Gor Mahia take on Homeboyz next

Gor Mahia will try to put their dissapointing North African sojourn aside. This week they resume their 2018-2019 Sportpesa Premier League campaign with a match against Kakamega Homeboyz. The match was moved from Wednesday to Thursday to accomodate Gor Mahia’s late arrival from Egypt.

Coach Oktay is adamant that the team will take what they learned in North Africa and apply the lessons.

Every loss makes you more stronger,” Oktay told Nation Sport via phone on Monday morning.

“You find that you note so many weaknesses in your team whenever playing outside the country and you try to improve them. The more they play away from home, the more they improve themselves,” he added.

It will now a long shot for Gor Mahia to qualify for the next stage but Oktay says his side will give it their all.

“We are going to give 100 percent in this game, nothing less, we’ve to,” he insisted.


39 thoughts on “Gor Mahia take on Homeboyz next

  1. Okay mr Oktay am yet to see you dig deep in your loins for a real match. Unlike your predecessors. Can you dig down and produce e fire when it’s time to count? I have not seen that in any match . Not in the tactics, not in the substitution not in the lineups…nowhere. the only and the biggest gamb.e you ever did was to recruit Oliech. Down the line you have not justified being b a Gor coach.

  2. The match against kk homeboyz is very vital for the team contrary to calls by some people that the match should be postponed. We’re in a loosing streak having lost two matches in a row and it’s better if we can go back to winning ways before we play petro atletico by playing homeboyz. If we can pick a win against homeboyz, then the boys will have the confidence back after a humiliation in Egypt against zamalek fc. But let the midfilled have Lawrence Juma and not wendo. Our weak link in Egypt against zamalek was defending which came from the midfield which was manned by wendo.

    1. We still lack someone who can hold that ball dribble and open space for Tuyisenge Oliech.Maybe those two ineffective foreign slots should bring an AMF and Defender but not from East Africa.Meanwhile let’s drag ourselves to quarter finals with a win on Sunday

    2. I wondered how a serious coach could have trusted Wendo with such a match especially playing infront of Shakava.

      Oktay either does not understand his players or he is not in charge, i was not surprised with the highway allowed by these two in the defensive system.

  3. Jasego! I hope you are safe wherever you are. Tulichapwa hadi ukatoroka team? It’s so painful but take heart…

  4. @Jasego, When we met , you promised it would be for better or worse , in sickness or in health , in victory or in defeat and that only in death would we part , However since we lost in Alexandria , you have refused to come back home , you dont call , you dont pick calls , including the Nigerian number ,My whatsapp messages dont turn blue though i see you online esp at night , Could it be that you were in the ill fated Ethiopian airlines , if yes then R.I.P , but if not , I await your return sababu sasa watoto nitawambia nini , majirani wengine wanasema ume slay .
    CC: Father in Law
    CC:Mother in Law .
    CC:Brother in law (Afc Leopards).

  5. Jasego is human like me. He is equally at loss of words likely me JamriAmbo. You see I cannot” riambo” anymore this days because Bwana Oktay has completely let the team down on technical grounds
    Leave Jasego alone . 4 t o nil is enough to give any one made of steel reason to hold your tongue.

  6. Bloggers i am still in shock and reeling from the after effects of being hit by a speeding bullet train. I mean we spend five days in a very quiet and serene environment, the boys have all they require and need but on matchday all hell breaks loose i see things i have Never in my adult life witnessed in the world of football. Total Gor Mahia breakdown leading to loss of Shape, System and Structure. No identifiable formation in the field of play, no defensive discipline, no off the ball closing down of spaces, no stringing of passes and no awareness moving forward into attack. Aimless running into everywhere and nowhere. I have been having Migraines. How do you correct all those before sunday? God is good he shall give me strength…

    1. Finally……wah! I was wondering what could have happened to you. I wish you quick recovery coz everyone needs you, including your haters …..

  7. I think Oktay should reduce some experiments, if the Joachim and Momanyi combination kept Zamalek at bay he should have kept that faith, i am not a coach but we could see Shakava was nowhere in the game and his front man Wendo was lost kabisa, he should know his players well and avoid ill focused rotations and just uninformed subs.
    All our away matches this season all appear as wasted opportunities but we live to fight another day.

    1. Shakava has never been the same since he was made Captain. I think the responsibilities of captaincy makes him nervous. He used to perform better those days of Musa Mohammed

  8. In football , every player is delegated specific duties In specific areas of the field , and any move or most moves start from the goalkeeper and from there It Is supposed to follow specific patterns depending on the philosophy the coach has Imparted on the team , a philosophy that can be discernible even to a non technical football lover and In the specific case of Oktay’s Gor Mahia , moreso against Zemalek , one would be hard pressed to see with the naked eye what pattern or formation , on and off the ball Gor was playing.
    However for any formation , pattern or philosophy to be impactful in a consistent manner , you must have the right personel in all departments for there to be impactful flow and rythym .
    But all this , no matter who is coach will work if you have one dimensional and easily predictable players the calibre of Shakava and Wendo , because with the two , either the ball will be kicked upfront to no one in particular or if it if transitioned to Wendo , the move will break down dangerously around the midfield and with nightmarish consequences .
    The inadequacies of especially the two , will mean a lack of supply to the players upfront or misplaced and frustrating players upfront , a situation that then forces the players upfront to fall deep to look for the balls on their own , meaning that once they get the ball , if at all , the distance they have to travel to the opponents spaces is longer and within minimised spaces and this by players who in the normal scheme of things are meant to be receivers of balls in space and not carriers of balls , eventually the contextual consequences being players playing to their wherewithal and not what the coach instructed .
    The main cause of this structural imbalance is caused by the club signing being done by non technical minds and thereafter a coach is brought and then blamed for not being up to the task barely 3months into being in charge of the EC’s signings , it is solely on this note that am normally hesitant or not being in a rush to blame the TB , because Yes , there is a problem and these same problems have been there before , but the reason we keep having them is because we keep profering solutions to the wrong diognosis .
    Let technical issues be dealt with by technical people , just like administration issues are left to the administrators.

  9. Always said Gor will disappoint when you have high hopes and surprise you when you least expect.
    You know Gor of the past not Gor of Tomorrow. There is hope. For those who would like to sack the coach, recruit players, bench players, call for elections you should not think of disbanding Gor when you cannot apportion blame. Egyptians even stood on the ball bwana – show of madharau????

  10. @Jasego osiepa yawa … Let Oktay go in peace… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.. Jaduong ni OK NYAL yawa…. AM tired of a PR COACH….. WE fail to beat PETRO.. I WILL EJECT HIM…
    Just look at him and read his Pre and post match comments to now that TUNA CHEZWA..

    1. Ja Supembe, how will you eject him? By buying out his contract and bringing in Mourinho? Let’s saywhat we have control over and are able to implement

  11. It’s midweek tomorrow,Wednesday.no word from the EC on plans for the game on Sunday…no marketing…no promotion…no advertising..no mobilizing of fans..no fanfare…nothing!!and then we wonder why our stadiums are always empty and why fans don’t come to cheer the team!!!

  12. @Fred odhiambo…I think it’s very unfortunate especially when you take into consideration that the boxing match between Zarika and Phiri that is scheduled for 23/03/19 at kicc is already being advertised and promoted ..look at page 6 of today’s(12/03/19) Nation newpaper.

    I think we need to change the way we do our things.The game has become professional but we still have an amateur mentality.

  13. I think that some of us here are too personal with the coach, it has never been easy for any team from east Africa playing in those part of the continent, just the other day simba were hit there too, we should support the technical bench as it is now and think about our personal issues with the coach later, lets be positive for once, loosing is part of the game, lets think of how to win our next game

  14. Blaming the coach makes no sense at this point. Let’s focus on games ahead,even Chelsea was recently beaten six nil by Man city but have risen up. Sometimes it is good to grow up and be subjective in our comments.

  15. The foreign player slots except Jausenge should all be cleared out and filled with Zambian or West Africans.

    Local league is now too small for Gor even though retaining it is much desired.

    We must fight for next seasons champions league.

  16. I dont agree with those who opine that either the coach, players or the EC should not be criticised and that by doing so is the equivalent of being personal .
    This being a Gor Mahia wall , what else are we supposed to talk about , if not to praise or criticise or to give opinions on what is right or wrong , because any analysis of any game must result in an opinion , and the opinion must be about the coach , the players , the EC and even the fans esp those who dont go to the stadium or those who go and misbehave .
    Lastly , anybody who offers him/herself to any position of responsibility must be prepared for both praise and criticism , be it the coach , the players or EC and whoever is unable to withstand the same is what is categorised as lacking in mental strength , if you are in a pressure club like Gor and you lack the same , then you are in the wrong place.

  17. Who is Oktay not to be vetted? And criticized? And praised on the same breath? Wenger? Mouriniho? Ferguson? Is he even 1000Miles closer to them? He must must must be duly criticized for his technical failures. He got the best environment for the Zamalek match and came out like 4 to 0. My foot. Chietha.

  18. I agree @teddy. We must criticize even the critics. But as I type some “goddess” has made it difficult for my posts to come through especially where I criticize the critics. I am possibly forgiven if this does comes through.

  19. Akwayo ni kwayie to waket dissapointments kando wamii team support to motivate them win their last game… sani endi kata wawach ango to nosatimre,,,,,

  20. After every game and in between games , the whole basis of an interactive wall like this one , is to do a post mortem and the post mortem must definitely take the form of a SWOT analysis , so that we interrogate the Opportunities that results from our Strengths , or the Threats that afflict us as a consequences of the noted Weakness .
    To apply this , it is inevitable that the personel involved in the analysis must be named for emphasis , and this is done so that the weaknesses identified in the post mortem can be minimised or rid off in the coming games , since our strengths elsewhere are rendered ineffective courtesy of the weaknesses and these strengths and weaknesses must come from what in essense makes the team I.e the EC, TB, Playing unit and the 12th man . E.g going into the Athletico game , the presence or absence of a critical mass of the 12th Wo/Man will be a plus or minus to how we perform and the highness of the stakes is enough advertisement for the game , lets get off these excuses of ooh the game is not being advertised , millions of
    Gor fans are aware about the game and the stakes involved , from the millions , we only need 70000 to fill the stadium .
    Another weakness on the fans is the speed with which we come up with lame excuses e.g Ooh Kasarani is far , far from where ?, if for the same game there are fans coming all the way from kisumu , mombasa , migori etc.
    A further weakness are the fans who go to the stadium to cause trouble ignorant of the damage it causes the club , causing the team to lose revenue through fines and then hypocritically blaming the EC when players remuneration is delayed for decrease in finances .
    So all stakeholders of team kogalo must enhance our strengths to improve our opportunities while minimising the threats
    Occasioned by our weaknesses that we keep on emphasising on this wall .
    I have talked more about the fans because enough has been said about other components of the team already .

  21. The timing of this boycott is so so poor and personally, any small sympathy I may have for you will go up in smoke if you lose Sunday’s very winnable game coz of unfitness , who in this world doesnt have his salary delayed once in a while , this is a clear case of lack of common sense leadership from both parties and a perfect reason why even the fans will get dispirited from turning up for the match on Sunday .
    Lose the game on Sunday , then
    you could as well leave Gor mahia or boycott training forever , for its a fact that we shall not lack players to play in the local league , coz thats where we shall be after your betrayal .
    If you are not capable of reasoning about the importance of Sunday’s game and put forward your boycotts to any time thereafter , then personally I will not make any distinction between your uselessness and the equally unprogressive EC.

  22. Gor were scheduled to train at the parklands sports club today but none of the players turned up.However,in attendance was Oktay,zico,willis and jolawi plus the team bus.

    Very disheartening considering we have a game versus kk homeboyz and the big one on Sunday versus Petro!!

  23. Why must the incompetent Gor leadership wait for winning bonuses to pile up? Where has gate collection from home matches gone to? That notwithstanding boycotting training ahead of today’s match is the most childish and unprofessional behaviour from Gor players. I suspect it has been masterminded by the recently signed ever lamenting striker and the captain. As one blogger said, lose or draw Sundays match and prepare for proper dress down and filthy criticism from Gor fans.

  24. I support the boycott. You can keep pressure on the players and not honor their contracts. Quid pro quo.
    This is real shame on the officials.

  25. I dont support this boycott at all , and my lack of support for this boycott should in no way be misconstruedto mean support for the inept EC but rather a pity on the players for their short termism in terms of not appreciating the wasted opportunities a game such as Athletico’s provides to their personal futures .
    Yes , they will be paid , albeit belatedly , but they are most likely to lose the game against Athletico thereby missing out on qualifying to a stage that gives them invaluable opportunity for their future , more opportunities than the unpaid delayed allowances will ever give and this sometimes calls for personal sacrifices , not for the EC but for their future .
    Anybody who has followed the path to professional success of the likes of Musa Otieno , Wanyama, Mariga , Olunga will notice a thread of personal sacrifice , self discipline , a burning ambition to escape the local mediocrities and good advisers when they were going through worse situations in the local league , contrast these with those who have tried their lack outside e.g kevin Ade and lots of other potentially good players who have failed abroad and the similarities are the same to those who are now boycotting .
    It is everybody’s pride to see people we knew locally plying their trade in the big stage like Old trafford , Camp Nou , Anfield etc , but the short termism and simplistic reasoning is why we will be in for a long wait to see that happen .
    I want to finish by giving some further non football examples that we are familiar with and that is Fatuma Zarica vis a vis Congestina , Princess July vis a vis Susan Owiyo -unhelpful hardheadedness and sychophantic , simplistic advisers .
    So Yes , sympathise with the players situation but dont populistically mislead them into the abyss .

  26. positively speaking @teddy – I agree with you, however some of these players have reached the pinnacle. They dreamt of playing for Gor and there they are, they dreamt of playing against Zamalek (like Austins, Dawo, Kamoga, Magongo, Jua Kali, Solo, Basanga – Peter Otieno, Janabii Issiah) and they did. They do not equal that Golden team but let us give them some respect. They landed at JKIA with their families waiting after almost 2 weeks away and the have nothing to offer them.

    EC lets not be slave drivers. Everyone has expectations. PAY ASAP. The EC should know better how important “Petrol” game is and then motivate the players to deliver.

    1. @OJ , if after sweating the whole month , earning your pay and while strolling happily home and on the way , you are stopped dead on your tracks by a female gangster pointing a gun at you demanding that you hand over your wallet , your phone+your mpesa pin no . , will it be an act of righteousness or bravado to fight off the gun woman or it would be sheer foolishness and recklessness .
      Handing over your valuables is an appreciation that you remain alive to get another salary and buy another phone and probably even move to a safer neighbourhood .
      The situation would be further minimised if you had been saving part of your previous earning to enable you to overcome such incidences or delayed salaries .
      All that time , Collins Gattuso was Gor or all the teams he played for , whatever he used to react to was truely his right , same situations Olunga was going through , and while Olunga handled his through wise counsel , Gatuso was cheered right into oblivion , dumped and forgotten by the same fans who cheered him on to confront the gunman .
      @OJ , if you look at the names of the example you have given , one thing you will note is that all had jobs even when they were playing and secondly , football is a very short career and anybody in it whose sole ambition is to end his career in Gor is definitely in the wrong profession , but if that be so , then we can start preparing for wailing from the same fans blaming the EC of
      that time for just watching as a former Gor player/s languishes in poverty .
      Lastly , just like there are bonuses for winning games , there should equally be consequences for losing games .


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