Gor Mahia stunned by Rayon Sports

Gor Mahia were on Sunday stunned 2-1 by Rayon Sports in the CAF Confederations cup match. USM Alger were also stunned 2-1 by Yanga in Dar es Salaam. The group is now tight with three teams all with a chance to qualify.
The match was bound to be a difficult one. Rayon sports proved their worth when they almost beat USM Alger in Algiers a month ago. Francis Mutafa equalized to make the score 1-1 at halftime. However Eric Rutanga’s free-kick gave the Rwandese side a win that kept them in contention.

Additional reporting from the Nation

Bonfilscaleb Bimenyimana and Eric Rutanga’s goals on either side of Francis Mustafa’s equaliser gave the visitors a deserved win at a half-packed Kasarani Stadium.

Gor, who face Algerian side USM Alger in the final group stage match in 10 days’ time, remain top of Group D on eight points, two ahead of the Rwandan champions who need a win in their last game against Tanzania’s Young Africans to stand a chance of going through. Rayon will be hoping the Algerians, who remain second on eight points after suffering a shock 2-1 loss to Yanga in Dar es Salaam on Sunday night, beat Gor Mahia in Algiers.

“We came determined to win this match and we got everything right. We shall approach our last game like a final, play our hearts out and hope Gor doesn’t win away,” said left back Eric Rutanga after the game.

Former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who is also the Gor Mahia patron, had not even settled on his seat at the VVIP stand before Bimenyimana swept the ball past Gor Mahia custodian Shaban Odhoji for the the opening goal barely two minutes after Zimbabwean referee Norman Matemera got the proceedings underway.

Rutanga beat his marker down the left before delivering an inch-perfect cross that resulted into a wild celebration from the few Rayon fans on the opposite stand.

Burundian forward Mustafa restored the buzzing atmosphere at the half-packed Kasarani stands with a 21st minute equaliser after dispossessing Rwatubyaye Abdul to slam a right-footed effort into the back of the net.

Rutanga restored Rayon’s lead in the 54th minute with a well-curled free-kick from the left flank leaving Odhoji with no chance, just like he had scored in the two sides’ first leg tie in Kigali which ended 1-1 two months ago.

George “Blackberry” Odhiambo had brought down speedy winger Kevin Muhire.

Bimenyimana had the ball in the back of the net with 15 minutes to go, but Matemera called for a foul on Odhoji before Gor missed a scoring chance on the other end after George Odhiambo failed to tuck away the ball from the six-yard box.

Last minute efforts by the hosts to get an equaliser bore no fruit as the cash-strapped Rwandans, who travelled with a team of 15 players, broke into jubilation after the final whistle.

In the absence of Godfrey Walusimbi, who is on his way to South Africa’s Kaizer Chiefs, Gor coach Dylan Kerr lined up Philemon Otieno on the left as Wellington Ochieng’ took charge of the right back position with Jacques Tuyisenge and Mustafa leading the onslaught.

47 thoughts on “Gor Mahia stunned by Rayon Sports

  1. Rayon played a better game. Gor players looked fatigued. Rayon likely to beat Yanga at home. Gor must win the final game away to qualify. Looks a tall order. They still have a mathematical chance though. KPL should reschedule all the remaining games till after the USM game

  2. Can anyone count for me how many shots team Kogalo had at Rayon goal? Which Gor turned up for this game l wonder? Is Momanyi sick, what of Onguso?

  3. I hope the result was well received by KPl officials. Where in this world have you seen or witness a team playing 10 games in a month? More so if the team has an international duty. I wonder.

  4. Congrats Rayon Sport for beautiful Wonderful piece of football display. You deserved to win. Onto GM…Hehe i laugh because that was totally shambolic hogwash useless takataka football we displayed and totally deserved to lose. Coach Kerr today you were best a half wit clueless coach. I called you before the match and begged you to reconsider that poor decision to play an unfit recently recovered wellington ochieng in such a high stakes game but you stood arrogant. He lost all 50-50 challenges and cost us the first goal. Next i told you Shaban Odhoji has proved a clown of Santa Klaus proportion not worth donning the kogalo jersey and you should play Peter Odhiambo but you told me to leave your team alone. Now we must Beg Yanga to atleast force a draw in Kigali as Rayon are sure of qualification with a win at home. As for you Kerr be ready for twice the roughness and anti football tactics you witnessed against Esperance in Tunisia for USM MUST and WILL win by all means to top the group in Algeria. Since when do we play useless long balls worse than Afc leopards?Shakava what were those you were doing?Coach those Square backpasses and diagonal visionless passes were meant to achieve what exactly?Am totally surprised at what i witnessed today…

    1. Lets be realistic Tuasahau this CAF thing and concentrate on wining the KPL title and bounce back next year. Rayon has hit form at the right time, Yanga as well. Fact is we cannot beat USM at their backyard. Rayon is gonna beat Yanga. Lets concentrate on KPL we come back next year. Its out of our hands.

    2. Jakoyo come here and tell us what useless ventures your corrupt and inept thieving EC financed with proceeds of selling Walusimbi at such a crucial time. Coach Kerr The logical play would have been to play Wesley Onguso a natural leftback in his position be as it may that he is a pale shadow of Walusimbi and leave Philemon at fullback 2. Our Defence was catastrophic with a monkey of a goalkeeper called Shaban Odhoji useless by far to make me warrant an Apology to Boniface Oluoch that forgive me please for going so hard on you since Odhoji is ten times worse and should be terminated like Yanga did with Rosthand Youthe after their twin losses to GM. How the Mighty have fallen from almost assured quarter final qualification slot to almost assured bundling out at the expense of Rayons Sports on 29th unless ofcourse we Secho and Beg Yanga to do us a favour…Ojoga Matek

      1. @Jasego, the players were in Seme for the burial of Mama Oliech and they arrived very early in the morning from Seme. I am just wondering why did the office allowed this to happen? What is the work of the team manager? What about technical bench? This EC should just quit the office for letting our fans down. The lose was well planned by the inept EC office and technical bench.

        Why was Wellingtone and Wendo fielded? Where were Momanyi, Oluoch and ONguso? These were better defenders. Why did it take the coach to do substitution in the 75 minutes which was delayed by a further 2 minutes due to confusion at the bench! I do not think Jolawi is the best TM in Gor Mahia. My field in defense should have been Momanyi, ONGUSO, Oluoch, and Onyango. In midfield Lawrence Juma, Mieno, Kahata and Omondi Bonface. Striking Tuyisenge and Mustafa.

        1. @Jamigori the Coach today let us down with tactical errors too grave to bear…Players also never turned up to play and EC well that one is the constant variable always inept and disorganized. Such an anti-climax to our Caf sojourn…

  5. Even of Rayon qualify, let it be. They are better than Gor on head to head in this tournament. Poleni.
    For KPL – laugh and celebrate because Gor is on it way our courtesy of Aduda congesting the fixtures for Gor

    1. This has nothing to do with Aduda. Gor mahia lost to it’s own corrupt EC. Entering tournaments purely to chase money at the expense of players welfare. Reliable players who they later trush as non-Luo.
      The EC knows very well that the league must end in October.

  6. This lose belongs to the EC. Selling players to line your pockets at the expense of the wellfare of the club. Wellington was a mess but without Walusimbi the coach was going to experiment. Odhoji shud not only be benched but should made to leave Gor. Oluoch is to arrogant to trust. Gor defence is totally useless under Shakava. He is back to his whoever it may concern passes. This is the price we pay coz we have an EC which was more concerned about chasing money than on the players welfare. Walusimbi and Kagere if handled professionally would still be at Gor… but the EC n their homeguards saw it better to resort to character assassination. So how did the Walusimbi deal finance this match…maybe the chief homeguard can now tell us wether some money was paid.
    What a sad day in the history of Kenya football.
    Rayon will beat Yanga on 29th but can Gor beat USM in Algiers. As I said before to the EC corrution and the African scene will not work.
    All in all the only player I blame this loss on is Odhoji.

  7. Surely, coach, did you notice the weakness in these players ondhonji shakava, Wellington and wendo Mr shakava captain we bwana last week u were loud complaining about national team selection u can be selected to play for primary zonal team up your game

  8. Hehehehe…Mr mbili mbili Kama kawaida, Shaban odhoji lives up to his name for the umpteenth time. I blame the coach!

    Now we go to Algeria for a MUST win match but I doubt if wendo, Wellington and Philemon, odhoji and boni are truly mentally match fit. This players surely need to benched. The coach is over confident!

    On EC and walusimbi, well the kshs 5 million down payment facilitated this match (not sure we could have honoured this match financially) so I have no complaints, am grateful as usual and I am confident we shall draw in Algeria and seal the qualification spot. Kudos to AR and am proud for once, a transfer was transparent !

    To doubting bloggers, You have to believe, you people of little faith in whatever the club does, doubting everything and anything that is done for the bigger good of the club…am irritated that some bloggers still believe that AR is pocketing transfer fees..for what ? Kshs 3 million is pocket money ! Let’s be serious and focus on development issues.

  9. Shakava you surprised me today by playing yugii and yier which you can ask zico to translate for you the meaning…Bloggers a team is built around strong personalities also known as Marquee Signings. For those who keenly follow techniques you will agree Blackberry thrives only because of Walusimbi and the seamless chemistry they possess. With Walusimbi’s corrupt sale by Chief Homeguard Jakoyo and the EC expect more tough times ahead for Blackberry. Likewise Meddie was a stalwart who required a likewise heavy signing to replace. This Caf was ours we just messed it up by lifting our noses up thinking winning is a preserve of GM. We played poorly and Kerr must know he holds no talisman and must react faster if you need to turn things around. Wellington should not have finished 30 mins in that pitch and Odhoji should have gone out too for giving away the team mercilessly at the hour of need. Your subs are always too late and appear as an after thought when we have resigned to frustrations weepings and wailings coupled with gnashing of teeth…

  10. Poor planning cost us the game by greedy EC officials and unfit players. Rayon could have not beaten us if our planning was spot on. How were players allowed to Seme for the burial of Mama Oliech by using road transport? Mentally the players were not ready for this game. Rayon is just an average team and blame it on the inept office always chasing after money.

  11. Jamigori, Jasego, Jakoyo, Ja Thur GI Ji. Its obvious that you pele are hurting and you dont know yo react to the pain ocassioned by this loss. I feel you guys, I ferl your pain. Why dont you consider taking some moment off the blog to heal. If you dont, it won’t be long before you cross the red line by abusing every player of Gor Mahia and every official of the Club.

  12. It is simple, let Gor Mahia and USM Alger play out a draw in Algiers on 29/8/18. This will leave both teams with 9 points each. This is the maximum points that Rayon can get if they win their last match. They will still have to win with a clear goal margin of 4 nil to equal the goal average for both Gor Mahia and USM Alger. If this happens then Gor Mahia will be eliminated because of a poor head 2 head record against Rayon.

    1. Le Pastre – I am also hoping for a draw. But just to confirm, in that case, Gor will go through regardless of how many goals Rayon score because they will be above USM meaning they will go through with Rayon? I think all Gor needs is a draw to finish first or second – let me know if this adds up. Thanks much!

  13. I have resigned from Gor Mahia as long as this inept office will still be in charge. I have switched to Serie A with my team the old lady Juventus. I will not attend any of the matches and this will be my last posting.

  14. Despite their problems it seems that Rayon was more hungry for the win. When we heard that their best players were suspended looks like we thought that a win for us was obvious. We can’t give the excuse of fatigue yet we keep rotating our squad. The team for today did not play the Chemelil game. Gor has been famous for cracking when it matters. remember the CeCAFA final against Azam? At home we are always weak, based on statistics. The truth is that chances of us proceeding are now slim because we lost the plot. Did we have a strategy for that game? We abused Oluoch and demanded Odhoji and the coach complied, now we are demanding Onyango who has never been used. More disaster.

  15. No one else to blame buh the coach…no kind words or expression for him….it’s a mockery of the bagde and this has almost certainly defined our season…..Ec no ambition for the club who sells when he knows he can’t replace ….after we’ve blamed every one now blame urselfs as members and fans for choosing ur leaders….. wendo never played he was too lazy to even complete a full pass…. when was the last time he played a full match…..Wellington too slow disoriented the mid and defence pathetic to watch…subs at 75min ….kerr do ur job and do it better

  16. Horrific display jakoyo and u dare praise a lethargic performance and betrayal of the bagde…..walusimbi move was well orchestrated so don’t tell us is the most transparent and we have everything to loose we have not gained anything…so its better to destroy our campaign so as to get some peanuts……as if we had our balls on suicidal rope

  17. Let Pastre I hear you but sorry, what you are thinking Gor and USM should do, they won’t, USM will beat Gor badly; what you are thinking Rayon must do against Yanga, they just could do- I see Yanga going down by more than the 4 goals in Kigali. It’s so painful my friend, the math is done, we are out of it.

  18. It is not over until the fat lady sings. This is football; It is not beyond imagination that both Gor and Yanga will win away in the next round.

    The boys have had an exceptional season and the occasional loses, though painful, will not signal the end of the world. A single tree (loss) does not make a forest.

    The boys should be encouraged and supported until the end of the season. During the off-season, the team should/will strengthen including getting a suitable Goal-Keeper.

    Fans should calm down, though painful, a loss is part of football.

    I don’t think there is anything much Odhoji would have done with that free-kick; it was well executed.

    Mohammed Abbas, Thomas Nkono and even David Ochieng Odek conceeded goals too. Wacheni machozi.

  19. Where was Onguso.. the guy played very important games against supersport fc home and away.. The coach ought to have played him… its sad. I think we messed with the player fielding.

  20. It was a bad day in office. Rayon came for a win and played purposeful game and indeed they got the crucial 3 points. Gor did not just play their usual game. The team struggled the entire 90 minutes. We shall fight another day.

    On the now very familiar blame game after every match, I do not see any mistake Shaban Odhoji committed. All the 2 goals scored were beyond the reach on any goalkeeper in the world. How does he now shoulder the blame for the loss. If anything, he pulled some very good saves. I want to believe that there are characters here who simply hate.

    Lineup for the day; we cannot go mourning all the time where was sijui Momanyi, oh mara where was Peter Odhiambo. That is hogwash. The coach handles the team, for an entire week and selects the squad based on the players output in training. A team can only have 11 players in the field at a time. Winning this match was in the best interest of the coach DK than all of us fans. It did not just work out yesterday. This very team that was fielded has been registering very positive results previously. A slip is not a fall, let us get up, shake off the dust and focus on the Wednesday game against Fakafaka.

    Amor, Piny Mor, Polo bende Mor. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  21. Now those who were advocating for Odhoji to be the goalkeeper now I think they are happy. Odhoji can’t be no. 1 even in kcb and we expect him to be our no.1.when the line up was out and the name of odhoji was the first, I knew that we were likely to loose that match. When Rayon got a free kick outside the box ,I knew that odhoji was going to concede again and it came to pass. Any time that odhoji is in goal, I always get worried of the out come. Even this league if we retain, then it will be because of good goalkeeping of Boniface oluoch and not odhoji. In fact at the end of the season when we shall be making changes to the goalkeeping department, it is odhoji who should leave and not Frederick Odhiambo. I hate odhoji because of his record in the topflight league. He relegated ushuru and Nakuru all stars.

  22. Frustrations weepings and wailings coupled with gnashing of teeth… Jasego, come slowly.

    Let’s spare the boys. They are tired. I could see their minds willing but their bodies were failing them. Our midfield cost us and it’s because of fatigue.

  23. Gor Mahia still leads Group D with eight points, same as second placed USM Alger, who lost by the same margin to Yanga SC

    Gor Mahia head coach Dylan Kerr is still confident that they will qualify for the quarter-finals of Caf Confederaiton Cup.

    The Kenyan champions blew away the best chance to seal last sixteen spot on Sunday after they were beaten by Rayon Sports of Rwanda 2-1 in a Group D fixture played at Kasarani.

    K’Ogalo were shocked to go behind in the second minute when Bimenyimana guided the ball past keeper Shaban Odhoji but responded with an equalizer from Burundian forward Francis Mustapha.

    However, Rayon Sports defender Erick Rutanga, curled in a beautiful free-kick for the winning goal but the Kenyan side can take heart from the result posted in Tanzania where Yanga SC, against all odds, defeated USM Alger 2-1.

    The Briton now says they will have to dig dip and get a good result in Algiers during the final round of the Group. “We have to go there with that aim to win and I believe we can do that. What I know though, it will be a difficult game.

    “Against Rayon Sports, I picked the best team to win and we didn’t win so now we have to keep the focus and go to USM and win,” Kerr told Goal.

    Kerr has however, faulted his keeper Shaban Odhoji for the second goal that killed the morale of his players. “And yes…my keeper was at fault for the second goal. He has been excellent but his mistake gave Rayon Sports the advantage.”

    Despite the defeat, Gor Mahia still leads Group D with eight points, same as second placed USM Alger, who lost by the same margin to Yanga SC.

    1. Who is saying Odhoji is not to blame when even the Head Coach blames him? Bure kabisa huyo goalkeeper akae mbali tafadhali…

      1. @ Jasego cool down ja’Kanyamwa … …. All is not lost osiepa though it is painful. K’Ogalo will qualify after a thorough beating by USM Algiers while Yanga will hold Rayon to a barren draw. This is “Gor wuod Ogalo mahono” and you just need to believe if you know what am talking about. Just cool down and let Juogi oloch nwa kaka seche dhi osiepa.

        1. Sawa OT awinji wuod maa. Ingeyo an wuod Kanyamwa koro okahero gikma miyo iloyo wuon timbe but i also still hope and pray that we qualify. An Loch mar Gor emor chunya osiepa…Ich wang is normal after such a heartbreak but in my heart K’Ogalo is everything. Let none think otherwise

  24. I had borrowed a helmet from Jamiriambo in readiness for the repercussions of what I wanted to say. However, the joy of seeing The Villager has swept everything else away.

    Odhoji left the goal line before the ball dipped. Why? Where was he going. The guy is simply too panicky. Hawezi. My sincere apologies to wise men like Musymo and Michael Odhiambo Ogolo. I will never support Project Odhonji again. I know of one great GK who hails from Migori. Wilberforce is his name. He is young, disciplined, mature and a committed christian and a born leader. Just finished his career training and therefore is a professional. Wilberforce is far better than all those three guys in Gor Mahia currently. I would compare him with Mark Andre Ter Stegen. Age 24 years. K’Ogalo please consider Wilberforce for next season and beyond and please fill the gap Walusimbi left with that Rayon jersey 7.

    Ker should stop fielding his favourites. Players should be fielded on merit. Yesterday match was lost for Gor Mahia by the Tech Bench.

  25. The only thing that need to be done now is to postpone the two league matches for the players and the coach to do more ground work for the remaining match.
    Even if we are eliminated, i can say that the boys have tried.
    Let us not abuse The players and the coach because they did not plan to lose the game. I know they feel pain morethan we do.
    Please let us spare the team.
    In football, one must win .

    1. Thanks to God for life..uhai…first. nobody died! Team kogallo lets keep hope alive..just like after bandari n azam we dusted and performed, a similar character is required here. never say die. all things are possible. it may be difficult but posible. positive vibes work all the time. lets get done with the pain.mourning and whining. rise up and look to the future with bope supporting the boys and the coach fully! and praying too.

  26. Players it is good to start but plz inform coach weather u are fit samoro imetho kata min ot otami e yweyo kata iyudo jaber Otieno itiyo kaka wuoyi next day u play like a sch boy,fans will not spare u.kpl should give gor rest before ulgers game

    1. Haha @George ikoo ni samoro jatugo okwanyo madam otiyo tij wuoyi koro game day toke onge teko orumo epap….Anyiero owadwa

  27. Litna ndii jo thurwa,,,, Wellington was worse in the defence, shakava the same and most obvious was from odhoji, infact all thedepartment was weak am not seing ourselves making it to the quarters thoo bt if that player is really willing to join gor Rachier make arrangements as fast as possible the guy is lithal wen it cames to fouls ayie

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