Gor Mahia settles arrears as Sserunkuma wants out

The good news for Gor Mahia fans is that the club has apparently settled all the salary arrears. The players salaries were settled prior to their match against Bandari according to goal.com

“We are delighted that club officials have paid us and so we can focus on our mandate of performing well,” said the source to goal.com

The salaries of the technical bench members were also paid.

Sserunkuma wants out of Simba

Dan Sserunkuma who lit up the Kenyan scene for four years, is finding the going rougher in Tanzania. He now wants out of Simba after having spent most of the time warming the bench. This he thinks is detrimental to his career.

Sserunkuma had returned home to Uganda to address family issues. But while there, he sent a communication to Simba asking to terminate his 2 year contract after only serving half a year.

Simba for their part have expressed a willingness to end the contract stating that Sserunkuma did not meet expected standards and that the contracts of international players can be terminated for lack of performance. This according to top Tanzanian magazine, Mwanaspoti.


18 thoughts on “Gor Mahia settles arrears as Sserunkuma wants out

  1. Well Done Jakom / EC.
    Kindly look at the options being proposed. Some are very practicable for example the discounted match entry fee for Sacco members.

    Dan “Flava” Sserenkuma. Welcome back. If its at K’galo where you are comfortable and your talent thrives then so be it.
    EC look at the possibilities Flava is a prized player.

    JoKogalo let’s come together and ensure that players and TB get their March2014 salary and the wage bill for the rest of the year on time.
    EC come clear on the payments involved. For a cash strapped club to have numerous miscellaneous payments draining their coffers is not prudent.
    JoKogalo Stop the begging, Show some Pride , its time for Gor Mahialization.
    All the best GMFC against Chemelil

  2. Where are those who were laughing at Masika saying that leopards have wasted him. I have said time and time again that Gor players never do well once they leave the team. From Dawo, Rama,Ade and now sserenkuma (just to mention a few). Me I think Gor uses madawa to win (Omweri etc). Look at Ingwe alumni; we have Wanyama, Opiyo,Wanga, Were etc. What a contrast!

      1. Dan…..please read again carefully and you will see the point. (let me give you a clue….pay special attention to my first sentence of my previous post)

    1. Players like Masika, Wanyonyi, Rama Salim, Kiongera, Ade etc. These players take Kogalo for granted and when they leave the club, their careers plumett

  3. I forgot to add another Ingwe player who went on to have a successful pro career……he is none other than the assistant national team coach…. Musa Otieno. How many can Gor count?

    1. @Ingo, you have a bigger problem to resolve than relying on history. Are you aware that Mumias has resolved to pull out of Ingwe sponsorship? You used to mock the usage of the PAyBill number and we told you that ‘ukiona mwenzako akinyolewa tia chako maji’

      1. Ingwe was the first community club in Kenya to get a sponsorship (Crown Paints). Zuku wanted to give us another one recently. We are attractive to most sponsors….dont worry, we will get another one

        1. SIMPLE MATHS My friend, only counting 14 league titles, a Continental Title, 3 or more CECAFA titles not to mention countless other Moi Golden / GorTv Titles definitely more than “ingwe” and we are still counting unlike your team/you that seems to have stopped counting real achievements / titles.
          And yes we do believe that the “spirit” of the legendary Gor Mahia is always watching over our beloved club coz how do you explain the retaining of our name in its full & undiluted, uncorrupted form, our never being relegated, capturing the league despite the withdrawal of the so called “sponsors” or even the magical whipping MIGHTY GOR MAHIA INFLICTED ON “ingwe” in the “FINAL IN SUDAN” or your persistent bewitchment with Gor Mahia matters / this site.
          Tafakari hayo

      1. Nope…Musa Otieno played for Breweries and then Ingwe before he went to South Africa. He actually called me and asked why I had omitted him from my original list. Yeye ni Ingwe kabisa

  4. @Ingo, I always knew that Musa played for AFC first being as it was that back then the teams used to pay fees for real upcoming talent n Musa was one then. And AFC paid his at Ofafa Jericho. Anyway, we had resolved to ignore our shemeji. Serenkuma, as good as he is, not a good investment. He is restless n on thia occassion we made no money on him yet he collected a cool 8M. He served us dilligently on the pitch but money wise we gained little if anything. This team has so far scored many goals without him. Lets wish him well as a GOR legend.

  5. waaaaa…oduor12…you have answered ingo so well…what more can i even add.ha ha….they are so low on achievment they have resorted to counting players…ha ha…so funny!!!

  6. Dear Oduor12 and Oswozo, without any doubt, the Ingwe fraternity always seeks to win every silverware that we are competing for. Having said that, I must say that we deeply care for our players and celebrate when they do well while at the den and after they leave. It is in this spirit that we are proud of Wanyama, Musa Otieno, Wanga,Paul Were, Opiyo,Busolo etc. It is also in the same spirit that we take care of our players when they get injured like in the case of Kimani. Other teams don’t care about their injured players as they are “busy” chasing trophies as they put it.

  7. @ingo…you continue counting.infact knock yourself out while you are at it.to be honest we care less what you do at the den.but i must commend you for one thing though..you dream…sleep…eat and drink Gor!!????????

  8. Wonders never cease, I have always queried these Ingo man`s medulla, probably there`s crack which need welding. Always reasoning In reverse,saa hizi ingwe is trailing Gor by four points already, wakati Gor inachukua League ati mara wamesaidiwa.

  9. @ Ingo, Gentle Men, there are somethings that you do not waste your precious time commenting on. Gor has better things to talk about than trying to dig out things that are not empirical. Such kind of minds are archaic, diabolic, Old tales etc. The results can be costly eg. laziness, suspicion, witch hunting and above all disintegration. How can someone stoop so low to even begin to force a trend that can not be mapped and located on this earth. Awuoro sana

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