Gor Mahia through to Top 8 final

Gor Mahia are  on track to successfully defend their KPL Top 8 title. On Sunday they beat Tusker 1-0 thanks to a sublime free-kick from Francis Kahata.

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Francis Kahata scored an incredible free kick in the dying minutes of the first half to hand Gor Mahia a 1-0 win against Tusker during KPL Top 8 match second leg played on Sunday 19 at Nyayo National Stadium.

Gor Mahia controlled possession from kickoff and forced Okello into a routine saves with powerful drives coming from Tuyisenge and Agwanda.

Jose Marcello’s men were unperturbed and gave Tusker fc a torrid first half dominating so much in possession but Ghanian import Stephen Owusu offered a reminder of the threat posed by Tusker FC when he forced Fredrick Onyango into a back peddle save with a low drive from 5 yards.

Jacques Tuyisenge and Enock Agwanda missed further chances as Gor Mahia applied relentless pressure, and they finally broke through in the dying minutes of the first half with a superb free kick coming from Francis Kahata at the edge of the box after Jacques Tuyisenge had been fouled by Eugene Asike.

Second half

After the break , Tusker FC enjoyed 60% in possession but never troubled Gor Mahia as their attacking line of Noah Wafula, Stephen Owusu and Michael Khamati were kept in scarps.

Poor Tusker

Tusker were struggling to create clear-cut openings and it ended up with Gor Mahia enjoying their spells a clear indication of how Brewers were similarly short of ideas.

However, Tusker could have equalized through Robert Omunuk but Jerim Onyango impressed with a great save to deny the former Sony Sugar man a debut goal in his return to the club. Finally Paul Nkata’s side upped the ante and began to camp in the final third, though found chances difficult to come by.

Paul Nkata’s side knew it would require a masterful performance to overturn the deficit and they were hard pressed to create any real chances.

In the final minutes Tusker looked so frustrated and lacked the spark they have shown so far this season.

The 1-0 win by Gor Mahia ensured they booked a spot in the final with a 3-0 aggregate after they had won 2-0 in the first leg match. They will play Muhoroni Youth in the final.

Tusker FC Starting XI: David Okelo, James Situma, Shafiq Batambuze, Lloyd Wahome, Eugine Asike, Cersidy Lumumba, Hashim Sempala, Luis Khamadi, Michael Khamati, Joseph Owusu, Danson Kago

Subs: Martin Musalia, Brian Luta, Osborne Monday, Collins Shivachi, Humphrey Mieno, Jackson Macharia, Noah Wafula

Gor Mahia Starting XI: Frederick Onyango , Karim Nizigiyimana, Eric Ouma, Harun Shakava, Musa Mohammed, Khalid Aucho, Ernest Wendo, Innocent Wafula, Enock Agwanda, Francis Kahata, Jacques Tuyisenge

Subs: Boniface Oluoch, Luke Ochieng, Abouba Sibomana, Ronald Omino, Amos Nondi, Baron Oketch, Jacob Keli



26 thoughts on “Gor Mahia through to Top 8 final

  1. Well done kogalo.After the 2 nil 1st leg score line it was always going to be a herculean task for Tusker to beat us.All the best to the team in the final!

  2. Kahata deserves a special mention when the story of the two legged semi final is told.A goal and an assist , he is proving to be Kogallo’s trump card, Wendo holds much promise and Omino was my Man of the Match today

    1. at Musyomo what do you mean by saying Aucho was your man of the match? seriously. Kahata passes are very clinical and precise how l wish we sign a bullish striker who is also top notch in his finishing.

  3. Gor played a very good game was expecting Byron to start, Agwanda and Wafula were off colour, Keli should have been given a chance today.

  4. My opinion kahata’s confidence, ball handling and ability to pass accurately should be used as a benchamark for future players to be signed. A player might be good but not kogalo’s material,am not saying this in bad taste bt baron,omino, agwanda,keli, beri are gud players bt unless they improve significantly GM has moved away from the style of play of which they are suited

  5. So Mr Nkata? Say something again. What was wrong this time? Now you know people. To my colleagues after such good team performance please let’s avoid this bad habit of criticising players and direct by their names. Let’s post only when we have something to say not because we have to say something

    1. @Ja Thur Gi Ji, this is great observation. Bloggers are pretending to be great coaches like Levelmind. Some negative comments on players are really uncalled for and demotivate players.

  6. To Wanagoni Erokamano Kahata, To Waaanagoni Erokamano Kaahaataa. I see a team that where the starting 11 + Baron are deserving. Wafula and Agwanda do their bit wonderfully so i wonder what style is this they aren’t suited to. Kahata’s goal was partly coz opponents thought Agwanda was going for power. As for passenger no.27 chances to impress are abound during training what more do expect the coach to do? Tusker were too rough on Jausenge and the ref. did little to protect such rare/dear talent. Erokamano Ahinya TB and players.

  7. Well done boys. GOR played a very tactical game, attacking in early stages and slowed downed when it bacame apparent TUSKER could not not come into the game. Kahata’s goal was class. I do not really think it is really wrong to comment about palyers performances on this platform, where else should we if not here? The team played well : truth is for Agwanda and Wafula yesterday was were not their day. Wafula slowed the game more so whenever the naturual thing to do was to move foward, twice or thrice he moved backwards ended even losing the ball to opponents, Agwanda is always in a hurry, needs to be more calm infort of goal. Baron Okech has great footwork, should have scored his debut goal, and should have been protected by the referee from the tactless but rough Situma. I wonder how Situma lasted 90 minutes. Good game overall.

  8. People do forget quickly, that’s exactly same as the goal he scored in Calabar though we remember Owino more for that match than Kahata

  9. @Musyimo, I beg to ask. Was that a typing error or u really mean it? Ati Omino was ur man of the match? Please explain.

  10. Let Call A Spade A spade,tuskers Players Made Life Difficult For Tuyisenge And Baron,how Can Baron Be Hardly Elbowed Thrice Without A Card Given Out?Very Unfair! But The Gud Thing Is,nkata Admitted That Mayienga Is In A Class Of Its Own And He Never Expect To Beat Migty Kogalo.Wendo Is Gud By All Standard.Ja,asego Kagere Is Back,what Do You Say?

    1. What else did you expect @Dan Original? That Mwendwa led FKF to give back the 3 point to AAR led K’Ogalo, while his kinsmen-led TUSKER have some fresh ground with ample breathing space for now. Fight hooliganism ON/OFF the pitch and win matches straight and square.

      I did tell you guys to forget any ruling in favor of K’Ogalo as long as decision will be guided through the FKF cartels based in RUARAKA in the likes of : (read Tusker-Musyoki, Mathare-Munro and Kariobangi Sharks- Mwendwa). K’Ogalo needs to win the next five consecutive league matches and they will be back at the helm.

      We all know TUSKER, ULINZI and MATHARE will tumble in the 2nd leg. I even predict TUSKER players will very soon suufer in confidence and switching off slowly as they revolt against NKATA’s reckless style of management. The guy has no confidence in his original prefferred 1st level. Over looking Mieno, Monday , Sivachi will bring his downfall sooner than latter.

      GOR WILL WIN THE LEAGUE with Three or two matches at hand. Problem between Mwendwa-FKF and AAR -KPL/GOR is very personal and the 16 vis a viz 18 teams league is just but an excuse. GOR-HATERS are many and no wonder Ze-Maria was robbed of SJAK coach of the month award. Na bado…… .

  11. If IDAC and IDCC in their mind think they have sent out a warning to would be hooligans by this ruling, then they have missed the point by a wide mark. 1. Gor are aggrieved because they were not the home team 2. Tusker never appealed and the match was never abandoned. 3. We will be back and if in doubt then watch the ongoing EUROS to see what real hooligans can do. 4. We are no hooligans and no amount of favoritism will enable your favourite teams – Tusker and Math are to win the SPL 2016. 5. FKF and KPL please hear this – its only Gor Mahia and Efusi who have fans in Kenyan football. 6. What/who can stop us from attending all Tusker and Mathare matches with the sole intention of disrupting them!!! 7. Watch this space and see Gor win the 2016 SPL title.

  12. Now I understand better.The source of Mwendwa’s campaign funds.There are teams that were promised trophies in the boardroom.Knowing the might of Gor and the strength of its followers,Mwendwa knows very well that the only way to bring down Kogalo and AR is to use the referees.He is going to use this technique alot of time this season having broken the ice already.We must be very careful comrades.We might have as much as nine points deducted from our beloved Kogalo.The brazenness by which Tusker lodged their appeal against Baron didn’t surprise me.This is a team that has godfathers at the upper echelons of power and expect their stooges to keep their end of the bargain

  13. Great win to my Kogalo.During the game I heard Mulee say Ouma Marcelo is leaving for US and ‘that will be good for him’ Really!?.Can those near him ask him not to waste his talent by going to obtain that degree and come and join jobless corner here.Why not do like Olunga and from 2018 go play and study in Europe with a chance of breaking into the big leagues;I mean Portugal’s no 5 (Raphael) and Marcelo in terms of play look like twins;and Raphael is heading to Dortmund; Tusaidie talent.

  14. I think the deduction f the points might just be the motivation we need as fans, TB, players, EC to take the league and prove them wrong. I can assure all of us that Gor does not need ay favour from anyone to retain the league. All we need is consistency from all the sectors, fans, TB, EC etc and we will all be there.
    On recruitment let’s avoid panic buying that has made us release Muruai and Ogada after only six months. By the way where is Gattuso and Walu? As of now we can still get Mieno and an extra striker to assist JaUsenge and we will be done with the transfer.
    As I see it the leading teams have no consistency and that’ where THEY will fail.

    On hooliganism let’s avoid any negative issues in the stadium or anywhere on match day. At the Euro2016 EUFA have declared that anything outside the stadium is outside their jurisdiction and therefore under the police responsibility. In Kenya we will be punished for anything that happens anywhere so long as we were playing on that day, So fans lets observe RESTRAINT as our patience will be tested both football-wise, ethnically and politically till the end of the season. We need to help our beloved team

  15. The on and off saga of Kagere is getting too much. I think Ngala is usually very economical with the truth. As much as Mieno has indicated that he wants to come to Gor Ngala insists that there has not been any interest. Kwani is it fans who recruit and/or show interest in players. From reliable sources Gor wanted Batambuze and Mieno from Tusker. But since Batambuze is Ugandan and a defender (though a good one) we lost interest due to the quota system. On Mieno the archaic clause in his contract became an issue but the fact is that the player wants to join, Tusker are saying mara they are not selling, mara they have not been contacted, and Gor , read Ngala, we have not shown any interest. Same thing with Kagere. AR we are talking, Ngala we are no longer interested.

    Who is telling us the truth? Ja Asego sadia

  16. There is a common denominator in the names of the officials assigned to officiate Kogalo vs Tusker matches .
    1. Mwai was the ref yesterday . He made sure Jausenge and Baron were elbowed and fowled without making any call.
    2. Mwangi the asst ref who gave tusker the penalty that cost us six points.
    I think the ref that officiated the top eight first leg was also biased but Kogalo was far much better than them.
    I think it’s high time we started petitioning kpl for these biased refs.


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