Gor Mahia seek redemption against Bandari

Gor Mahia are in Mombasa to take on Bandari in thir 23rd match of the 2018 Kenya Premier League season. They will be looking to make amends for dropping points against Nakumatt on Saturday. Gor Mahia need to avoid any further slip up as it could lead to a downward spiral as they negotiate  packed August schedule.

Coach Dylan Kerr admitted that his side was below par whereas Nakumatt played their best game of the season.

“I did not want to see that equalizer and cannot blame my goalkeeper for the mistake. He (Odhoji) put up a great show with three amazing saves in the first half but honestly speaking, we deserved to get nothing to say the least the missed chances and poor decisions by my players in good areas.” Kerr said to goal.com

Bandari too will come all guns blazing as they seek to gain notoriety as the team that broke Gor Mahia’s unbeaten record. Not only are Gor Mahia playing a difficult schedule, but they are playing against highly motivated opponents.

New Bandari coach Bernard Mwalala promises to come up with a strategy to take advantage of Gor Mahia’s fatigue.

“We know the strength of our opponents and we are also aware that fatigue has taken toll on them following a congested season and we will seek to take advantage of the situation,” he said to the Nation.

Mwalala, a former Kenya international, envisions nothing short of victory.

“We are going for nothing short of a win today and have prepared well for the match. It will therefore be either a win for us or a loss for Gor Mahia,” he concluded.

Gor Mahia will have to contend with former players Bernard Odhiambo who will be highly motivated as well as Shaban Kenga who is trying to revive his once promising career.

Kogalo has had a good record against Bandari lately. They won the last match between these two sides 2-0 on March 3. In the second leg of the 2017 season, Gor Mahia trounced Bandari 3-1.


45 thoughts on “Gor Mahia seek redemption against Bandari

  1. Let Mwalala talk, Kerr will do the talking on the field. Gor will beat Bandari and mwalala will talk of missed chances and fatigue, Go Gor Go.

  2. If I were any coach in the Kenya premier league, I would avoid talking about preparing to beat chuor time. I would only say that we will try our best by defending well and taking our chances.

  3. If I were any coach in the Kenya premier league, I would avoid talking about preparing to beat chuor timbe. I would only say that we will try our best by defending well and taking our chances.

  4. We pray for God to give us the victory devoid of any injuries. This Class of 2018 wants to emulate the class of 215 and also that of 1976 to win the league unbeaten. Let’s wish them all the best. Emulating Aucho, Olunga et al will be the best gift for Kerr, the fans and the players

  5. I like the way Mwalala talks. I hope he will not pack the bus but come out for a real brawl. Mwalala is a good coach and I hope he continues with the same philosophy he had at Nzoia. Lakini ukichapwa don’t mention the referee, linesman or the traffic policeman.
    I expect Kerr to go for victory with a good team mix. Bandari has been doing well and is one of the very few teams that can give Gor good match practice this season. How I wish I could find myself in coast today.
    K’ Ogalo go go go….

  6. I like this bold statement…”it will therefore either be a win for us or a loss for Gor Mahia”! extremely confident mwalala.lets compare notes after 5pm

  7. This will be a tough duel and it may go either way. Bandari on form is not easy to beat at Mbaraki Stadium. I am prepared for any outcome though I wish Kogallo the best.

    Amor, Piny Mor, Polo bende Mor. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  8. Hehe Kenyan teams..lol yaani the only motivation a team can have in a season is beating Mayienga?Forget thinking of dislodging us from atop the Kpl table or winning anything significant but only beating K’ogalo once is the Highlight or Epitome of their teams overall Season’s plan. Well let’s wait and see but i reiterate with Walusimbi playing there is little Hope for Bandari as the guy knows how to unlock their stubborness and leave a battling Felly Mulumba disjointed. Let’s pray today is no exception. Kogalo SGR do what you do best and remove stumbling blocks from the Guard Rail…

  9. With nine games left to conclude the 2018 KPL season, we are indeed at the business end of the league. This is a tricky time because some teams my resort to desperate measures either to avoid relegation or to attain a respectable top five finish. For such teams, this business end of the league therefore could be an opportunity to literally do business with unscrupulous match officials.

    The officiating of our game against Nakumatt left me wondering where those great referees like Maxim Itur and Alfred Kirwa disappeared to. Obviously the linesmen in that match have a lot of questions to answer. The referee himself seemed to believe that good officiating is measured by the number of Gor Mahia players carded. The centre referee in the Efusi-Mathare clash was even a more serious joke. Apparently Efusi had to win that game by all means, hence the awarding of a penalty for an infringement so obviously committed outside the box.

    I call upon Ker and his boys to take cognisance of this facts and get the job done early in each of our remaining league matches. We should avoid situations where we hang on a one goal cushion. On the same breath, I wish to ask our boys to be ruthless with Mwalala and Bandari. Mwalala is one coach who understands Gor Mahia quite well and therefore must be tackled tactfully and tactically. Dan Original got it very right that we should consider the Bandari game as a dress rehearsal against Rayon Sports. Indeed Ker should unleash his big guns against Bandari so that they can practise how to unlock tight defences.

  10. Even as I type this comment I am surveying the Mbaraki playing surface and it tells a lot about what Bandari is hiding up their sleeves. They tend to believe that K’Ogalo will struggle in a bumpy pitch and that is the reason a playing surface that is usually very well groomed has deliberately been left neglected and unkempt.

    Reading between the lines on Mwalala’s comments about K’Ogalo’s fatigue I believe he plans to tire our boys early in order to exploit that fatigue factor. Gor Mahia must therefore deny Bandari the ball in much the same way that they did it against Vipers and Yanga in Kasarani. Ker’s meticulous game management is what will win for us this crucial tie today. K’Ogalo should unleash our big guns, play the game at our own terms and pace and ensure that Bandari sees very little of the ball. This, coupled with very clinical strikes early in the game will just be enough to silence all that hot air from Mwalala and his Farouk Shikalo and Ochomo. We seriously need this win and that is the reason I am already in the stadium. I am here to keep an eye on every Bandari move from now up to the end of the match at 5 p.m. This time they have nowhere to hide.

    1. @BB, we shall be relying on you for minute by minute update from the sofaset. All the best Team Mayienga.

      Amor, Piny Mor, Polo bende Mor. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

      1. No worry Albert. We shall do what is humanly possible. I know K’Ogalo faithfuls like Teddy Sofaset, Francis Nyakwar Dhiang’ mamuol and others in the Ugandan diaspora are praying and waiting with baited breaths for positive outcomes from Mbaraki.

    2. Wow BB, thnx for the invite. Even if Bandari give us a bad pitch, Gor will use it for practice. In the Africa scene we have met worse teams than Bandari.
      1. Some will give good pitch but make sure you are in a bad hotel. Anglophone like TZ
      2. Some will give bad pitch and bad accommodation. Francophone
      3. Some will average pitch but no transport to get there. Nigeria
      4. Some will do things well and choose to fight it in the pitch S.Africa, Zambia
      5. Some will make sure you sleep at the airport then harass you then give you bad transport to cheap hotel. Mali
      6. Some will give you good pitch and accommodation but make sure you are harassed during the game. Tunisia
      7. Some will give you a good pitch, good accommodation except for a bad referee. Egypt
      This match should provide good “mentals” for the boys. I only ask that Bandari keep off rough play.

  11. Hahaha, Albert you asked for a minute-by-minute update. Just know that
    1. due to ‘public demand’ Bandari have been forced to lower the gate fee from 300/- to 200/-.
    2. Ker led the boys into the ground through Roth.
    3. a section of the green army forced their way through the main gate and in the process peacefully disposessed the handful of police officers manning the gate of their tear gas canisters.
    4. The team has avoided the dressing room is just relaxing under the trees.

    1. What is Shakava striking for BB while Tuyisenge and Mustafa Francis are in the field plus Guikan on the bench. What kind of tactics are we employing there today?

    1. Just as I had mentioned, an on-form Bandari at Mbaraki Stadium has never been easy to beat. Let us give it to them. On the other hand, the loss is sad but it eases the pressure on the boys of keeping the unbeaten run. We live to fight another day.

      Amor, Piny Mor, Polo bende Mor. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

    2. thats our scoreline…lets still be thankful to God who brought us this far. thanks jausenge .kerr. and all team for showing up.be encouraged people..alls not lost. where are the analysts please? my only analysis is the jinx with Shaban in kpl…always concedes 2goals…

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