Gor Mahia take on Western Stima

Gor Mahia will carry their two match unbeaten record that has left them at the top of the standings to Kisumu this weekend. There they will take on Western Stima on Sunday. The Powermen are smarting after they lost their opening league match 3-1 to Sofapaka. But coach Ray Omino has vowed to correct all the mistakes prior to their match against Gor Mahia.

“Of course we were disappointed by the outcome of the match on Sunday. But we made many mistakes and conceded many free kicks and Sofapaka capitalised on that. We have been working on the errors that we made and hopefully on Sunday, we will see a very different side,” Omino said to the Star.

Omino attributed the loss last weekend to lack of match fitness but he vowed that this time things will be different.

“It was obvious that our opponents (Sofapaka) were match fit compared to us. Their reaction was quicker while we struggled on the second balls. The late start to the season has in some way disoriented us but we are confident that as the season goes by, we will improve,” he continued to the Star

One Gor Mahia player who will be working to gain match fitness is skipper Musa Mohamed who was injured in the Harambee stars match with Uganda. But the defender is eager to work his way back to fitness and possibly be in the starting line up.

“I have not been able to train, but the pain has subsided considerably. I want to see how it will fare tomorrow because I want to train lightly with the rest of the squad. Hopefully, I will recover in time for the match in Kisumu,” Mohammed said to Supersport

Musa has been a reliable soldier for Gor Mahia and Harambee stars for several years now, appearing in almost every club game. For this reason, coach Ze Maria may choose to give him additional rest as a precaution.

“I think the spirit of the players this season is very high and we have a lot of options in terms of players. This is what will distinguish us from the rest of the teams and I believe we will be consistent,” Mohammed said.

Fans will be hoping that the high spirits that Mohamed speaks of have not been dented due to late payment of salaries.

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  2. The same pressure, zeal and no nonsense attitude we pile on players/TB to deliver results should be equally applied to EC to pay allowances and salaries ON TIME. If gate collections are kes.600k cash money why are players not paid by Monday.Sally, where/how was the 600k used? Why do you need a whole week for useless ceremonies and promises? PAY PLAYERS/TB FOR RESULTS DELIVERED AND CONTINUE DEMAND MORE RESULTS. IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. Mugabe’s must declare/list his secret “huge debts” that he prioritizes even more than the core issues of GMFC i.e players & TB allowances, training ground payments, office rent to mention a few.

    1. @Oduor12, there must be procedures of payment of allowance. The method you are advocating for in this site is too jua kali and primitive. There must an order of managing this not just collect and pay. Who has bewitched you? Is it because of too much writing???

      1. There are no structures at for mahia club. Gate collections go directly into club official’ pockets. So paying players directly is not rocket science. Did I not read that some players are still paid their allowance on cash? Nobody is bewitched here. Mugabe is a total failure.

        1. You are the same people crying for structures and advocating for unheard of activities. Money collected from gate collections must be banked first before any payment is made. We are not in electioneering period at Gor Mahia or may be you are confusing the fourth Kenyan general election with Gor Mahia’s election.

    1. Hauna habari? Bwana bloggers are busy sending in applications to the GM office seeking to be in charge of gate collections and to be scouts. There is free money coming to Kisumu pacho. If you did not know now you know, send in your application as soon as possible

  3. Musa please don’t rush back in. You may aggravate the injury yet the season is still a long way to go. Just be patient bwana. You have been playing in the league for 8 years so you have a lot of wear and tear. Rest another week.

  4. I eagerly await the amount of money that will be realized by W. Stima in gate collections but before then my conservative estimates indicate
    that the EC
    LOOTED not less than 1.9million and that what was realized in gate collections was 2
    .6million and its very annoying to see in the previous article a grown up with sound mind praising AR for promising to pay the players allowances and not seeing that this is instead the highest form of incompetence no matter from whichever sycophantic angle u look at it where a group of Lootocrats embezzle from you and then give back 15% of what they stole and doing it when they have no choice but to do so bcoz they have a weekend game…where is the sense of predictability and consistency that is a requisite of any corporate entity , what we see and unfortunately we shall continue to see in the forseable future is a clueless , rudderless group of looting kleptocrats aided by their able sycophantic sycophants.

    1. Teddy , as i had said earlier above bwana, it’s time indeed for the officials to make a quick kill. The basket is leaking and what ever we say here in this forum will stop it. Yesterday, today,tomorrow, pd chalre achala. Jokisumu tich en kuomu mondu opuonj jo Narobi tich. Deal with thieves the Kondele style.

  5. Jamigori, the bloggers are hatching plans to scale the Kisumu stadium perimeter fence in a bid to avoid paying gate charges. Why pay gate charges only to realize that the cash ends up in the pockets of stewards and officias yet players never get paid?
    This sincerely is an African attitude of eating as much as you can before the fleshy bone is snatched from your jaws by other wolves. When you see even broadcasting media pulling out of business, know that corruption has taken its toll.

  6. Its my humble plea
    to the Kogalo faithful who will be in kisumu to kindly get hold of one or two officials who will be there and use them as an example to the counterparts that from now henceforth any pilfirage of the club’s coffers will either be diplomatically sorted but if that method fails then thorough thupping will be the only left available…and now the question is , am I inciting violence , the answer is no and its actually the looters who r inciting the fanbase e.g would anybody blame the people for lynching a pickpocket if the cops to whom they
    Pay their taxes decide to eat with the pickpockets…habari ndio hiyo and so to avoid this weekend’s embarrassment , EC just do the right thing.

    1. And o hope some of the mugabe sycophant s are for officials using pseudonyms. That is why they protect the looters at all costs. Wabiro diemo kaka saa dhi.

  7. Yawa, Jamigori its you who is confused. 1) GMFC players/TB never strike over allowances of a single game but over accumulated allowances/false promises, 2) which “modern” methods are these that Mugabe has not implemented/ operationalized over +8 years,remember he has not even paid office rent for 4.5 years. 3) your/EC’s “methods” seems to be, collect 2 million, steal 1.4m and declare only 0.6m, give 190k to the fake GMlotto project which pretends to present a cheque to clear allowances. That’s the reason for the delays despite the club having a sponsor and fully packed home games whose entry/ticketing is managed by AR led EC but remember GMFC players/TB are the geese that lay the golden eggs and they need a pitch to train on. ITS NOT ABOUT BEING BEWITCHED BUT SIMPLE LOGIC,EASY AS A,B,C or 1,2,3 THAT THEY MUST PAID ON TIME.

  8. If the EC cannot be accountable then at least the fan base can chip in if only this will teach a few fools that its useless stealing kogalo money at the gate teach them a lesson so that their masters can wake up

  9. I Hope and Pray our good start is not held back by the hullabaloo and unnecessary sideshows we underwent all of last week.May the rhythm remain as it was and Mighty Mayienga soar to great victory and continue leading the table standings

  10. this is western stima’s game and they’ll be incharge of gate collections, so please people lets wait for accountability during our home matches

  11. @Jamigori, from your posting(s) it seems like you’ve never owned/operated a bank account and EC is taking full advantage of your ignorance. Allow me to enlighten you F.O.C. Note gate collections are cash, when one banks cash it matures immediately and payments can instantly be made. The only exception is IF the account was in the negative.Secondly you seem stuck on the idea that its only the Zoo monies that can pay allowances.That can only hold if the club’s account was zero. This is highly unlikely with good management since GM has various other sources of income GM salt, water, bread, merchandize sales, sponsorship etc. Lets see some benefits of +8 years experience.Digest these for now. Finally players/TB please put the frustrations/ distractions by EC aside and give us a victory against W.Stima. I urge EC to promptly pay winning allowances unless they don’t want GM to win matches.

    1. @Oduor12, for your information my fellow blogger, I am a very experienced banker having worked with both local and international banks for the last 25 years in and outside Kenya in more advanced economies. So when it comes to banking there is nothing I can be lectured me on simple banking business. You never understood my posting and please note that like any other organisation, Gor Mahia has procedures and processes of handling of transactions regarding payments. It is not just a matter of money-in and money-out business.

  12. As much as we look for the negatives and highlight them I don’t see any posting to congratulate GOMA lottery for the assistance to the team.
    Also have we as fans thought of the risk to For and ARC after the budget increase in fax for betting companies

    1. @Dan Original, this was a great gesture from one of our own that needs to commended going forward. On my behalf, I to give gratitude to GOMA Lotto for the support.

    Collins Okoth has terminated his contract due to sustained and unending differences with Gor mahia head coach Ze Maria.He also cited lack of playtime in Gor as another reason for his dissatisfaction especially after failing to be named among the traveling squad to Kisumu.

  14. Good news from Ingwe den in their 2-1 beating of Nzoia FC. Nkata has also demolished Muhoroni Youth 3-0 at Mbaraki. Bad news for Kogallo if they register a result less than a win at Kisumu tomorrow since the top spot position will automatically evaporate. Now you guys understand why we should have beaten Jokericho with a wider margin. Here we are again at the mercy of Ingwe.

    1. My friend this thing is a marathon. Remember how ingwe started well last year and even won the derby but we had the last laugh

  15. Let the players led by the coach Ze Maria continue with the strike due to match winning allowance after pocketing salaries………executive office is divided with infighting between Nyangi and Bolo. I can see more troubles ahead. If there is away we can have the board with competent board members, I would go for it than the continuous troublesome election that always brings officials with eating agenda and personal interest.

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