Gor Mahia take on Sofapaka in pivotal game

League leaders Gor Mahia will take on second placed Sofapaka in a pivotal KPL match at Kasarani on Wednesday. A win for Kogalo will see put daylight between them and Sofapaka and put them on the brink of winning the title.  It will mean the most number of points Sofapaka can gain is 52 points, thus throwing them out of contention. A win for Sofapaka add yet more tension to the league as Sofapaka will now be only 4 points adrift. Should AFC also beat Karuturi, they will still be in contention however if  Gor Mahia beat Sofapaka, they would then  need just one point from their remaining matches to gain an unassailable lead over AFC.

To achieve a win over Sofapaka , Gor Mahia will be counting on stocky Ugandan attacker Dan Sserunkuma who has been in sensational form of late. He sat out of the match against SoNy Sugar on Saturday. A good move by coach Williamson. Fans will also hope that Joseph Wanyonyi, Kevin Omondi and Eric Ochieng who have been in form lately maintain their form. The defence has been solid all year round and will be counted on to hold off Bob Mugalia and the rest of the Sofapaka strikers.

Sofapaka have vowed to fight to the bitter end. “They have all the reasons to be confident of winning the title; they have a healthy lead, but anything can happen. They may end up collecting just a single point in their remaining games,” said Sam Timbe their Ugandan coach to the Daily Nation.

When these two teams last met in the KPL, Gor Mahia won 1-0 thanks to a Kiongera goal off a cross from Edwin Lavatsa. May the 12th man show up in large numbers at Kasarani to carry the team. Also fans should behave themselves and accept the results regardless of outcome. Kickoff time is 17:00 at Kasarani.


21 thoughts on “Gor Mahia take on Sofapaka in pivotal game

  1. I have not spoken on this issue and thank you Ogango Trailer for saying this:

    “Our fan base has some of the most idiotic,stupid,silly uncouth, barbaric and for lack of a proper word “In-human and lunatic” supporters. What our fans did on Saturday can not be tolerated at any cost as much we blame KASAYA. Kasaya played his role within the rules of the game. OUR FANS SHOULD STYLE-UP AND BEHAVE IN A CIVILIZED MANNER”.

    One of our respected legends Bassanga Otieno,though an official of Sony, described the behavior as barbaric and he wondered what would have happened had we lost the game. I shudder to imagine what could have happened, but am certain there would have been a completely different and terrible story to tell today. Whatever one(say Kasaya, Waiswa or Zico)does in the field, for God’s sake let him do it to his fill, if thats the way he enjoys his football professionalism.It is all in the name of the game. We also celebrate don’t we and we would not like any one to curtail our celebrations.

    Today as we prepare to play Sofapaka and it is a real big game as we could end up as champions designate, I plead with my fellow Kogalo supporters to rethink how they approach the game, expect any type of outcome- could be a win, a draw or even a loss.Lets be responsible, remember nobody loves you and if there is any bad behavior there could be some tragedy along the ways as this game ends about 7 pm. SO LET’S NOT SPOIL A GOOD THING, these players have struggled so much over the years, lets respect them by being responsible ourselves. Here is where I call upon the executive and the security apparatus. This game could easily turn out to be one of the biggest and the most challenging security wise.


  2. Personally am ready for whatever the outcome today.But am not sure about the hooligans!!
    Let the soccer powers that be ensure that there is top notch security to deal with the trouble makers.We are tired of talking about the same thing over and over again!!!

    Remember the Sabaot Land Defence Force. These mutants & scam of the earth were not stopped by appeals 2 their conscience & godwill but countered by brute force.The ordinary people of Sabaot were helpless. I wish the hooligans show up again & coz even more mayhem SO THAT EC CN CONTINUE 2 WAVE HANKERCHIEFS ETC. The only new thing i’ve had is the blogger who suggested the involvement of NACADA. DID BWANA REALLY HAND OVER THE GOON’S PHOTO 2 POLICE.

    Its good the flat rate has been reviewed since it locked out a good number of terrace fans yet hooliganism continued proving its nt a class issue.
    Medics pls ensure the fitness of Danny, Oboya & Lavasta. Whenever they r out GM doesn’t score. All must b fit 4 the GoTv final 2 keep AFC midfield busy hence reduce supply 2 Wanga,Wafula & Were.

  5. Some people have never even be to the field and they are blaming Gk supporters/fan, These guys were really frustrated by justice denied or delayed can KPL tell us the fate of our match with Sony at Awendo.I will urge GK supporters to be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.To sum it up I am for violence if non-violence means we continue postponing a solution.

  6. Jalango, forget it NEVER, NEVER advocate for violence coz at the end of a nice Gor game, your wife, husband( or girlfriend or boy friend), children, parents, friends and all relatives want to see you in one piece and they would also one day want to come with you to watch the matches. But only if we all behave well. Hiyo ndiyo maendeleo na kuendeleza football in Kenya.The postponed decision cannot be a matter of life and death.

  7. @Jalango, please re-read your piece. It does not inspire at all. We have actually moved on and expect the forces that be to take action on the hooligans.

  8. Dear Adminstrator you website lacks crucial info e.g kickoff time and fixture list kindly step up ur game hv bn disapointed all season long.

  9. Jalango violence gets you knowhere. You too could be on the receiving end of violence. In fact I wish Police would simply arrest the culprits.

    The videos of the perpetrators on Saturday have been shown on TV. If you know any of these culprits, you should report them to the Police.

  10. Guys, hooliganism is every where, Kenya KDF, England Totenham- villa game? What matters is how we deal with it. In the totenham game, the thugs who threw the cracker were arrested and charged even before the game was over. In Kenya if i rem. well Gor Mahia fans arrested some fans in Nyayo sometimes back, what happened? the next day they were free and bragging how important they were, even the efusi thug who splashed a can of busaa on the referee, what happened to him? Our football management MUST put checks and consequences. Say if you are caught, then jail one year so that you loose your livelihood and freedom, you will see hooliganism ending. Even England managed it by these, and even banning them from stadias. If you recall English fans are the worst hooligans, rioting everywhere, but there FA dealt with them firmly with an iron fist and it really worked. Even in Kenya it is the Hague factor that helped alot, that is why 2013 election was peaceful otherwise Kenya would have seen worse things. So guys even if you all shout the loudest without measures and consequences in place you will never achieve anything.
    Back to the game lets cheer my beloved Kogallo, Remba go jawa jawa, remo man gi teko, 1979, 1985, 1987 ei! Mayienga yawa Sirkal we need to be back there where we belong.

  11. We have read lots of bloggers’ postings talking about violence after our match against Sony.

    My big questions;
    1. What have you bloggers done to discourage such events?
    2. What are the root cause of violence?
    3. Where were the police?
    4. Why were fans allowed to sit at the VIP entrance?
    5. Why are fans resorting to violence?

    We cannot cure the menace before addressing the root cause of such crude and bad behavior. We must find out the rationale for violence. We as fans should not cheat ourselves that the violence will stop sooner or later. As long as the root cause is addressed adequately and amicably, we will continue to witness more violence in future.

    Right now I can bet that there is bad blood between SONY and Gor Mahia. The peace can only be achieved through continuous constructive dialogue and positive engagements but not through the press platform.

    Without much ado, let us always keep posting methodologies that can be used by football officials and clubs to stop or reduce violence.

    I was in Greece last year and the level of violence I saw can not be compared with the happening in local scenes. However. football sheriffs have come up with better ways of reduction of these primitive and old age behaviors.

    Stopping the vice starts from:-
    1. You and me
    2. we and them
    3. Good officiating
    4. Increase in number of security before and after the game.
    6. Arresting the culprits
    7. Banning such culprits from watching the matches
    8. Increasing plain cloth police officers
    9. Stopping “bhangi” or “weed” smoking in the stadiums. Such culprits should be arrested and jailed.
    10. Educating fans on the essence of being orderly, accommodating other fans, enlightening them and above all continuous engagements
    11. FKL, KPL and Referees to punish players whose objectives are to incite the opponents fans.
    12. Ban of use of derogatory remarks/celebrations and songs that have got no place in modern football.
    13. Hiring of extra security officials by clubs
    14. Above all prayers

  12. Thank you Mwakio, I wish there could be ten Mwakios and others who preach peace like you. I will NOT go to Kasarani today and my reasons are clear. Many of us have asked and I ask again, what were the security there doing on Saturday when that ugly incident occured? Suppose that Sony had won that game? Gives me good reason to miss a match like today’s.

  13. Congrats boys, you have done us proud. Sserunkuma is a good striker, if he scores an average of two goals per game in our remaining matches then he may end up with the golden boot. We pray for you kijana.

  14. This guy Danny will never stop. Let the next elections give GM leaders who can keep such talented and committed players. May God almighty bless you Danny and your colleagues. Can someone tell me how they gave mangoli man of match gift? Bure kabisa!

  15. Jalango, have you been on the receiving end of such brutality? If not just imagine you were Kasaya, Waiswa or Zico, after doing your job someone attacks you needlessly for doing ur job. Is it fair? Please rem that as much as we are opponents on the field we are still human n relatives (Boateng bros of Ghana n Germany comes to mind). Next to get a fructured skull may be ur bro or siz. Lets practice n preach peace

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