Gor Mahia tie Tusker

Gor Mahia and Tusker played each other to a stalemate in a midweek match played at Nyayo stadium on Wedensday. Whereas Gor Mahia dominated the first half, in the second half they appeared to take their foot off the accelerator and Tusker took over the game.

Gor Mahia looked determined to score and started out with a blast. Selenga wove his way into the danger zone and set up Makori whose shot was blocked. Moments later, Nasio and Ochomo combined to set up Selenga but his header was off target.

In the second half, Tusker came back storming. But Jerim Onyango was rock solid between the posts. The two best chances of the game fell to Selenga after being set up by Ochomo. But he was unable to finish. Makori was replaced by Mwachoki who was better able to deal with Tusker full back Atudo. Ochomo also picked up an injury and was replaced.

Tusker are now at the top of the standings, 3 points ahead of Gor Mahia who have a game in hand.


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  1. someone should let me know ……………of all the matches that we have played at night what have been the outcomes if not Draw, Plus disasters etc. I honestly do not see that ball at night. you will realise the fans usually shout for goals even if the ball is far off from target. I am sure we would beat Tusker at midday.

  2. First half was superb, I dont know what happened in the second half. there was an obvious void with the absence of Lavatsa. Kevin ochieng should partner with Lavatsa and leave the collections to ochomo. with so doing, Lavatsa with his brilliance partnerining with his equal Kevin, will definately change the game.
    for Selenga, the last 10 or 15 minutes will do, to me he is more of a liability to the strikers. He should be brought in purely for phsychological gains just like ZD did with mwachoki yesterday. defence is good as well as the midfield.
    can someone tell me what happened to Moses odhiambo?
    the patern was good but as the game progressed, we lost it from the flanks.

  3. Kogalo fans my brothers and sisters allow me to utter these bitter truths, unless things change drastically, WE WILL NOT WIN THE LEAGUE. For most of our matches, the team plays badly and scrapes through with wins or draws mainly because of us Kogalo fans. The “carpet” football for which the team was identified with,is long dead and was last witnessed in May last year when we lost to a Demonde Selenga inspired AFC Leopards. Indeed, that was the last time we played any meaningful soccer. All our matches subsequently we barely scrape through with 1-0 wins, draws and losses. The technical bench must reflect on the performance of the team and initiate corrective actions. Let us not be lulled by our league position,it is temporary and will not last. Stima, Bandari, Mathare, Ingwe, Tusker, all played better than us in the recent encounters and we mostly scrape through with draws or 1-0. Rachier, we demand the re introduction of Kogalo brand of soccer and that we do away with the long balls hoping that Ochomo/Lavatsa will get it and score or pass it to Selenga e.t.c Otherwise Zico and the technical bench should as well pack up. I suggest we bring in an experienced FOREIGN TACTICIAN to begin by teaching the team basics of ball control and basic 1-2 passing football. If things continue as they are, am sure the fans will not take it any longer and things will boomerang on Zico and co, with terrible consequences to the team. WAOL GI DRAWS GI MPIRA MARACH

  4. @papamiky even me asking the same question where is LUCKY DUBE (MOSES ODHIAMBO)? but yesterday we were outplayed the midfield ilipotea kabisa

  5. Don’t worry but let us thank God for the draw coz Tusker is equally a tough side.

    Remember, Timbe tee inaangalia Gor wako wapi, kila mtu so we need a strategy as fans na pia Zedi needs a strategy to chezea psychology ya opponents by introducing players they list expect.

  6. Where is the head of security during our hme matches? My car was vandalised yesterday n i lost my laptop and all crucial documents.please help me out if anyone has his number,am dead sure its those guys who masqurade as Gor security. With these actions al think twice b4 attendin another match.

  7. It was a tough match and I think the boys gave as much as they recieved. To me a draw was a fair result. Gor dominated 1st half, Tusker controlled the 2nd half. The boys should learn to hold the ball. They tend to release balls too fast which in most cases end up to opponents. I Wish the boys journey mercies as they travel to Mumias and hope we shall bag the 3 points. For God and my club – Kogallo

  8. i agree the game was tough and the boys all that was probable, at the same time, let other teams like kcb, rangers to also play under floodlights. why all the time kogallo; we dont reap maximum points therefor playing at night is a liability to us yet a gain to some people

  9. Guys are right K’galo started hot but faded into oblivion as the game progressed with midfield being the biggest culprit.I think in Ochomo we’ve a real hussler. How we missed LOVE-A-STAR jana and M.O too would have chilled Tusker kidogo.Jerim and Masika played their hearts out. Wow this guy Masika has potential to be an outstanding, even goal, scoring libero(Zico are you hearing mould him)Too the organizers what a mess. What happened at gate 3-Apart from lost revenue that was sure a recipe for another disaster, why open few gates only. Such big games must not be played on a weekday coz 1.Organizers have no ability to handle the capacity of the MOVEMENT 2.GM losses heavily financially as jana nobody checked my ticket i still have it intact plus counterfoil.


  11. That I must say is passing between the dove and Asumbi whatever the saying was meant to signify. In the eye of the needle for the one point. Why, the team looks lean to me? Kwani there only a few dependable guys, what happens in case of injury like you saw in the case of Gatusso and Lavatsa.Where is Moses Odhiambo, bwana coach, whats happening? In a game like that that is the guy to bring in in the last 20 minutes even for a feel good sense only, and to scare the opposition.

  12. what is ailing Gor Mahia? that we cant score freely? what is wrong jowadwa? The fans are there for u but results? strikers are wasting chance after chance….coach pls look at the midfield in the second half it was dead yesterday. Viera ako down kidogo….may be wise okoth would have done better then viera to finish the game… someone to make telling passes like dube…..duncan owiti nikanyeeeeeeeeh!

  13. I fully echo HARRY’s comments and i have said this so many times. We are headed for gloom guys and this thing will boomerang on Zico. WE DON’T HAVE THE BASICS OF BALL COMTROL AND YET WE HAVE SO MUCH TALENT. Some of you are still convincing yourself that it was a fair result. We are doing injustice the talented boys on the pitch and the fans at russia are about to lose their patience, i saw it yesterday. Get a foreign coach who will teach boys proper passing football with a natural progression to flowing counter attacks when needed.

  14. well done boys tusker is not asmall team we are in agood track last season we were 10points adrift bynow lets meet in mumias n give boys much needed surport.by painting mumias green means 3points,we are soccer power hse if uwant to confirm go 2 our opponent training ground.

  15. A midfield having moses and Akumu i once said is a free highway guys lets not cheat ourselves. I must say this Gatusso has always made Akumu look good but without him we are dead in the water. That game wanted patient build up and proper positioning which we totally lacked. One thing i noticed too and the coach should have noticed this was avoiding long balls which were easily cut off by Shikokoti. Our wings were so dead not falling back to cover the defenders and Tusker saw this and resorted to long balls catching our players most time off gaurd. We must thank Masika and Jerry for the good job. Defenders gave away so many free kicks unnecessarily a sign of lack of match fitness to me but hey thank God for the draw. Coach do something bwana. Russia please stop Bhang smoking and i have sworn i would rather pay 500 bob than stick around this lot.


    Yesterday’s floodlit match at Nyayo natonal stadium was average to say the least. Our boys created good chances in the first but failed to produce goals.There is no denying the fact that Lavasta absence was evident. In the last derby, he was instrumental in all the goals scored.

    Tusker came from the second half guns blazing but Jerry played his heart out. Before this alot of people who contributed on this blog had unkind word for Pamzo, a former Gor player and coach. The blame game has now shifted. My oga(brother in naihati) , when shall we learn to criticise positively?

    Pamzo for now is the coach of Tusker FC. Period. Zico is crafting a winning team. This requires alot of trial and error. In the end, we shall have a team that all of us can be proud of.

    Meanwhile, let us continue to provide moral and financial support to the club we so much cherish. Individuals will come and go but Gor will remain forever.

  17. It is nice to read all these comments, I wish I was there to watch the games and contribute whatever. I asked before, and I am asking again, is there a possibility to upload the matches? it can be a source of some cash for the team too. I know many people around who would pay to watch the games on the net. I am tired of the short clips posted by Nation and Standard. Think about it, coz this can generate lots of money. They do it in other countries in form of archives, why cant we?

  18. Brothers and sisters, Gor Mahia lovers,what the team played was a complete gibberish! . . . . . the title this year, and I insist should be K’ogallo’s, . .. .in fact, it shouldn’t be closely contested . . . . .but, because we do not have the attacking flair that we were once known for, we will end up scrambling for the title . . .. .again, now we are on a paltry one point ahead of Ulinzi f.c, with the same number of matches played( 17), . . . ..this is how close we have let our opponents come close . . . . .I can bet some quids that if Gor Mahia does not win the league, then Ulinzi will, . .. . .Tusker and Rangers do not have the edge to it, . . . so, we shud push and motivate our boys to go for it, . . . .good day, Gor followers

  19. Wapenjo pile, Kogalo nikanye? Mahia nikanye ?Gor nikanye? Mayienga Nikanye? You get the idea! The boys escaped narrowly from a defeat in the hands of a formidable team such as Tusker.Fans have mood swing like an expecting mother.The fans had emotional high after Kogalo tamed the spotted animal, now they have emotional low because the alcoholics scared the hell out of them. Now this brings us to the conclusion “Winning is not everthing, it is the only thing!!”

  20. It an open that our technical bench is below par and cannot us to the next level hope “the boys r tired excuse” will not b used on sunday. i pray for a win. cant make it to mumias but how i wish i cld mpesa my entrance fee to an a/c for my beloved club’s benefit

  21. Yes!! Ongukas Idea is something worth looking into! I might add Gor fans have potential to enrich themselves by selling to each other marketable materials of all kinds.Make money ,buy Gor Mahia game tickets,have fun and enjoy the Game!! This is a win win situation!Think about it.

  22. Guys help me out anybody with contacts of our head of security.am really suffering,this guys stole my whole life,please if u come acros a DELL laptop being auctioned around,al apprct if u could let me know.

    Gor/Tusker match raised Kshs.1.02 million on attendance of about 667 fans in VIP stand and 6,600 fans in terraces.

    Something is terribly wrong with our gate collection figures. Things are not adding up and I was part of the fans that were in VIP that was almost full and at least over 1,500 fans. The attendance figure of 667 fans in VIP is incorrect.

    There are officials in the Executive Committee and some rogue and unpatriotic fans that are fleecing our club left-right-centre. This match could have raised Kshs.2.2 million but not the figures we are being told.

    1. The club officials need to be more transparent and accountable. If possible headcount of all fans that have “genuine entry tickets” and complementary tickets need to done to weed out fans that gained entry with fake and unofficial entry tickets. At all entry gates, the ticket counter foils should be plucked and statistical analysis should be tallied with gate receipts.

    I’m getting disappointed with the way the club is losing money to corrupt hyenas (officials/rogue fans) who are concerned with the club welfare. For heaven shake, why can’t these corrupt hyenas use their hands, brains, hands, body etc to work and earn honest living that stealing from the club? These hyenas are cursed and will die shameful deaths if they continue with these bad habits.

    2. To avoid the infiltration of these hyenas in the names of officials and fans, we need to do away with election and turn the club into a company and professional outfit that will be run by Board of Directors that should comprise of 5 members and salaried management team. The management team should be headed by CEO, Finance Manager, Procurement Officer, Fund Raising Manager, Marketing Manager, Recruitment Officer and Press/Fans Liaison Officer. The club should also hire external Auditor to be responsible for auditing the financial records.

    3. The Chairman should give members a master plan for turning the club into a professional outfit and such master plan should be presented during the club AGM slated for December 2011 for endorsement by fans or club members.

  24. I have always said it and i will repeat it once more.IF WE HAVE ZICO AS GOR MAHIA COACH,GOR WILL NOT AND WILL NEVER KENYA PREMIER LEAGUE.Reasons are as follows,
    1.Why sell a player in the caliber of Kitawi to Tusker?
    2.Why substitute the energetic Ochomo and leave the tired Selenge to play 90 minutes?
    3.Where did this Zico take Owiti and Kiplangat?Players who can change a game.
    4.Did you see the SUBSTITUTION that he did?
    All that is Happening in KOGALO is because of funs and Zico does not deserve any credit at all.

  25. Mwakio, well said. There is something sinister happening at the club. There were atleast 2000 people in VIP and Russia was full even before some gate was opened so that fans could run in. I personally saw some guys entering for free at the VIP gate yet some of us pay gate fees religiously. Why would someone wake up in the morning to go and swindle the club when the rest of us are working so hard to support it the right way? Plus our game is down down. No excuse about the quality of the opponent. Didn’t Tusker and the rest of the clubs who have been outplaying us consider they were going to play a big team like GOR? Why is it that they still compose themselves and play a better game. Where is the Kogalo game we all knew? Am just feeling short-changed about the quality of our game. The talent is there, no question.

  26. . . . .Wamugo, a Gor official and some ueless shenanigans were remanded at Nyayo police post for a while when they were found selling counterfeit gor tickets!! ! so, it is apparent even the officials are colluding to fefraud Gor of its rightful earnings, . . . .that was so shameful to the club

  27. Jery lost his laptop and this is regrettable. Pole Jery. Questions: What have the men ` as security official doing? Are they the goons? People have gone to stadium to watch the match and we have hyenas, rogue fans and thugs masquerading as security official robbing the clubs, fans, and players?

    In the stadium I witnessed some rogue fans throwing substances in the pitch. This is very primitive, wrong and we need to have self control because it is not healthy for the beautiful game. Why are our fans always throwing stones? These primitive fans should be identified by GM security team members and be banished from attending all matches.

    We have to turn GM into a company and professional outfit for fans to see any meaningful change in raising and utilisation of the club resources that include gate collections, donations, grants, sale of club merchandise & replicas, players, land, proceeds from sale of players, handling of players contract etc.

    I have lost confidence and faith in officials of GM because we have always raised constructive concerns but none of them including the chairman is willing to listen to us.

    We love this club too much and we are going to continue our support but this support must be seen by transparency and accountability in club.

    We have never seen any single financial statements of the club as stipulated by the required by the Registrar of Societies. The audited account must be done annually and must be approved by fans during AGMs to report on the financial affairs of the club. We do not know how GM is doing regarding the financial positions in terms of Assets and Liabilities the club has.

    We do not know how much debt we owe to club suppliers, transporters, lawyers, banks, Stadia Management board etc. I also do not know what GM is owed by our debtors such as Supersports, sellers of club merchandise or replicas, loans to players, loan to other clubs, etc

    We do not know much our players are worth in terms of contracts and expected market values? Likewise, we do not know the stocks we have in terms of club merchandise or replicas, playing kits, boots etc. What are our fixed assets?

    Who can answer these concerns?

    To help the current office bearers, Executive Committee must now start to prepare for full financial year audit for 2010/2011.

    Any member of club has a big possibility to petition the registrar of societies to force GM to hold annual general meeting to conduct ordinary business

  28. these people who steal from cars soon you will be caught, i still feel zico is the bad bean here this teams needs training by a a professional coach not these people who attend seminars in Germany and are awarded certificate of attendance at this rate gor will win nothing fans put too much into the club and surely some good reward we need some old man like the one in ingwe with some fresh blood to help our team win

  29. It’s true we are not playing beautifull soccer but at the same time we are lucky not to lose. That’s how champions are sometimes made. Last year Man United was way below but still won the league. Looks like now the focus is to win or not to lose at any rate. Pathetic. But all the same we still have to support the team. Best results against Stima

  30. We got two problems in Gor; Management and Leadership!

    One Rachier having used alot of his money in the initial stages of his chairmanship has turned into a recovery mode! He is just collecting back and with interest. Shows you why you always think that the collections are underdeclared! Why would a veteran professional like rachier not show us books even cooked ones? Impunity to the hilt! this guy thinks he can recover bila my Kes 500 weekly and so he is runnig roughshod over me! his time is coming.

    Then there is this ever drunk coach. He is a smoking mate to some of the players and cannot tell them to stop drinking and hanging out with older women.. Go to town in the night and you wont fail to meet some Gor players drinking to death on thursday when we have a game on Sato! he therefore cannot insist on discipline.

    Remember what became of Ronaldinho!

    The two functions in Gor need an overhaul


    First I empathize with my brother Jerry for loosing his valuables. You should report the matter to the police. The FKL, Gor & SMB ( stadia management board) officials must assure fans of security if they want to see us in the stadium.

    I read with interest the strong sentiments expressed by Mwakio & pad Antie. I wish to differ guys. FIrst, i wish to draw ur attention to a company called FKL headed by Hatimy & his ilk. What did they achieve? Did they help to turn around the fortunes of H/stars?Do you know who the directors?

    Secondly time is not yet ripe to place themgt of Gor onto the hands of afew individuals. Instead the fans should remain vigilant & demand good service from the officials we elected. I have articulated many times that corruption is rife in football. Community clubs such as Gor is no exception. We expect the fight against this vice must start from the top.

    Here are my suggestions
    1. Ethics committee
    2. Improve tickecting systems

    we demand a written apology from Gor officials to Jerry who lost his valuables in the last game. Next time we shall demand compesating .

  32. @pareyio ole lelerue, I strongly disagree with your observation and let us not bring FKL in our case for having GM be a limited company. I think this is the way forward and this can not be compared to FIFA’s failed project of FKL. Let us draw examples from other countries and continents like Europe, North Africa and South Africa, where most or all of their club football teams have gone the limited liability companies. Football is a multibillion business and we at GM should not be left behind. Below are some of the benits that will accrue to the club and fans that will eventually become shareholders:- A)GM will get access to new capital to develop the football business. B) listing or floatation of shares will make it easier for GM and other shareholing fans- including other investors to realise their investment. C) The board of Directors and hired management team will be subjected to thorough and rigorous scrutiny by all stakeholders in terms of financial performance and success of the club in winning trophies. Management and board will be subjected to permance contract in winning trophies. D)Being a publicly quoted club, GM can provide fans, customers and suppliers with added reassurance. E) Our GM will gain a higher public profile and our image will improve to attract lucrative sponsors, increase a wider fanbase and create a bigger markets for club’s replicas and merchadises. G) GM, Fans and shareholders will be having their own traded shares that gives them greater potential for acquiring other football related businesse. G) Create a market for the club’s shares; H) Enhancing the status and financial standing of the club. I) Increasing public awareness and public interest in the club and its football products. J) Provide the club with an opportunity to implement important strategic objectives of the club. K) Accesse to additional fund raising in the future by means of new issues of shares or other securities. L) it will facilitate acquisition opportunities of talented playersn establishing a functioning youth and club academy by using funds raised from these activities and M) The listing will offer existing fans and shareholders a ready means of realising their investments.
    @pareyio ole lelerue, we need to have a meeting and discuss GM in details. I think we have a lot to share.

  33. Am shocked to what has happened to Kogalo fans on there way to Mumias.anybody on scene to update us plz.wish them quick recovery.

  34. I agree with Mwakio in Total…..I put my prayers fans injured on their way to Mumias…This is Good signs that we are collecting maximum points..Negative Energy will Be Met By positive energy of Our Heavenly father

  35. Yote haya ni makelele isiyo na msingi. You will all shut up once Gor win a match. How come this comments were not uttered after hbeating Ingwe. Very ungrateful lot. For Goid my my club Kogallo.

  36. @kosero, We are making comments of the future of our team. Do you buy ideas of GM being transformed into a limited liability company with you and I owning a piece of cake? The result of today and tomorrow will not hold any water if we do not plan now to make Kogalo a professional outfit and injecting new ideas in helping our team go place for posterity please. These are my suggestions but sio makelele tuu! This will also help us get shareholders from the fanbase and Kogalo will be able to own big assets such as stadium and flats that will be generating lots of funds to Kogalo’s kitty. Apart from entertainment, I will also be expecting dividend payments at the end of every financial year. Fans let us give positive suggestions to official with a view of havng a long term plan for our club.

  37. Yes Kosero you tend to forget AFC are in the wrong half of the table-BTW K’galo have won against W.S by the narrowest of margins (not bad for an away game).Source gorfc.com (Isn’t this new site doing a gud job always upto date).Nowadays we are forced to accept colourless laboured wins or draws where we are outclassed yaani Zico style not K’galo style.


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