16 Sep 10

Amid vocal support from the Kogalo faithful and the loud drum beats of the Sofapaka cheering squad, the two teams played to a tie in an evenly contested encounter that saw both teams miss golden chances.

It was Gor Mahia who took the lead when skipper Julius Owino converted a penalty that resulted when James Situma handled the ball in the penalty box. Gor Mahia went into halftime leading 1-0.

Sofapaka brought on the pressure in the second half. It resulted in a goal 5 minutes into the second half through John Baraza.

The tie leaves Kogalo in 2nd place trailing Ulinzi by 3 points

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  • Ganda says:

    What a game to watch,now we pray ulinzi too to loose one of their matches and then we concentrate in winning all the rest. We should not be scared with any team now. We will support even if we loose or win because i beleave in the team Kogolo.

  • Ja Thur gi ji says:

    That was tough but cheers boys you held your ground against the money bags.Fielding and substitutions? Thats the coach’s prerogative, he is the one in charge.To dear fans, cheer and sing all through the match. The handful Sofapaka drummers were at it throughout even when they were down. Silence from such big numbers is usually very LOUD, and catcalls during the match when the team is down demoralises the players and they get confused.

  • D.O. Abagi says:

    As I predicted that the game would be tough and technical, it was true and our boys K’GALO did their best though they lost several clear chances. The pressure is on and I urge everyone involved to inrease the push.

  • ken says:

    I think Gor will be unbeaten in the 2nd leg of the premier league. I hope Ulinzi slips up even though they are in a rich vein of form. I dont see us finishing below number two

  • Paul says:

    It was a tough game. The match was watched by the largest crowd that has never been seen in the local football. However, our substitutions were all wrong. Why did the technical team kept Ngwa in the bench? After looking at the teamsheet, I felt that the fielding was suspect. Why was Collins Substituted instead of Ocholla? Collins had held up the midfield very tight with Akumu? Once Collins was substituted, that marked the end of Gor Mahia midfield performance and thereafter we softly handed over the midfield performance to Sofapaka. Next time, the technical bench need to familiarise themselves with who and who should constitute the first eleven. This is a game we should have won were it not in poor substitutions and suspect in fielding. I think technical bench has learnt a lesson on this game.

  • Jasidindi(Jemoh) says:

    When things go wrong as they sometimes will,when the road you are trudging seems all uphill,rest if you must but don’t you quit.Life is queer with twists and turns.K’Ogalo the pace might seem low,but dont give up.You will succeed with another blow.Success is failure turned inside out,so stick to the fight.Our midfield was our weakest link jana.Even though the coach has an absolute discretion to field whoever he feels is fit for a game,Ochollah-Akumu -Kiplagat combinatyion in midfield was not the best especially for a high profile derby with Sofapaka.Again our substitution was debatable.We were too slow in midfield,our positioning was horrible,lacked creativity,and gave away balls very casually.We overworked our defenders and goalie.We have Musa,Masika and Jerry to thank for the draw.K’Ogalo,lets not forget that the greatest glory in soccer lies not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.Long live K’Ogallo.

  • JACKO says:

    Mafans tusikufe moyo kiwanjani.
    The second half support could have been what the players needed for a win and also enhance our title hopes.
    Tactfully I think Fakafaka were a little superior than us in the second half and our technical bench needs to re-evaluate on this.

  • Coming from me , an AFC leopards fan, this is surprising but……… THANKS GOR. I dislike sofapaka so so much. I could not believe that i was actually supporting GOR!!!!

  • Steve Abade says:

    Watched the match, GOR players lacked physical and mental strength in the second half. The bench needs to work on this to compliment the abundant skills in the young team. The subs were ok…very tactical if you asked me; Collins didn’t follow Zicos’ instructions( according to his post match interview on S9) and Ngwa and Kevin were to add sharpness in attack to keep pressure up front.

  • odero yusuf - mombasa says:

    Thank God for that draw but let the boys go fighting the league title because Iknow Ulinzi is going to loose at least three matches likewise sofapaka and tusker

  • Otieno Mege says:

    Our performance in the second half was a bit disappointing. We were out-played particularly in mid field. I urge the technical bench to sort out the problem. We need to win all the remaining games in style. Any way a draw with Sofa paka aint a bad result. Kudos to the boys.

  • phillip says:

    well done kogalo keep the fire burning

  • Wuod Ogola CC says:

    Kogalo Gor mahono wow that was a frency crowd kabisa hivo tu kogalo

  • Dypsy wuod Odipo says:

    Ochola looked tired he was the only problem i had with the coach especially on his substitutions i wonder why kevo didnt start in the fisrt place otherwise that was one splendid performance .i love Gor

  • Frank Omondi says:

    I watched it and it’s good technical team reviews these comments. Blackberry was a target and was marked. Gor should come up with an option person in such a case who can easily catch off the opponent. Though Sofapaka was a force to recon with, our midfield let us down. Coach should always consider experienced players such as Kitawi and slow players such as Ocholla to be on the bench. All in all thanks K’Ogallo for keeping us proud, supporting you is a lifestyle……..the crown is long overdue, bring it home, raondi hii sio mchezo!!!!!

  • shaddy says:

    who is a strategic manager to turn the huge Gor Fan BASE into financial Base for the club,players and the the ‘Gor county’.This is a club with a huge following which needs just a manager to bring Gor into the league of Manchester or Real Madrid. Think, Kogallo fans

  • williams says:

    Good work Mayienga!!!!! Now back 2 work on our weaknessess….Remember we r winning the league 4 Nick who sacrificed his own life 4 this team!!! Halla K’ogallo

  • Dola Jagem says:

    what a hell on earth do you substitute Okoth that had held the midfield tightly together? Why Ngwa did not start the game? Why Ochola was kept on the pitch too long? Why Makori was substituted too early? We were supposed to have wrapped the game in the second half but poor decision by the technical bench in fielding and substitution cost us the game that we should have won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Paul on the fielding and substitions. Although it was a good draw, some terrible went wrong somewhere in the technical bench. No speculation but the bench needs to learn from the match.

  • Believe or not.NGWA HAS been very instrumental in all our wins he alway cause panic on defenders making them concetrate on defending while ko’galo plays free in mid.zed pls let him start for the rest of the season.he’s good with Berry.

  • Albert Kosero - (Kampala Branch) says:

    Mafans thats how football is. It was simply a bad day in office for Kogallo. We shall live to fight another day. Thanks God for the draw.

  • blasio says:

    kogalo keep no with your good work.you indeed tried your best.blasio

  • Paul says:

    Ataly and Dola Jagem, If there is a mistake by fielding and substitutions, it must be pointed out so that what happened at Nyayo Stadium should not be repeated again by the technical bench. Poor fielding and substitution cost us the game. In the first half we were allover Sofapaka, but second half I do not understand what happened with Zico.

  • TCAS 77 says:

    It was a good game that we should have won easily on the counter.Poor fielding – Ngwa and Blackberry should have started together,their combination has been clicking.Ocholla is a super sub not a starter in such a big match.What happened to Tony Onyango and Kitawi? I blame the draw squarely on the Technical bench and let them know that there is no further room for mistakes in the remaining games.

    Over 15,000 fans attending a local league match? not heard in Kenya before.i hope the Benjamins raised will go a long way in helping the club.

  • Paul says:

    Dear All Fans and Executrive Committee Members

    The Nyayo stadium witnessed a huge fans turnout that have never been witnessed at any club football. The press reported that over 15,000 fans graced the occassion. What a huge turnout? Can we explore this to generate long term financial base for our beloved Club? It is time to focus on financial gerating activities and the club will be financially sound and healthly.

    Just imagine of the large turnout that was reported to have hit a mark of 15,000 fans watching a match during a week day. These were men and women who are great or potential fans for the club and this number is expected to grow at an alarming rate.

    Below is my proposal to the Executive Committee headed by Wakili Ambrose Rachier as follows:-


    1. Suppose out of this turnout, I assume that 14,000 were Gor Mahia fans (Sofapaka cannot raise more than 1,000 fans in any match looking at their past previous match attendance).

    2. If out of 14,000 Gor Fans, there are 5000 members paying a monthly subscription of Kshs.500 and remaining 9000 fans paying a monthly subscription of Kshs.100. In final analysis, we can raise a monthly contribution of Kshs.3,400,000 per month, equivalent to Kshs.40.8 million annually. (The total annual subscription from members who are paying Kshs.100 will be able to raise Kshs.10.8 million whilst those paying Kshs.500 per month will be Kshs.30 million)

    After witnessing the huge turnout, fans were dressed in green and white apparels (tops/tee shirts). This can generate lots of revenue to the club by selling the tops during the matches, through supermarket chains and appointed distributors and agents. Such branded tops with or without names can be sold at between Kshs.1200-2000 per unit in all over the country and region.

    Suppose the club sells 5000 tops per months (3000 without names and 2000 with names) we can raise Kshs.7.6 million per month, translating to Kshs.91 million per annum.

    From the subscription and sale of tops, we can annually raise Kshs.131.8 million. This amount will be enough to pay players competitively, hire a qualified coach, and set up a club house.

    I appeal to the officials and executive committee to have a look at this proposal. The Club can engage the services of CEO to follow this long term strategy. We fans are willing to assist the club to achieve long term objectives.

    The club can own the project of branded merchandise and other branded paraphernalia such as scarves, tops for children (all ages), tops for ladies, caps, pens, biros etc.

    Dear Kosero, Ataly, Wuod Ogolla, Dola Jagem, Shaddy, Ganda, Ja Thur gi, D.O. Abagi, Jasidindi(Jemoh), Oti Oluoch, Saimz Muiruri etc

    What do you guys think as the way forward for laying down a sustainable financial base using the fan-base? I welcome all the comments and views on this subject.

  • Dola Jagem says:

    Brilliant idea from Paul. Please can this be pursued before end of the year?

  • Albert Kosero - (Kampala Branch) says:

    Paul, I absolutely agree with your idea. Thats the only way to support such a great club. Long term the executive should think of constructing Gor Mahia Stadium and lease out the branding to companies like KQ, Coca Cola, the Safaricoms of this world. Imagine Gor playing at their homeground called KQ Staduim. Its just like Asernal palying at Emirates. Serious money. Over to you Chairman. Time to start thinking out of the box.

  • jabes odhiambo says:

    i love kogalo till death do me bad rachier good work . where can i buy kits for my lovely daughter she loves gor too she is nearly two years old gor keep working hard what ziko thought was right for the game did not work he usually brings the players he used to confuse tough teams that museveni guy was clever too where is idac that guy behaves badly on touchline and need some barning what do you think jokanyanam? i love kogall am tired of lining up to purchase tickets i need season ticket or internet purchase

  • Morgan says:

    Iam an AFC Leopards fan and am so much impressed with the way kogalo are playing.But watch out 4 Ingwe when we meet you,usidhani simba amenyeshewa ni paka.

  • George Odhiambo says:

    Am happy with the draw coz Sofapaka were the better team. Anyway while we respect the manager’s decisions on and off the pitch, it needs to be said that the tactics were poor on Wednessday. Ocholla was weak but played for so long. Whatever the boss had in mind while taking off Collo, i’ve completely failed to grasp coz after that sub, no one could hold the ball in midfield. It was pathetic!
    Now to more serious issues like that raised by Paul, I concurr. My workmates(not Luos) wanted to buy the Gor jerseys on the match day but they couldn’t.Watu wa ofisi tafadhali can you see the light and tap into this gold mine. Make the merchandise easily available. Fake items will flood the market before you even make money outa this euphoria. I offer my business knowledge in whatever way, pro bono.

  • Ja Thur gi ji says:

    Paul, good idea indeed, the office needs to think about this seriosly. What about doing the coperative way so that we own shares for what we contribute,and earn something at the end of the day? Apart from the pleasure of supporting my club wouldn’t that be an added incentive? Guys please say something, this where we need the brains and I believe somebody is taking good note.

  • Omwami JaLwanda says:

    Brilliant idea! Later this can be turned into share holding company once it started paying back. It is time we start tapping the youthfull talent we have in this area.

  • Jasidindi(Jemoh) says:

    A brilliant idea Paul.Gor has come of age.God has been so gracious.Remember the days when Gor used to play in torn,old kits with glaring mismatch?It is a golden opportunity to redeem our image by doing something special for this wonderful club.We need to motivate our players and other well wishers by taking the first initiative to revamp K’Ogallo.

  • This is the way to go by giving both moral and financial support for KOGALO. The team has really improved and we hope God willing we are capable of winning all the remaining matches and clinch the league. I want to agree with Ben Oluoch Okelo of RAMOGI FM that we have no alternative but to support this side of ours, GOR keep it up and wuo nyarongo ket wend Gor every morning.

  • Jacob Odeny says:

    It was so good to see the faithfulness of ma fans, keep it up guyz. Aluta continua.

    It is said that one bad egg destroys all in the basket so what I saw with few individuals making our siters fans uncomfortable by following them and at times touching them is uncouth and it is us fans to shun such. No police can stop that, not even the stadia management board. So when u see such acts, tell them off, I am very positive that they are the few.

    On the financials-the fan base is so big that Gor has the potential to go so far-just harness it. Say the distributors of our beloved jerseys should be numerous and well advertised. A number of guyz in our office have been struggling to get the jerseys mpaka wa leo.

    In all-Gor Biro, Police oyawne yo*12

  • Paul says:

    Dear Kosero, Ataly, Wuod Ogolla, Dola Jagem, Shaddy, Ganda, Ja Thur gi, D.O. Abagi, Jasidindi(Jemoh), Oti Oluoch, Saimz Muiruri, George Odhiambo etc.

    Further to the above positive comments and contributions from several Gor Mahia fans, we need to crystallized this idea and have it implemented as soon as possible.

    We fans can come together and help the office where they need our brains and ideas so that we can change our club. The proposed model will be financially sustainable because we all like the kind of football Gor Mahia is playing.

    I know we can explore all means of adopting a sustainable financial model where even members of the club can become shareholders. Once the model is fully adopted by the Executive Committee members and voted unanimously by members at any Special General Meeting (SGM) or Annual General Meeting (AGM), our Club can be listed at the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) under the category of the Alternative Investment Market or Over-the-Counter (OTC) market. This model of listing the club in the stock market will be for the future fund raising activities where we can sell any additional shares to all members by rights issues and new shares.

    Next season, once the position of CEO is adopted and implemented by the Executive, the CEO will be required to popularize the club with a view of increasing the match attendance, members of the club as well as increasing the sales of the club branded merchandise.

    I can assure fans that once the Sustainable Financial Model is implemented, sponsors and other well wishers will be coming running to support or sponsor our club both financially and morally.

    The model will also increase the fan base to hit even more than 30,000 fans in attendance to all our home and away matches.

    Among the medium and long term projects, the Club can look at once the office set the ball rolling will be:-
    1. Increasing the sales of our branded products
    2. Paying players competitively to attract top and quality talents.
    3. Hire a fully qualified professional coach(es)
    4. Build a club house with different facilities
    5. Acquire a 20 acre plot and build a stadium that can host upto 40,000 fans
    6. Create jobs to fans in all different categories.
    7. Set up Gor Mahia FC academies across the country at different age groups beginning from the age groups of 7-10 year, 10-15 years, 15-20 years and under 23 years.
    8. Form strategic alliances with other African, European and American Clubs with a view of exposing our talented players and hence selling them to these clubs.
    9. Reduce social crimes through football promotion model.
    10. Build apartments for further generation of funding resources
    11. Continue to increase fan base with a target of 5,000 new members per annum
    12. Increase the scope of sale of the club branded merchandises in the region.
    13. ETC

    I call upon the office to seriously look at these comments with a view of helping our club.

    As we enjoy the best football in the country, let us all support Gor Mahia for the future generation.

  • ouma onguka says:

    This is good and very promising. I am not in the country but you should also know that we are still Gor damu. We tend to follow soccer in Kenya over the net. While you are at it Paul what about post game streams of matches? I want to see them play and in terms of any contribution we will be happy to.
    Lets promote our own homegrown boys with homegrown soccer
    Kogalo Mayienga yiengo piny

  • Wuod Ogola CC says:

    Yea the other way is for the club to take full control of this online technology… stream on demand videos of Gor Mahia and we will suscribe and pay the money needed to watch and maintain the site.

    PAUL yea i concur with what you have said .. Ngala omera osiepa i need the office to act swiftly and lets pay the club to do what technology does .. ama

  • Dola Jagem says:

    Point on Paul. Our office led by Okil Kamoloka Mr Ambrose Rachier, our beloved chairman. We like you for what you have done for our club. Please read the comments of some of the Kogalo fans have aired. Chairman please, let us take the club to another level.

  • Agwa Kassam says:

    Well i now feel getting over the diappointment of drawing with pakas..

    Yu guyz are brilliant.

    Kindly reiterate the komesha harrasing ma sistes.


    Jokanyar nam are people from a background of positive culture and generosity..we most of time invite people we respect to watch with us the world class football these golden boys play.

    Kindly stop cheering and laughing when these guys do their nasties lets tell them off..

    These are are our work mates, sisters,wives and mothers, some are our players’ mothers they’ve committed no crime in attending k’ogalo matches.

  • Oti Oluoch says:

    Paul, that is so so brilliant. Good idea indeed.

  • Wuod Ogola C.C says:

    Gor Mahia oh what a boring weekend without Gor Mahia playing … sina hata ya kufanya Im just googling Gor and enjoying the Gor Wuod Ogalo dot com in the cyber

  • jabes odhiambo says:

    Dear Rachier,
    am impressed with what fun propose i trust chairman can and will adress them i have a simpler model to help us gon forward
    1.hire CEO now! let him work on perfomance contract
    2.a good number of Gor fans are poor let us sell to them items work 25 bob to 50 bob what are these items stickers ,key holders.table mats , pens ,note books etc
    3.to attract sponsors we have to take a workable propotion to them , like asking coca cola to make us soda at sh.70 with gor sticker sold on match days and in uchumi this will also help them engage clubs popularity and be sponsors out right bring promotional games like win a car with GOR by buying a match day ticket for like sh.500, ask zain to print scratch cards going for some price with gor stichers ,ask local banks for same promotional value for our team soon we will spoilt of choices
    4. make GOR a family product sell bed sheets ,towels kids kits ,widow curtains,simple branded night clothes etc
    5. Gor’s fan base is like 15million kenyans and in east africe promote match days on tv with tickets adv. and shows of some good goals soon this will lead to Gor tv show , remember all funs are useful what do guys think?

  • Onyango Oduor says:

    Thats a brilliant idea from Paul.the office needs to move fast and impliment such ideas.
    About harrassing our sisters it MUST stop.Lets us(fans) show respect to our ladies.I LOVE KOGALLO.

  • Albert Kosero - (Kampala Branch) says:

    Paul, you have great ideas. I wish the Office is reading this comments. Secondly, we must condemn in the strongest terms possible acts of some of our fans. Lets respect the ladies. Lets encourage zero tolerance to acts of hooliganism and stoneage type of behaviour.

  • JACKO says:

    Whoever harasses our lady fans must be banned from watching any of our matches. As fans we need to police our self and eject bad eggs amongst us. In all our matches, we are accompanied by our lovely wives, sisters, girlfriends, daughters and even mums.
    Ticket Masters should also improve on their ticketing system. From experience, they should be able to give an analytical focus on future games which in turn should assist with planning and manning of gates. It is very unfortunate allegations that gates were broken into by fans during our match against Fakafaka. We did not only loose revenue but increase the chances/possibilities of accidents

  • andy says:

    paul th@ is a great idea I suggest you even try to email the management of gor & see how far they r willing to let the point sink in. second you can try to pass the massage through the gor mahia fans in both of the two facebook account. 3rd I am just filled with dismay to learn th@ the team does not even have a team bus & the team is one of the oldest team in kenya with a very rich soccer history. I also learned th@ some players dunno even have proper training kits & they have to buy it by themselves. I only hope that the rumors aint true men coz how can u expect the players to buy their own kit & will all the remaining matches. this matter has to be looked upon in a very keen manner

  • its official gor mahia is a way of life, not just a fc, i need to be gor from my towel to my socks…they should brand all these merchandise and sell them

  • Paul says:

    I agree with Jabes Odhiambo.

    Mafans, how can we reach office with these brilliant ideas?

    We need to move ahead and take this glamorous club to a different level. I’m will to offer my professional services free of charge.

  • jabes odhiambo says:

    let us fans too have a forum maybe on Sunday before the mahakama match we should too add some input on what i have suggested and what Paul has Mr .Rachier is an able governor, Gor should be for all fans we make steps at a time we start by doing simple market research on how Gor is marketable this will lead to the corporate world joining without a problem , think of my suggestions earlier .On harassment to ladies it is something really regrettable they are useful part of gor family with my model of doing business they are are integral part of success e.g. to attract a beauty product firm we need nyiwa gi funny though this is where we take jodiya wa out ! you know see you ogalos’ on Sunday

  • jabes odhiambo says:

    where will i get both white and green jersey for my 2 year daughter? i love her too she should be kitted in Gor regalia and please ladies keep coming to stadium i love to see you all and watch you dance you are miss kogalo

  • Saimz Muiruri says:

    >>Football is a big time business. Club Management should leave passion, towards the club, to the fans and focus on the business aspect…
    Gor Mahia has the numbers, genge, but not financial muscles to match it!!
    >>@Paul, you can count on me for monthly/yearly contribution(s). Action speak louder than words…
    >>MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND, BELOVED RACHIER!! (Ask Supersport United, Al Ahly & TP Mazembe.)
    >Members contribution should be primary and sponsors secondary!! Sponsors will come & go, not so for the die-hard fans!!
    PS: Modern football is not won by passion alone…

  • Agwa Kassam says:

    All is not lost with the Ulinzi trouncing Mathare..really football sometimes make me side with the mmmm eee.. aaaa just to win the crown

    Sunday was a very bad day.

    Let this sunday be another launch pad for renewed title chase.

    Guys i acquired my jerseys at Uchumi Aga Khan Walk they’re there..
    Kindly get ur jersey there twas kitu 1200 hivi guys.

  • Jasidindi(Jemoh) says:

    Ulinzi may not beat Western Stima,Sony,etc.Lets keep our title hopes alive.As had been earlier said the title chase will end on the very last day of kpl fixture.Andy,jabes,agwa,jacko and paul i salute u guyz for brilliant ideas we share.How i wish we can transform the m into a realiy for K’Ogalo.Lets meet at the city gate on Sunday before the Mahakama match so that we can strategise

  • JACKO says:

    Jasidindi please advise what time we meet before the mahakama game?

  • Oti Oluoch says:

    Hi, Paul, Kosero, Ataly, jabes odhiambo, Wuod Ogolla, Dola Jagem, Shaddy, Ganda, Ja Thur gi, D.O. Abagi, Jasidindi(Jemoh), Jacko, Saimz Muiruri, George Odhiambo etc. We are all Gor family and with the respect and confidence that we are showing on and off the pitch it just shows how Gor is not only a Football Club but a house with good brothers and sisters.

    I suggest that we meet on Sunday at 1.30pm near the packing area opposite Ticket Master box before we get into the stadium. How is the idea? Please anyone with other suggestions?

  • jabes odhiambo says:

    gentlemen lets give out telephone numbers by the time we meet kesho at 1;30 we can all call one another mine is 0724852102, 020353832 0r email is jabiiodhis@yahoo.com let us all cheer ko’galo kiny there is one more thing this dancing squad to could get some sponsors like the Nigerian , ivory coast, Ghana,England and Korean one do have . Paul i need to meet you you are such a business guru! good gay ko’galo families !

  • Micah 'mit haa' chuor Adori says:

    All said and done guyz those are brilliant ideas but how can they reach the executive?,We shuld start by strengthening our estate branches and then each branch selecting 1 rep to call for a consultative meeting with the K’ogalo executives.

  • Paul says:

    Paul, Kosero, Ataly, jabes odhiambo, Wuod Ogolla, Dola Jagem, Shaddy, Ganda, Ja Thur gi, D.O. Abagi, Jasidindi(Jemoh), Jacko, Saimz Muiruri, George Odhiambo etc. Can we convene a meeting anywhere most probably in town or before our home matches to exchnage ideas. My email is: chiromoinvestments@gmail.com