Gor Mahia sign David Mapigano and Dickson Ambundo

To address perceived weakness in the goalkeeping department, Gor Mahia have signed

The statement on the clubs official facebook page reads:

NEWS: Mchezaji wetu (golikipa) David Robert Mapigano Kissu amesaini kandarasi ya miaka 3 kuitumikia klabu ya GorMahia ya Nchini Kenya.

‚ÄúDavid Robert Mapigano has signed a three year contract with Gor Mahia of Kenya”.

Gor Mahia have also signed attacker Dickson Ambundo from Alliance of Tanzania. He will be on loan for a year. He scored 12 goals for Alliance last season.

14 thoughts on “Gor Mahia sign David Mapigano and Dickson Ambundo

  1. Dylan Kerr seems to approve the kissy signing terming it a good one for both parties since he worked under him in simba otherwise i call dickson signing a trial for simba

    1. Shemeji, yaani nyinyi mnapenda kupigana (win or loose) mpaka mnasign mjezaji anaitwa mapigano Kisu!…….. Wa! Sasa hii ni maneno gani bhane

    1. @Ingo, greetings my great buddy and acquaintances. I am really worried with the happenings at Ingwe den as election of Dr. Dan Shikanda has been nullified.

  2. the two are good players. but even Mustafa, Guikan and Ssekisambu were good players before joining Gor. its wait and see how they handle playing for the big team. Am just happy Oktay seems to trusting our youth players, he recommended three to be awarded contracts and he has named a fourth one, Lloyd Khavuchi in the CECAFA squad. That can give the youth players motivation to work even harder knowing they are the future of the club. since Amos Nondi none has made a step up to the first team and it was very painful watching Cliff Nyakeya excel elsewhere. A player should only be bought if he can improve what we have. Love Oktay’s vision for the club.

  3. If this website has erroneously misreported and one puts the record straight…they delay in the name of doing moderation and eventually they delete it without posting. Quite sad. For example I have really tried to post the correct lost of Gor Mahia players who travelled to Rwanda but it has been blocked several times.

  4. Of it all the best person to sell is Oluoch Boniface can’t bend all the defeat of Gor comes from him he can’t go for a ball below his knees even closer as one metre.

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