Gor Mahia take on Kenpoly in GoTV shield

After dismissing SS Assad in the round of 32 match of the 2018 Shield, Gor Mahia will next play Kenpoly FC on Wednesday. The match will be played at Machakos.

Kenpoly are  in the Nairobi County League where they are unbeaten. Though they are several tiers below the KPL, they are undaunted.

“We’ve informed the boys not to panic because Gor is above us by miles but we want to use the platform to learn. Through this match we will notice our weaknesses and get the idea on how to play our football,” said club chairman Geoffrey Matayoh to the Nation.

Coach Dylan Kerr for his part does not want his players to under-rate their opponents.

“We’ve to give our opponents utmost respect because it’s a massive scalp for them in a cup fixture so we’ve to be ready,” he said to the Nation.

Gor Mahia have won the domestic cup 10 times, which is more than any other team. Second are arch rivals AFC Leopards with 9 cups. However Gor Mahia’s last win was in 2012 when they beat Sofapaka 3-0 on penalties in the final.

No new signings yet?

Whereas arch rivals AFC have been very active in the transfer market, Gor Mahia have yet to make any significant signing. This comes as a surprise given the backlog of fixtures that Gor Mahia faces.

And it comes at a time when it has been announced that neither Karim Nizigiyimana nor Wellington Ochieng will return this season.

Ochieng is said to have recoevered phsyically as displayed by MRI scans. But he has not recovered psychologically. According to Jolawi Obondo, Ochieng returned to training but has been tentative and avoiding tackles.

“He needs time to recover physically and psychologically,”Obondo said to Citizen FM

20 thoughts on “Gor Mahia take on Kenpoly in GoTV shield

    1. A superb signing not just a good one.Any day any time i would go for danco to join our ranks and shore up the midfield.Though people will argue there is Wendo…Philemon..i still like his versatile qualities that have seen ingwe deploy as a centre back at times with great success.Am all for him joining and will bring it up with EC and TB to hear what they think

      1. My question is; in a scale of 1 – 10. Where does the TB fall in as far taking into consideration the views of the bloggers is concerned?

        1. Apart from jasego with the backstage pass all other opinions here most probably remain just opinion. On your scale excluding jasego I would give it a generous 0/10

  1. Wendo is good, and in the area he is good at , nobody comes close but he is one dimensional in nature , he will disrupt and cover his half like no other , Duncan on the
    Contrary is multi dimentional , he is close to what Wendo does in the dimension wendo is good at plus he will give you more in the opponents half and with an addition of bullet shots as a bonus .
    The fact that he wants away is a fact that he (Duncan) has not been happy where he is currently and as such , I believe we are yet to see the best of a happy and at home Duncan , something he will likely get were he to join as .
    Of all the local names that have excited this site for recruitment , Duncan in my opinion is way above them all and he would be a significant upgrade to K’galo as we embark on joining the elites of African football .
    I hope the site prefect understands my context and doesnt take it like am criticising Wendo , I am not , the constant and the first priority is Gor Mahia .

  2. The fact that Always Firing Coaches (AFC) is recruiting players should not give us undue pressure. We are not AFC mates in this football industry and hence cannot compare with them. Signing should be done based on necessity and not insignificant comparison.

      1. Whats the tech bench opinion? do we really have to go to Dar for pride in a Kalongolongo cup when we should be preparing for Yanga and APR who are really working overtime to beat us? Priorities should be paramount. Jasego this is something the Tech bench should hear, you have heard.

        1. Personally, I believe we lose nothing by going to CECAFA,.If anything we may just win it, the money not forgetting the entertainment value seeing my beloved Kogallo play. We have been singing about injuries to players but we have played many matches we remain relatively injury free, we fret about fatigue but we keep on winning. So right now based on available evidence, these matches have not brought any harm to us. The concerns about fatigue and injuries though valid at the moment are just fears and prophecies of doom with no basis at all. Now Yanga and Rayon have withdrawn to concentrate on CAF CC and I can assure you they are not going to win. For me I would rather play CECAFA with a realistic chance of winning than leave it to go play in CAF CC I am sure I will never win!!!!

    1. Shh-shh-shhhh! Janam lower your voice lest you be heard by our prefect who believes that he is the alpha blogger. We may not be able to rescue you once he picks on you.

      1. Let us give K14 a chance. Remember Blackberry, when he had just returned. A number of us had no faith in him but now he turns out to be a very valuable asset. The class in him is rare to find. I am sure he will pick back his form and will forget very fast.

        Meanwhile kale ka team tumetandakika tand Kisumo. 5-0. Now round of 16.

        Amor, Piny Mor, Polo bende Mor. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  3. @musymo in my opinion it must be proven beyond reasonable doubt that any new recruit should be better than the current squad in any department whatsoever. There is absolutely no need of bringing more bench warmers unless some of existing ones are released, otherwise we are good to go.I anticipate Karim not coming back considering how Philemon has solidly occupied his preffered position. However, Wellington is likely to resume after full fitness.

    1. @ODHIS muga, the more reason why Duncan could be a good buy because apart from his undisputed qualities, we are one man short in defensive midfield with Philemon converted to makeshift rightback and Cercidy yet to convince most bloggers here and on other social media platforms.

  4. 5 – 0 against Kenpoly is a very respectable result. Congratulations boys, Tech Bench, kit manager and EC.

  5. Free advice to Duncan, don’t even think of joining GM, if the history of players who have swapped places btwn the 2 clubs is anything to go by, Better you join the likes of simba, yanga or any other club, bt GM , am afraid that jinx might befall on you na iwe mwisho ya your promising career. We have the likes of juma, bena who are yet to show their potential, why sighn a player who is afraid of competition. If he can’t fight for his position with arrival of seda hapa kogalo ndio atatoboa.

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