earning from sign on fee. Jasego I address you on this because I believe you are a member of the technical team which oversee the signing of players and nothing more. Even if we sign any player now, they wont play in continental football. Awacho ayueyo. Kara nyithindwa gi to Karo ocha to timbe te I Kenya wa ka onagi tugo adhula maber.

  3. currently am of the feeling we have enough cover at left back,,, perhaps a utility rightback and quality box to box midfielder of Dancan/Aucho instnct,, Lets not make signings for the sake,,, Maybe a utility defender and box to box midfielder,,,, I still stand to be corrected,,, If some of the foreigners wud be loaned out to pave way for an upgrade it wudnt be suicidal,,,

  4. someone confirm Sarpongs age, football wise he is good though best as an AMF wher the likes of muguna kachi na lawi thrives,,,, no need to hurry in the identification of targets for the transfer window

  5. Personally , am not bothered from wherever we sign players from , be it Afghganistan , Somalia , Kericho , Migori or even Asego , so long as the player/s meets and fits our needs , and is within our budget , for that is where global football is , now and into the future , Barca is doing it , Real Madrid is , Simba sports , Mammelodi etc etc but that is not to mean that we neglect the hundreds of available local potentials languishing and wasting away in the counties because of neglecting what has worked for us before , moreso for Gor Mahia and Afc Leopards ,
    When feeder teams like Kisumu Hotstars , Blackstars , MOW used to perform that role .
    For our mid to long term needs , I am of the opinion that both Gor Mahia youth and Afc youth teams be relocated to Kisumu and Kakamega respectively , because just like the North Rift is the cradle of Athletics , Nyanza and Western are unquestionably the cradle of Kenyan football and with a pedigree that is above Rwanda , Burundi , Uganda , for whatever we can get from those countries are potentially available in the aforementioned former provinces .
    Having those teams near where the natural talents are and with the requisite talent local scouts recruited in the mould of the late
    Chris Makokha of kakamega high and MOW , or the late Aroko of Kisumu Boys and Kisumu Hotstars or my friend Phillip Onyango of Mombasa .
    A linkage of these youth teams and the local schools will ensure that talent will be discovered early , natured and steered in the right direction .
    Having these youth teams in Nairobi with all its logistical nightmares is not serving the deserving purpose , apart from fulfilling the sports act obligation-Lets invest and exhaust what we have locally and tribally before we cross our borders and spending millions that if well invested locally can give the club the best while saving the same millions , Lets get out of this mentality of building dams using imported Towels and
    carpets when real materials for buiding dams are available locally .
    Whatever I have proposed here is the same template the likes of Barca , Man U , Liverpool are using , the other alternative is to have owners who own Oil Wells like PSG or Man City or the other option of having a stunted growth EC like Gor’s and Afc and pretend in our wishful dreams that we will conquer Africa while shouting “sasa leteni Barcelona ” .
    Accessible club legends like Tobias Ocholla or Bobby Ogolla can attest to the viability and sustainability of my proposals since they are living examples of that same template for were Nairobi to be the sole focus of our being, we would have never experienced their brilliance .

  6. Our EC should not mislead players on the level of hostilities in waiting in Algeria. To tell the players that hostilities will be in the stadium only is tantamount to living in denial.

    The reality which everyone in the travelling party should brace for is open aggression once we fly into the war zone. Unless we made advanced arrangements on pick up from the airport, Gor Mahia should be prepared for the worst: the transporters available will simply decline to provide a bus. Reason either their bus cannot carry non-muslims and blacks or they fear that their bus may be burnt if it transports Gor Mahia.

    If somehow we make from the airport then the second battle field will be on the way to the hotel. Thugs and goons will be waiting along the way.

    At the hotel, running water will be disconnected and explosive fireworks will be discharged the whole of Saturday night. Should we survive till at the stadium on Sunday, then that will be the arena of the mother of all dirt and unfairness.

    What I will tell our travelling boys is to set their eyes on the ultimate prize and their hearts on God. Our boys are strong men of valour. No man has the capability of crushing another human like a bed bug. No matter the intimidation, the Algerians will never lay a hand on any of our players. The war will be verbal and psychological by way of withholding basic amenities. Our boys should stand strong and firm. No pain will last forever. Once you fly out of the war zone on Sunday night all that will be history.

  7. Why are we seemed not to be concerned about our main problem GOAL KEEPING we can sign the best players in the world but with the kind of the keepers we have I am afraid

  8. We already have two underperforming foreigners (sekissambu, mustapha) in the squad.Does it make economic sense to bring additional aliens? Kenya is overflowing with young football talent if we can do proper scouting.

  9. Kogalo already has a competent left Back (Shafiq). What the club needs is a goalkeeper. There are no longer goalkeepers in Kenya.

  10. @Jasego,what’s the team’s tactical approach for the Hussein dey,we want Zico to mastermind defensive approach to the away game in Algeria with Oliech as the pointman for counter attack

  11. Read somewhere that after the Hussein dey game that we are going to camp in another semi hostile Zemalek territory , I dont know how wise that is , a neutral nearby country would have nailed it but again that neighbour happens to be Benghazi andTripoli , the other option is to sail across the River Jordan and go camping in Canaan , but again we have the small matter of the crocodiles , Sudan is also not an option for problems similar to Algeria , Dubai is too expensive , Guess we will have to settle for Cairo , it is the least hostile but first things first and mine is to wish the team a safe flight and a fight for our lives against Hussein dey-God Bless you Husband of Teams.


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