Gor Mahia sink Sofapaka

Kogalo grabbed their second win of the season with a timely 1-0 win over second placed Sofapaka. The match was played at the Nairobi City stadium and was subject to yet another Super Sport ban.

The all important goal came via a penalty in the 41st minute. Kevin Omondi’s attempt at goal was handled by a Sofapaka defender. Rama Salim stepped up and cooly found the back of the net.

The win over a very good Sofapaka team bodes well for the team’s future. Coach Logarusic has been working hard at implementing his system and introducing knew formations that demand fitness and concentration.  The players are slowly adapting.

The game marked a return for Jerim Onyango who aqcuited himself well as well as Donald Mosoti. Meanwhile Teddy Akumu also had a good game and appears to be slowly returning to his form of 2 years ago. Rama Salim and Kevin Omondi also proved their mettle.

Gor Mahia :Jerim Onyango, Musa Mohammed, Yussuf Juma, Donald Mosoti, Ivan Anguyo, Kelvin Ochieng’, Teddy Akumu, Rama Salim, Kelvin Omondi, Victor Ali, George Midenyo

Subs;Wycliffe Kasaya, Collins Omondi, Peter Juma, Demonde Selenga, Baldin Ngwa, Dan Owiti, Ibrahim Kitawi

Sofapaka : Duncan Ochieng’, Hashim Mukhwana, John Njoroge, Eugene Asike, Felly Mulumba Tshiyoyo, James Situma, Humphrey Mieno, Elly Asieche, Herritier Luvualu, Simon Mburu, John Baraza

Subs; David Okello, Robert Binja, Edgar Ochieng’, Antony Kimani, Joseph Nyaga, John Onami, Abdallah Juma


76 thoughts on “Gor Mahia sink Sofapaka

  1. this is it we have looked for this for quite a while it has been wonderful this team needs to listen to the coach more soon we shall be at the right place am going back to zanzibar ahappy man that you all kogallo family and good week see you in nakuru

  2. some one seems to erase some of my blogging here who is this person kogallo belongs to us all it is no ones preserve

  3. Hey, thats it boys! From the coach’s observations you have stopped being rotten potatoes to followers of instructions. You could run and think. You are greatest. You showed agility and foresight. Congrats!

  4. Will support coach.he has bring discipline in the team.atleast we have something to smile a win.am also happy for the return of Austin Makamu Odour as TD move to the ground and have your best.otherwise it was nice game

  5. Will support coach.he has bring discipline in the team.atleast we have something to smile a win.am also happy for the return of Austin Makamu Odour as TD move to the ground and have your best.otherwise it was nice game.


    Congratulations boys for the morale boosting win in our homeground!

    I wish also to salute some of the AFC Leopards fans who joined us at the City Stadium to rally K’Ogallo to victory. This kind of gesture from Ingwe demonstrates the historical, sporting and cultural ties between the two clubs. Though the biggest rivals on the field, the two clubs, who fondly refer themselves as shemeji ( in- laws) have come to support each at some moments. The media have sometimes created a wedge between the two clubs for their own selfish but unfortunate reasons.

    May I also salute our guests this evening, Sofapaka for putting up a spirited fight throughout the match. Indeed they have given us a good run for our money. The waterlogged turf from the heavy downpour did not deter our boys from defending the only goal till the final whistle.
    The three points we collected at home will now catapault us to 11th position on the log with 10 points. Let us all march forward with confidence as we continue to improve on our tally match by match.

  7. Pareyio AFC fans do not like Gor Mahia. They only supported Kogalo because a loss for Sofapaka puts them further ahead in the standings.

  8. PAREYIO 09

    My beloved comrades and members of this great club, K’Ogallo.

    I am pleased to inform you that i am from this day changed my bloggers name to PAREYIO 09. First, i want to make it easier for comrades to write my name. Two, the name, Pareyio is my first name and 09 is the number i adopted being won by K’Ogallo lethal striker, Ngwa. I have given my reasons why i chose him in my earlier posting elsewhere on this blog.

    I will donning my green Adiddas jersey wherever K’Ogallo plays and elsewhere around the country. It is my fashion signature. I pledge to carry the good name of this great club all the way to the grave. In maasailand, i have kept the flown the flag of Gor Mahia so high with my jersey. I plead for comrades to respect the name and protect it from character assasins and the like.

    Thank you.

  9. All honor and glory back to God. For all who spares time to pray for our beloved team be blessed. Surely the buck will always stop with the players and no one else. The players gave 100% even more. Teddy, midenyo and Kevin are getting their grove back. I must commend Teddy the lad surely played his heart out in the mid and for sure someone will not be missed. The Technical team must be commended too and shame on those who have been critical of our coach he sure is transforming the playing unit. To the fans kudos for the non stop chearing though at one point we almost got it wrong with Jerry for the mistakes he made but gosh he did make daring saves.
    I shall continue believing in the technical team and the players and committing them before Jehovah almighty

  10. I think the foundation is being layed down very well by qulified engineers,from the look of the things we will be there.And as per AFC fans i can say that its selfish,who can remember when these fans rally behind Ulinzi at the end of 2010when we were also about to be champion?

  11. Kudos boys. I got to be blunt with some of you just like the coach. You were criticizing the players till this morning. You have rushed back and started heaping praise on them. I want to imagine the kind of words if Jerim’s howlers would have turned into goals. Don be carried away with these 1 nil or draw results. I for ONCE agree with this lady you call ‘IRON LADY’, Eblazing @ 3. This coach is double edged sword. He fried the players calling them names. Today they are angels. In case the team loses he says bad rotten potatoes he got here and you agree. He passes the buck. They win and he says they followed instructions from him. Let him not capitulate the players in public again! I cant see the difference when Bobby was at the helm and this GUY you are mad believing in. Our legend JBO is as good and even better!

  12. @Mc Ochan mar Piny today credit will be given where it is due.

    We have really waited for that win. Let’s celebrate it, however hard work lies ahead. Personally I am still apprehensive. What would have happened had we not got the penalty? Those three or four missed chances in the first half should have been buried. I think we can only rest easy once we start scoring in active play and not from set pieces. Scoring is still our biggest headache.

    Otherwise it was a game of two halves. I don’t know if the boys were instructed to defend the slim lead in the second half.

    The fans were “phenomenal” even with the thick puffs of bhang in the upper terraces of the centre stand. Where are the anti-narcotics people?

    Can someone hypothesize why Baldwin Ngwa broke down and cried after the final whistle?

    Did anyone notice the confusion and mix up in Yusuf Juma after a shove by the coach as he prepared to take a throw-in during the second half?

  13. @Mwakio I don need your advice and shallow English correctional facility. Tell it to the dogs. Gor ina wenyewe if you know what am talking about.

  14. Thank you arrumtidd @ 14. People don like being told the truth. I later read he still says this from E.A Standard this morning, “So far I have only identified three players in this team who can run with the ball and think at the same time,…”. I ask again, does he have to say these things in public and to a packed hostile media?


  16. My humble request to fellow bloggers please we stop this negative insult on the site.I will not call names but please this should stop.lets build our team together.

  17. The journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step.What was important is to win.But i still wait for goals from open play, bado hatuna “strikers”. Baldin must have broken down due to the relief of a win. It was that important.

    Lets not forget the serious issues raised in the previous article.However alarmist and worrying they are,how else do you explain our fall to the doldrums.Woe be on the EC if any player or tech. bench member ever raises the issue of payment.Financial tabia mbaya is a sideshow we will not accept.

    While JBO may be very good but am sorry to say K’galo needed ZL(an total outsider)to rid the technical bench and players of the sideshows.Ocampo are you saying Makamu is now TD.Thats an inspired move,he was our sweeper while JBO was our stopper.However lets not bloat the bench. EC the key word is structures and systems of operation, structures and systems of operations, structures and systems of operations.

  18. A win is a win. We move up the log.

    The modern game is won by goals from open play and dead ball situations. Let us celebrate and not act like penalties are not goals. Was it not on this blog that we were killing our players for being unable to convert penalties? Didn’t we lose to Muhoroni and Karuturi by single goals?

    There are now five teams behind us and we need to maintain the push in order to move higher. The team in position 5 has 14 points and we have 10.

    Congrats again the green army for braving the bad weather. Players too, keep the tempo!

  19. The boys played a very impressive game in the first half. The coach talked to them all the time and you could notice the coach was actually seeing what most of us fans complain about all the time. Second half was bad for us, alot of blame game from our own players. I sometimes fail to understand why these guys lose focus and this happened yesterday after the substitution. Generally am happy and lets keep the fire burning. Personally I don’t think GM is fighting relagation but just a good standing in the league table

  20. Enough haters in this blog, hating on the coach, players and i can bet they hate on anyone who dont agree with them. such are the character of men violent. If you cant respect others coz you are faceless on thise site surely woe unto you. You are not gonna take the victory from us, the technical bench and the players it is done boy it is done we won hurray! The boys played their hearts out and i believe there is room for improvement. The only blot was bangh smoking on the terraces please shall come to our rescue. See you in Nakuru

  21. good game,great win over a good team…..3pts is what was at stake and we got it.Further,our coffers just swelled with a good gate collection of 910,000 while a double header in nyayo that had city stars vs ulinzi and tusker vs mathare could only manage a measly 28,000….what a shame!!!and they call themselves big teams…without a following!!!

  22. @ MWAKIO thank you for your come back, I thought you were seriously going AWOL after I had criticized the EC with my previous post. But you can see now everybody is congratulating my “Rotten Potatoes”. Very soon they will be promoted to be sweet potatoes.

    Imagine the gate collection figures are now a true reflections of the attendance. What used to happen prior to yesterday is a good learning lesson to the EC, PLAYERS, TECH BENCH and MA-FAN (green,blue,white,adidas,tuzo,Legea,diaspora,within,outward bound etc) that perfection can only be achieved when you stand up for the club in good and bad times.
    The coach has also leaned how to gel with the players and communicating with the press. Critics make this club wake up!

    Well done my “SWEET POTATOES” . Kudos coach Zdravko my “Globe Trotter”

  23. To God be the glory for the win.To all, kindly let’s be very objective in our comments and give comments that are helpful to this club.some of us think that we own Gor coz we are older than the rest or we happen to have been brought up in Nairobi hence have seen Gor for long.what you are not telling us is what have u done to the current team to motivate them ? If we think that scoring from a penalty is inferior then why did we mourn when we lost peace cup and super cup? Please note that we are in business of counting how many postings you have done on this site so dont try too hard to give ridiculuous comments on this site and to brag on how much you own the team.GOr ni yetu wote.

  24. Gor Fans should learn to play their roles. The point of attacking officials evry time the team is in the woods is not encouraging.But we thank the character of the players all thru. We are back just in time.

  25. Guys we still need to learn to concentrate for 90 minues. We also lost it in the second half. We also need to improve the deliveries to the strikers. Playing a lone striker upfront and the giving the 50-50 or aerial balls with their height is not being fair to them. Then we blame them for not scoring.

    Mc Ochan what do mean when you tell Mwachio that Gor ina wenyewe? Please clarify to some of us who are not privy to this fact

  26. Thnks 2 GOD 4 the win!as much ez criticism imprvs the team!internal crtcsm breks it!!let us be suppotv f the team in gud times nd bad times too!!we shld encourage nd motivet player to correct their mistakes nd do weell nt wt sm hlgns did to jerim yesterday!!!

  27. At long last my prayers were answered on the pitch. Wonderful performers from all.Team work played an important role. Am happy for the way you guys managed Humphrey Ochieng Mieno , that is one of the best midfielders in KPL and when given room he can destroy opponents at will.

    @ Jasawagongo point taken my comrade. Goals are goals be it penalty or otherwise as long as it can get in between the post they are counted as such! GOALS. But I think our bloggers have the right to be worried against waste chances during active play. Those are wonderful observations that means well for the club in our future assignments.


  28. I like visiting this site alot because most bloggers here are really good and dedicated fans who know alot about soccer. So many of them say things that I also see again and again in the field. In this site, I have been one day called name and told to throw myself in Lambwe valley because may be I commented negatively to some. Eblazing, due to her own opinion was called unprintable names with lots of heavy dirty words some few days ago. Now Mwakio is being told about ‘English Correctional Facility’ by just trying to explain a simple thing and again reminded that Gm ina wenyewe. To me all these are not encouraging and surely I don’t know where these fellows get these words to use agains’t others. Am very sorry, but I must say that in this site we have few pple with hidden agenda. My prayer is that let us leave the coach alone because he is qualified for the job and thats why he was hired and the only thing we can do is to support him and the players. I now therefore humbly request MC Ocham mar piny and arrumtidd to reconsider their approach to other bloggers, you are too direct brothers and your actions might send other participants in this site away. Some of us get scared when we read such hard dirty words but am sorry we were raised in different environment. Thank You

  29. @ Dan on post 30 that is a valid question? My friend MWAKIO was given the same wordings by Kosero when opted to offer his candidature last year. Just like jasawagongo clearly states that GOR NI YETU WOTE. I Intend that he means ALL is to be inclusive of one Mc Chan mar Piny.

    @Mc Chan mar Piny I personally agree with your comments as regards the kind of language the coach used against our players and that has been my stand and I still maintain that it was a wrong approach, although it was intended to inject some kind of attitude change and response to our challenges, it can also turnout to be counter-productive,intimidating and demoralizing if not properly understood. He should gauge his utterances because the press is also a double edged sword IT MAKES & DESTROY EQUALLY WITHOUT MERCY.

  30. @Mc Ochan, it is regrettable that you have not read between the lines to understand the meaning of my posting. I reiterate in capital THAT WE FANS AND BLOGGERS MUST AVOID HOLLOW COMMENTS. Hollow means worthless, insincere, useless, pointless, empty etc

    You have said loud and clear that Gor ina wenyewe!!!!! This is a worrying statement if minority fans like me have got nowhere to go because the team iko na hollow wenyewe like you. The reason why the team is sinking is because of negative and nonsensical village attitudes like what Mc Ochan depicts.

    Point of correction Mc Ochan, we are in a global world where we need one another but we must avoid statements like ikona wenyewe. These are gone days of baba na mama wakati wa KANU. This threw baba na mama party to obvillion. In a global world, we have seen companies like Coca Cola, GE, Microsoft, Apple etc to look for business everywhere including Africa same go to Gor Mahia to get fans from allover the country including Taita Taveta and this is why ikona wenyewe does not exit at all.

    Fans like you Mc Ochan will never take this great club anywhere and that is why you need minority fans like Mwakio.

  31. @Mwakio you are right. These are the types of attitudes which make our local teams not go far. The it’s-ours-mentallity yet you find some ‘fans’ hanging at the gate to either gain free entry or bribe their way into the stadium yet complain/riot the most when the team is not playing well. I only pray that the team ‘ina wenyewe’ statement is not what it is in kenya-speak.
    Bro Mwakio let not such comments put you off from the game you love. Let’s keep on figting for a better team and a better country for the future generations.
    At times I wonder what is happening to our new bloggers. Even observing the etiquette of blogging is a problem to some of us. For our info this is not a political or tribal/village blog but a soccer team blog. I’m sure there are enough blogs for political parties and tribes where we can ably articulate our issues.


    My beloved comrade Mwakio.

    Thank you for choosing to be a member of this great club, K’Ogallo. I have immensely benefited from your contributions and opinions. Moreso I cherish your company on this blog.

    Together we have shaped the opinions of comrades and tried to rally everyone towards a common vision. I am proud to note that such endevor have borne fruits. At first there was dissulionment from the way the club was being run. The fans lacked confidence with their elected officials and officials. I am now seeing a change on this front. This is what we wanted to achieve.

    I have much respect for you as comrade blogger. I did back you down when you wanted to gun for a top seat in the club. I will do so again today. I have nothing personal against you but i feel you have raw ambitions. How do you gun for a top seat and yet you threaten to freak out on this blog just because two guys criticize you? you are also a green horn in this blog. We cannot entrust the leadership of this great club to stranger. If you feel you have the credentials, don’t hesitate to throw yor hat in the ring. The delegates will have the final decision.

    Thank you and God bless you richly.

  33. @MWAKIO…i agree with you 100%…we as fans are all equal in the ‘eyes’ GOR FC for MC OCHAN to say that “Gor Iko Na Wenyewe”..is very sad….indeed it’s hooliganism!

    @ Orito Bernard…you are right brother…some people (read Mc Ochan) need to change urgently…Brother Orito..kindly remember Mc Ochan in your prayers as he really needs help…he needs redemption.

    @ MC OCHAN…i honestly remembered you in my prayers over the weekend…kindly change your heart and analyse critically what you want to write on this blog…we need you to change so that Gor can attract more fans…your words (Iko na wenyewe)..is scaring away potential fans…i come from Kisii but i support Gor…does that make me a lesser fan? You abused me last week..but i forgave you..may you change.
    @Mc Ochan be humble and apologize to the boggers…our iron lady @Eblazing..apologised when she joined the blog and differed with us harshly…we prayed…she apologised and we forgave her..and we love her 150%…this can also happen to you brother.

    Fellow bloggers…hope i’ve advised many…otherwise Gor FC is heading in the right direction…cheers.

  34. @Dan thank you. I’m in Gor Mahia to stay and I will not move to any team as Gor Mahia is the best club with rich histrory in the country. I have been Gor Mahia fans since my days in the university (1993-1997) and nothing will move me out of Gor Mahia even if Gor Mahia is to be relegated (god forbid).

    I will be there giving my 100% support to the clamour club. One day I would like to buy Gor Mahia shares if listed in the stock market through either IPO or Private Placement or OTC or any other method to prove my love for the club.

  35. As part of Motivation, Gor Mahia Kisumu branch fans have decided to contribute a 1000/= for each goal scored. Each fan will be contributing a thousand to each Goal scored. Starting from yesterday’s match we will send this money to the club and it will be given directly to the scorer who will decide on whether to have it all or share it with is team mate.

  36. Mc ochan u r as useless as ua name suggest.if u thnk u know the queen’s languege y dnt u teach it at university level.frm ua comments u r the kinde of people who force their way into the stadium n cause chaos bila kulipa gt fee,yet u call uaself supporter.GOR INA MWENYEWE,the club is being transformed yet u r taking us back 2 where we came from.MWAKIO LET NOT THOSE UNCOURTH WORDS DETER U FROM UA LOVE OF GOR.mgalla mhuwe lakini haki yake mpe,the players did theirs best.congrats wanako’gallo.

  37. Eeeeei i was busy but i thank God because i know have time. first shame to those who are criticising our team. Thanks to players who proved some Journalist who thought GM has gone down and will never reserect.
    im very much sure that if we win the next game we will be somewhere on top ten log and God is with us let us just keep faith and we will be on the top. moraaaal to players.

  38. The bitter truth which is hard to swallow is that Gor ‘iko na wenyewe’.The wenyewe can be defined as all of us bloggers in this site,all those who pay to occupy their positions in russia or centre stand,who brave the rain to watch live whenever Gor is in town or out,that person who would rather rush to the stadium to pay and watch Gor at the expense of resting away saturday or sunday or midweek afternoons with their lovely families.For now we ALL hold equal shares as wenyewe until such a time that shares will be floated and everyone will be free to buy as per their financial muscle or investment strategy.No one should feel allienated/sidelined/outcasted/illigitimated by anyone based on derogatory remarks by a few ‘rotten potatoes’ resident in our peaceful midst.God bless Kogallo.To God be all the glory for the win.

  39. I see others here are very bitter that the coach and the EC have been questioned.

    In a public place where things happen you either regret or react when they happen.

    If the coach makes statements that do not protect the family of players, others will applaud while others will raise a finger, that do not make others more die hards than the rest who behave differently. Infact i do not see anybody here who disrespects the Coach, but we should be able to question things and be answered, those who chose not to question therefore are not more supportive to the coach than those who interrogates,IT IS ONLY GOD ALMIGHTY WHO DO NOT REGRETS BECAUSE HE IS GOD!

    The concern of players financial issues have been there for all time in Kenya, if the admin raises it or any other person, it does not mean someone is being disrespectful to people ‘genuinely elected’ coz even the players being mistreated are genuine human beings who have entered into contract with GM!

    Otherwise the three points are very, very sweet to me regardless of penalty corner or free kick.


  40. WHY CHANGE YOUR NAME COMRADE pareyio ole lelerue

    @ PAREYIO 09 please allow me to express my opinion over the above stated issue. With all due respect its your personal decision that you owe nobody any explanation as to why it happened and i must respect it at all cost and that is why i have referred to you as such.

    Where as AFC brags with “OLE” MAGELLO; on this blog site i have always been comfortable with “OLE” LELERUE.

    When ever the word @”ole” is mentioned on this blog site then naturally i see GOR MAHIA fan base growing yonder beyond KAJIADO,NGONG, KISERIAN,LOITOK TOK, TRANS MARA ,NAROK,SUSWA and into the entire land of MAA.

    By replacing that name with 09, it perfectly reflects your passion for GM and BALDIN NGWA in particular.

    But i hereby kindly and humbly request you my comrade PAREYIO 09 to allow OKOTH JABILO to be the only blogger that will refer to you as “OLE” LELERUE for reason that are very clear and oblivious between ourselves.

    Hoping to hear from you the soonest possible comrade.

  41. Mwakio and the like. I refer you to gen kendgi @ 50. Those ones who feel are less in this blog and club are free to match to whatever destination they care about. To you criticism of whatever nature is not allowed in your conscience. I got to criticize because Gor is ours and therefore ina wenyewe who can handle any form of criticism but not one sided fans like yourselves. I repeat GOR INA WENYEWE!!!

  42. Why do we at times like being shockingly irrelevant? If Mwakio is a stranger then I too am a stranger and we all are strangers in this club. Does such a comment really add value?

    @Orito Benard what has Arrumtiddi done that you lump him where he does not belong. Perhaps you are mistaking Arrumtiddi with someone else.

    Correct me if I am wrong. Since our next much will be in Nakuru almost six days away I wish we could go to camp right away for that much. There is need to plan and work hard for the next much because a win for us will have far reaching and dramatic effects. That is the win that will send those teams at the top of the log into a panic mode and start losing games much to our advantage.

  43. And for you judging from my reactions can you get to the genesis. What was wrong in my comments @ 15 to instigate Mwakio at 19 to call them ‘HOLLOW’ and yet I was quoting the coach? Is Arrumtidd @ 17 commenting on the same less of a fan cos he agreed with me ‘200%’? I wont also waste time on people who cant stand criticisms like Mwakio and Pundit. Tutawakilisha namna vile team iko without fear or favour. We are aware some of you are brothers, relatives and even the officials of the EC who don want to be criticized. We will steadfastly do so.

  44. KEEP OFF Mc Ochan Mar Piny “Amekule Mbuzi Ya NANI?

    @ 55 Comrade Mc Ochan mar Piny i repeat here again loud and clear that your post is spot on. Let who ever is not happy with your comment to leave you. Today you have not abused anybody and i wonder why bloggers are busy bashing your name as if you are punching bag for every TOM,DICK and HARRY to throw insults at the slightest opportunity.

    Soldier on Mc Ochan Mar Piny. People should accept divergent opinions. Today am backing you 100%,because their nothing wrong you done to warrant all this nonsensical comments and let whoever feels aggrieved
    to ignore your post. I HATE PROFESSIONAL STEREOTYPE.

  45. @ Eblazing and @ Mc Ochan Mar Piny forget about this issue and move on.When you belittle individual post based on what they think is foul mouth they equally get annoyed. No wonder Mc Ochan used such words like “Gor ina wenyewe”. Stop this selective amnesia and i believe GM is not in NEO-COLONIALISM ERA because of the coach.
    This guys also like GOR and they have all the right to express their dislike without being gagged.

    Mc Ochan is not the author of the story, He just read in the newspaper and as a human being he is reacting to what is slowly becoming racial slurring on our players.

    Eblazing our players are “ROTTEN POTATOES” yes and they can not run and a part from 3 of them, the rest can not think that is what is written on print media. Its the coach who is issuing hollow statement. Guys give Mc Ochan and Eblazing a break or blog whatever you wish and ignore their comments. Why bash innocent READER!

  46. i support mwakio sentiments 100%. gor has no owners.
    we must not condone elitist hooliganism. our aspirations and common interests to enrich gor further must not be based on individual but collective efforts. if somebody thinks we will blind ourselves and support them just because they are bloggers, then wait for a really big shame.

  47. The confrontational mode and mentality is not helpful to this blog. There is nothing wrong with the comment @15 and that is why it is supported @17 and 18.

    Unfortunately @19 confronts @15. The last line of @19 was absolutely unnecessary. Now what added the fuel is not the very characteristic reply @20 but rather the phrase ‘ina wenyewe’.

    @Mwakio it begun with you and I’d urge you to offer Mc Ochan mar piny an apology. @Pundit you should not have mentioned anything touching on Eblazing @44. Let us tread carefully coz nerves are very raw in the blog today.

  48. @ PAREYIO 09 am still patient and hopeful that you will reply to my request @post 53 which will effectively accord me the sole right to use that wonderful name or should i presume that your silence means permission granted. Keep me posted.

  49. I have no apology to make but I repeat that hollow postings and these thumbings have got no place in the modern football.

    We are all stakeholders in the club and many bloggers are suffering from brain damage syndrome hence do not understand modern football management styles.

    You may be a regular bloggers but your postings are void and empty with no substance to bring any meaningful or real change in the club. There are many bloggers that have been watchong all our matches without even paying the gate collections and they claim to be wenye club. I challenge you all to indicate your ticket entrance numbers/or membership numbers as this will show that you are a real stakeholder.

  50. There they go again. Everyone shld remember that we are dealing with faceless beings. Ati some of us are relatives of the EC and the likes puleeeeeeeez give us a break mara we are sycophants hehehehe live in reality and climb down from planet utopia. In my opinion these are leaders and players we have so what do you do you live with them whining and complaining is called negative energy. I wld rather pray for them and seek Gods revelation on how best to handle all situations. If God is for us who can be against us? Surely is it God who gave us victory yesterday i saw his invincible hand what with those clear scoring chances Sofapaka had but none cld go past Jerry. Believe people believe and stop this infighting. Satan loves a divided house and surely he is ready to use some of us in this site as his instrument to furfher his agenda. If we had proper structures in GM which shld be the starting point where branches wld get opportunities to air issues on a regular basis before the EC in a professional way i can bet the sky will be limit. Our weakness now is poor flow of information to and fro no wonder some of us here look so frustrated but that shld not be the case people. Lets pray that God touches the hearts of all us so that we meet at a point of convergence to His glory.

  51. MC Ochan’s conduct is becoming too childish,uncultured and primitive.The charactor I belive are those hellbent on stone throwing at motorists and those who are able to advise them.

  52. @38,orito bernard,why are you so obsessed with the person of arrumtiddi?What has arrumtiddi done that warrants you to plead with him to reconsider his approach with other bloggers?.First of all i would like to know who these ‘other’ bloggers you are reffering to are.Because as far as i know,i enjoy a very cordial relationship with most if not all bloggers here.Even,those bloggers i have differed with,it has been purely ideological and issue based.
    @38,Orito bernard your attempts to belittle the person of arrumtiddi,and to portray him in bad light amongst his fellow bloggers here at gormahia.net for reasons best known to you wont,succed because majority of bloggers here know what arrumtiddi stands for.The archives of this will bear me witness.Besides bloggers here are wise and smart enough to read through both our posts(you and i) just to discern who between us is hellbent on character assasination and mudslinging.
    Finally,i agree with @50,gem kendgi,that gor ina wenyewe.Na sisi ndiyo wenyewe.By ‘sisi’ i mean orito bernard,arrumtiddi, mc ochan mar piny,a georgy dume,barefoot bandit,mwakio,trailerman,jackowili,ja ngere,all the fans in branches and those brancheless,those outside nrb eg jasawagongo (nakuru),salapata salawowo (kisumu)the diaspora eg jb(zanzibar),eric(bamako),kosero (kampala) and everybody else.Gor is big enough for all of us.
    Ni hayo tu!

  53. People are you celebrating the win or drunk with the joy that gives you Mahia Power which is uncontrollable. Bro mwakio why do you think wenyewe excludes you? Muthoni & kamau wa njoro, even Ole Lelerue, Pundit..kindly encourage Mwakio as members. O’trailer and Opuk Raronge share a word with bro Mwakio

  54. mc ochan mar piny and eblazing,one and the same person?

    Thank you @barefoot bandit 56,for confirming what i pointed out in my post above -That most bloggers do a thorough analysis of what is posted here by other individuals,and that one can not go far with personal vendetta or misleading posts the way @orito bernard tried to do at no38.

    Your wisdom and sense of judgement is only comparable with that of our good old jackowili.


    Stop this confusion and unwarranted claims of owning K’Ogalo . The madness and jinx of winless stretch has moved from GM to this blog. Are you guys running nuts with K’Ogalo?


    What are you guys arguing for and against from morning until this late. I though GOR won for us to be happy and re- focus our energy towards ULINZI. Every time I access the blog i will read two posts that motivates any individual while reading and to my surprise the next four comments it is just TRASH.

    I am sorry to say that at this rate of debating characters and ignoring issue oriented topics , this blog is just confirm the true picture of K’Ogalo followers that I can not imagine.

    You guys why can’t you re-look at yourself for a while ,think wisely and turn the page for the things that are beneficial to GM.

  56. Am alarmed! One blogger and I pointed out here last time that there are people using other people’s profiles for their own selfish ends. I had some difference with this guy Mc Ochan but sorted out. I have been on a trip to Cairo and have just arrived 2300 hours Kenyan time. Just checked here and its like he is using my account details at his previous comments. Pls pls pls I want some explanation from him ASAP. Is it possible what am thinking?

  57. @ 70 Agwa kassam our brother MWAKIO is part and parcel of K’Ogalo fraternity. I have no doubt about Ndugu MWAKIO love and treasure in GOR MAHIA . His personal contributions on this blog has proved that he is a valuable asset and a think tank on this blog and we all respect him. But there are certain issues we as bloggers we tend to differ based on facts and that is why I always maintain that we should embrace individual democratic rights and accept to accommodate divergent opinion. No body has monopoly of ideas and wisdom when it comes to issues pertaining to GM.

    @MWAKIO soldier on our brother from the land of dawida’s despite @ole Lelerue backing you down on his post 43. And for the benefit of all ; you are not a minority in K’Ogalo family.This team has transformed to be a global brand admired and hated equally with people from walks of life, just like your comrade O.Trailer . GM is no longer a preserve for
    any community. Keep your ambitions burning and this time round we want to prove @ ole Pareyio that you are not a stranger in GM per say.

  58. @69 arrumtiddi, I have absolutely nothing personal bro, just trying to react and contribute on my own personal way. i depend serious on what most of you post here because mojority know it all in GM. I realised you are not happy if I respond negatively to your comments and again I don’t think you hate me. I must say am sorry if anything that I have posted affects you in anyway. Thanks bro and have a good day.


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