Gor Mahia sunk by Administration Police

Gor Mahia’s pre-season struggles continued when they were beaten 3-2 by lower tier side Administration Police at Camp Toyoyo on Thursday.

Gor Mahia were leading 2-1 thanks to goals from Godfrey  Walusimbi in the 20th minute and George Odhiambo “Blackberry” But the APs came storming back with Kevin Omondi scoring twice and orchestrating a 3-2 win.

It continues a pattern of former Gor Mahia players playing their best games against their former club. New signing Teddy Osok who had been dropped by Kogalo U19, won his way back when he played a brillian match against the Kogalo U19 team. Former striker Ballotieno also gave the club a torrid time in a friendly match played last year.

It was Gor Mahia’s 4th pre-season friendly and 4th straight loss. It is bound to put more pressure on the technical staff especially Ze Maria who has yet to find a winning formula.


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  1. Hehehe…did I not say you take tiki taka even to the likes of meru or bondo combined , expect nothing less than a kichapo. ‘My Kichapo ,My choice ‘ thats the slogan for as long as Ze Maria is in leadership.


  2. Just mind boggling, simply stupefying, and that’s everything from only the lack of results on the pitch through to the shameful cat-fight of the EC over the anticipated gate collections. And Mugabe is still going strong, truly thriving in the choas and disorder in all aspects of GM affairs.

  3. You know there exists something called ‘Existential Euthanasia’ which is a docile tendency or character that is cast in stone and no amount of flogging seems to jerk the victim into taking proactive action.Ze Maria seems to suffer from the above as after loosing 3 games on the trot in pre-season he still firmly believes there is no cause for worry and repeats almost everything that led to the prior defeats hoping for a win in the 4th friendly.Results are there for all to see and worse is a team that goes ahead in terms of early goals like we did 2-0 then concedes 3 to ultimately loose the match shows a total lack of character and tactics, modern football is predictable you get an advantage and do just enough to protect it or seal it beyond reproach by scoring again not disorganizing the whole team with no formation plan or technique…Aol

  4. He will give an excuse ….this time maybe the sun was too much. The EC will believe him and Rachier will say we have talked to the coach and we told him what we want and he promised…….The league will be gone by the time they wake up!!!!!

    1. Musymo nothing will change when the league begins in fact things will only get tougher.Teams are products of training so we won’t get anything done right during crunch league ties that we can’t seem to master now.This trend will continue well into the league…As they saying goes “Things Don’t Just Go Wrong They Start Wrong”

  5. Timbe Sam must come so that we can avoid Ngwech Sacco, meanwhile we hope that the kpl vs fkf impasse continues as we sort our house out

  6. This article reads in part, “…….it is bound to put more pressure on the technical staff especially Ze Maria who has yet to find a winning formula. I assure all that he won’t and anyone expecting Ze Maria to start winning with Gor Mahia is in for a long wait.

    1. Indeed this trend is worrying. How do we inculcate a winning mentality? Are the players disillusioned? Whats their body language?
      Disaster is looming large.
      What are the exit costs?

  7. As someone said earlier, if you fans need a win, you better play against Kanyimach Girls’ FC.
    So which excuse do we have now that we can’t win against the likes of Ondupierpaka, Police FC, Thika,..? So which teams will we beat in the 16-team log?
    Judging by the results of these friendlies, we should prepare psychologically to help our team fight relegation this season.

  8. My expectation on the pre-season friendlies was that we would struggle to score goals. What i’m worried about is the number of goals we are conceding. Gor has always had a good defence and something must be wrong somewhere to concede three goals after going two ahead.

    1. Wuod K’Oyugi I share your fears. Wang’ni to wayudo coach ma anyalo mana pimo kad jaduong’ Anaba Awono. Tek manadeni yawa.

        1. Bwana this blog platform has led me to some great people. Wawe gikanyo otherwise Admin nyalo tero comment na e quarantine!

  9. I see s bright start to our season. Our first game will be a win of not less than 3 goals.To opposing teams this friendly is the main dance; to Gor the main dance is on season opener;why dance yourself lame now?

  10. @Jaupanda, Having analysed all our friendlies, the team is horrible and Ze Maria must be scratching his head as to what is the winning formula. somebody has suggested we try harambee starlets for a friendly, perhaps we would notch that much needed confidence ahead of DSTV cup .

    However i beg to differ………My take is that Ze Maria , should we keep him till end of this month ( I expect a new appointment to the TB next week)) , is likely to build a team around 3-5 -2 formation with the two wingbacks (most likely walusimbi and karim) taking both offensive and defensive responsibilities and the two forwards ( most likely Jausenge and Timothy ) playing side by side meaning many players like Meddie Kagere and Innocent Wafula are likely to be perennial bench warmers.

  11. There is nothing to worry about people. I can only get worried if this trend continues into KPL first 5 matches. It is too early to panic.

    Siasa nimewachia CORD/NASA na Jubilee, hapa ni Kogallo tu. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

    1. @Sofaset, agoni tik nyaka pier aora, why are guys becoming agitated? Leave the man to do his work period!!!!!!!!! Pressure ya nini kwa Jabrazindwa. Wacheni opusi…

  12. The concerns here are genuine though I urge all to be optimistic. Football is difficult to predict. For EPL lovers, at the beginning of the season, Chelsea were not even among the favourites for the cup but have been declared champions designate by now. There are high chances that we may start the league poorly but I believe that we shall prevail and take this thing. So guys let’s cool down and wait to pass our final judgement at least after the first half of the first half of the league.

  13. Actually I think Gor seems to be struggling because it is trying a new philosophy, the so called tiki taka. As it is, it may be a tall order for the players to grasp it soon enough. But @Musymo, yesterday in your “live” updates, you mentioned that our passing was “top notch”. I took special note of the word you chose to use ” top notch”. Knowing how critical you can be sometimes, you must have been very impressed for you to choose that word. Could this be a sign of things to come?

    1. @Marto Original, the team is fine. Individual brilliance like no other team in the KPL. Its the chemistry that is lacking. The passing is brilliant but most of them were sideways or backwards until Kahata came on and managed quite a number through and over the AP backline. The players lacked that passion and fire that wins trophies. It was like most of them were in a trance or dazed or both. Right now Gor is a team of stars but it is not a star team. When it becomes that, unbeaten is not impossible!!!

  14. @Albert Kosero, you are getting disilusioned. remember the last time kogallo won any match was over 3 months ago ! don’t ever underestimate the psychological impact this on the players and the TB, the longer it persists the more it wears them down !

  15. Any premier league team will come blazing their guns at kogallo coz after all even Ap can afford to defeat such a big name. Isokei , the goons are watching. AR mugabe can only stretch our limit to a certain extent.Let us hope that they will win the Dstv match. But if this trend continues, I can foresee Rio hapa mbele.

      1. Si ndiyo Jasego, Rio Kogallo edition nyale.The preferred pericipants’ line up should be the Brazillians.
        Lane 1: Fontino Onyango,
        Line 2 :Maria Mama,
        Lane 3: The assistant coach Whose name I don’t know
        Lane 4 : Thiago Dasiva ,
        Lane 5: The goons including a person.

  16. Jasego wuod Kanyada, Bandit, I think owadgi Pele Ni, has something up his . He has great players with high potential. I’ll judge him within two matches in the season -competitive ones. Like my elders say ” kwee”, peace, shalom

  17. Going through most of the recent blogs am more and more convinced that my choice for AR was the right one bcoz as I had then concluded , non of the competition was ever going to be able to withstand the pressure and intrigues that comes with this great club .
    Last season against my wishes and under immense agitation from members this blog included Kagere was re signed back into the club and no sooner had he even settled than the screaming , tantruming and vuvuzelaing began and yet just a simple observation football wise would have shown that the Kagere/combination wasn’t ever going to be like the Olunga/kagere combination and that without Olunga , any coach , Nuttal included was always going to struggle e.g when Suarez left Liverpool and its this note that I declare that the system Ze is trying to introduce into my team is the system I want , I remember when Gor was on a winning roll with Nuttal and then the screaming was that Gor is playing mbele kwa serunkama , am going against the grain here but at the end of the day I am a realist and not a lynch mob member….

    1. Ja sofaset wadwa umenena. Umepotea wapi bro. Tokelezea “komwanda” next weekend for Dstv Shield.

  18. Maloba and Baggio are midfielders who will be benchwarmers when the league begins.Somebody give us the lineup,can Jausenge- Timothy combination click? They should show us that they are up to the task.Our mid is overflowing with talent hence no cause of alarm,what of strikers???

  19. I think it’s high time we be told what happened that necessitated Nuttal’s exit. I am one bothered fun. We are dipping every time we play. How can AP of all the teams score against us? I think we should bring back Nuttal.

    1. I will focus on the positives . The main strikers Timo and Tuyisenge scored. A boost of confidence was timely. Miguna Miguna continues to impress and Migi on target too. The upward trajectory needs to be maintained!!!

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  21. Guys, the problem with football is that you add 1 to 1 and don’t always end up with 2. Losing a soccer match you learn alot unlike winning which could give you ‘fake’ confidence. Personally i believe we will still win the league when i look at the team we have. For the pessimists too bad. I will be worried if 5 games into the league we are in the bottom half of the table

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