Gor Mahia starts partnership with Agro Chemical

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Kenyan Premier League champions Gor Mahia on Wednesday signed a three-year partnership deal with Agro-Chemical and Food Company Limited.

The company, which manufactures Patriot Vodka, an alcoholic beverage, is based in Muhoroni, Kisumu County.

The company, through Patriot Vodka, gave the cash-strapped Kenyan champions Sh2 million to help the club ahead of their Caf Confederation Cup return leg tie against DC Motema Pembe in Kinshasa.

Speaking during the function, Rachier lashed out at the government for doing little to uplift the standards of football in the country and urged corporate companies to invest in football and other sports.

“We need support from fans, corporate and government so as to take football to greater heights in the country,” said Rachier.

Rachier lauded the partnership and gave the company an assurance that K’Ogalo fans would embrace their products.

The amount of money Gor gets from the partnership will depend on the sale of the Patriot Vodka. Gor Mahia will get Sh5 for every bottle sold.

Agrochemicals CEO Ashok Agrawal said they are exploring more options of getting involved in sporting activities.

“We assure Gor Mahia that we will not let them down. We are very excited about this initiative and we will increase our capacity since it is for the benefit of all of us,” said Agrawal.

38 thoughts on “Gor Mahia starts partnership with Agro Chemical

  1. Gor mahia is s big brand we just don’t have brilliant enough brains to expoit it….players should get performance money will come…if we can get 100k fans to donate 200 Bob that’s 20million…of which many gor fans love this club so much…we just need guidance

  2. The big question is why does such a popular club have less than 100 registered members?
    If you think they are more than that where is their contribution be it financially or in holding EC accountable?
    Secondly why are fans who average between 3k to 5k per match unwilling to register as members?
    If EC can’t attract membership how will it convince anyone to partake patriot vodka?
    Remember Gor bread, water, insurance, jerseys etc etc.
    The jerseys are/were dorned by all and sundry but the club “never got any money”, EC claimed helplessness as fakes flooded the market.
    As for the CCC grant of KES.27m it has not helped the club (players) for the last 2 years. This year without sponsorship matters will even be worse as EC must first refund themselves “their millions”.
    Note they always claim refunds of millions yet players/TB salaries remain unpaid month after month.
    Finally what happened to the famed ADOR largesse?
    I thought he and his friends would at least manage to run the club for a year or two, ama what is the meaning of “a wealthy chairman/owner”.

  3. Let us be realistic, Rachier financial assistance is voluntary, we can’t question that. If most fans cut corners to get into the stadium without paying, why should we question Rachier’s use of his wealth to help the club.

    Truth be told, majority of those who love Gor Mahia does not go to the stadium either
    Because they are in remote rural areas outside the country etc. The point is, why has the club taken long to adopt e-registration for members?

  4. What happened to other initiatives like Gor Mahia Water and Gor Mahia Bread and Gor Mahia SACCO ?

    Will this also fall by the wayside?

  5. Ugoyo koko jokamaa kwani how many times must the process of registering as club members be advertised and disseminated for fans to do it? Daily we talk of why can’t this why can’t that but don’t appreciate the millions owners of gor suffer to raise for the club to remain afloat at this sponsorless moment. 350100 has been there but meagre contributions now there us Patriot Vodka gin which is the equivalent of Gilbeys gin. Madhuruu andiwo no aduwa club gets 5 Bob per bottle we target 300k bottles monthly for the club to get something substantial… Weuru tusker for now

    1. My point exactly “owners of Gor raise millions” but players are not paid for 3 soon to be 4 months. Air tickets for CAF are provided by the government.
      As soon as a sponsor comes in or should the players qualify for the money bracket of the CCC then the owners will first refund themselves “their millions” while the players’ salaries and allowance remain unpaid/in arrears.

  6. Juthurwa, truth be told Rachier has done his best.
    Do you expect the chairman to come to your house to force you to register? Do you expect the chairman to come and force you to drink vodka?

    Kisumu people don’t pay gate charge, whose fault is this?

    If someone loan the club money, is it wrong to demand payment?

    Achayo kabisa.

  7. Sportpesa might come back. Where does that leave us as a club?
    Gor fans are a proud lot and it’s easy to take advantage of that pride. Partner with a financial institution/Oil company like Shell/Vivo for members to register and provide them with a membership/loyalty cards and you will see each and everyone of them displaying it to show their loyalty/importance to the club. Shell Club has such an initiative for their loyal members. We can even make it a debit card where we load funds and use it to pay for gate entrance, merchandise purchase and to purchase Patriot Gin as well.

  8. Rachier has done well. I do contribute through Paybill No.350100 but on manual registration of members, I don’t agree. The truth is that e-registration reaches more people than manual registration. Even in the government, since e-citizen was introduced to obtain documents like driving license and passport, things have been easier and faster.

  9. e-registration is faster and easier for many people. Take example of government’s e-citizen, it has been easier and faster for people to get documents like passport and driving license. Gor Mahia should not been left behind in this digital error. Compared to former Chairmen, Rachier is one of the best if not the best.

  10. Sportpesa CEO feels that Gor is being favoured above other teams in terms of air ticketing, using tax payer’s money. Not sure why yet at best Gor is representing Kenya and we are in this situation because of the Govt and betting firms standoff. As far as I know Bandari is also using tax payer’s money since the Port is a public utility, the only difference is that it’s direct usage from their coffers.
    All the same Gor should be self sufficient though i know countries where clubs even use the military planes to go fo international assignments, if not being sponsored by either the FA or the Sports Ministry

  11. Kwani for how long will you guys keep on harping on e-registration…If you attend Gor Mahia matches then you will know the vast majority who are willing to invest their time and resources in supporting the club have no time for e-anything. And don’t tell me you will register the keyboard warriors who do not even attend matches because Kasarani is far or there is too much bhang being smoked and the like. Their only support for Gor Mahia is by opinion often misplaced anyway. If you are not a registered member of the club and do not go to the stadium, pay and watch/support the team for whatever reason, how else do you help the club? By encouraging e-registration on social media? If they cannot make time to attend matches for whatever reason, what makes you think they will register? Secondly, there have been attempts before to bring fans on board , Sacco, bread, water etc did you see Gor members embrace them? What makes e-registration different? The

  12. @Musymo, Not all Gor Mahia fans stay in Kenya or stay in towns where Gor Mahia play their matches. A Gor Mahia fan working in Lodwar, Mandera, Lamu, Australia, Canada or Mexico cannot be travelling to Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru or Kisumu every weekend to watch Gor Mahia play in the stadium. What is in the e-registration that it cannot be embraced? What makes us think that ALL Gor Mahia fans stay in the same place?

    1. @jagem oremo, I don’t dispute your point at all and am in full agreement but kindly tell me what this Gor Mahia fan who stays in Lodwar or Lagos or Australia will gain from e-registering as member. If the aim is to e-register so that they can help the club financially, then let them show their intent by sending money to our Paybill Number as they also pray for e-registration.

  13. @Teddy, calling people useless keyboard bloggers is not civil. Let us use a language that will attract people to Gor Mahia rather than a language meant to scare away.

    1. @Jagem Oremo , please educate me on the civil term to use to describe a Gor fan , who does nothing , has no intention of doing anything and as if that is not enough , has the spine to ridicule the few fans , who inspite of the challenges and limits of the EC , have decided to register , participate , donate the little or the much they have to a cause they rightly believe is bigger than whatever they feel about the current EC , whilst there is nobody who has stopped the person/s from getting in and doing what he is criticising and insulting the others for not doing .
      But maybe you are right , because maybe the person is sick and needs more understanding , maybe .

  14. @Teddy, my posts are lobbying for the following two things concurrently:-
    1. e-registration and
    3.Financial support for Gor Mahia

    -My posts has no conditions like “No e-registration, no financial support”.
    -if there is a anybody criticising or insulting another fan for not supporting the club, then that is not right. None of us is for insult(s).
    -Let us support the club voluntarily and whole heartedly.

    1. @Jagem Oremo , you were not the subject of my post , on the contrary , am in full support of your calls for a better management of the club and your persistent calls for 350100 , those are laudable efforts .
      Even @Musymo’s post, read deeper , was more of a rallying call to the fraternity to make maximim use of programs already in play e.g Filling the stadias and Paying , Registering as members en mass hence being part of the decision making process , in summary being part of the solution rather than be the one who doesnt go to the stadias , and if you go , you dont pay , cause chaos and then run to social media to throw fake manufactured tantrums as to why thing are not happening as per your moodswings .
      Its tough , but lets all be part of the solution .

  15. That’s it, support BOTH in spirit and financial is the way to go. Those who do not have accountability issues with the EC have the option of 350100.
    @BB has been exemplary, JO above provides evidence of the same etc while others restrict themselves to mere statements that they contributed spiritually and spousally.
    E-registration and voting is but just another avenue for others to support our club spiritually and financially but with the element of accountability enhanced. The other benefit of e-registration and voting is that each member will contribute a specific amount.

    1. @Oduor12, let us give with the right without the left knowing. I don’t subscribe to that school of thought that I must come here to post my Mpesa message for money contributed to Gor Mahia. It is not a competition and if it ever was it is not beyond some of us to compose those ones they do behind bars and flood this wall with them. Tenda wema nenda zako and let God not man give you your due.

  16. Who came up with this idea of fans donating money as a form of revenue to the club and not an emergency measure? Is Gor Mahia a church?

  17. @Musymo, a coin has two sides and as much as you are right I strongly feel that those who post their contributions here do so as to mainly to encourage others to start. Those indicating them amount are just trying to encourage accountability. Let all continue freely, the amount is not the key as every shilling counts even 50bob or the least mpesable amount possible. The silent financial contributors are also appreciated especially by the players that’s if the money reaches them as salaries and allowances.

  18. I posted my M-Pesa contribution in good faith to encourage others. No any other reason because after all nobody knows my real names in this forum. Ja-Gem Oremo is not in my identity card. If I was doing it for popularity, I would have told you my official names. Good night and be blessed.

  19. Wishing our boys in Dr C the best of luck as they go head to head with Motema Pembe this evening , Be the Mentality Monsters we believe you are capable of being , Believe in your own ability and may the desire to Sprint away and escape from this prevailing Poverty be a Major Motivator , because beyond lies enormous riches , it doesnt come to you , you must go to it and the way to it is by being the best , being exceptional and being a Winner and being a Mentality monster/Beast -God Bless Us .

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