Gor Mahia set to benefit from league sponsorship

Kenyan Premier League (KPL) has finally sealed a three year deal with East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL) to become the league’s title sponsors.  In the process, the league has been renamed to the Tusker Premier League.

It has been a long time coming for a league that has been without a title sponsor for 5 years while Uganda and Tanzania leagues had a sponsor.

The deal took effect from July 1st this year and is said to be worth Kshs165 million.  Under the deal, KPL will receive Kshs55 million per year for three years. Gor Mahia and the other 15 clubs will seen an increase in funds.

Fans will hope that the club will become more professional and more accountable in the way they handle their affairs.

Fans also hope that KPL will be better organized and avoid embrassments such as the one that happened this Sunday; As pointed out by our comrade Ogango Trailer only one bottle of Champagne was provided for the players leaving all 16 players to scramble for the sole bottle.

Per KPL policy, 65% of the sponsorship money is supposed to go to the clubs. That still leaves KPL with a lot of money that they can use for development and promotional activities.


19 thoughts on “Gor Mahia set to benefit from league sponsorship

  1. This provides a good opportunity to develop Gor Mahia’s U-17 outfit. EC please embrace this idea and put in place mechanisms that will ensure that 30% of every ticket sold in our home matches is channeled towards the development of this U-17 side.

  2. The deal took effect from July this year.
    1.Is this really true I doubt coz our SG was complaining about finances just the other day.
    2.Now that we know GMFC expenditure from none other the the SG. Give us details of how much each club will get as it will help towards accountability aspect.When the funds will be released to the clubs etc.
    3.But by my calculations 55million per year for the 16 teams in the league means only 3,437,500 per team (not taking into account the “administrative cuts” for FKF and KPL. This will help but not by much. Branches need to come out more strongly to support Mighty K’galo.

  3. this people cannot be serious.at least they should consider some basic things.aiiiih its high time the kogalo community start thinking.

  4. Good to learn that our match against the slum boys has been switched to NYAYO instead of KASARANI . And the juice of the matter is Mathare will undertake the stone cleaning exercise on behalf of K’Ogalo to by pass the condition early set by SSMB.

    That is what I call the power of the 12th man. Mathare needs money and Bob Munro used his network to secure the stadium albeit GOR standings it ground that we can bend soo low and bulged into being belittle as the main source of debris around NYAYO stadium.

    Now what other reason will SSMB give to deny K’Ogalo the facility since even the entire mathare youth with all it well wishers can not clear all the debris in the name of the now so famous ” CSR ” as if we are charitable organization. BURE KABISA SSMB. You have lost quite some substantial amount to CITY COUNCIL such that you want to use the back door tactics to lure us back. For those of us who wanted pick stones here is your chance to demonstrate that you mean what you say. K’Ogalo stone collectors please join MYSA.

  5. @OGANGO TRAILER i thought Mathare fc KPL matches have been taking place at NYAYO week in week out. Why have they not been picking stones prior until when it is GM.

    This is really crazy and ridiculous. But KASARANI is closer to MYSA fans than NYAYO or?
    This is a good gesture to GM that sisi NI timu KUBWA yaani ” FAT WALLET” or rather it is our deep pockets dictating the terms. Let them gather all our money as they collect balls inside the net. There is a stupid belief that GOR is used to artificial turf such that we can not perform when playing on the typical natural grass grounds. Let do the talking uwanjani!!!

  6. When I overheard over the radio as Mohammed Juma Njuguna of Citizen Radio read the news,it touched me with a lot of hope that was long overdue.Thank you E.A.B.L for your goodwill gesture

  7. Those who think that K’Ogalo is a team to be rediculled they are mistaken. We are now dictating terms because they need our money badly and nyayo is the perfect place to host K’Ogalo due to its proximity to work places. Very clever of them the slam boys.

  8. we have to develop our under 17 team and mzee Sianga can do that very well with good structures we will go places.lets benefit wisely on the above issue.(TOPIC).

  9. even though better than nothing, the 3.something million will not help gor much. this title sponsorship should be looked at the aspect it’s meant for, football administration etc. the clubs basically have to fend for themselves kama kawaida. gor has to manage it’s affairs well, wether fkf is getting 1 billion will not help us if gor managers are corrupt. gor is one club that has alot of advantages and it’s up to the EC. i am not accusing the EC of corruption at this juncture…so far the EC has done well in these areas 1. getting a foreign coach 2. giving the coach a free hand. but there are other issues and and factors that can improve gor. i will not pretend that i know them all but for now i want to dwell on the weekday matches. why is gor involved in too many weekday matches in nairobi? it’s denying many of us opportunity to watch gor and also denying gor the much needed income.otherwise companies like safaricom should get in big in soccer, i don’t they are doing enough and here i don’t mean shirt sponsoring one club.

  10. … and i NOW really hate this top 8 tournament with a passion. in south africa the same tournament and the winner goes home with kshs 80 million and particaption is kshs 8million. so what exactly was gor playing for… what if one player gets injured and ends up the chances of taking the league or fkf. u saw the kind of tackles tusker was unleashing for gor. will 1 million insure against such injuries? i thnk this tournament is and insult and i pray that that cup is returned. if a tournament is not worth fighting for the it’s as useless as this top 8 kenya version, nowonder ulinzi walked out after the match as if nothing big had really happened, now i realise nothing really happened.

  11. no.8….fyi,there are other aspects to it.any tournament,whatever the value has its positives.when you win a tournament that involves big teams,the morale for the players increases tenfold.if you have played football before…which i doubt,you will realise that there is a feel good factor about winning a game.so money factor aside,our team can walk tall after the famous win!!!!

  12. @9: morale or not, you saw the same players fighting for a bottle of champaign, what does that tell you? players need to be well of. for eight yrs i competitively took part in a sport(not football). as much as we were encouraged to take part in many tournaments as possible, one thing started to get very clear and the players even said(asked) it, what are you fighting for? tournaments which were brought in later just to JAZA calender later become drab tournaments, but bring in kenya championships or the selection of the kenya team then money was put aside. my point is that at the end of the day what ur fighting for COUNTS. if its not a national tournament like super 8 then u have to dangle good prizes. does it feel good to see ur players scrambling for a bottle champaign? a footballer’s lifetime is one short life and if someone can actually risk his kneecap in kenya football for 1 million, then they will thnk twice, remember that nowadays kenyan footballers are nolonger employed as before but again if its just about feeling good as u say then football really is one expensive and risky drug in kenya. put that S.A kind of money in kenya football an i guarantee tomorrow football will become a curricular in kenya universities. it’s good that gor won but imagine when the individual player goes home squizzing in a matatu, goes to buy water coz his hse has no water or sleeps on the floor coz bado haja-buy bed.he will advise anybody who wants to listen,’do not play futi’. boxing died coz we were all so busy entertaining ourselves without thnking of the boxers, but the day the sport WENT down, u can see for urself that it’s not coming back soon. we saw boxers retire and become watchmen but just ignored. u can c the result.

  13. I agree with Oduori12 that the amount from Tursker does not make a big difference to KPL teams, its better than nothing though.Oduori12 its actually less since 35% is retained by KPL.

    Maybe this generation will not realize the potential of teams like GM & Efusi in creating big income and participating in social development like creating employment e.t.c, but may be there will come a generation that will implement our wishes to have these sleeping giants wake up and perform.

    Guys you understand how the developed world has its sponsorship running into billions,making billions in gate fees but still suffers massive loans in running expenses even after engaging in multi billion businesses! It shows just how the Europeans, South Americans and the Asian countries are efficient and serious in gaining from their brands.

    Ours is a complete reverse of income generation to embezzlement of the little gate fees and praying to a few politicians for handouts which more often than not never reaches office..the same guys get elected to office again and again backed with their permanently appointed gate keepers/security.

    We may do better using the brand GM to get big income for running our club..Who will bell the cat.

  14. Guys, the Top 8 tournament is SA is sponsored by corporates like MTN, SA airways etc. In Kenya as much as we want more money but from who? Supersport is not supposed to sponsor the tournaments buy donating trophies and monies. Theirs is to provide the TV coverage. Now that FKF has interest in the Tusker money can’t they get Safcom to sponsor the FKF cup. Forget that they denied them the chance to organise Sakata tourney. Unfotunately Gor and AFc will just develop as fast as FKF is developing. At least KPL has proved that they can do something substantial.

  15. Dinga, i think i agree with you 100%. One million is approximately eguivalent to 11,700 us dollars or a new 2005 toyota corolla nze121. so if all the club is strugling for such a believed to be cheap car it means the probabity of the players owning a car is 0.recently you were xplained how Gor spends 81000 to prepare for a game,take into account the number games Gor played to reach final,injuries are there,paying for fans demolition has to meet you,etc if you do all the deductions probably you remain with 400000 so do your bodmas.The guys who run top 8 had a good idea only if it wa genuine,but have we realy reaped? I think NO.Are they businessmen? If they are then it dint rain well the finished season because the greatest harvest they longed for from the Kenyan derby wasnt realized.if guys are claiming 3millions that are not worked for which are to be given by sponser (Tusker) is small,what of 1m you have spent for about 500k and you have sweated for.rem we have billionares in kenya who earns millions in a day they may lough to all 8 clubs sweating for 500k for such long time.in short hiyo pesa ni ndogo tena sana.Boys need to eat,wear,pay rent and even buy for their parents sugar.rem most of them have no other jobs.

  16. Getting money is one thing, managing the money is a different thing altogether…this is really a good deal. Thanks to Kenya Breweries & Super sport for continued support.

  17. now this is the way forward, gormahia and afc or EFUSI LEOPARDS should be interested in acquiring assets like academies for u19 and u23 and also clubhouses as long term investments just the same way arsenal built a stadium and gave up the title chase in the previous seasons, and now they are a very big club. Gor mahia has won many titles in the past, does that add any substantial value to the club today?? Is gm any different development wise than it was 10 years ago?? How different development-wise is gm going to be 10 yrs from now?? will the club still be renting offices at nyayo stadium?? What exactly are fans celebrating?? gm is just the same since the day our fathers were young men. We need to deal with real issues and get rid of the party mood,

  18. I welcome this move though its high time all TPL CLUBS disclosed things such us PLAYERS n TECHNICAL BENCH Individual contracts n wages just like other serious leagues do n statement of accounts. GOR MAHIA should now consider owning its own STADIA n control cartels who steal our monies through tickets n metchandize

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