23 Jun 12

Imbem was barred from playing

Kogalo began their second leg campaign by beating Western Stima 2-1 in a match played at the Mumias Complex. What will make fans happier is that the new players seem to have seamlessly fitted into the team unlike in January when the team was completely shambolic and out of sync

Indeed both goals came via new signings who combined well with regulars like Rama Salim and Moses Odhiambo. Gor Mahia controlled the proceedings in the first half but could not break the deadlock because Stima gave a good account of themselves in defence and midfield.  In the second half, Anthony Akumu was introduced for Ali Abondo, a change which strengthened the Kogalo midfield. Only two minutes in, Moses Odhiambo sent a low cross which Joseph Njuguna calmly tapped home for Kogalo’s first goal.

Rama Salim combined well with Njuguna whose shot was parried for Ugandan Dan Sserunkuma to ram home for the second goal . Stima came back into the game strongly and reduced the arrears on 81 minutes from the penalty spot.

Dan Sserunkuma was awarded man of the match honors. Itubu Imbem was barred from playing for not having a work permit. The decision was protested by George Bwana who said “Imbem played for Tusker with a work permit acquired when he was an AFC Leopards player; why are KPL now preventing him from playing for us? This is double standards,”

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  • mwakio says:

    Great start. Guys keep it up.

  • ken otieno says:

    good.today i can have a good sip of my tusker. great boys.

  • Oyugi akuot says:

    Kudos to the boys. Its nice to see Lavasta back with is good dribbles and passes. But slow pace in central midfield and lack of cover to our full backs by wingers exposed wekesa on the left in the first half. Last cards are detrimental to the players stats lets avoid cards as much as possible especially for time wasting attitude and a voidable faults on opponents.

  • Oyugi akuot says:

    Kudos to the boys for the win and good display. Its nice to see Lavasta back with is good dribbles and passes. But slow pace in central midfield and lack of cover to our full backs by wingers exposed wekesa on the left in the first half. Last cards are detrimental to the players stats lets avoid cards as much as possible especially for time wasting attitude and a voidable faults on opponents.

  • Kamau wa Njoroge says:

    Good going boys ……
    Go Gor ! Go Gor !! Go Gor !!!

  • FellohUSA says:

    You know see the fruits of recruitment and signings done by the coach after training with transfer targets unlike when EC signed players for publicity and populist tendencies…good signings coach and followers lets weed hooliganism..KUDOS to all Players, Followers n Coach.

  • Nyakogalo says:

    Hata mimi amefurahi tuendelee tu namna hiyo na maulana atubariki

  • Great start,this Njuguna,Auma and Serunkuma can run and think.wow!in logarithm i believe.lets finish the league as high as possible,win FKF cup and top 8.confed cup we r back next yr with a more disciplined,cohesive team with a no nonsense coach.

  • BEN KRADE boarder branch says:

    T was nice taking an earl win in the second leg.The boys are now serious.Ilike the attitude of tack and urgency in the coach and the blend with Bobby.This is a reloarded GOR MAHIA.And the fans lets keep the spirit.

  • Dan says:

    That was good from the boys. It was also good for the team to play the friendly match in Kisumu yesterday. A good way to reach the fans who are unable to attend the matches.

  • Ja Thur gi ji says:

    I think there is something in the making and if it goes well then third place finish will be good enough as we think of winning next season but only if we keep criticism down and let technical bench be focused on what they are doing.

  • Walter Alando Bwoga says:

    That was an excellent performance. Keep up

  • PAREYIO 09 says:

    NA SASA?

    Congrats Sserunkuma and Njuguna for the crucial goals that secured us victory over Western stima. From the opinion piece above, the new signings have gelled very fast, there is clear ball control in the midfield and precise goals on target by the strikers.

    Going forward, let’s not rest on our raurels. Let us focus on each without minding who is ahead of us. At number 6 in the medal standing, K’Ogalo is slowly but surely claiming it’s right of place in the Kenya Premier League. I think the two goals be dedicated to passinate travelling fans who crossed seven rivers and several ridges to go and cheer their team at Mumias complex.

    Finally, congratulations to my friend, Luke ole Najulo for graduating sumna cum laude at
    JKUAT on Friday. I am proud of your academic achievement . The Maasai Nation is also claiming it’s right of place among the respected communities of Kenya. My hat off to coach Logarusic !

  • samuel oduor says:

    Thanks for agood job coaches weldone and keep it up.

  • Dan says:

    Without dampening the celebratory mood I find it ironical that some of us now praise the coach today yet just a few days we were on his neck for his performance and utterances. Remember we were even questioning the capability of some new players due to percieved old age. The spirit is to support the team and let’s not be exerting all our energies on side shows, though we should never tire to criticize if in doing so we are creating a better GM.I believe our team can still go places though the simple points we lost in the first leg have left us with a mountain to climb. Heard from radio Jambo that our coach is still vocal and ‘harsh’ on players when they commit mistakes on the field. Maybe that is his nature and we should accept it that way and not take it negatively. In school some of the ‘harsh’ teachers produced the best students.

  • Andrew Indeku says:

    nice work boys…we need to have a winning mentality… we need to have the urge to win… nice work..

  • Kassam Mwivangano says:

    Guys , we played well and we thank God almighty for the three points.Its been very difficult to win against W. Stima at their back yard for quite too long and a win last year and this season shows we are slowly getting an edge against them.

    I and i hope many of us in this blog and those who will join us have a chance to criticize if need be and praise when its worth it, let me hope that is the basis of any meaningful engagement. Actually it serves us well when we also get to express our fears regarding the club rather than just saying yes to everything. I stand to be corrected.

    Kudos to the team for the win!

  • Arthur okello says:

    We played good game with very little pressure from the players,i liked moses odhiambo tact of play and believe he is full 90 min material,kudos to all new signings and old guards who have been on bench for long,all players performed well and collectively.Coach to work on midfield otherwise there is improvement on both striking and defence

  • Jakababa. says:

    Thanks to God .gor biro yawne yoo.mafans tuwe wapole na mungu ataibariki timu yetu.go gor.

  • Dan says:

    Looks like GM will release Ngwa

  • Ochigah says:

    My sincere congrates to the boys for the hard work in Mumias i lost my voice in the process but i’m not regretting and hope the rest enjoyed their outing in Western Kenya and karibuni tena Western!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • olum omondi says:

    keep up the spirit men our dream is to c u going places na kushinda

  • plz give ngwa a chansd we beg