19 Aug 12

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Gor Mahia landed their first trophy of the season after seeing off Ulinzi Stars 2-0 after extra time in the KPL Top 8 final played on Sunday 19 August 2012.
Rama Salim on 93 minutes and Itubu Imbem on 104 were the goalscorers for K’ogalo, as they picked up their first Top 8 title at a drizzling Moi Sports Centre Kasarani.
Ulinzi were winners in 2011, meaning Gor are the second side in the history of the competition to win the trophy which begun last season.
The holders will have to blame themselves though, as they wasted a penalty in the first half, with Anthony Nderitu’s effort being saved by Gor captain Jerim Onyango.
Gor on the other hand took their chances and on the balance of play were deserved winners.
Quick start
The pace at the beggining of the match was electric as both sides tried to lay down a marker for the game or if lucky, get something on the scoresheet. 

Jerim Onyango was the best player for Gor on the day, making a number of key saves to deny Ulinzi.

In the opening exchanges, he saved well from former K’ogalo striker Wycliffe Ochomo, who had wandered into the box unmarked.
He was again called into action by Ochomo, who shot straight at him, after another powerful run from the burly center forward.
With Ulinzi playing a high line, Gor were always going to have a go at them and so it was, as first Rama Salim, then Moses Odhiambo and Dan Sserunkuma went close to scoring.
Rama had the best of them all, as his run was not matched by the Ulinzi defence, went past Ulinzi goalie Jacktone Odhiambo, but his squared pass could only land onto Ulinzi defender Mulinge Ndeto, with SSerunkuma unmarked. 

Good save
Then came the penalty, after Ivan Anguyo had handled in the box, but Nderitu’s effort was casual, allowing the brilliant Onyango to make a low left handed save.
Gor coach Logarusic, sensing his team was under pressure, took off the missing Ali Abondo, bringing on Edwin Lavatsa five minutes from halftime.
The second half was a slower affair, with the pace of the first half having slowed both teams down.
Gor had the better play overall, but despite bringing on Itubu Imbem late in the match, they failed to capitalise on their strong position.
Rama Salim had the final chance of normal time for Gor, as he was played through on goal, but he shot wide, as the game went into extra time.
Extra time
Extra time totally belonged to Gor, as they scored within three minutes of resumption, Salim’s header being fumbled by Jacktone Odhiambo, though television replays showed that the ball did not cross the line.
Just the lucky break Gor needed.
They would add a second a minute from the first half of extra time as Imbem shot home off a Salim pass.
Ulinzi put on some added pressure as they tried to salvage something from the game, but Gor were home and dry.
Gor add the Top 8 to the FK Cup, of which they are the current holders.

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  • Kamau wa Njoroge says:


    GO GOR !
    GO GOR !!
    GO GOR !!!

  • Awa Midi'anga says:

    I salute the entire Gor Mahia fraternity from the players,technical bench en the mavelous fans kudos

  • Oyugi akuot says:

    Kudos to the boys

  • mwakio says:

    On behalf of Coast fans, my friends, my family members both in Taita Taveta & Alego and myself, firstly I wish to give all glory, honour and praises to our Almighty God for having given us victory over Ulinzi in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
    Secondly I wish to thank our players, members of technical bench and particularly our coach Logarusic for having brought confident, hope and discipline in the team.
    Thirdly I wish to thank our fans, bloggers, supporters and wellwishers that have stood behind the team.
    Lastly we cannot forget our executive committee and sponsors Tuzo for the victory.

    To executive committee, we need commitment, dedication, transparency, accountability, hardwork, focus and clean heart in all matters concerning our team. We will continue to criticise you if things are not moving in the right direction.

    May Almighty God bless you all. Amen

  • Jack Okello says:

    Wagni wabiro wagni k’ogallo wagni wayora yora thanks 2 the coach, players and entire fraternity.Mashemegi lean from others we a knw concentrating on FKF and LEAGUE if God wis
    hes we can carry all of them kongole from coast

  • PAREYIO says:


    On behalf of the great Maa Gor supporters and on my own behalf, allow to salute the gallant Gor Mahia players for delivering the prestigious Top 8 trophy to us.

    Congratulations also to the two goal scorers, Salim and Itubu Imbem.

    I cannot forget the green army for their undying spirit and unparalleled patriotism to their White and green colours. Oh, I am sorry, to the technical bench commanded by none other than Logarusic ( or did i hear somebody say jo- ndhiwa?) for inspiring confidence, instilling discpline and building self esteem to the players. I will be doing bloggers a disservice if I did not mention the EC headed by Ambrose Rachier for their leadership and support they’ve given the team.

    A word of note the doomsayers. I have read elsewhere on this blog comrades dismissing this top 8 tourney as unnecessary disruption to the KPL. When Gor Mahia lifted the trophy yesterday, the usual suspects are the first to send congratulatory messages? Bure nyinyi kabisa!

    Anyway, i am still on celebration mood. Great day!

  • Odhis kevin says:

    Thanks 2 almighty God for giving gor atrophy despite of bad start this season.

  • seth oriri says:


  • Omusala says:

    Sometimes a club needs a win, be it an off or a fake,but after the game he has to accept that even though we won it was fake or off.Anyway kudos for the win. But i think that ref isnt in a position to ref an AFC vs Gor game. because from replays of top 8 final the whole truth is that, the first goal din’t cross the line.the second goal Salim was offside when he was given the ball.the ref and officials allowed all the two goals.top 8 i known and i knew it was to go to penalties direct,then why extra time.just assume it was INGWE and it happened so,the ref could have brought troubles.so i call upon the refs to avoid such irelevant careless rulings which can bring troubles.was tha the reason Gor demanded for that ref? It has to be spoken at.Okoth Jabilo .nipe mambo.Gor fans nieleze vizuri niridhike.

  • Jasawagongo says:

    Kudos to the entire team for the win,omusula get your facts right maybe you can tune to your dstv and watch reply of the second goal it was a clear goal and the good thing we have the trophy.kudos to lugo for only taking 6 months to have a trophy his peers have been here long enough and they only live by hope.

  • Jakoyo says:

    Now let’s aim for the 2012 league and next year we aim for the cecafa club cup. The real gor mahia is beginning to come out !

  • Congrats team! Congrats comrades in the army! Congrats EC!

  • Eric says:

    Hearty congratulations to Kogalo from Ghana. Glory to Almighty God and to the whole Gor fraternity.

    Awamu mpya, sera mypya, imani mpya na kasi mypya!

  • Kassam Mwivangano says:

    Congratulations to the entire K’ogalo family and their admirers for the hard fought win against the soldiers.

    It goes without saying that you are the team to beat anywhere. I recall one of our colleague yesterday giving a communication that now we only need to play Barcelona to prove how mighty we are.. i can’t agree more.


    Next patient i think is Mathare, a bogey team but this time round i believe you will have a very long night!

  • Mcosweto says:

    Omusala,please note that in the buildup to the second goal,one of the ulinzi defenders had a touch on the ball before it reached rama.that slight touch played rama onside,so please get it clear that rama was played onside by ulinzi player.
    On the first goal,from video replay,it’s clear that the ball never crossed the line,so it was a goal that never was.such incidents happen all over the world.you saw it in world cup 2010 between england and germany,it was there in the Euros 2012,england ukraine,FA final chelsea liverpool and the famous Goal that never Was,liverpool chelsea champions league 2005 by luiz garcia.such errors are hard to avoid when on the pitch.DOKA is a respected referee and i’m sure he would not love to taint his image.
    Ulinzi proved to be the toughest opponets we have encountered since loga came in.a victory against them is worth a million shillings.

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    @ Comrade Omusala my predictions came to the open on D -Day and as I put prior it was Mouth-Watering encounter worth the day. I said earlier ULINZI were pushovers and unfortunately it was not there day. That is why finals are finals. Yes RAMA’S goal was not genuine but that is why you need the 12th man to create a conducive condition that will ultimately cause the misjudgement of the referee. I feel sorry for ULINZI but that is just that ; they have no where to appeal since the decision was made during play and they had time re-organize themselves and make a come back, but instead they let the LOSSING mentality to stick into there mind.

    But they had the earliest opportunity to cause the first damage and they threw the penalty courtesy of good goalkeeping. Again Ochomo was played by jacktone and instead of playing with referee whistle he was confused by the 12th man and passed the ball to Jerry. When lavatsa dribbled past Stephen ochollah, mulinge munadi and kokoyo laid an offside trap but lavatsa held onto the ball until he pulled the fullback to him thus making Rama onside while Itub Imbem stayed cool until kokoyo pulled towards Rama for him to be set onside and that goal was genuine.

    @OMWAMI comrade Omusala KPL Top 8 is now water and the bridge of which I have already forgotten about the soonest I left KASARANI . I had Logarusic is now plotting to defend FKF CUP of which we are all in the quarter finals. But the truth is we praying very hard for CHINGWE to stumble of which is sooner than later. You can not beat ULINZI,GOR,TUSKER.CHEMO, MUHORONI and KCB.

    @ OMWAMI Omusala there is something in the “GOR” called “MAHIA” or “HONO” . This is an “awe – inspiring experience that makes one mysterious and fearful. That is what LOGURASIC was handed when visited JO-NDHIWA and came back with his swagger “LUO INSIDE” . And as JABILO I can confirm to you that yesterday he threw that “JUOGI” to the fans prior to Lucky Dube taking the corner that contributed to RAMA’S goal that never was. That is how we shall beat all teams to make a treble. I am serious about this
    and I am not just joking or blogging for the sake of it. WATCH THIS SPACE.

  • Omusala says:

    Okoth Jabilo.u’ve spoken from the top of Timestowers and av heard and fully understood.i agree that eve we the Igwe have once been ever awarded a penalty that wasnt genuine. I’ve seen the games you are talking of are hard and may go either way. But my concern is on the AFC vs Gor game that the ref should try to be keen on his/her ruling.this game will come after tough war of words so i pray the ref try to be so keen and not only in that game coz the leage is at last corner for a final lap.For Salim’s assist goal that i thot was an off,Muscosweto has xplained above how it became an onside therefore i now 60% aggree it was a real goal.

  • Dan says:

    @Omusala I like your level-headedness. If only all fans would reason like you football would be so enjoyable. Have seen both Ingwe and Gor fans enjoying together and that’s how it should be. Back to yesterday’s game, we didn’t play to even half our potentia. To know that just look at the game we played with Sofapaka. There was so much confidence on the players which was lacking yesterday. Could be stage fright. The other thing is to have the winning mentality which we had and was lacking from Ulinzi. If you could notice how sluggish there were moving to take throw-ins or corners you could se that they had other motives. No wonder they lost the penalty. Just compare with the attitude of ManU which makes them win even with 30% possession.

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    @ Comrade OMWAMI Omusala I agree with you 100% on the quality of referee when it comes derby. As matter of fact the way Kirwa issue was handled due to K’Ogalo misgivings is bad for our football. How will he be officiating games involving ULINZI now that we labelled him to part and parcel of KDF. Omweno is also on the radar ever since he was involved with skirmish we played ULINZI and AFC that all ended with chaos.

    We have very qualified FIFA ranked officiating personnel but the problem is appointing authority who always seems to have vested interest in some matches leading to corruption and mediocre performance. Let the best referees handle games without undue pressure from clubs or KPL. Does it mean a person from western or nyanza can not handle a derby based on tribal affiliation.

    @ Dan t truly agree that we can take our football to the next if only fans can share and emulate the thinking and reasoning mentality posed by my comrade Omusala on this blogsite. There is no rival that will make football world over to roar like derbies. In fact yesterday I was surprised to see Godfrey KOKOYO of ulinzi donning a K’Ogalo jersey after the match. It shows that despite the fact that players ply their trade for different clubs it is still the two giants (EFUSI & MAYIENGA) that drive there passions off the field. And that is why I feel happy and proud for VICKY ochieng of AFC and LAVATSA edwin of GOR for breaking this tribal monster that has been rocking of football boat for years

  • Jakoyo says:

    But we still need a defender, a defensive midfiileder and a top notch striker to compete with the rest of africa


    Congrats team K’Ogalo for the win. But I must tell our officials that medals are not meant for them but players and technical bench. I saw GM officials parading to pick medals which is uncalled for. And secondly why was our players scrambling for a bottle of champaign. And then in the long run instead of shaking it up professionally they instead run around the pitch and end up fighting to drink a single bottle the whole team. That was shameful act and quite demeaning to the club. Next is that NYAMWEYA should behave in maher that is expected from somebody of his calibre; Why handover the trophy and then hold on it while parading yourself for a photo session with the ultimate winners. As we raise the standards of football let us aspire to excellence on how we carry ourselves above reproach.

    @ OLE PAREYIO who is the suspected doomsayers that belittled the super 8 tournament and is now congratulating the team. I hope it is some one who posted his comments prior to your post. If my guess is as good as yours then I hope you are not referring to MWAKIO .

  • Walter Alando Bwoga says:

    @21 Ogango you’ve made my day.

    Anyway our boys took the game casually and we were almost losing. Anguyo, Victor Abondo, Nasio were the chief culprits but all in all a win is a win… The level of officiating was below standard and almost every time the linesmen were contradicting the centre referee. Cheers.

  • people politics says:

    Congrats to the green army.It was a sweet win after all the pains we went thru at the beginning of the season.

  • mwakio says:

    @OGANGO TRAILER, it goes into record that there is nowhere I have castigated or critized our coach Logarusic. However, I will continue to point out all weaknesses and rot at the Executive Committee level.

    The coach is doing a good job but I do not respond to the comments of OLE PAREYIO, who at one time was against the appointment of the coach. There are many bloggers here who were mad at the coach when he refered to non-performing players as the rotten potatoes and it is now true and evident that the coach is being vindicated.

    We have to call a spade as a spade but not a big spoon.

  • JAHKOREMO says:

    Thanks to entire gor team and all fans .plse guys shemeji OMWAMI….uv said it wast agoal and who allowed the ref to say its was agoal linesman plse check the video play .second remb ulinzi goali was off the line and who was inside the net who tried to save it ?plus mind that if the defender was not inside past his line still it was going ndani for agoal .so stop complain we are happy.agoal is agoal.KPL CUP NI YETU SASA.RECORD

  • fred Odhiambo says:

    ati ulinzi are demanding an apology!!!when they controversially had us kicked out of the same tournament and we were banned and fined last year did we ask for an apology??NO!!!!!sour grapes!!poleni,take the defeat as soldiers!!!

  • jb says:

    an eye for an eye ulinzi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they should tell nyamwya to introduce goal line technology if not ulinzi rest in peace you cannot beat gor in open play you did too much home work for that match look at the next time we play you