Gor Mahia still tracking Paul Were

There are two days left in the mid season transfer season and Gor mahia are still trying to sign Amazulu winger Paul Were. Though the club decided to release him after they were relegated, they have yet to agree to formally release him.

“We are still in talks with Were. There are a few loose ends need to tie up. The problem is from Amazulu who are yet clear with the player,” said Killo to supersport.com.

The speedy Were hardly played while at Durban based Amazulu and spent most of his time on the bench or the terraces.

Killo says that talks are at an advanced stage pending action from Amazulu.

“At this point, i can only say we are at 60 percent in the talks. The player has accepted all the terms. Lets see how things go by the end of the day on Monday. We will have a word for you on Tuesday,” added Killo.

Aside from Gor Mahia, Harambee stars coach Bobby Williamson is eager for the move to happen as it will make him eligible to play in the CHAN qualfiers
“It will be great to have Were in the squad as we face Ethiopia. He brings in a lot to the team and his presence will give us plenty of options upfront especially as Jacob Keli has gone to Zambia,” said Williamson to the Standard.

Were scored Kenya’s goal during the 2017 AFCON qualifier against Congo. He can play on either wing and is a handful for defenders due to his pace on the ball.

Sserunkuma moves to City Stars comes a cropper

Nairobi City stars who had excitedly announced the signing of Dan Sserunkuma, were disappointed when the former Gor Mahia dangerman failed to show up for the signing ceremony. Peter Jabuya, the city stars chairman expressed his disappointment to supersport.com

“Sserunkuma is a very good player and we had hopes of getting him back but from the look of things that will not be happening as we approach the mid season deadline of midnight yet he has not availed himself as we thought,” Jabuya told supersport.com.

The return of their prodigal son would have bolstered City Stars who appear destined for relegation being placed second from bottom.


15 thoughts on “Gor Mahia still tracking Paul Were

  1. Good but Gor should stop killing local football and hanging itself. If it becomes too obvious that Gor will win against any team in the league and that the competition is very weak, the matches will stop being competitive and a crowd puller. These galaxy of players have the same effect as when a team in very weak and just honors fixtures. Nobody bothers to turn up to watch them. Likewise, with the increasing wage bill, Gor will have hanged herself the moment the crowd fail to turn up.

    Unless the strategy is to replace the foreign legions next season…………….., do not make K’ogalo a super team. The league will be skewed in our favour.

    Good luck Were Ooko (now that he is joining Gor this other name has surfaced) as you join the galaxy

    1. @omondi..why do you talk as if there is no competition?winning the kpl is not a done deal yet.the competition is not asleep..!!please dont count your chics before they hatch!!

      1. I know it is not a done deal. the league is wide open with Gor needing to win 7 more games. Look oswozo, if you go to stadi once or twice and you see an “avalanche” of goals twice or thrice, I wonder what would draw you to the stands.

        We need competition that’s how Gor can become better.

        I see competition only in Ulinzi. Not that we can’t be beaten. If beaten you will for sure not give credit to the team. It will be because we were sloppy

        1. I beg to differ…. the league is not weak… it is Gor that is super… Do you want to tell me Tusker is weakened???? Look at those players.. do u want to say Sofapaka is weak??? Did u watch Tusker vs Sofapaka??? did u see the quality that was displayed???

          Gor being strong doesnt mean the league is weak… we are where we usually ought to be (above the rest), we are simply re-leaving the glory days of 70s, 80s….

          Barcelona was untouchable this season, winning every trophy with ease and its not for the 1st time…. does that mean leagues in Europe are getting weak or that Barca is just sublime?????

    1. @agrippa “Charity begins at home”; Can you start by updating us with the number of loaves you have purchased since inception. Mambo ya Mkate wachia ofisi na mtengenezaji wa mkate. Hii mambo ya Waiguru na choo, na clinic za container huko KIBERA alafu demostration za Obunga hatutaki hapa.

  2. Why would someone say there is no competition for Gor in the KPL? And whose problem is that? I think this dominance is about coaching and tactical approach to each game. The mere presence of stars may not mean anything if there is no technic employed according to the needs of each game. If we add Were to this squad and they go into CAF competition, the other perennial threats will see fire.

  3. Omondii I thoroughly disagree with you. Signing more players does not mean Kogalo is too strong. They will still have difficulty beating some teams. The mashemeji derby does not respect form or players.

    Secondly Kogalo must look ahead to big tournaments like CECAFA where they struggled last time and have not won for 30 years. And finally there is the Africa cup which Gor Mahia has fared poorly since 2009. The team must plan for these big tournaments.

  4. i dont like the way people are commenting here that gor dominance is killing other clubs, in my honest opinion the bloggers have been used to below average football from kina blackberry, timothy otieno and jerry and now they cannot believe what is happening in Gor currently, can you ask yourself why why do coaches from other countries are interested in calling players from Gor when they have international or african assignment for example dikir clay was called by liberia, the aucho and walusimbi were called to uganda, siboumana to rwanda mark u if were it not for citizenship question on rooney kagere he could been at rwanda national team, also remember kagere scored winning goals against congo but rwanda was disqualified. i think Gor has best best manpower and have seen when they play other teams, these other teams have been resisting but due to Gor tactics they get results, dont be cheated that there is no competition in KPL , if you want to know one day let the coach rest the first eleven squad n replace it with second eleven squad then you will see how other teams will hammer them.

    bloggers u should know that football is business currently all players in Kogallo want to make money in future, that is why you see everybody working hard to get big money from other clubs, so whether you like it or not Gor will continue shining in each n every game, at the end of this season you will see players getting good money n big clubs. again the coach does not condone average workrate, average mentality, thats is why u see other players given five minutes to play because they are weak.

    Bloggers let Gor make a mark out there, i dont care about the originality of players, race,colour,tribe so long they make Gormahia a big brand in Africa. so going to stadium is a prerogative of each in every responsible fan, we are preparing to go tanzania for cecafa but will attend the stadiums. but if they will take Gor home matches to city stadium i here say here i will not n will never attend matches at city stadium, is like supporting hooliganism.

    Let were come n be discovered in Gor we stand to sell him at higher bidder soon, people should not be worrying about wage rate kwani u ve become managers of Gor, let Gor fan buy bread and the rest they leave to EC

  5. @ogango. Hiyo mkate sioni huku umoja. Kwani inapatikana wapi? Thats why am asking. Advise on where I can buy.

    1. Let us support Kogalo by buying Gor Mahia Bread. The other questions, we can wait for the Auditor’s report at the AGM. Sincerely we can not expect the management team to be briefing the public daily about the GM bread. There are procedures to be followed on such issues. Na maneno ya Were imefika wapi?

  6. People writting on this page should know that, there are some other Competations not only KPL League, we have CECAFA and God willing Champoinship next year, let them Sign the best they can get. Otherwise K’Ogalo keep on the Spirit!!!

  7. Somebody asked the where about of the Bread, that BREAD is being sold in Lower part of RIFT-VALLEY and Westerten region. The EC should make arrangement with another Bakery to supply Nairobi and other Towns around?


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