Gor Mahia take on Chemelil next

Tim Otieno vs Ulinzi

Gate Collections from Ulinzi match

Gor Mahia dropped 2 crucial points against Ulinzi. But on a positive note for Gor Mahia, the match raised Ksh 648,150 in gate collections. This according to goal.com This amount is 20% higher than typical midweek collections which are usually less than Ksh 500,000. Not a bad result for a match that kicked off on a Wednesday at 4pm. This year Gor Mahia has played an inordinate amount of midweek home games.

Out of that amount, the club took 372,650 while the rest went to statutory deductions.   Ticket charges were Kshs 600 for the main stand (VIP) and Kshs 300 for the terraces.

Chemelil Up Next

Gor Mahia will next take on Chemelil on Saturday at 3pm. Gor Mahia fans will be hoping to put Chemelil coach Mike Mururi in his place. He is the one who claimed that referees have been helping Gor Mahia in the league.  Interestingly, Tusker official Leonard Odipo also claimed that referees were helping Gor Mahia. This has now become a theme by officials of other teams who are clearly trying to play mind games with referees.

Nevertheless, the match against Chemelil will not be easy. They are having what is probably the best season they have had in almost a decade.  In fact former Gor Mahia striker Goro Oronge thinks Chemelil will win the league. Oronge said the fact that Gor Mahia had two matches in hand was of little consequence, given the quality of all the teams contesting this year’s league. Oronge thinks Gor are still capable of slipping up and expects Chemelil to exploit that as the season draws closer towards its business end.

Oronge states that because there is a dearth of scoring in this year’s league, every team has a chance. “During my days in Gor under the then head coach Len Julians, virtually every player could score. It was not a case of individual players trying to shine and earn credit but winning those days had everything to do with teamwork and a good goal-scoring system in place,” said Oronge, who felt this was an aspect that all clubs were struggling with this term.

It is this lack of scoring that Gor Mahia will need to fix. The club is going through a dry spell in gaolscoring. In fact the last time they scored during the run of play was against AFC on July 27. Gor Mahia have scored only two goals in the last four games. One from a free-kick and one from a penalty.

Hopefully the club will soon come to term’s with coach Nuttall’s tactics. The new coach will also need to bring some poise and composure to striker Timothy Otieno and possibly help Blackberry regain his form of old. The good news is that Gor Mahia has a much better against Chemelil than they do against either Ulinzi or Tusker, especially at home.


31 thoughts on “Gor Mahia take on Chemelil next

  1. Home advantage does not count…..the point is of the 4 teams contesting for the league title this year only gor mahia and chemilil are the least scoring, tusker and sofapaka are the most scoring and chemilil has the meanest defence……..

    Now put that into perspective …………the league in kenya is always won by the most consistent team and that means chemilil can actually win the league. Their remaining matches are also easy on paper compared to tusker, sofapaka and gor mahia who still have to play against each other.

    I expect another draw tomorrow I don’t see goals from Kogallo against chemilil.

  2. If VIP charges are 600 & terraces are 300 then where is the 150 in the gross taking of 648,150 coming from.
    150 is exactly half of 300???
    “Statutory” deductions of 50% lol, that’s way too high. I only know of the exploitative stadium fees of 20%.
    What constitutes the 30% charges surely no entity can survive such charges.
    GM should should seriously engage county governments that can give it a fairly rate as we wait for the pipe dream of building our own stadium.
    Yawa Legend Goro says “A good goal scoring system” no wonder GMFC was a regional force back then and won the Mandela cup. What more can one add the difference is clear.

  3. Jakoyo we shall win the next three against Chemelil, Bandari and City Stars then wait for Sofapaka.Say that many times you will see the positives.

  4. Kogalo will prevail because they are good league finishers. This is the time fans will enjoy themselves. The players want the title than even the fans. They are surely getting better by every game under the new coach. If we hit chemelil, the players will be lifted. We shall remain at the top, a position I don’t c kogalo giving away. Good luck Gor Mahia.

  5. defensively i would authoritatively say that we are home and dry. that defence is just too mean, the midfield is okay, all we have to work out on is finishing, killing the game early, and holding to leads. we do that, we are champions and it will be more sweeter having given our opponents false hope.

  6. Good luck Kogalo,
    @Jakoyo “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.The most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time”
    keep motivating the team.

  7. Difference between ” optimists” , ” pessimists” and ” realists” is very loud and clear. While most bloggers are ” optimists ” , for me I will remain a ” realists.”

    Have a realistic day bloggers !

  8. jakoyo you better shut your mouth en give your eye some sight !!!even if you are realist, your mother is always your mother even if she is too old to walking with stick ! tema hiyo mate mbaya !

  9. I wish kogallo victory tomorrow.
    Teams playing against gormahia should just play football and avoid playing rough simply because its a must win for them against gormahia. This was evident against tusker and ulinzi.
    They cry the loudest whenever referees make decisions against them and yet they are playing a rugby like futball. Yes, those penalties will continue to come.
    Let them go and check a summary of fouls committed by their teams against gor. Gor had the least number of fouls against these two teams. Kwa hivyo wasituletee..

  10. The media is today all awash with how gor get preferential treatment from referees,todays daily nation page 14 talking point,a guy by the name Malik sumba from Mumias.
    My question is why now,where have they been all along,Did they watch AFC vs KRA match played in mumias last month?if someone watches that replay,then one should know what exactly poor officiating means.

  11. I suggest the coach to try and use the following line up

    NO. NAME

    the reason why Timothy otieno should play in midfield is because he has pace and can fall back easily to easy pleasure on defence and since he passes ball quickly he can do well in midfield as at the moment Gor lacks a player who can pass ball to strikers to score, while David owino is a composed player he can score easily as compared to timothy who is yet to mature in goal scoring also owino can assist midfield

  12. Ooh Laa la.! “GINI WA NUOYO- [BACK TO BACK]”

    Yes @ Comrade jakoyo, with the peanuts resources at our disposal and the current skeleton playing unit, am convinced that winning the league is not an imperative mission but a BONUS to us the die-hard supporters of GOR MAHIA FOOTBALL CLUB. But what perplex and astonishes most clubs is why are we still on top of this table. Is it by luck , fluke ,default or designed? My take is that it is by design.. PERIOD!

    If soccer was won on administrative management and financial muscle then I suppose that TUSKER and AFC should have been runaway league leaders by now. But what happened to the title favorites while we were away during our two weeks CECAFA break is the hard “reality” that we have also encountered upon resumption of our TPL matches.

    “NO TEAM IS A WALK ON PARK AT THE MOMENT AND THAT IS @jakoyo “ realistic” assessment.

    No team has been able to breakaway and as such the title is open until the 11th hour and perhaps it might go down the wire until the very last league match. Personally I would love it that way.

    @ Comrade jakoyo ,“REALITY” is a bold statement and true to your words let us also be “realistic” and expect any kind of result that will come our way. TPL 2014 competition “politics” have all daggers drawn and pointed towards K’ogalo. We heard it from MUIRURI (CHEMO)after the CECAFA debacle and the same case applies to the recent post match comments by TUSKER and ULINZI.


    Playing K’Ogalo is no longer a normal or an ordinary football match but WARFARE; both ON/OFF the pitch. And the target here is none other than our overzealous and boisterous fans. It is very easy to incite our fans and in the process create tension on the pitch that slows the tempo of our game; this eventually unsettles our players , makes them clueless and hopeless and you easily walk away with a point. And that is the “REALITY” which @jakoyo is alluding to. “OUR OWN VERY IMPATIENT FANS’.

    So @jakoyo you are very much spot ON, Our home matches might be more of a night-mare than an advantage if the 12th men & women do not lower their higher expectation and keep their cool in a sportsmanship manner. Whenever GOR plays any opponent all the title contenders coaches share their thoughts and even advise on the kind of line-up that will counter our strategies.

    But all said and done, I still count on K’Ogalo as the number ONE title contenders as per the current TPL 2014 table standings. I will not dwell on statistics with all the bookmakers ODDS against K’Ogalo but just to let our TB & Players do the talking on the pitch.

  13. those are interesting points above. some are precise. we all remember that zico was a defender but one coach took him upfront tactfully and he played well, virgo was a defender and one tactfully coach took him upfront and he played well, makamu was a deep midfielder before he became the defence king pin along paul, Bobby also was a versatile deep midfielder before coming back and last of all Korea. It all depends on how the bench wants to use a player successfully.

  14. Yea politics is unfairly crawling into matters regarding K’ogalo’s back to back title march and you hear all about it wherever you walk..

    Mara penalty..mara Cecafa..mara referees..mara favoured..mara media..mara ugandans..mara percentage..mara tursker..mara sabotage..mara stones..mara red cards..mara draws….

  15. ati mara hii, mara ile, oooh,aaah,eeeh. hahaha, surely if GINI WANUOYO,trust me brethrens, they will come up with alsorts of explanations and lame excuses, but, it would be too bad for them and bragging rights will be exclusively kogalos, oh my GOD ,i cant wait for that day. its a day that we as a team will PUT the letter M into Miracles and things would never be the same again.

  16. From where i sit, i wan’t to believe that if Gor Mahia is favoured then it wouldn’t stop any other team winning the league.

    Let’s assume that Gor is favoured as they say. What has stopped Tusker or Ulinzi from beating everybody else and taking the league with 15 games left. How many points has Gor Mahia taken from the two. What of Chemelil? Has Mururi beaten all other teams except the favoured Gor?

    Please Kimanzi, Matano, Mururi and all other sore losers, take your time and count all the dropped points and you will realise that Gor is simply your scapegoat. Any team that beats everyone except Gor will be crowned champions with 90 points.

    All the best against Chemelil. Tok Komwanda wabiro!

  17. This is for those who r always not appreciating how the club is performing as u can see every team is straggling even tusker av just played for a draw,so lets not put alot of pressure on the players that they must win

  18. Jakorando and Jakoyo there is no need of insulting each other in this site,respect please after all we are all one familly(Kogallo familly).All the best Gormahia tommorrow..

  19. Jakorando, where hv u bn .R u new in this site bcos u cant tell anyone not to read ua postings. this is an open site 4r k’ogalo fans & if u dont want ua postings to read then stop posting here.
    Gud luck to team k’ogalo.No team is guaranteed a win & K’ogalo will prevail against chemelil. Even Sofapaka will loose some points.

  20. Kutoka hapa Juba ukingoni mwa Mto Nile naomba dua za Mola zimiminike kwa timu kubwa Kogalo leo wapate ushindi dhidi ya wapinzani wao Chemelil.

    Kwa raha na kwa dhiki Kogalo milele daima!

  21. The administrator should be very fair to all. Why does he delete only these and yet give a blind eye to comments bearing the ‘F’ word despite pleas from some of us? He must not entertain that ‘F’ word in this site.

    Otherwise all the best for the team this afternoon despite the absence of Gattusso.

  22. I concur with BB.
    While I admit that admin is doing a commendable job sometimes I find his “evaluation of personal attacks” rather skewed as sometimes out right abusive language is not deleted while strong and varied opinions are deleted on the basis of personal attacks.
    Case in point is the deletion of my clarification to an esteemed blogger that it does not serve any purpose comparing Gor Mahia F.C and Germany since one is a club & the other is a national team.
    However you will apprecate the element of self regulation see Miguna @24.
    Finally bloggers the beauty of this site is the freedom to posts one’s views. The diversity of opinions and critique is usually very insightful even from bloggers with very diverse opinions.
    Kudos to admin for that.
    Finally admin your silence to BB’s challenge to kick start attempted transformation of this site into a branch cum sacco is defeaning.
    Some of us eagerly await your response.
    Remember most sacco started off with few members.

  23. @oduor and barefoot we ca not allow people who are undermining the team to speak loud,if you feel you are not confident enough that team Kogalo winning this legue then you do not have guts to comment here keep off,this forum is for winners,though a positive critisusm allowed.
    it 2:0 in favor of Kogalo

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